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i have smoked for about a year now and just recently its started to burn in my lungs when i smoke?
Smoked cigarettes for the first time today.?
One year old with bad cough?
chest pains? what could this be?
Why is it, when you have an injection at the dentist, it takes so long for the numbness to go??
How long does it take to get braces put in?
What are some alternative ways to whiten your teeth? W/ BRACES!?
my little girls two front teeth have turned blue/grey within 24 hours...???
I think I'm going to have acne for the rest of my life. PlZ HELP?
My legs will not stop itching ! I work in a nursing home, could this have something to do with it?
can i remove my own skin tags?
help!!!! cold sores ;( best answer :)?
extremely dry skin everywhere, help?
Do I have OCD? Help!?!?!?
Why do people pee on the toilet seat when they are using the public bathroom?
Can i EAT BEFORE getting my WISDOM TEETH out?
Can I use regular household bleach to whiten my teeth...?
Has anyone had a completely horizontal wisdom tooth removed....?
How is a tooth extracted if the top part is broken off ?
after braces are off/wearing your retainer?
is rinsing really as effective as flossing?
what are the best foods to eat that wont get stuck when you have braces on?
how long is to long to take antibiotics?
My daughter just got her tooth pulled out and a cavity removed, does the numbing shot cause any side effects?
I haven't been to the dentist for a few years, what can i expect?
Does where I live affect how often I'm sick?
is it safe for my family to be in the house when a ceiling containing asbestos is removed?
bad cough that won't go away
I have a beaver lodged in my upper nasal cavity, how can I get it out?
What are some facts that are not usually known about smoking/smokers?
Why aren't there laws that state that nothing shall be inhaled into the lungs except air?
Nebulizer Help?
How to get rid of a coldsore?
Strep Throat, or Wisdom teeth problems?
im getting my tongue pierced and my mom and dad dont know. (please open)?
Why does my back hurt so much?
what is a dentist's greatest strength?
Will smoking marijuana before going to the dentist help with pain or make me freak out when I hear the drill?
when ever i brush my teeth my gum bleeds is there any medicine?
will the emergency dentist be free?
how often should i replace my toothbrush?
General Dental Question?
ok so a couple of my guy friends want me and my friend to get high with them on saterday..?
why is it when u fart?
symptoms of a sinus infection?
PLEASE HELP! i cant smell or taste a thing :'( doctors or nurses answer if you can?
How can I get over a cold quickly?
can smoking cause permanent shortness of breath or after you quit would it eventually go away?
Do people really get sick from cold weather or is that just an old wives tale?
how often do you have to smoke tobacco to get tongue cancer?
A doctor's opinion please...?
a web site about skin cancer?
what is breast cancer?
Do you think there will ever be a cure for cancer?
i am a female 26 single and i have an embarassing facial hair. i think im turning into a man. help !?
How long until my Toe Nail falls off?
Do I have scoliosis or pulled muscle?
When should I go back to the doctor (Bleeding in head)?
My b/f has a paralyzed arm from a dirt bike wreck. How can I help him not to get down about it?
What kind of injuries would require you to wear an eyepatch?
Something wrong with my wrist?
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!?
I cut my wrist when I was 13. Six years later, I still have awful scars! Help?
I hate my life, it's hopeless, how should I end it? (I don't have a gun)?
ankle injury.?
Is anyone in their 40's on this thing?
Small round white pill with an uppercase E on the front and nothing else?
i have a temperature of 37.9, is that normal?
Can u move your right foot in clockwise circles & draw a no. 6 in the air with your right hand??
What is the best way to cure a ear infection. I don't like antibiotics.?
How many cigarretes do you usually smoke on a daily basis?
Smoking weed for a long time now in college is it getting kind of old?
my chest is tight and I don't know what to do?
Was it a panic attack or what...?
How long before I can play Sports after Wisdom Tooth Removal??
I recently put braces on my top teeth but not yet on the bottom..I was wondering if that could cause a lisp?
Can an infected tooth cause you to be very ill? Body aches, fever and general flu symptoms?
Any advice with geting wisdom teeth pulled?
My jaw really hurts when I open my mouth?
dentist could not make my mouth numb?
Does a tooth extraction hurt?
when the dentist tells you that it will take16-18months for you brace to come off are they usaully right?
Where can i buy all natural toothpaste (without having to make it) that doesn't have fluoride in it?
brace's Help !!?
What might be giving my baby's skin an orange tint?
how to make acne go away?
How do you get rid of burn marks?
Dose anyone know of a good acne products?
Why do parts of my face smell bad, especially when I rub it?
What's an effective way to quit smoking?
How come there are so many girls with anoerxia but like hardly any guys?
I've swallowed hard plastic can i die? please help!!!!?
If you get your wisdom teeth removed do they ever grow back?
Are our teeth meant to be white?
Bad Breath........?
my 3 year old has cavities?
what color are the gums from your mouth supposed to be??
What is the cutest color for braces?
How long does it take for all 4 wisdom teeth to be cut out and do you wake up after or later?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
Will braces fix buck-teeth?
Poll How Did You Stop Smoking?
my daughter has a temp of 103, sore throat, ears hurt, & eyes hurt. what do i do?
What over the country drugs can/can't be mixed?
How Do I go to the hospital
PLEASE HELP! I have a lot of red bumps up and down my legs and arms...?
Are my lips really huge?
winters here and the house is dry...?
I found a bone, help?
what was the most painful thing that has ever happened to u
How much does a rotator cuff surgery cost?
how can i.......?
my daughters fingers got stuck on a freezer surface?
How long does it take for a blackened eye to heal and what should he put on it.?
how can i sprain my ankle?
Got flu shot over a week ago and arm is still killing me?
severe sunburn?
why is my big toe numb
Is it better to use mouthwash before or after brushing?
Braces andd colours ?
Wisdom teeth... Should I get... ?
What suggestions do you have for a tooth that has been removed..to make the gum heal quicker?
im getting barces???
If I smoke cigarettes next week only, will there be any short or long term affect?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
Does anyone know why you yawn?
Im congested {easy 10 points}?
when quiting smoking how long does it take for the cravings to stop?
Pointy Ears!!!?
If you could change one thing on your body what would it be?
Can you flunk a drug test for pot if you only was in the room with someone who smoked it?
Am i having an Anxiety Attack?
my 3 yr old son is having chest problems, he has had his inhaler, what else can i do?
first time smoking weed?
My asthma symptoms aren't going away even with the rescue inhaler...?
best answer to whoever can help me......?
Natural ways to get rid of teen acne?
what's wrong with me?
What is stronger, dihydracodiene or co-codamol, I've got bad toothache?
How to cure a stomach ache which results from not eating?
do you wash your eyebrows?
Regaining consciousness after anesthesia: is it typical to say senseless things to your doctor or nurse?
Why do I sweat so much when I excercise?
Hi what is happening in the early hours of the morning??!!?
What makes your neck sore, body aches, and head heavy?
is memory loss normal after a wild night of cocaine usage?
Im so scared of dying ! Does anyone else worry about it?
i went to sleep with my ipod, and when i woke up the headphones were wrapped tight around my neck?
got caught with cigarettes?
Where in the respiratory system in humans does the gas exchange happen ?
nose blocked on one side,,breath at night?
recently i've being having a few problems with ciggerettes?
Do you know a cure for corn between your teeth?
ahhhh my braces are killing me?
british peoples teeth?
what hurts more?
Is it good idea to brush after each meal?
Sinus pain should I see dentist or doctor?
Do braces hurt, Will braces change my life?
How often should i replace my toothbrush?
Does Coke Zero and other zero/diet drinks erode teeth?
is my gf going to be grossed out by some mild acne?
Is Chlorine bad for your skin?
I keep getting boils on my inner thighs & I don't wanna show my doc, can I just tell her..& get antibiocs?
do you know any really awesome skin care remedies?
Help! way to clear up embarassing acne?
Can ayurveda can cure cancer?
Have cancer doctors ever considered possibly freezing tumors then removing them?
why do chemotheraphy and radiation treatments kill cancer cells more effectively than they kill normal cells?
treatment for 3rd stage cancer?
Is there any possible way to predict how much time someone has to live before they die of cancer?
can you make ice cream as soon as it hits the ground or do you have to wait till it gets over a foot? and why?
Do i have a concussion?
is there a way to get high that isnt very dangerous? and also if im just doing it once?
how do u do it ????????????
How are babys made?
Urgent!!! ---What should I put on a burn???As in to make it feel better from the sting ???
why are so many people suicidal?
what happens if you swallow a spider?
Isn't it scary to know that the human body can explode?
i like to steal stuff its fun?
do women like men when they sweat a lot?
Is drinking and smoking and raising hell necessarily a bad thing?
I can't swallow?
im sicking up blood and hae pains in the chest?
Anti dandruff shampoo that doesn't test on animals?
How can you get clear skin?
My jaw feels like it's popping out of place.. should i see a dentist?
My little brother wont brush his teeth.any ideas on how to get him to?
Tooth pain and now face swelling?
My 12 Year Old Sons Getting Brases And Is Realy Scared?
Has anyone ever heard of wisdom teeth growing in sideways?
white coating on tongue with red spots?
Which is the better way to clean you tongue? Tongue scraper? or brushingw/ toothebrush and toothe paste?
How necessary is it to take out your wisdom teeth? Do you really have too?
Healthwise, what is worse for you? heavy drinking or heavy smoking?
Any ideas on how to get to sleep?
STRESSED. need to relax ?
what is better to clean a wound with alcohol or peroxide?
I have just picked a huge scab off my elbow that made it bleed?
Weed BAD TRIP NOW!!!!!!!!!!?
If I took TWO excedrins at 2pm earlier....can I take two TYLENOL PMs now?
I'm only 15, so why can't I ever sleep?
i got bit by a tick!?
When having surgery under general anaesthetic are you allowed to wear light makeup? or is it totally banned?
My friend smokes around me. Is it affecting me?
i took tylenol pm (extra strength) with a monster, im 14 and my heart and breathing keeps stopping. help?
Am I having panic attacks in my sleep or asthma? Confused, please help?
CANT TAKE A BREATH; whats wrong?!?
how to get rid of cold sores in your mouth at home?
what vitamins do i need to eat for my gums to grow healthy??
Braces. Help!?
Wisdom teeth coming in, cutting the inside if my cheek. What can I put on it?
Why are my teeth so yellow?
Can you swollow your saliva in your sleep?
I often clench my teeth really hard out of frustration and anger; is this bad for my teeth?
did you ever have a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth taken out?
Toothache relieves?
what color cast for my leg?
Help I have a really big cut no1s home !!!?
Do you ever get your toe back if it falls off?
how to prevent/deal with excruciating leg cramps in the calf?
Just a while ago I was bitten by a dog. Must I go the hospital now?
I just stabbed myself with a pin?
If you stab yourself in the chest - how certain would it be that you would die?
how long will it take for my ankle to heal?
Epson salt at 711?
Is this drug abuse?
How can i stop painfull menstruation?
What can someone eat when they have the runs?
My feces is too big to come out?
Can a smoker be physically fit?
help constipated!?
Why does my stomach always grumble, even when I am not hungry?
Why do my legs?
how do i get the smell out from smoking?
Help me, I'm scared!!!!?
Smokers: Tell all non-smokers, why do you smoke,what's the benefit to it, have you ever tried to quit?
I'm bulimic and my teeth have become see through, especially at the bottoms. Is there anything I can do?
can a tooth, cause ear problems?
I'm 17 and I grind my teeth at night?
Can a bad tooth cause all over body aches and fatigue?
how old is too old to get braces?
Dentist questionnnnnnnnnn?
how many teeth did u get extracted for your braces??
What causes a metallic taste in the mouth?
What Can And Cant You Eat With Braces!?
my braces keep scratching my cheeks what can i do?
How to get rid of a canker sore?
how do i get rid of my dry scalp?
I have this bump behind my ear...?
How to prevent mosquito bites this summer.?
please help!! am I sick?
how long does marijuana stay in your system and what are the cures?
Do you like ironing?
On your day off work, how much longer do you usually sleep in?
A large lard lump appeared under my jaw this morning...?
are Marlboro lights better for you than other cigarettes?
is your belly button an innie or an outie??? which is cuter !!!?
lip piercings?
I smell EVERYTHING before consumption, I am the only one who does this??
Does anyone know how to get rid of bad sunburn pain??
Chances of having Cancer? I'm 18, male and eat very unhealthy.?
Does it hurt to have a smear test for cervical cancer?
where is your liver in your body?
Help with red face and acne?!?
whats the easiest way to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
really weird birthmark. does any one no what it is?
The itch you cant scratch.... where is yours?
Braces???? I'm so freaked out!!! Help me please?
Tooth Pain in the Morning?
what color braces should i get?
On a scale of one to ten, how painful are braces?
can you make your tongue bigger?
What could cause swelling of the gums behind my tooth?
I brush my teeth more than 3 times a day, why do I still get bad breath?
World's most embarrassing question...?
How does TB virus spread?
How can I fall asleep?
Is there any form of meditation that is an alternative to weed?
I pierced my own tongue and it really hurts right now,what should i do?
what do i do?!?!?!?
I am having a buzzing in my left ear when I'm at sporting events and music venues. Any ideas?
swollen lip. how can i reduce the swelling fast?!?
medical - what is Ferrous Sulfate?
When using the eliptical machines, my right toes go numb (but not the big toe)at about the 13 minute mark.?
a piece of wood which keeps fractured bone in place?
why do i bruse so eazy?
if you've never broken a bone after many potentially bone-breaking accidents are you lucky, or "UNBREAKABLE"
what is the point in haveing eye brows?!?!?
my earlobes r infected because i was allergic to my earrings what can i put on them to make them better?
have u ever had cleaning while you were on braces?
When is the right time to brush your teeth?
Consequences for Smoking Pot?
why can't a person who needs extra oxygen just breathe the air?
shortness of breath tiredness dizziness a slight pain in my chest coughing up a yellowy phlem do i have athsma?
my 27 year old son committed suicide 3/16/09. My 23 old son was diagnosed with cancer 9/2/09.?
Can a person get cancer in their arm?
how do cancer cells spread??
help my skin is purple!!!!?
My *** is itching and smelly?
HELP Acne Breakout?
Acne Problem?
How come people say bless you when you sneeze?
Marijuana or cigarettes... which would you rather have your kids smoke?
My throat hurts and I feel weak. HELP?!?
can braces fix this!? (PIC)?
Getting braces on Wed. can I still eat. READ!! for more info!?
i am struggling to breathe and have chest pain on the lower lefthand side of my body?
How can I eliminate bad odours in Old Persons home?
Day 6 of no smoking ...........wow dont feel good ?
What would happen if you leave sleep apnea untreated if it doesn't bother anyone in the house? Can't use CPAP
how long would it take if you..?
how to get clear skin?
What should I know about donating blood?
Please tell me, when is mid morning?
How long does it take cannibas to leave your system?
why do people get angry over little things?
Don't you think uncircumcized men are gross?
how do you get rid of nose bleeds?
Why is there a bit of blood in my feces? Should I be worried?
at what age can you start wearing contact lenses ?
How can people only "smoke socially/only when on a night out". Aren't you either addicted or not?
Braces tips????????????
do braces hurt???????
what color should I get my braces whenever I get them?
Deathly afraid of dentists.....?
Do braces hurt as bad as everyone says they do?
What can I do to alleviate the swelling from an absessed tooth?
Biteing nails..?
What do they use to put people to sleep during surgery?
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! What can I eat?! I just got my wisdom teeth out and I HATE ICE CREAM, PUDDING,..?
I have a large cluster of verrucas on my foot, Ive had them for the last 5 years, how can I get rid of them?
i have bad acne but I'm allergic to benzol peroxide?
How can i get rid of my smelly armpits?
How to get rid of a scab?
What is the best acne control / prevention product?
I'm a 17 year old girl and i think i might have colon cancer....please help.?
Should i have the cervical cancer jab?
Cancer Remisson How long?
Worried about daughter's weight?
why do i get these migranes?
Everytime I eat...?
I have a bad rash in my armpits. I have applied aloe vera to it and cocoa butter twice. It will not go away.?
What should i do to increase my height?
What causes mouth ulcer and how can I get rid of it fast its so painful?
Hi....... i am havin probs with choosing kulorz 4 my braces can u help?¿?
Is my gum infected due to my diseased tooth?
Braces problem! The brackets keep falling out! What do i do?
How long does it take for the huge "holes" in your mouth to heal over after having wisdom teeth pulled?
In my mouth, under my tongue and on both sides I have a hard bulge like thing--like a little marble.?
What is the best way to get your teeth white?
I keep getting crotch noodles stuck in my teeth. Should I just go ahead and use it as floss?
should I put a hot or cold compress on an infected tooth?
Can you get braces on only your bottom teeth?
my skin is very very dry what should i do?
eww sweat...help meee?
why everytime i buy acne products their is always something wrong?!!!?
Pain in the face?
Whats your fav color of braces? What are the best combos?
whats the dental term for a tooth gap?
Is is ok to have a tooth extracted rather than a root canal? It's the lower second molar.?
Braces AND Glasses?
what is the best gum 2 chew when u have fillings?
Whats it like getting your teeth molded for braces?
Are these all cavities???!!!!?
My teeth hurt or when i drink something it feel cold?
Why do we only have 2 sets of teeth?
i have a sharp pain in my chest?
Tb injection/jab help?
What is best to smoke...for a cigarett? Kool....?
how many cigarettes are safe to smoke a day..?
does your partners snoring soothe you or drive you flippin nuts lol?
I'm getting the flu, can I have some sympathy please?
Question regarding my doctor's orders vs. the internet and everyone's responses?
What should I do about turning red?
whats the quickest way 2 get rid of mosquito bites?
How do I..............Get rid of my wart?
smokers to be banned from outside patios?
How to get rid of red swollen gums?
Whats a good way to whiten my teeth?
If you had a tooth with a dead nerve would it be sensative to pain?
Is it okay to use cold sore cream nearly 3 months past it's expiry date?
What's worse, smoking a cigarette or cigar?
I have a question about smokin weed?
what is a spastic,or why is a person called spastic?
I'm 13 and I just tried smoking?
my dad is leaving for 6 weeks what shood I do?
I'm having trouble breathing?
Whats the worst physical pain you have ever been in??
what is wrong with me??? (tiredness, aches and pains)?
Have a really bad toothache. Any good home rememdies to get rid of it?
I'm scared of the dentist?
i get my wisdom teeth removed on friday, when can i return to work?
I'm scared of getting braces!!!?
My mother had a mammogram yeterday, they called back this morning?
Can breast cancer be cured with diet/ I know of a person suffering with it?
Could a dying old man's advice help prevent breast cancer?
Did jade goody die from cervical cancer because she didn't have regular smear tests?
please help me :( iv had enough of it!?
what is the cause of contineuos itching at the private part and in between your 2 thigh (legs)?
Red acne marks on face? HELP!?
What is worse for your body: Cigarettes or weed?
I have recently been diagnosed with severe emphysema at 55. What is my life expectancy?
white blood cells _______?
My 5 yr old has been vomiting for 4 days. She was diagnosed with pneumonia 3 wks ago. What do I do?
What motivates someone to make changes to improve his or her health?
How long does it take you to fall asleep?
How can i get up earlier for school???
Can using a sunbed cause cancer?
how can i sleep better?
can sum1 help me please????
how long will marijuana stay in system and show in urine test?
do you fart with confidence?
do u think $20,000 is worth donating a kidney?
Why does my mouth hurt?
Pain in tooth not long after filling and root canal treatment?
Removing a piece of the muscle fiber (thingie) that is connected to my tounge?
i don't have any insurance?
Bleeding Between my teeth? What causes it?
Please help! Major acne that will NOT go away and only getting worse--BEST ANSWER?
Removing A Wart? Without Medicine?
does dr. scholl's plantar wart remover actually work?
What's the first thing you remember (and how old were you)?
My BF is cutting. How do I help him to stop?
How to get rid of dark circles?
natural ways to whiten teeth?
How to makethe tooth more whiter?
Any ideas on how to stop a persistent cough. Delsym not working. 5 year old.?
How can I get my 13 year old girlfriend to quit smoking?
Has anyone ever quit smoking and never even felt like having a puff ever again?
what's apnea?
Circle of dry skin on upper lip and how to get rid of it?
are these signs of asthma?
Coughing Up Yellow Phlegm?
Have you had success in quitting smoking?
Is it true that smokeing marijuana effects your growth?
What is the longest walk you’ve ever taken?
Sorry' but I can't wait for the smoking ban in july,and I am a smoker?
Is it possible to OD on marijuana? And if so how much would you have to smoke and would you die?
Why do doctors laugh at people while they're in pain?
How can you get rid of acne scars on your arms?
if a person is in last stage of cancer what do u think he should do and how shall he live?
help, im deeply scared i have brain tumor or brain cancer, read details plz, and tell me ur honest opinion.?
10 Points to Best Answer?
My best friends mom just died of cancer. I havent lost anyone before. no clue what to do?
I Have A Very Important Health Question, And I Need A Response ASAP!!!!?
Does the American Cancer Society really want to find a cure for cancer? Cancer is a money maker.?
Had two baby teeth taken out but new ones didn't grow?
What are the risks with wisdom teeth removal?
How can I stop biting my nails?
If you wet your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, is it more effective?
How can I naturally get rid of tongue tie?
How do people w/ braces floss??
Are Braces Ugly: FRIEND?
do you consider the teeth is a bone?
whats the best toothpaste to clean and whiten naturally quite yellow teeth?
How many times sohudl you floss a week?
How can i make my feet shorter???
Who has fear of the night besides me?
What's wrong with me? I have these symptoms, any suggestions?
Best treatment for worst heel cracks?
What are some ways to hide, defer or cover a silent but deadly faaaaart?
Rotten Eggs My Pee All In Common?
what is the best sleeping positiion?
how can i stop worrying?
Help please!?
What should I do to grow taller?? Excercise?? How??
what is the term for a person who appears to be dangerous but isn't?
Hookah tobacco in a pipe?
Pneumonia question!?
does it hurt getting your teeth pulled?
If you're fasting, do you still have to brush your teeth?
I'm scared of the dentist..?
Braces!!! Please Help!! Thanx?
Mouth Ulcers, what causes them and how do you get rid of them?
Getting braces on Wednesday, what should I eat before i get them on?
Can you get anything serious from a mosquito bite?
How do i cure my chapped lips?
Does anyone else have sudden attacks of itchy scalp that you can't help but scratch?What is the cause and cure
my friend has nits? :O?
chest pains ... please help.?
When I run, I lose my breath really easily! Is there any way to fix this?
I got my tooth filled on monday, it's friday. How long should it hurt?
White Teeth?
Do you brush your teeth when you lunch at work ?
When i wake up....i get bad breath?
How Much Do Braces Cost These Days?
Teeth Stains on a 13 year old?
How do I whiten teeth?
do braces hurt?
what are some ways to get white teeth at home?
How come people tell you not to stand in front of an emergency exit when if there was an emergency surely you?
My dentist made some rude comments about my teeth. Is that normal? Professional?
Does it hurt getting braces on?? (other questions too)?
Why do many British people, even wealthy ones, have yellow and/or crooked teeth & not get them fixed?
What kind of damage can being upside down too long do?
am i POISONED? :(? ?
I have a weird question about smoking weed. Can anyone help?
Does smoking Marijuana lower your seratonin level?
is it true that every time u laugh u add 7 mins. to ur life?
Do bones surround vital organs to protect them?
smoking inside the house...?
Suddenly, after I moved my neck I felt this little ball thingy....?
Can you see a regular doctor, like with no speciality, for an eye problem?
What's worse tick bites or mosquito bites.?
If an adult suspects a broken bone should they go to the ER or wait the next day and see a doctor?
what is the max ammount of pounds can a person lose in 1 week of intensive hard work out?
Why do I need to get a root canal? Why can't antibiotics help?
What color Braces are cool 4 summer??
Did your seperators/spacers hurt? (braces)?
HELP! My mom's teeth are in pain!?
How can I get superglue off my teeth?
I just got braces yesterday?
Quick ways to whiten teeth?
do u have to have all grownup teeth to get braces and if you still ave baby teeth what will they do??
if i inhale weed from a bong will it be as bad as smoking weed?
I'm 29 years old and I notice the increase size of my breast. Is this a sign of breast cancer?
Desperate for Help, Cancer patient who will not eat!!?
Do people lose their hair due to cancer or chemotherapy?
My grandmother is dying but I'm on the other side of the world?
I'm having some moles removed next week. can anybody tell me if it will hurt?
If u drop dove soap on a toilet bowl for 2 seconds & afterwards wash it, would you still consider in using it?
how do i get rid of face blemishes in two days?
Do you WIPE back to front, or front to back?
will my teeth turn white if i brush theam for an hour strait?
spacers.. [braces]?
Really worried about wisdom teeth removal?
Teeth moving a year after braces? :S ?
question about braces?
what is the name of a person with momery loss?
How can I control my alcohol problem?
why do chinese people wear surgical masks when they are in public?
Whats the meaning of life?
What exactly is Deja Voo?
Smoking habit?
Did you know that there is such a thing as drug testing on your hair?
I eat, eat, eat all day long and don't gain any weight. Any idea of how i could put on a few pounds???
If You Could Change Three Things About Yourself, (Physically, Emotionally And/Or Mentally) What Would It Be?
are the swisher sweets little cigar better than the normal cigars like the normal size cigar?
I'm getting braces in two hours, and I am a bit nervous, please help.?
Ever hear of adults getting braces?
My teeth aren't straight.?
What are some cute color combinations for braces?
How to heal a busted lip.?
how do i treat a fracture to the lower arm and leg?
Can you have your leg amputed coz of a broken ankle?
food fight help......=(?
Do I have pneumonia, should I see a doctor?
Why Am I Having Chest Pains at 17?
What do you do to keep your self awake?
do you guys think cigarettes are worse than pot?
who is still awake?????
Question about the DATE RAPE DRUG?
i brush my teeth every other day and i've never gotten a cavity?
How old were you when you had your wisdom teeth removed?
I'm coughing blood in the morning, what is it? Can I Smoke?
What to do? I'm sick!?
any ideas what's wrong with my leg??
Is showering in and drinking well water bad for you?
why can't a male and a female cannot sleep togather ?
Pain in my left side underneath the ribs?
HELP i have the worst HABIT?
Why mY MOUTH gets dry EARLY in the morning?
getting my braces offf! please RAED!?
I,m getting braces so i need to know asap!!!What can't you eat with braces????
Would a little kiss on the cheek be nice before bedtime?
What are all the cancer doctors called?
Do you think there is a cure for Cancer this very moment?
Can teenager get lung cancer from smoking?
Cold water after a meal might cause collon cancer! Fact or myth?
What is the reason for the CONSTANT discussions in the media about "Cancer"?
Masturbing cause nose ance????
Ingrown Hair?
Why do my hands sweat so much?
Could this have been an Anxiety Attack?
Should I start smoking weed?
Really sore throat, hurts when i swallow?
could this be bronchitis or pneumonia?
whenever I sleep in a cold room, I wake up sick....?
Can I use my inhaler during Church?
Do I have Vitiligo, if so will i end up looking like michael Jackson?
How do I use a toothbrush?
Hey i only earn 800 pounds a month and i can`t afford dental treatment.?
why is dental work so expensive?
if u have a overbite is it better to get an invisalign or braces?
how much are dental implants?
Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice"?
tooth abseces?
may we trust tooth implants?
tried marijuana and lung hurts.?
Can anyone help with my TMJ problem?
I just had my wisdom teeth out, whats something soft yet good to have for supper?
Chest pain,could it be something serious?
Are social smokers at no risk of cancer?
what would smoking a lot of cigarettes do to you?
my mom just found out that she has fluid around her lungs and liver how serious is that?
Should I call the doctor??
How long should i wait to smoke again after getting over acute bronchitis?
okay so i recently found out i have uti, urinary tract infection, on saturday but on friday i smoked marijuana?
Just found out that i have lung cancer?
Is it true that exposure to birds droppings is linked to brain cancer?
how do i get rid of dandruff in a 1/2 an hour?
When i tan i get blister, why is this?
I still have a cough from over 6 weeks?
Forgetting to breathe and dying in my sleep?
Is there any way to stop someone from snoring?
Is this a logical conclusion?
I just got my cavities filled...?
Is it safe to pull a rotten tooth, and what is the best way to do it?
do braces hurt?
How long should you wait after getting wisdom teeth pulled to smoke?
Will my face look different after getting my jaw widened?
Getting braces soon.... How does it feel?
is it bad if your jaw cracks a lot??
How mUch is crest whitening strips cost?
Okay, so tomorrow I have surgery to get my four wisdom teeth out.?
Dental Advice?
Mum taken into hospital?
I've just got over a cold?
Please answer it's an emergency?
Best way to eliminate blackheads?
Still Possible to properly tan (in the sun) whilst using suncreen?
What are those little white spots on your fingernails???
whats are the quickest ways to get rid of sunburn??
How do i get rid of...?
Does anyone know what might be wrong with my skin?
What do British people have against brushing their teeth?
average time for braces?
Do they still make disclosure tablets for dental plaque?
Do Braces Hurt ( Having Them On?)?
Herpes hey people i just found out i have herpes and i dont know how to tell my girlfriend PLEASE HELP?
why are you reading this and not smoking weed?
I inhaled some ashes today from a relatives urn. Honestly, will it give me their strength? Or will i get sick?
How Can You Smoke a Cigarette Near Someone, And Not Kick You're Self In the Face?
blackheads all over my nose?!?
Ouch! I burnt the roof of my mouth about 6 hours ago, but it still hurts. How long will it take to heal?
Hi! When did you get wisdom teeth?
hi guys u gotta help me out...sensible answers are most welcome :)lenthy question..read on!?
I'm getting braces tomorrow?!?!?!?
how do i stop from barfing on my cavity
Do braces hurt?
why is it when I chew mint gum and drink ice water it really hurts?
how to make braces stop hurting?
Can your gums heal?
How to Beat Bad Breath?
Do I have a sinus infection or just a cold?
chest 'tightness' and my asthma?
How effective is gripe water for wind???
I woke up with a sore throat...?
Bad cough and throat feels like...?
how can I get rid of scars left by acne?
Please help with my sunburn, I can't even sleep because of it!!!?
How do I get rid of stretch marks on my outer thighs?
Best acne pill! 10 easy points!?
how can i get rid if inflimation in the foot?
My lungs are heavy and feel like there's water in them. Just feel heavy and wet. What do you think this is.
Asthma? Advice please.?
I have a growing lump in my breast and doctors wont do anything?
a cure for cancer?
seriously worried about my husbands health?
I have a lump in my breast.?
abscess has started to drain itself do i still need antibiotics?
My gums are turning brown/yellow?
I need dental work but don't have insurance, will dentists accept payments?
why does my saliva taste spicy?
can I use rubbing alcohol on razor burn?
What's the fastest way to get rid of zits with home remedies?
What is the best kind of face soap for acne?
sore throat that won't go away?
Why do I have such bad dry cough?
Stopped smoking, but still have urge to, how to stop it?
chest hurts!!!! really bad chest cough!!!!! HELP?
every 9 1/2 minutes someone in the U.S infected with HIV?
If you put some muscle on your leg will it make veins not noticeable?
how to get rid of adult acne????
Why do i have white spots on my finger nails ??
I don't have a cold, or the flu, but I do have cough, a long lasting cough, why won't it go away?
OMG this is A vital health question I don't know whats going to happen!??!!?
i had recently started smoking...
How do I get rid of my children's cough at night, any suggestions?
i am a senior with Athsma and concerned about swine flu. Are there any steps l need to take to protect myself?
my brother in law has been diagonsed with liver cirhossis .?
What does it sound like I have (I'm going to the doctor and I'm worried)?
my 3 yr old has pneumonia. has been prescribed cefeclor, (3 x 5mls a day for 7 days)?
braces hurt REALLY bad!?
why are so many people afraid of the dentist?
Wisdom Teeth Removal Care?
how bad is the pain during/after wisdom tooth removal surgery?
Do diet products cause dry mouth?
I really want to get braces, but..I dont know?
Do you HAVE to have your wisdom teeth pulled?
Tooth ache?
Are dentist x-rays of my teeth my property, or does the dentist have the right to keep them?
Why does my jaw click?
I have a Gap(3mm) between my front teeth.Can anybody tell me how many veneers are required to fill this gap?
how do you you get canker sores?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore?
Blackheads, is this normal/weird?
anyone know anything about ' light' treatment for acne?
Urinary Tract Infection Home Relief?
My Asthma is acting up really bad?
Do you think i have swine?
I quit smoking for 6 months upon my girlfriend request?
What does the NHS giving up smoking do?
Acne won't go away?
Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of diaper rash?
how do i remove blackheads?
Is it better to push your fingernail's cuticles back or leave them alone?
What should I do about this stye?? It's nasty..?!?
Why does my pee come out white ?
If you sat on the toilet and there was someone's pee on the seat who had Aids, would you get Aids?
how do i get some sleep when i have a bad cough?
Do cigarettes really cause your lungs to turn black?
My daughter was put on predisone.....................?
Food stuck in windpipe, what to do?
Throat, eyes, coughing?
My teeth are a mess...private dentist? Insurance? Finance?
how many cavities can you have in a tooth before you have to have it removed?
I just got spacers and i am getting ready to get braces. How long does the pain last?
I'm getting braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone had a molar tooth extracted...?
To late to start brushing teeth?
i popped a big zit on my chin then it became a scab and i picked the scab off now will it become a skar?
birthmark! everybody makes fun of it or comments on it and im getting sick of all of that!?
I need some help on quitting chewing tobacco?
How secure is an ICU?
i may have Urinary Tract Infection?
Why don't we ban tobacco outright?
What could this be (diagnosis please)?
Where did AIDS come from?
if a child under 18 test HIV positive does the doctor have to tell his/her parents by law?
I shoved plastic sword up my but *** and now its stuck!?
EASY POINTS!! What is the best way to get rid of sunburn fast!!?
any acne at home remedies?
what causes dark circles under your eye?
Very painful throat (highly inflammed)?
which is worst tabacco or marijuana?
how to increase resistance of lungs?
how to get rid of a bad chest?
Is smoking roll-ups better for your health then ciggarettes?
my gums have become really sensitive,why?
Bad teeth. Should I get braces or not?
Is there a toothpaste that will not make you so thirsty after you brush?
I have just gotten a tooth pulled about 2hrs ago and it hurts really bad. What do I do?
Do diet drinks (sugarless) like Coke Light cause cavities?
Two of my teeth stick out can i have them removed and have false ones put in?
What is a pleural effusion?
Why do people start smoking??
Hi, need to know are the possible side effects of the hypertension medication?
Fever, Runing Nose, Cough and vomitting?
what's wrong with me? is it asma?
How can i get my mom to stop smoking, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?
i need braces but .........?
Alternative to a tongue scraper?!?
one of my teeth is moving for last one and half years. i consulted some doctors. but no respite. please help?
uhh.. how long are you supposed to keep though crest white strips on?
How long does it take for your tounge to heal after being pierced?
Since a pregnant woman can not douche, is there another way to keep the virgina fresh and clean?
Why won't my mosquito bites go away? It's been 3 months!?
What's With This Bump I Have?
Need help getting rid of ringworm I've tried creams lotions now I'm using peroxide next is apple cider
I got at least 30 mosquito bites on each leg. how to get RID OF THEM !?
my skin is not very good what can i do for that?
Where do head lice come from?
Can you chew sugar free gum with braces?
do you think this person needs braces?
What colors should I get for my braces?
Do Your Teeth Change Colour With Braces on ?
i was thinging of getting my tounge pierced does it hurt?
Does it make sense???
I need a cheap way to whiten teeth?
non chewable foods??
What should I put in a gift basket for my friend who is getting her wisdom teeth pulled?
what is a root canal?
Which country has the world's lowest rate of HIV/AIDS?
can STD's be contracted from the toilet?
what should be the normal peak flow reading for a 40 yr old 5'6" non smoking female?
sharp chest pains in the center of my chest?
What is the best way to relieve a blocked nose?
My little boy has a cough i have given him tixylix night cough can give him calpol at the same time?
10 month Infant & Teeth Brushing?
braces question....?
how do i make my teeth really pretty?
I use Listerine but I still get bad morning breath?
What foods to stay away from to avoid cavities?
what's the best cream to use?
who do i complain to about my doctor?
My ear is plugged and was draining clear fluid but i have no pain but my ear is swelled in the ear cannal ?
How can i help my ex bf to quit smoking, drinking, and stop with his adiction.?
i been getting a of nose bleeds?
What is the best STD to have?
I'd like to have my rotting teeth removed and have full mouth dental implants. How?
Do Brayces hurt while they put the on???
Is there any truth to british people having not so perfect teeth?
Can flies live & hatch inside your body? tiny white flies with speckled wings, red sore spots hard lumps?
Soft lump on my shin.............??????????/?
is there any homemade solution for acne?
I'm a smoker and I'm worried I may have bronchitis...?
What are the risks to someone who has been exposed to asbestos?
Do I have asthma, please answer i'm worried!?
I'm 25, could I already be getting COPD or emphysema from smoking?
I need acne help...?
What's the best way to get a tick off your body after it has buried its self under your skin?
How do I make head lice itch less?
what are chances of getting hiv and aids?
Is she going to be ok?
Can smoking weed be caught when taking a cf checkup?
im 13 and my mom thinks i have sleep apnea?
I just coughed up some phlegm that had a tiny bit of blood in it.?
Is there an effective way to get rid of the hiccups?
Now we have a smoking ban in the UK?
What causes the feeling that I can't breathe deeply enough?
What causes bad btreathe and how can i get rid of it?
i dropped a 100 lb box on big toe.i think it cracked my nail at the very base.should i leave it alone?
How can you tell if your toe's broken?
About a month and a half ago, I fell on my tailbone...?
cuts on the inside of my mouth?
i've been having sunbed sessions recently, and today got burnt..how long will it take to go away?
Now that I'm temporarily crippled...?
Yesterday I burned my forhead from a curling iron the burn turned red and then formed a scab?....?
If I have the money, should I get a prosthetic for my amputated finger?
How long should I wait to start running again after I fractured my 4th and 5th toe?
eating dandruff???????
How do you treat a cold sore to make it gone or shorten how long it stays?
How to cure halitoisis?
I have a retainer and it really smells bad...?SEE DETAILS?
braces pain?
do u HAVE to get spacers before you get braces?
I need a spacer because my mouth is small???
when someone loses an adult tooth? can they get it replaced?
I had a root canal yesterday and my face is swollen today--how can I make the swelling go down?
what is effective treatment of gingivitis?
What cant you eat with clear braces?
should you whiten your teeth WHILE you have braces on?
Cigarette smoke smell?
Sinus pains.. Headaches?
Ive been smoking for about 4 1/2 years. Am I going to get cancer?
Is there an age requirement on buying Vicks vapor inhaler?
So, do braces hurt? Any advice on them?
What can I eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?
My breath always stinks and Ibursh my teeth everyday. What is a good way to get rid of my horrible breath.?
does it hurt to get fillings?
braces question: please help! will award best answer!?
Does Baking powder make your teeth whiter? Or Baking SODA?
when ever i brush my teeth or clean my nose, blood comes out. What may be the reason?
stinky breathe?
how to get rid of mouth ulcers?
If I cracked you open would you have a soft or hard centre?
Should I expect a physical therapist to give one-on-one treatment?
Help!!! I have a huge cold sore on my lip, what is the best thing I can do for it?
How can i get rid of acne ive had acne since i was 13 now im 18 nothing seems to help ?
good listerine mouth wash?
I want to whiten my teeth?
Im getting braces, and I have a lot of questions.?
does the plaque in between your teeth stink?
Can i have a dentist pull out my two crooked front teeth and put them both back in straight?
Does it hurts wearing braces? what r d different kinds of braces that make teeth straighter in a year ?
what can i take for swollen gums, i'm in pain. mortin is not working.?
Im about to get braces and i'm really scared?
wisdom teeth IM SO SCARED!?
Do local dentists make vampire fangs just for you?
i bet $50 with my friend that he will stop smoking for 2 months.?
is coughing up a little blood normal?
What drink is the best for a sore throat?
i am 17 years old i am a regular smoker?
could anyone please tell me a best slogan for AIDS awareness??
How To Get Ride Of Huge Bump On My Nose?
What do i use to get rid of stretch marks?
I have this BUMP on my armpit. It hurts when I touch it and I want to know what it is!!?
What acne treatment is best for me to use?
I have a gross habit and I don't even do it consciously. How can I keep myself from swallowing?
My sister has really bad asthma?
i need to stop snoring?
Smoking weed for the first time what are the effects?
Is an antibiotic often prescribed for someone with a sore throat and congestion where there ears are plugged?
Is it possible to have a sinus/middle ear infection for about a year?
Dry Socket dressings?
when i meet a new person i ALWAYS ask them for the gum in their mouth....is that gross?
Just got my tooth pulled and everything taste sweet!!1?
Cavities On the Two Front Teeth, ...........what to do?
Does it hurt when they take braces off? What's the experience like? I'm worried?
my 4 year old fell and pushed his tooth into his gum. Now his baby tooth is turning gray. What is going on?
My 12 year old has discoloration on her teeth due to a high fever from strep throat. Do you think she is too?
Dental ; As if it couldn't get any worse :*( help ?
Question About Braces Off Day?
how do i get rid of....!!? help!!?
cure for athletes foot?
I am 23 and getting hurtful acne that just wont go away, please help!?
how can i hide a hickey dats very noticeble?
how can a person kiss another without giving them herpes?
What STD's are Incurable?
I have had a herpes for 15 years, will it ever go away.?
Are there still people that smoke cigarettes?
Help with a burn scar!!!?
Acne Problems. Need Help!?
Garlic smell in breathing?
does anyone have cystic fibrosis?
Nosebleed?Spitting blood?
Why is my dad always cold?
My age is 23 and i am smoking from last 2 years ?
Parents Smoke Pot...?
How can i cure acne for a 14 year old girl?
what causes acne?????????????
wat iz d best way 2 get sparkling white teeth?
braces pain!?
braces ?
I am getting spacers tomorrow!!! What should I expect?
What is a motrin?
Nitrious Oxide?
dental pain - antibiotics not working?
why do some say nitrous gas at dentist..?
Best foods & relaxation for pulled tooth?
Is it wise to get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled 5 days before leaving for a week long vacation in Mexico?
I have got this small black dot following my eye all the time,what is it?
If you give a paralyzed person steriods, will they walk again?
15 year old female with chest pains?
I need a remedy for my "old man" to stop snoring!!!?
I have middle ear infection? Is it serious?
What is medical term for lungs not expanding properly?
i keep waking up coughing and i keep wheezing?
Running with asthma?
How long does it take for a person to suffocate?
Dad's gone, I miss him so much?
Answer please. Really interesting.?
I'm a life threatening asthmatic, suffering with chest pains.?
Hey guys i am 15 is it OK for me to smoke E-Cig Electronic Cigarette?
Smoking at 14 ?
What's the best way to cure or relieve a very dry and scratchy throat?
is there any good way to quit smoking that's free and don't u dare tell me cold turkey?
Help!! I can't stop coughing!!?
Do you think I need braces?
Why do teeth have hole or black spot ?
I had a tooth pulled, after 6 hours it's still bleeding. I ran out of guaze 4 hours ago! Help!?
Do braces hurt?
Cartilage Piercing Question?
does anyone know spanish?
Smoker-coughing up thick brown stuff?
I used to smoke one pack of cigarettes every single day. and one day, about a month ago. i just stopped...WTF?
what happens if i make out with a smoker?
does smoking pot....?
how do i get my friend to stop smoking!?
How do I cough up phlegm?
when I breathe in deeply, I make this wheezy sound, it's not painful, but what is it?
I think i have aids??
Can you get aids from a pool?
Is there life after herpes?
Could my wife have had chlamydia for 8+ years without knowing?
Emergency Tooth Pain Help!!!!?
DO root canals hurt more Then th abscess?
braces off monday :D?
toothache remedies? :[[[[?
My scab is itchy what do I do?
what is the best way to get rid of hemorrhoid's?
List of all the things that could cause my 14mo to wheeze?
how can i cure my cough and cold FAST!!?
small bump way back in my mouth?
My gums are killin me...what do I do?
sinus infection turned into face/tooth infection?
getting braces, does it hurt oryou cant feel it?
is it possible?
Why does the United States have the highest occurrence of STDs of any 1st world country?
does the guy to my left have aids?
If you met someone/began dating someone and they told you that they had herpes?
I am showing some symptoms for HIV and I am really worried.?
Is a cold sore herpes? The STD?
HELP! I can't hear out of right ear???
Sprained foot ...?
This morning I sustained a terrible injury to my privates...............?
How do you react to numbness anywhere and pins and needles feeling on foot?????????
what acne treatments really work?
Did I break my ankle?
I have had a central chest pain since late last night....?
What is a panic attack?
What are the risks of an 18 yr old smoking habit & has ASTHMA?
Does this mean anything?
Does anyone use Nyquil Medicine to just sleep?
what is this stuff?
What can I do to keep myself busy to keep from smoking?
what is the difference between a breathing tube and a respirator?
Please help with an asthma question about my son?
Does HONEY really work to fade acne scars?
its hard to brethe and it feels like there is mucus it my throt i have asthuma and ive been taking my inhaler?
How bad is second hand smoke for asthmatics?
what do the letters COPD stand for?
i am thinking of having all my teeth removed to save on a £3100 dental bill.?