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I have acne and I need help quick!!!!!!?
My husband is having these symptoms and we don't have health insurance.?
i am a 23 year old male and recently found out i have high cholesterol problems. what should i do to lower it?
What is normal pulse rate? I am 73yr. & have ICD. My pulse rate was 83 with BP of 103/64.?
Can you reduce high blood pressure by just bleeding to let out some of the blood?
Did I Just Have a Heart Attack?
How to make my teeth whiter?
How do I whiten my teeth ?
Is it possible for a guy to get yeast infection in the mouth from taking antibiotics? I don't think so!!!!!!!
is there a safe temporary way to glue a crown on till you get to dentist ?
why is my tongue like this?
brushing teeth/ bleeding gums?
Im getting braces this week and want to know how often they hurt?
Braces for my Daughter?
How do you know when to take out my child's teeth?
A Bit of Fun?
I've been having heartburn at night when i go to bed?
If you do not inhale "THC" will it show up on a drug test?
How can I motivate myself to get back to what is 'normal'?
how can you prevent muscle injuries?
Just curious?
please help just got hit?
How to break my arm??????
Does stretch marks ever actually go away??
How can i stop my ankle from hurting?
Have you ever had a dream that came true?
i fractured my ankle 3 weeks ago what should i do to make it heal?
I think my dog may have broken my nose!?
Olive Oil on Acne?
Does anybody know the lotion for itchy skin?
calling all skin proffesionals! (face routine!)?
I have sister that shaves her face?
i've got a severe case of painful athlete's foot in between my toes. any advice on how to treat it?
Why Heart attacks are most commonly seen in men when compared to women?
Chest Pains? (HELP)?
Could someone find me and kill if they had this info?
Can anybody tell me which foods can prevent cancer?
symptoms of cervical cancer?
Odds of defeating Cancer?
Skin cancer. I think I have it.?
is it bad smoking weed for only one time?
I've had bronichitis for about 10 days & finished the antiobiotics, but am still coughing up stuff?
Can my 5 year old daughter take Robitussin or Nyquil for cough? If so, what is the correct dosage?
Why am I this sick and not even doctors can tell me why?
Will dayquil keep me up?
Which chewing gum do you like most? Which flavour?
just got braces.if i HATE THEM can i ask them to remove them now?
Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?
I just got braces!! Please help!!!?
Lump in my mouth?
How do you take off your braces by yourself?
Can you get cavities if you maintain good dental hygiene?
Im 14 and want a tounge pierce.?
Can anyone tell me how to whiten and sparkle the teeth?
benefit question- is it right?
Is my new blood pressure medicine worth the side effects?
I have to take a nicotine test for my job in order to get hired. I smoke how to I beat it?
Is having high blood pressure bad...?
Does it matter if blood pressure is measured in a vein instead of an artery? if so, why?
what are the signs of a heart attack? with high cholestorol?
Is my heart rate to slow.?
What is wrong with me? Am I going to Die?
chest pain?
What is squamous cell carcinoma?
When you're sick, how many hairs do you have?
After i told my "bf" that i have cancer he walked out of my life. What do i do?
enlarged lymph node, lft side my neck. Dr took ct scan, its 1.4 cm says can't needle biopsy, I read you can.?
Have you ever been ANAEMIC?
What possible stds could it be if it hurts when you pee?
Will Gargling your own urine whiten your teeth?
Are you completely knocked out when your wisdom teeth get pulled? ?
bad breath?
help to get rid of bad odour from my mouth?
When can you drink alcohol again after getting your wisdom teeth extracted?
explain why my girlfriend is freaking out about something stupid?
I have to get braces...?
Does it hurt when getting your braces off because I'm getting them off tomorrow. Please give me advice.?
Will i get stains after my braces are removed (pics)??
what does pale pink gums indicate on humans ?
Very high blood pressure without any symptoms?
PLEASE PLEASE READ ........................................…
will my dentist get mad that i have a pireced tongue?
How do u deal with an acholholic?
how to whiten my teeth?
Use of dental floss?
should a dentist take out a tooth with an infection under it?
i just got braces and food getting stuck all the time. Any tips on how to eat without getting food stuck?
Will you share with me your wisdom tooth horro stories?
after u got ur braces tightened for the 1st time...?
Is 106 over 61 pretty good for a blood pressure/cystolic reading?
My heart stopped beating five minutes ago?
My pulse rate is 50, is that the healthiest pulse rate you can get, I'm 23?
Why am I always shaking?
Do you like your feet being touched?
What is a good way to know if your girlfriend has STD's?
After rape help please! STDs, HIV, and AIDS HELP!?
i need help with acne please!!!?
I got a MAJOR sunburn... Help, PLEASE!?
I need help praying for a 7yr old heart patient!?
I've been a heavy drinker for about 10 to 12 yrs. ?
Congestive heart failure for a 84 year old woman?
Which one of the following conditions requires immediate medical attention?
I've got this annoying cough, and I can't get rid of it...?
Home Tooth Whitening Products?
ok i just got my braces to day is it normal for them to taste weird and them not hurt really?
Tell me 'bout BRACES??? ~~read please~~?
Do we swallow our spit unconsciously?
My 8 yr old just got his first cavity-does he really need a pulpotomy and cap?
How can I make my breath stink less?
do we need a wisdom teeth ? should I have them removed evenif they don"t bother me?
should I wait this long?
what happens if you swallow chewing gum?
i am only 13 and i have high blood pressure will it..!!?
I'm 26 and am having chest pains, and nausea, and light headedness. What’s going on?
can anyone read an ECG?
Normal Blood pressure?
Is it necessary to remove a woman's bra to perform cpr or aed? Are there rules for discouraging gawkers?
is it true you people who take naps during the day have 70% chance more of dying from a heart attack?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
How do I hide the fact that I'm smoking from a girl that I'm kissing?
why do people close one eye to fart?
I have heart palpitations while I'm sleeping that wake me up, what should I do?
How to get your blood pressure down?
what's the normal blood pressure?
Braces- Are they painful, which colour, tips?
Have you ever had toothache during a bank holiday or out of hours when the surgery is closed?
Braces- colors and questions?
Tooth Extraction: Please Help!!!?
I am planning to have a Gastric Bypass operation..?
Heart blood pressure goes down after 1hour run is this normal?
if a person has a heart attack...?
What are the side effects of not taking your blood pressure medication?
How do you stop picking at Ingrown hairs and Blackheads!!!?
I think I'm having a panic attack. HELP!!?
when you pass out from alcohol how does your body keep breathing on its own?
Can a doctor tell if you have been smoking from a monthly check up?
what are some things you can do to take the place of smoking?
was i having a panic attack?(help me)?
My blood pressure was high at the age of 27. Now I'm 33 and its 155/95! I'm otherwise fit! What's going on?
What does it mean when your heart beat soo fast?
My blood pressure is 147/114. Do I need to go to go to dr immediately?
How likely is it to get herpes if i have an early coldsore and my partner kissed me lightly then gave me oral?
Is it potentially dangerous to swallow the wax they give you for braces?
OUCH!! Help i just got my braces yesterday an they hurt a lot how can i take off the pain?!?
Can I have braces put on if there isn't need for them?
my eyelids swollen?
I have some questions about getting my mole removed.?
I got some bleach on my skin and I rinsed it, but after a few days, a small area of my skin has not grown back?
Heart Problem Maybe???????
Heart pain in teenager?
What Tests Would You Need To Take To Rule Out Heart Disease/Abnormality?
i'm only 59yrs old and all of a sudden my blood pressure is a little high. 143/101. any OTC meds to lower it?
Smoking Pot In my room?
What is so bad about smoking pot?
i've been feeling really sick; like stuffy nose, bad dry coughing and thenn i cant breath. what should i do?
Will I lose weight 15 pounds by june 8?
Is it possible to measure a fart?
Help with a hangover?
BIG exam! I need some brain foods! HELP!?
I ate raw chocolate chip cookie dought last night and I don't feel so good now-do I have Salmenalla???
Lip piercing with braces?
Wisdom teeth?
How long were you in pain after having your wisdom teeth out?
Please Help, I dont know what this is?!?
braces help!!!!?
is there a chewing gum that can be used with dentures?
how many times should you brush your teeth a day?
my daughter is getting braces in week. they said she will have to get a mold of her mouth what is that?
My two front teeth are quite a bit longer than the rest. Is it possible to have them filed down?
HELP! Something has just happened to my gums and I'm freaking out!?
Have you ever had a rash that didn't respond to treatment? What was it?
where to get travel insurance for a 69 year old lady with a pre existing heart condition?
For someone who suffers from angina and other cardo vascular conditions.?
how common are aneurysms?
what happens if you stop taking your a statin drug?
I think I went into cardic arrest about 12 hours ago but came out of it naturally in about 5 minutes?
braces off heeeellllpppppppp?
Any ideas how I can handle a visit to the dentist?
chipped tooth...?
Do a root canal or just pull it out?
Wisdom tooth removed. The hole eminates a foul smell. How do I get rid of the pungent, putrid odor?
does the numbing injection in your gums hurt?
Question to my British friends.......?
What do you do if you have a cavity?
At what age do you think is too late to get braces?
My spacers might be a problem
What is shisha, and is it harmful?
I can't breathe well all of a sudden, what is wrong with me?
smoked today and scared?
why not to use steroids?
Serious chest pains!!! I think I'm about to have a heart attack!!!?
how to reverse heart enlargement ?
im getting heart surgery and im really scarred...?
Does this sound like somthing to be concerned about...?
Why does a sunburn feel hot long after you have been out of the sun?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
I got a sunburn on my shoulders from washing cars?
What is best for my acne?
Do i need braces? pics!?
i have mouth ulcer,how to treat?
What causes ulcers in your mouth?
can i drink alcohol after having my wisdom tooth out for 3 days?
HEYeverbody say ...???
I have very bad breathe,I need some help.?
What if your dentist was this harsh on you?
When you get your wisdom teeth removed how long do the steches need to stay in?
My daughter(age 5) is having an infection in the pre-molar tooth.Doctor has advised to remove it?
I accidently used my roommate's toothbrush a few days ago and since then I've been obsessed about?
Can smoking make you sick?
what exactly are the harms of smokeing weed and no lies please?
I just coughed up flem, and there was............?
Tight Chest, Sore Back, Sore Throat, Trouble Breathing?
what is carbon monoxide and how may it be harmful to drivers?
Why do some people snore?
Can you sleep well during full moon?
HELP im 14 and need to lose weight?
passing too much urine help !?
PLLLZ HELP.... only serious answers!!?
What do you think of people who smoke?
i have this gross sticky stuff that comes out on my undies and i dont know what it is ?? is it normal?
Which is the lesser evil? Alcohol or Pot?
what happens when u swallow...?
how would you prefer to DIE?
Wisdom teeth?
are we supposed to brush our gums?
having teeth out what painkillers will they give me?
If I take big breasts (sorry,I mean breaths) Will my heart beat faster?
My son is 11 his blood pressure has been high for a couple days, today it is140/90 is that to high?
What makes the Human heart beat and continue to beat for years and years ?
What's the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest?
my 8 year old has a rapid heartbeat?
I have a fast heartbeat. It's over 120bmp. Any Advice?
watching tv gives you heart disease?
this past week ive been coughing up green phlegm is this normal?
I cant lose weight!!! I work out 5+ times a week with a trainer for over an hour. HELP!!!?
What are some ways to lower of high Cholesterol?
Do I have low blood pressure?
I stressed my mom so much she had a heart attack. How do I deal with this?
Sometimes for no reason I get a sharp pain in the area where my heart is?
teeth braces, do they hurt?
I am so scared to have my tooth pulled I canceled my appointment twice! How is the procedure (during)?
chewing gum please help me?
Has anyone tried Crest Whitestrips before, if so o they really work? Are they worth buying?
Tobacco chewing causes cancer.why govt,do not stop it manufacturing?
is it ok to use 2 different kind of acne cleansers at one time?
I'm scared my husband wakes up several nights gasping for his breath. He refuses to go see a Dr what do I do?
Should i go to the ER or not?
Do I have heart disease?
If you are ECG is normal and your doctor ask for you more test can you refused him?
Do braces hurt at all?
how can i make my teeth whiter?
when you start getting dark stains on the shower curtain is it mold? Can you wash it or do you need to throw?
The best way to stop someone from snoring?
why is blood blue in the body and red coming out?
How many calories should a person eat in a day?
How do I pierce my belly button I really want to do it?
Should students caught with drugs be given another chance?
why does hanging (execution) cause death? Is it quick and painless?
stomach problems?
part of my gums around two of my teeth are turning white and the white part of the gum hurts when i eat. why?
Dental Help!!!!!!?
Is there a way I can straighten my teeth on my own?
I just got my braces and...?
I just got my braces put on yesterday...?
im getting braces and i need help chossing colours!!!!!!!?
dentists arggghhh?
I have bad acne and don't believe i can afford a doc can anyone help?
I fell and hurt my lip it has a bump will it ever go away?
how do you make sunburns not burn?
Have you ever heard of a doctor going through chemo. for cancer?
Is there anything we can do for my uncle?
how much percentage of brain is we using?
Does McCain still have skin cancer?
Dad dying of lung cancer, how do i deal?
Now that it is accepted that car fumes are the main cause for lung disease and cancer should we make all?
blood in my snot?!! helllllllllp?
i have a racking chesty cough and usually throw up. my phlegm is thick and yellow. is it an infection?
Possibly Dieing here need some help?
i have a really sore throat right now...?
Can kids or teen get Hart burn?
Can blood pressure rise THIS high during a panic attack?
My father suffering from arrhythmia... Plz help?
what happens if you have LOW blood pressure?
My blood pressure is 90/65 Pulse is 99 is this bad?
My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and irreagular heart beat.?
what will be a good think to take to stop smoking?
This is weird but....here anywayss?
Do u smoke?
operation help.......................?
do you have to change for a chest xray?
Is triple heart bypass surgery dangerous than most surgeries?
what exactly is (co ation) i think that's how it's spelled of the aorta?
I was picking the scab on my leg the other day and it discharged a milky substance, what could be the problem?
I have these red bumps on my arms?
picture day is coming up i have acne what should i do asap?
cigarettes you smoke in a day?
Public toilet question?
Why did my oncologist say "I don't believe it, I don't want to hear about it"?
I need help to pay for cancer medicine for a clinical study. Can't work now. Where do I get funding for this?
How do you feel about having a President who smokes cigarettes?
what is the best medicine for sleeping problem?
How many times do you wear jeans before washing 'em?
Question for the girls only?
What happened to Natasha Richardson?
i have to take a drug test tom. at 9 am, Ive been drinking cranberry juice and other things .?
I'm bloddy drunk...what now?
Why do people bite their fingernails?
What are some ways I can avoid growing into bad posture?
At what age should you start taking an aspirin per day?
How was it when you fainted.?
Help Me Please?
teeth problems?
I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cavity. How do I keep it from getting worse?
i need braces in november and have a few questions?
I am scared of the dentist! Help me!?
i might have to get braces and i want to know what it feels like?
Worried about my pee?
i am a teen and i am kinda pale.. i am soo scared of getting skin cancer, but i need a tan. what do i do?
why is skin cancer the most common?
Fighting Cancer while Pregnant?
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??????????????????????????????????????…
Do you take medication for hypertension (high blood pressure)? What results have you had?
how long before i can drive after operation?
Which is the cheapest blood pressure monitor I can buy in UK?
Are beta blockers safe?
whay is the corect spelling for leftventrilic which is a heart disease?
What affects alcohol have on people with high blood pressure?
How high can human blood pressure go?
Is marijuana good for the HEART?
Doctors underestimate me..?
How do I deal w/ this?
omega-3 and lower bad cholesterol?
I Have Braces And I Cant Help But To Eat Foods I Am Not Supposed To.....Like Gum And Sticki Candy!!! Any Help?
why do i grinde me teeth when i sleep?
how do you get the smell of cigerettes out of your breath?
Why does my jaw hurt?
Overnight/anesthesia for Wisdom Teeth?
Do Braces Hurt being put on??
Really sore throat and toothache... any suggestions as to what I?
My braces still hurt after a week?
If peroixide is so good on your teeth, then why would you have to contact a Poison center if you swallow it?
i stayed at an hotel this weekend and now i cannot stop itching?
How can I keep from catching chicken pox from my sister??
my father has prostate cancer and must be operated we live in Iran and i don't have enough money for this
Does smoking cause lung cancer?
Why isn't here as many charity events for prostate cancer as breast cancer?
My boyfriend has been smoking heroin for 6 months?
If i go to the doctors to be tested for asthma,will they tell me if i have it there and then?
Is secondhand smoke have an effect on others?
im 18 is it a heart attack?
BP 92/80 normal?
if someone died suddenly, how can I tell if it's a heart attack or stroke?
why do you have kidneys?
cautious or hypochondriac?
Am I having seizures?
Can someone tell me how to get sick easily?
Is smoking weed harmful?
suicide ibuprofen and naproxen??! help!!?
I have diarrhea everyday, why??
How much will sweat bother a brand new tattoo?
i just put elmers glue all over my nose, was this a bad idea?
Sugar Free Gum OK for teeth?
Which gum is the best for bad breath?
why there is blood in teeth?
what could it be if my gums are swollen and hurt?
Braces????? Painful??
How come Brits have such rotten teeth?
I have quite a sore tongue, what could it be?
Does getting braces off hurt?
Getting 4 wisdom teeth cut out...?
Gagging when brushing your teeth?
Is your skin: Tan, medium, or white??
How do you know when you should have a mole checked out?
how to get rid of eczema out of hair?
Lump inside my earlobe!!!?
Best acne treatment? Please answer.?
Can you get cancer from smoking one time?
Do you think many cancer deaths attributed to the disease may actually be caused by effects from chemo?
I am a 15 year old girl and my mum died of cancer a month ago?
If tobacco causes cancer of every major organ in the body, including skin, then why is it still legal?
does it sound like a urinary tract infection?
Hi everyone, I've tried many different ways to stop smoking but?
how to get laryngitis asap?
I think im sick????????????????????/?
pain in left arm ?
Are prawns bad for someone suffering from high cholesterol?
my son who is 11 has blue lips, I suffer from cardiomyopathy. It is genetic. does this worry anyone?
What are the symptoms of someone having a heart defect?
heart question! 10 points for best answer?
is a right bundle branch block dangerous?
What causes high blood pressure in young people?
I am 14. I just got diagnosed with brain cancer..?
Could an alkaline body ph actually contain or kill cancer cells?
can jalapenos give you colon cancer?
what do I write to a friend who just was diagnosed with breast cancer?
Invisible braces ?
Should I tell my dentist that I'm on birth control?
aaah! gums are super swollen and red.. what to do?
HELP!!!!!! Is This True?? HELP!!!!!!?
braces ^_^ or O_o!?
Pearl drops bad for your teeth?
Having my tooth out on friday. I'm terrfied!! :(?
I got braces a week ago and would like some answers to these questions?
what stage do childerns teeth fall out?
My heart often skips a beat should I be concerned?
What has he misunderstood?
What are the sythomes of a stroke?
which of the following is correct for a blood pressure rading of 130/80?
A question about lowering blood pressure?
Why is my brain positioned lower in the skull than normal?
does smoking have any effect on raising cholesterol?
what are some ways to reduce blood pressure?
Im 23 years old and went to the ER beause I was having sharp on and off chest pains?
what is this thing on my lips?
every time i shovel snow i get an STD what should i do?
I had my ears pierced and now they're pussing...badly?
is it weird to spoon a pillow when i sleep on my chest and then 1 under my head 2 under each arm am i weird?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
is it murder?
After a night of binge drinking the next morning I threw up about 10 times. Now my throat burns. Help me.?
can prostrate cancer kill you?
This article on Yahoo about drinking hot tea above 70c increasing the risk of oesophageal cancer eight-fold?
Do braces hurt a lot?
i am getting my braces of and need some info?
tooth extraction has anyone had this pain before?
My wisdom teeth are coming in and they hurt what can i do?
Why do you hate braces?
Can you get a fake tooth after your real one was pulled out?
What will happen if i don't wear my retainer for one day?
My dental hygenist swipes my glasses off my face onto the floor before she starts cleaning my teeth.Is this OK
Please solve my problem ,I m in love with my doctor,a DENTIST.?
Getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled...will it hurt?
help i need an opinion?
Why is urine always yellow?
i need help i cant sallow pills?
should I get a second opinion?
How do you get warm when your cold?
Does anyone have a problem with sweaty smelly feet? What do you do about it?
How many hours of sleep does a ten year old need each night?
What causes you to fart a lot?
omg what does this mean,I NEED HELP ASAP!?
Is it bad for the heart, if you only sleep on your left side?
PUt on Norvasc for BP and fast heart rate?
did spm die of heart attack on june 9th?
Heart hurts after drinking coffee?
would like to know about presence of fever after a coronary bypass in a person of 74 years old?
High blood pressure...?
In which systems can you find the heart?
Is there a cancer prevention diet??
can u tell me any body who is a big terrorest or killer in world USAMA or BUSH?
How can I take the edge off of quiting smoking COLD TURKEY? (Ex-smokers please respond only)?
is the antibiotic cefalexin the correct treatment for a chest infection?
i had a chest infection 2 weeks ago, was giving antibiotics, which haven't seemed to work?
Exercising with a cold, can you sweat it out?
How come my albuterol is not working when I'm under - asthma attack?
Are you scared out of your mind about having cancer ?
Do men die of breast cancer?
i want to know more about terminal cancer?
Friend may have Breast Cancer? How to tell mom? URGENT?
What does this sound like to you? A white almost sugary coating on the gum?
how many days off work do you need after having 4 wisdom teeth extracted?
my teeth are perfectly straight, but......HELP!?
I'm only 5'4 and im 18?
How to stay awake all night?
fart much help me please?
i think i am depressed :(?
is my blood pressure too low?
my heart just started recently to...?
What is the burning sensation in my heart?
I am currently taking lisinopril for high blood pressure.?
I have extremely high blood pressure...help?
Please tell me that I DONT have cancer?
eraser burns!! Do they give you skin cancer?
How to get rid of wart on finger?
okay well i will be 17 in 3 months,but my mom says i cant get one because im still 2 young am i?
so i smoked a cigg one timee....?
i have severe asthma and can litirally get no sleep at night what can i do?
What's wrong with my girlfriend???
How Many Lungs Can a Person Have?
Sore throat, body aches, and the chills?
How quickly can your blood pressure change from normal to very high.?
what is your pulse?????????
Can a person who has had damage to their heart from meningitis, have the heart repair itself through exercise?
jumping jacks help lower cholesterol?
Can you have a heart attack during a nightmare?
Help - heart attack!?
My heart beat feels irregular? help!!?
Heart failure or heart diseases?
who can be more dangerous?
views on medical marijuana as a cancer patient/caregiver?
cancer...spreading?.. surgery complete.. now just waiting..?
I just got my braces on today, it hurts so bad, the wax doesnt help any ideas??
dentists,,E M E R G E N C Y?
What colour Braces this time?
Is it normal to have a lot of blood on the toilet paper?
I'm still not convinced. We are told the only way you can get a "cold" is by virus and not going out in the
Is it a bad sign when the doctor hasn't called with your lab results??
I stopped smoking pot and i can't eat?
Why are some peoples pupils dilated all the time?
If you like to help people here s a great question for you?
My boyfriend keeps having pains around his heart. He had an EKG done at the ER and they told him that his.....
Already on 5 mgm Lisinopril daily, my blood pressure still shoots to 200/110 or higher an it lasts for hours.?
High blood pressure?
Can you have a heart attack with no blockage?
is my blood pressure low or normal?
Can you have a naturally high heart rate?
I have been diagnosed with LBBB?
can 14 year old have heart attacks ?
Is it ok to take a bath in bleach?
What doesn't cause cancer?
My mom has terminal cancer and was denied Medical?
Is there something stronger than Morphine, for cancer patients?
why cant a already bypassed artery be re bypassed???
Could I have a heart problem?
How would you go about getting and ECG in England?
i am concern about my blood pressure?
Has anyone heard of an open heart patient 11days post op still on ventilator?
How do you lower your high blood preasure?
what is the highest cholesterol you have known i have 199,is that really bad?
Does anyone get bothered by the sound of a heart?
Is there anything i could take with beta blockers to stop me feeling less tired and depressed?
I think I have high blood pressure?
Bleeding out of my ***?
can a lung be transplanted backwards & upsidedown?
Tight chest....should i bother my doctor?
best remedy to get rid of a cold!?
When you cough up phlegm is it ok to swallow it?
Stopped breathing while dozing off?
Critical Illness Claim?
coarctation of the aorta?
I have high blood pressure?
Is it really easy to die from a heart murmur?
doing CPR on someone that still has a pulse, can it cause cardiogenic shock?
My blood pressure is 120/70... i am a 19 yr old female...is it ok?
Are there foods to eat that will lower or control my blood pressure?
Had an anxiety attack, AFTER EFFECTS!?
I need braces, does it hurt?
My son has an under bite, can this be fixed?
Will I get general anesthesia?
How bad does it hurt to get a cavity drilled?
Why are my teeth yellow?
If a pack of cigarettes cost 100 to 2000 dollars a pack would people still smoke?
Would you like your body to be frozen on your death and stored to be cured of whatever it was killed you?
Anybody else terrified of getting cancer?
cervical cancer jab . . . . .?
how do i convince people that smoking cigarettes is killing them?
whats ur biggest regret?
Blackout!? Help please!?
I'm a 14 year old boy and I'm really horny, what should i do?
**please help me**?
Have you ever been to a chiropractor?
is he passed out or just sleeping?
I need sleeep tonight what can i do ?
Great toothache home remedies?
can stress trigger a tooth abscess?
when you get braces on your top and bottom at the same time what do you feel, what should i eat. ?
i just had a tooth filled?
why are all my tooth fillings falling out?
How long to braces take to put on?
another question about braces?
Do you love gum?
Are spacers for braces supose to hurt?
Ahhhh...Getting brace. Do they hurt?
What Does Cancer Feel Like?
I keep having heart pains?
I am having a female structure?
94/49 to low of a blood pressure?
Would you date a smoker if you are a non-smoker?
Heart attack followed by Cardiac arrest followed by a Coma/Stupor?
I need a sunblock for a male, what's the best?
Is it possible to get Chickenpox twice?
how to get rid of blackheads?
Has anyone had similar side effects of QUITTING smoking?
Forgetting to breathe while drifting off to sleep - is this normal?
How do i get myself to commit to daily schedual things such as brushing my teeth every night?
I smoked once or twice but I have a drug test to take today what should I do?
I'm sooo tired and at work what can i do to wake up?
I've been using alcohol, coke, ritalin, clonazepam and xanax in multiple comb-s for years. Am I in trouble
how to pass drug testing for thc?
Could i have a brain tumour (please anwer really worried)?
would someone after having chemo be well enough to go out partying?
Painful, pea-size lump on forehead? Help, im worried?
Is it possible to design a virus that only targets cancer cells?
i think im dying please help me asap!!?
why is it so important to support breast cancer ?
High Blood Pressure questions respound thanks all?
Please help me with my palpitations?
Are there in the world people who can help if someone needs financial help,If need an operation and can't pay?
Any body can explain, why blockage is created only on main Arteries/veins.?
what is the medicine name that causes blood clot?
What could be wrong with me?
Can angioplasty be carried out under local anaesthetic?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
If you seen a cute girl but then noticed she don't have teeth, how bad would it freak you out or turn you off?
hi friends i want to know which soap is best for bathing? currently i m using pears but my skin goes dry ?
Can You Get A Mole Like This Removed ?
How can I get rid of strech marks??
Face is really red! help!?
I think I have toenail fungus under both of my big toe's!!! How do I get rid of this .?
how do you remove a wart?
Sore chest following a car crash!!!?
my mom has verry high blood ?
dad has cancer on the liver all over ,does he have a chance he's 76yrsold?
how do i tell him??? ?
smoking raises risk for lung cancer?
How long can a person live if thier kidneys have shut down and they will not have dialysys?
How can you get cancer?
Can cancer run in a family?
What's the best way of getting dried blood & gunshot residue out of your carpet?
Just out of curiousity...?
I can't fall asleep at night and end up sleeping through 2 loud alarm clocks in the morning. What can I do?
Girls, when you fart does it sometimes travel up through your labia and come out the front?
after experimenting i have a small petstuck to my crutch with gaffer tape how do i get it off witout hurtingus
eye problem?
what does blumia do to your body and how harmful is it??
what is wrong with me?
IF quitting smoking is suppose to make you feel better why do I feel so bad?
Am i an alcoholic?
babies born with heart murmurs......?
what does it mean to have water around the heart im really concerned?
is it dangerous to.............?
Heart problems at 21?
Lisinopril for high blood pressure... anything I should know?
Chest Pain?
Rapid Resting Heart Rate in 23 yr old w/High Blood Pressure?
my cholesterol is 231. is that too high ?
my husband was just diag with high blood pressure & is on meds do u ever get to stop taking them?
Is it a good or bad sign if my teath bleed when I brush them?
What does it feel like to get braces removed?
Do I have to floss with my braces?
I want nice teeth!!!?
my 7 year old has knocked out her adult front tooth?
For those that have experienced cardiac and/or respiratory arrest, please could you tell me what it was like?
heart beating slow.. help?
Surgery or no surgery? What would you do?
PLEASE ANSWER!! rib heart hurt?
what cause you to have a heart attack?
what make cholesterol go down ?
a question about heart attack history?
high blood pressure????
Should I see my doctor?? and what can be done?
doctors only??
how do you cure separating teeth?
i'm selected in pre dental test can somebody tell how is this proffession?how much can i earn being a dentist
do braces hurt when they get placed?
Can pizza prevent cancer i heard that somewhere?
does anyone know of any programs that help cancer patients afford a medical bed at home? ins. won't cover it.
why does chemotherapy make you lose wieght?
I have been getting chest pains?
What is the exact relationship between pulse rate and systolic pressure?
High or Low Blood Pressure?
I'm having an anxiety attack over this?
i have tried everything what can i do to get rid of my acne?I'm 27 years old its embarassing!?
My mom is going through stress and is having random heart pains--should she go to the doctor?
Do I have a Heart disease?
My Heart Rate Speeds Up Randomly?
chest pains and right arm pain?
Pinching Sharp Pain In Heart Area?
I'm 18 & male & am thinkin about gettin braces 2 straighten my very bent teeth. Are they painful to have?
hey you guys.................?
if i do not do a root canal , what will happen, will the pain go away.?
Root Canal or Extraction ?
Wisdom teeth?
if your gums are starting to receed because of improper brushing, is it reversible?
What is good for chapped lips?
how to help get rid of acne?
i have mouth sore continuously it's coming what is treatment pls advise to me.?
Can anyone recommend a strong female deodorant? I have tried several different ones, but they just don't seem
Does anyone know any other cures for Posion Ivy or Posion Oak besides Calamine lotion? Please help I'm dying.
Coughing up blood????
What is a Urinary Tract Infection?
Does lung tissue repair itself ?
how do u get people to stop smoking?
I just went pee and i looked in the toilet and nothing changed it was still clear?
What does Herpes consist of? And is it curable?
they say not a heart attact, but are they right???
lightheaded after eating?
What are the signs of someone having had a mini stroke?
Can non-obese teenagers/kids have heart attacks? (and die)?
why do doctors say clear when using a defibrillator?
Why does My Anti Anxiety medication Calm my heart down?
information on antiplatelet blood thining drugs?
Dr Said I had a rapid Heart beat yesterday?
What can put you at risk for getting heart failure?
What causes the noise when you fart?
I know some people that do drugs and smoke crystal meth?
why do some people make fun or hate overweight people?
a person took a bottle of tylonal what do i do?
Smoke or eat weed first?
I need free help and medical advice as I am poor and ageing.?
does a smoker's cough go away once I quit smoking?
I think i have a bad problem what is it?
my ex bf told me something how do i calm down?
what is the FASTEST way to lose weight?
A good whitening toothpaste?
does this whiten my teeth?
BRACES... PLEASE!!!?!?!?!?
Getting Braces soon,Does it hurt?
Can SoMeBody DescRibe to Me the meaning of pulmonary heart disease and its causes and symptoms??
My 28 yr old son's heart beats about 3 times and then woosh?
very high cholesterol!!!!?
tooth ache on left side,?
Need your opinion please!?
Pain from wisdom tooth?
would u rather have a dentist or a oral speacilast take out all 4 of ur wisdom teeth??
will i get criminal injurys for a broken jaw?
I have a toothache and need some remedies for the pain PLEASE!?
Does it hurt when your wisdom teeth are pulled out when they are growing side ways?
pleasee help..only if you've had bracess.fastt :]?
If I change dentists, do I as a patient have a right to request all my records including xrays?
Can you temporarily remove braces?
i snore really loud i have tried everything except surgery i am just so scared can anyone help me thank you?
will smoking weed be bad for me even when i have asthma and my asthma isn't acting up?
Can someone help me understand what this tells me about my blood pressure?
fired at work after heart attack?
I have a high pulse that wont go below a 100, what should I do?
My wife just had breast cancer and now she is sick should I be concerned ?
how bad do braces hurt?
Acne problems.. help?
Will I grow taller? Pleeeeeeeeeeease say yes!!!?
PLease help im really scared?
Is it OK to go without wearing my retainer for a day GIVE ME YOUR STORYS!?
I'm getting braces because of a overbite, will they make my life misrable or will I get usted to it?
help with colors braces?
Does it hurt getting a tooth pulled?
What if my boyfriend might die in a month and a half by Heart Failure? How would you deal with this?
Blood Clots?
sharp pain in my back and shortnesss of breath?
im too paranoid about my teeth?
Teeth sorta rotten. Ways to fix?
Do you think I might have TMJ?
how can i help my 1 year and 3 months baby relieve his teething pains?
how do i get my very slack front tooth to come out north south e/w and it wont budge. a wack in the gob ?
Would it be a good idea to brush your teeth while in the shower??
Do you think i need braces?
getting braces tomorrow, any tips?
me need braces? (pic)?
How to prevent......braces help?
Whats the best way to comfort someone who has just been diagnosed with herpes?
Don't laugh could HIV be transmitted through a misquito bite?
Why is my brother fat?
heart burn/acid reflux?
Heart/chest hurts when I take a deep breath?
heart palpation's really scared please help?
I've stopped smoking coz of high blood pressure now its going low what should i do?
Nineteen year old with very rapid heart beat with mild exertion?
my roommate has corn starch in the bathroom. why?
I'm 15 and I am 5"2. My dad is 5"3 and my mom is 5"0. Is it possible to reach 5"7 or 5"8 (or outgrow my dad)?
What's your favourite eye colour?
does Lexapro cause weight gain?
What are the effects of heart failure on working environment?
My Mum had Heart surgery on Monday for a replacement valve & 1 blocked artery.?
Explain why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing?
I'm feeling pain in my chest?
Bleeding from my gums why ???
Sore, Dry Skin after using Clearasil ultra?
How do you naturally get rid of deep pitted acne scars?
Help need to get reid of acne?
how many toes do u have?
Help with a sore throat?
Can a urinary tract infection cause you to be tired?
smokers how much do you pay for a pack of smokes now?
HELP needed on SMOKING- thx?
quickest way to get weed out of ur sysem?!?!?
Should I get my teeth whitened?
Do Teeth whitening over the counter products work? If yes Which ones?
I had my wisdom tooth extracted 3 days ago. What is the white thing in the place of my missing tooth?
what colour braces should i have?
Does it hurt when thet take braces off?
which braces should i get?
can I eat sour patch kids if I have braces?
braces, how long do they ?
If you have high blood pressure, have you ever noticed if caffeine causes your blood pressure to go up? ?
Why is my blood pressure high?
What's high blood pressure do?
Blood Pressure Problems?
For a few days my blood pressure has been 153/114 and 160/105. What medications do you recommend?
my blood pressure is 166/98, is that to high?
Wisdom Teeth experiences?
How harmful are dental x-rays? Is it bad to get more than one done in a month?
Can you bleach your teeth w/ clorox bleach?
do you get a shot for braces?
Is it normal for a root canal to cost $1600?
Sores inside my mouth, on my tongue, what are they and how do I get rid of them?
I have a fractured tooth, will it heal, my dentist says it will heal,how long does it take and what should i d
Is it bad to go one night without brushing your teeth?
When do you take your child off the sippy cup?
How come my dentist said i got a gum infection & no tooth abccess without taking an X-Ray?
I don't get why cutting is so bad?
Rectal bleeding?
I am 26, do you guys think it's too late to get circumcised since they didn't do for me after birth?
Why do you look & sound like an IDIOT?
piss test for marijuana?
Is it safe to take anti-depressants?
How can i get to sleep?
im coughing up green,brown and bloody phlegm, what should i do?
is it bad to drink pee even if poured in a brita water filter?
I need to stop smoking? help?
my but hole itches 247!!!!! HELP ME!! IT HURTS!?
Acne on my chest? Please help!?
HELP! my face is red, puffy, dry, and really stings!?
should i feel bad because i'm 20 years old with braces?
How to have whiter teeth by september?
Major Toothache!! Please Help!!?
Braces tomorrow.....scared!?
I have to get braces. The dentist said i will have to wear them for 6-9 months. Will it really take that long?
Can I be electrocuted if I pee in the toaster?
my left ear really hurts whenever i put a cotton bud in to clean it?
Fading time for a surgical scar on face?
Saw the last 1/3 of my finger off or no?
Ouch- I just burned my tongue really bad...what can I do to make it heal fast?
My real nail is half on should i take the rest off? Urgent!?
is it possible to sprain a toe and if so what should i do to it?
cut lip help?
Hurt My Leg at school? Help?
I'm always cold, what can I do to make myself less cold?
can someone give me some tips to sleep better???
Plz help how to prevent hangover:)i hate getting hangovers?
Does anyone Else's Doc want to get your cholesterol down to 50?
My 70 year old granmother has just suffered a stroke...What will happen now?
Every once in a while i have a sudden pick up in my heart rate. what could this mean?
Help me please!!!!!!?
What are the symptoms of a silent heart attack?
I am so so so scared to get a root canal?
How many times a day should people brush their teeth? Isn't too many times dangerous?
wisdom teeth removal under general anesthetic?
Got wisdom teeth out yesterday?
braces ? help if you have has them or have them?
Bad breath?
im getting braces :(?
I am probably going to get braces,what color(s) should i get?
When will my braces stop hurting?? am i supposed to chew?
I have braces and it hurts to chew anything?
well i think im having panic attacks?
Quickest Way To Get Rid Of Acne?
how can i get rid of my blackheads?
What is the best way to clear acne?
I keep getting a sunburned scalp?
Help me give advice to my friend?
In this situation, is heart bypass surgery the way to go?
How Do You Raise Your Blood Pressure?
my ecg result was perfect....?
Is it possible the size of my arm could be throwing off my blood pressure reading?
accurate blood pressure readings?
How do i know if i had a stroke going to have a stroke im 14 need help asap?
My INR count is 1.1. I thought normal was .9-1.1. My doc is concerned that this will lead to clots?
Help, My front tooth broke.what can i do for a temp fix!?
Why dont Asians have?
is the 2nd day of braces gonna hurt worse?
Swollen Lymph Nodes And wisdom teeth?
Discolored dead tooth....what can I do to whiten it???
in pain, what now?! i need much help possible!?
Can swelling from an absessed tooth cause numbness of lips and chin?
What to say when people say nasty comments about wonky teeth?
I have a broken and Abscessed Tooth?
what would i get if i slipped in someones house and hurt my back/tailbone and got bruises?
fractured or broken?
what if a cut needs stitches but....?
My ears are totally popped still from an airplane trip a couple hours ago. Cant get unpoped,?
smacked top of head very hard on concrete and its caused severe headaches for a week. what could be wrong?
help i don't know what to do?
How fast would an airsoft pellet have to travel to cause a serious injury?
please i need help!... i am 13 years old and i fell like i am going to die...?
Crutches Problem?
i think i might have a concussion!!!??
am 68 yrs old. i can't walk properly.suggest good medicine?
fainting spells? low blood pressure?
what is a normal heart rate for a 19 year old female?
I take 80 mg of Lipitor after 3 heart caths. My LDL is 19 and HDL is 54. Should I worry about side effects?
pulse in vein/arteries?
Why would a pulmonologist send me to a heart specialist?
High Blood Pressure....?
why do people get heart attack .the person who answers please send a animated diagram of what happens then?
As a sleep i feel my heart beat goes up, swaeting all over body and pressure and sentation in all body.?
saturday was my first time smoking weed and now im scared.?
I'm having Chest Pains....?
Painful dry cough but I don't feel sick?
My friends baby?
How to deal with smoking its side effects? How to stop smoking?
how many hours do you sleep for on weekdays?
Medical Symptoms Question?
marijuana question?
is eye laser surgery worth the risk?
why do i have a weird taste in my mouth?
is sleeping more than the recommended hours bad?
why can't i hear from my left ear?
How can you tell if a person is on Crystal Meth?
bump on my bottom lip, in the center.?
remedy for goose bumps?
Can dark skinned people get skin cancer?
Really weird bump on the inside of my cheek? Pic included?
I'm really scared about getting my wisdom teeth out and just thinking about it makes me wanna cry?
My daughter had a filling a week ago, and is still in pain any remedies 4 tooth pain tried bonlela :(?
how often shud i brush?
Will braces effect my filling?
I am 13 with 4 fillings, is that okay?
Having braces and what colours to get?
why is there mucus inside the nose?
Good way to get rid of a cough?
Tight chest on right hand side....?
i woke up this morning to find myself coughing up small traces of blood why is this and should i be worried?
Does your partner/husband/wife SNORE?
what is something that can be removed by surgery (no warts) and isnt very serious (like cancer)?
i have a tummy ache what can i do to make it go away?
Should smokers, alcoholics, obese, drug addicts be made to pay their own medical expenses?
Do you have contact lenses?
Are there any nurses who can tell me what may be wrong?
I want to stop smoking but im addicted to pot???
REALLY sore throat. Gotta sing tomorrow. HELP!?
is it bad to not use a tampon?
Have you ever picked your nose and ate it?
Is it possible for someone to perform a root canal on themselves?
When should i lose all my baby teeth?
I don't have a toothbrush for tomorrow?
Can exercise prevent asthma?
I been a weed smoker for the last 17 years and I just quite 5 days ago. Help...?
Should I be okay with my husband smoking weed?
Have you tried crack?
what is the best shampoo to use if you've got hair that gets graesy quickly?
Red skin patches around my arm pit?
WHY is my neck getting dark?
How can I improve the appearance of my scars?
best treatment for torn ligaments in foot.?
if physical therapy isn't making any improvement on a rotator cuff problem, what is next?
Dude I just lost my finger!?
why is my scar like this?
How long should I ice my knee?
how do you get rid of bad scars?
is my sister's toe broken???!! please help, freaking out!!!?
Someone threw a guy on my head at a concert and now my neck is killing me. any suggestions?
I cut my wrists...now what?
I think I have been smoking too much weed? ?
i am wheezy all the timeand get breathless,could i have asthma?
Will Swine Flu spread the world and become global epidemic?
Is it dangerous to go on a plane when you've got a headcold?
I got braces for the 2nd time yetersay, and my teeth hurt like CRAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
People who had/have braces...?
What has your experience been with having wisdom teeth removed?
What is wrong with my body?
When my husband sleeps, why does his body jump?
I'm having a general anaesthetic tommorrow!! What is it like? I'm very nervous, even thinking of cancelling.
How can I begin to heal and not let people get me down I'm trying to fix myself?
can secondhand smoke stunt your growth?
I have a strange bump behind my ear...?
my kid hasnt got Asthma but he's breathing is bad, should i let him have some of my inhaler?
When extensive dental work needed, which country to travel to for Affordable Dental Treatment and Tourism?
Help my filling isnt normal! I got a filling yesterday and everytime i close my mouth it doesnt feel right?
Idk what color braces to get...?
I'm feeling very badly about my husband having to be out working in this heat advisory. What can I do for him?
What does your retainer do after you take off your braces? will it make your teeth straighter?
why do kids don't like to cleaning their teeth?
Pain with braces????
Questions about braces?
Are these teeth supposed to be loose??
HI can any one help with some tips on a tooth ache!!!!?
Is it possible to be shot in the head and live with no permanent damage?
OK. i promised my 8 year old grandaughter i would stop smoking.i have not had any since monday.?
What are your thoughts on smoking?
Can I brush my teeth before wisdom tooth removal?
I just got a filling a few hours ago and the numbing won't go away....what can i do to make it ?
can you smoke a cigarette after your tooth got pulled?
for people who have braces?
How bad will it feel after I get my wisdom teeth pulled? And How will I look?
Do you have bad breath!???
Do braces hurt? I'm gettin; them?1?
Wisdom teeth?
How to relieve horrible tooth pain (probably caused by decay)?
What are the best ways to get to sleep quickly?
I have horrible acne on my shoulders and a bit on my chest. What can i do? i've taken medicine in the past and?
HELP about my arms..should i?
What cream or lotion that will stop my hands from feeling really dry without that greasy feeling?
My son's skin is broken out but I dont know what it is!?
How do i get rid of cough/irritated throat naturally?
I smoke on ocassion and the otha day i smoked and felt SICK, dizzy, and HOT! Also, my period was only 1-2 days?
i wanna sell one of my lungs?
why is it that whenever i smoke,when i inhale the smoke,my chest fells suffocated?
I have had a cough for about 3 years now....?
Why do Americans have better teeth than Brits,Canadians, and Australians?
do braces hurt 4 13 year old??
I have white teeth on the bottom and half way up to top is yellow, i don't smoke, how to get rid of it!?
No Dental insurance and I'm in so much pain!?
How to keep your teeth white? Does bleaching harmful?
does tooth filling hurt ?
I get braces in three days. what color should i get please help?
i paid 500$ to have my teeth bleached and they still r not white!?
Had root canal yrs ago, now the same tooth has broken. Should I bother getting it fixed when it doesn't hurt?
Did this happen when you used crest pro health rinse?
Does it hurt wearing braces?
how do i stop my gums from bleeding everytime i brush my teeth ?
if quiting smoking makes you fat, are we to believe that all smokers are therefor thin?