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i want to know how the future holds for a child with down syndrome and ventricular septal defect ?
why did you see in my heart!?
remedies for heart blocked artery?
quadruple bypass surgery?
Can you really die from falling down the stairs?
breath problems!?
my tooth is very sore, its a wisdom tooth and my throat on that side is sore too. what can i do?
2 year olds tooth?
Hi, I just got my wisdom teeth out today at 10:00 AM. It's now 3:00 AM and one of my stitches came out.?
Is chewing gum daily, bad?
i hit my tooth and now its color has been changed a little?its painful? why??
What is the procedure for getting a really big cavity extremely close to the nerves? Will it hurt?
Getting braces in a few hours! I get VERY nervous going to the dentist and am not good at relaxing. Any tips?
How To Stop A Toothache?
y did i faint?????????
Do some people not get high when they smoke weed?
why does peanutbutter upset my stomach?
How many times a day do you take a bath?
how can you avoid taking drugs?
what is the best way to kill myself?in the way of less pain?
would 17 extra strength tylenol be enough to kill an 18 year old boy?
My heart hurts? As in, physically?
Why does your heart beat when nervous?
EP Study Yesterday...pain now, help?
I have my LAD artery of the heart totally occluded. I have collaterals. Can I go for by-pass of not.?
Should I go see a dr?
how do i decrease my ldl level?
if one is not adoc what medicine&/ or othr formof medication is tobe given to aperson u see having heartattck?
Have any of you heard of a heart problem called neurocardic syncope?
Chest Soreness....is it my heart??
how does irregular heartbeat affect blood pressure?
Why don't people who snore loudly wake themselves up?
Is this cystic acne? What kind of acne is this?
How to get rid of blackheads?
Oily and acne prone skin! help!!!!!!?
I can't get rid of athletes foot.?
this is not normal?
How long does marihuana stay in your blood and urine?
What comes to mind when you think of a bulimic person?
I know somebody who refuses to use a public restroom. Is there a name for this?
How can i get rid of warts?
Help me...?
what is the big steel plate on the bottom of hospital doors for?
i need help. please.?
The dental hygienist kept suctioning my tongue during my filling... now it hurts!!!?
How to get started with braces?
does somebody brush your teeth if your in a coma?
Ouch! Spacers are making my jaw hurt?
which toothpaste good for whitening and healthy teeth?
Does brushing your teeth by dipping the toothbrush with a little baking soda whiten your teeth?
how did you cope when you had your wisdom teeth pulled out?
When do you brush your teeth?
My jaw is still swole up from 10 days ago. Can someone please tell me why having 2 teeth pulled hrts so bad?
question about my knee?
sore ankle?
I want to sprain my ankle, but how?
I have lost over 20lbs in the last 2 months, I have been bruising very easily and I'm tired all the time?
Should I stop smoking them ?
Spider Bite!!!?
.Topical cream for exczema please,Im 41 and it's really flaring up,leaving a brown tinge on my skin,where the.
What should I do with my acne?
I need acne treatment so?
problems at night when I take atenelol?
My Heart??????
Cholesterol Levels?
death certificates?
Can anyone else see their heartbeat in the notch at the bottom of their sternum?
is my heart healthy ?
Are heat and stress hard on the heart?
Had EKG yesterday, they said everything is fine but..?
How do I make myself wake up at 5 AM?
I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at the wheel. What do I do?
Is marijuana dangerous?
Question for girls: Would you ever date a guy who's face is horribly scared with acne?
Small hard lump on back of ear?
what acne controll system works better?
I have lice, but I'm alone and have no one I can ask for help in removal, what can I do?
Burt's Bees or Carmex. Which is better? Which do you use and why?
Lisinopril and I do not get along, (harsh side effects) Is there anything better.?
what are the chances of living through open heart surgery?
how to lower blood pressure naturally?
what is cholesterol ?
low blood platlets, what does this mean?
Please help !!!! bypass surgery ...?
How do you tell if you have high or low cholesterol?
Why don't doctors listen to you & write down correct information when they ask you about your health history?
wha came first the chicken or the egg???
can wisdom teeth start growing when you're 56 yrs old?
How do i whiten my teeth no strips and i have braces?
How can I become sick?
how to get rid of chapped lips?
Wats the qwikest way to get rid of spots?
Should we get an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) for our house (see details)?
this is serious. please see if you know what i have...?
Heart racing even at rest?
Why did my wife have a bypass operation 12 months and I am due next week?
normal oxygen levels?
can a woman receive a man's heart in a transplant?
question bout blood clots?
Legal question concerning my dentist?
Can u get braces at 30 yrs. old?
How soon can I work out after getting wisdom teeth removed?
How to whiten teeth?
how much aroundabout does it cost to get ur teeth whitend?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow... (I am only 13)?
whats the best way to take out your own teeth pliers, hammer string tied to door, pub fight any other ideas ?
How to get rid of bad breath in the morning?
Do you chew a lot of gum? If so..?
How to get rid of my acne :(?
For the ladies my friend?
How do i get rid of the bumps on my scalp?
When I drink, I get red and start breaking out in awkward ways. I get really blotchy redness on me. Why?
I was at BLANK and i accidently put a lipstick in my purse not realizing what i was doing?
why does my 8 month old baby move his hands, wrists, and fingers so much when he is nervous, excited, or upse?
embarressing, but serious question...?
Whats the best way to get over depression?
what would happen if you flash a flashlight on pregnant woman's stomach?
Hello! I'd love to know where you choose to chill out and make quality private time to yourself?
Heart Transplant Info?
My ex-wife just had a heart attack at 47. One friend or enemy maybe told me that she had it coz of night work?
Chest pains in a 16 year old?
Is this okay to ask my physician to refer me to a cardiologist, if he told me I dont have heart disease?
Hearts against heart? Will your heart?
How do you heal a broken heart?
my daughter is 24 she her blood pressure was 86/56 and her heartrate was 121 is this bad what does it mean?
How long do anesthetics last after wisdom teeth extraction?
Does anyone know where my face is?
What's Happening My Skins Turning Yellow?
Good moisturizer? Really dry skin!?
I have this dangly thing. Its about two inches long. What could this possibly be?
is hand eczema life threatening?
Ex-smokers: When you quit, how long did the withdrawals last? Especially the irritability?
Does iit hurt to lite a fart on fire?
whats a anti drug ?
can anyone tell me what's the uses of microscope in research??
Would this make me sick? had anyone tried it?srry kinda long.please no mean anwsers!?
If u advice me to take LSD or not, tell me why?!?
I feel psychologically disturbed after what I saw earlier today. What could've been wrong?
whether blood pressure is higher inside head or legs in a normal person?
enlarged heart?
A little scared, can someone give me some advice?
can a person who has had a heart valve replacement use a treadmill?
Why does my heart beat so fast all the time?
What is the relationship between heart rate and heart rate variability?
Lately I have been having a rapid heart beat and it seems my blood pressure is up. Scares me. Any clue?
What does my ECG mean?
What should you put on a cut to make it heal quickly?
How Can I Cover Up Wrist Cuts?
Should I go to class tonight?
How can you break your leg?
I got my tounge peirced yesterday and It is really bothering me. Can I take it out and it still heal correctly
Sometimes when I shower, I'll clean up really good, but my buttocks will still have a scent.?
which is the bset method to avoid RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury?
Getting Braces??
just found out I have high cholesterol?
when do i need to go the hospital?
What are some ways to lower blood pressure?
I forgot all about her tainted heart. Why can't she forget about mine?
does green tea increase heart rate?
Explain why high blood pressure can be dangerous to an individual?
what could cause someone to have a higher blood pressure reading on one arm then the other?
Unsure if my total cholesterol is good or bad?
What is a murmur in your heartbeat? And is it the same as an irregular heartbeat?
my husband has developed a very swollen painful knee without knowing how he did it. He doesn't play any sport.
How do i get rid of brown knees?
ACNE!! mild but lowers my self esteem:/?
Intestinal Gas?
Is it considered food poisoning if two people eat the same thing and only one of them gets sick?
How bad are tatoos, really?
what is the fastest way to lose the tummy pouch after you have had a baby?
Does this make you cry?
My chest is 'tight' and I'm having difficulty breathing. What could be the cause of this?
So I know this is gross, but please answer..?
A fried of mine drools non-stop uncontrollably. What can I do to help?
What causes a small headache when I take a sip of alcohol?
solutions for smelly feet, apart from amputation although i am tempted?
I am on blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is still too high. Should I be scared?
What's it like to get an EKG? Will it show why my pulse is high?
My mother-in-law is having heart problems, having trouble getting or finding answers?
Today, while at school I was called down to the nurse's office to take my blood pressure...?
190 OVER 120 BLOOD pressure OK OR BAD?
My bf had a stroke yesterday will he ever get better or will be ill for life?
what does mean when a high blood pressure in a diagnosed patiant changes to low blood pressure 120/55?
getting a heart cath. test...i DO NOT want it in the groin...can i deccide if they go thru my arm instead?!?
What can I do about this acne?
What is wrong with my hands?...?
I have a black lump under my arm??
someone please help me with my acne! (*PICTURES*) +10points! IM DESPERATE!?
why is my head itchy?
help i injured my ankle?
How to heal a black eye fast and safe?
Somebody help, I have massive arterial bleeding in the woods. What do I do?
!!! Can someone plz tell me what might be wrong with my ankle? PICTURE!!!! ???
I broke my nose on sunday! Its not too bad - but my nose is out of place!?
hey all how do u get ried of a cold real fast, what is something I can do,?
What's a good remedy to help heal a pulled muscle in the upper thigh?
i have a bad ankle from baseball what should i do for it?
URGENT Docters Only Please: I Think I Might Have Cracked A Vertabrae Please Help!?
Tooth pulled and has this happened to you?
is it harmful to swallow the little laytex rubberbands that you put on ur braces?
Scared to Death of the Dentist?
Bad breath...?
Has your dentist ever broken a bit of a dental tool off inside your jaw and LEFT it in there??
How much are mouth gaurds for ppl who grind their teath at night?
How many days do i need to stay home from school after wisdom teeth removal?
I have this white bubble like looking thin inside my bottom lip?
Any tips for tooth brushing with mentally challenged individuals?
Do you get novocaine with braces?
Do you bathe on a regular basis?
Am I short? Please help me out.?
What do you do when you get palpitations ?
what does a blood pressure of 140/82 mean?
what is the safe level for blood pressure?
tachycardia -cause enough 4 ambulance?
Sudden super high heart rate during exercise?
Can someone die from an enlarged heart?
what is minimum, normal, maximum blood pressure of a human being ?
Over 100,000 people on the donor list for a new heart, what is the artificial heart for then?
What is a "Carotid duplex?
I think i Overdosed on Adderall (20mg) Did I? ?
What gives you goosebumps?
how can i get rid of my acne if none of the store bought stuff works??
is it possible for my son to be allergic to water?
Neutrogena Wave has dried my skin! Help!?
Woke up today with a bunch of little red dots all over my body?
how to remove lump on your forehead?
Is Cardiac Arrest dominant or recessive?
blood clots in legs??
Food that can't eaten by warfarin users.?
what causes your potassium to suddenly drop?
What's the risk in angioplasty for angina after bypass?
Can any one help?
What happens when you are having a heart attack?
Is this a heart condition???
Is it normal to have a high pulse rate with just everyday chores?
doesnt the heart ever get tired of pumping 24 - 7?
My wife have a itching problem in her private areas down near thigh & down portion of her bra belt.?
What is this bump on my eyelid?
is it ok to paint your toes even though there isn't a nail on that toe?
How do you cure stinky feet?
I am having my wisdom teeth pulled soon.. How bad is the pain and how long will it take to recover?
how many years can you wear braces on your teeth before damage occurs?
Is a dental policy legal/ethical that prohibits a parent being present during treatment of a preschooler?
does it make a big diffrence in your teeth and face after you get your braces off?
never been to the dentist before. what should i expect?
does anybody know what the term "bite"..i heard about getting your "bite"fixed up..what does it mean??
Im 21 & if one of my tooth falls out, will a new one grow back?
headaches???? 10points if u answer properly?
Felt popping in knee. Some pain at first, now little pain and swelling above knee.?
I Cant lift my foot up its like its restricting me from lifting it fully but there is no pain?
why am i not getting a black eye?
I was rear-ended and I have whiplash, should I settle?
I over strained myself running last Sunday. Now, a week later, I have severe pain right below my knees.?
I got shot on my head and i am still alive!!?
How do I numb my toe?
my toe nail fell off!!!!!!?
Has Anyone Fainted after getting up too quickly?
How do I heal a blister in 5 days.?
how can i help a poor person whose 6 year old daughter is suffering frm heart disease whch urgently needs opr?
Is it possible to lower cholesterol down to zero?
Is this right or left side heart failure ?Please read x -ray report.?
My mom is very sick & i'm scared!?
Am I at risk for a heart attack?
can very hot food affect heart?
my professor defined ischemia as "transient reduction in blood supply and oxygen to tissue...?
what lowers blood pressure?
Tachycardia 140bpm and Hypertention?
I'm a jr in college and have a 2.5 gpa, can i still get into dental school?
what's an inexpensively good way to whiten your teeth?
does pulling teeth hurt?
what is meant by root canal?
what health problems can rotten teath cause?
do i need braces? please help!?
do you think it is good idea to chew gum while having braces?
If you died with braces on would they take them off?
Have heard about the 5 yr old girl ?
How soon after oral surgery can I drink through a straw?
How can I relieve my son's eczema?
I have a itchy bumpy red rash on my neck. I feel a lump forming in my throat too. ?
is this embarrassing or what??
Acne gone before picture day!!!!!!!!?
whats the key to get rid of acne?
why do i get a headache if i dont have caffine?
how to get rid of blackheads?
my son got 3 stiches on face. he's 5 yrs. old. will the scars last long or start reducing as he grows old?
itchy anus, sorry but very worried?
Please, someone Help me.........It gets worse everyday..?
what is the liquid that fills a blister?
is it my fault???
Did I break my ankle??
has anyone had problems with siatic nerve?
i was playing basket ball when i bent my finger completley backwards and...?
what caused dehydrated discs in the spine?
Oww my ankle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How long does it take for a vampire mark to heal?
I just had strep throat but it's gone now and they're still putting me on antobiotics. Why?
heart palpitations?
feels like my heart stops?
Can anyone explain what "MI" means on an EKG result?
Whats the best medicine and treatment for tachycardia?
do u know who had it?????
Is this a heart attack?
my heart is perpetuating, ever since I had an operation in April 2009 after my delivery of a baby girl?
How to take isosorbide dinitrate?
i have the chicken poxs but i don't know when i could go back to school?
I am getting a cold. How can I prevent further sickness without going to the DR.?
Is there a quick way to dry a small amount of 'leakage' on pants?
Is it true that you can't lick your own elbow?
Spots all over my body - what could it be?
I'm trying to quit smoking - any helpful hints?
How often should an elleven year old shower?
medication for diarrhea ( i know ive spelt it wrong)?
Coffee staines my teeth. Diet pop and hot tea arent much better. I love caffiene what can I drink???
How to leave the habit of chewing your fingernails??
Are crocket teeth unatractive?
does anybody know anything about children getting dental work done under GA????
Does nitrous oxide (laughing gas) kill brain cells, (when used at the dentist)?
How can I get my tooth out?
Should I gargle my mouth with salt&water for the abscess?
Do bRaCeS Hurt?
Why is my mouth dry?
Which is the best acne/blackhead remover?
What's this yellow pus coming out of my earlobe?
Underarm sweat issue?
what can you eat to improve your acne?
On my lower right leg is a patchy red area that keeps itching, I've applied aloe for 3 weeks its not healing..
I've had the hiccups for 3 days and cant get rid of them, can someone PLEASE HELP.my chest is hurts?
why does it feel like i have heart flutters?
Does laughing increase blood pressure?
What is the average BP (Blood Pressure) of an Teenager?
any stress and scan dye caused kidney problems?
A pacemaker for a blocked carotid artery?
Heart Palpitations and beta-blockers?
Does anyone know the right position for a wrist blood pressure monitor?
what is the best way to lower high blood pressure without taking medication?
can anyone give me an alternative remedy for ectopic/irregular heartbeats? Dr has said its not dangerous.?
What was the reason why you started smoking cigarettes?
My friends bulimic? I need help. Please?
6 million ways to die.... choose one!!?
How can my make my b/f from moaning and grunting loudly?
NEED LOTS OF HELP BOY PROBLEM!!! HELP!!! Desperate for help!?
Can you die from a cold?
What drug would do this...?
Should the legal smoking age be lowered to 16?
I have this weird bubble bumb in between my eyelashes, it looks like extra skin made into a bubble and?
what vitamin helps acne scars go away?
how to get rid or B.O?
whats the worst thing that ....?
Girls, do u find this story funny...?
Why am I feeling the effects of a fall more today than the day it happened?
How long does it take a knee sprain to heal?
Knee Pain.?
Is it broken?
What's the best way to cover up scars on your wrists?
who thinks it hurts when you stub your toe?
Ladies: Any feedback or help you have for me!
what's the most effective way to whiten your teeth?
i'm getting braces 2day! any help or advise?
Why don't they make cigarette flavored toothepaste?
I keep having dreams my teeth are falling out or they're loose. What does THAT mean?
whats blood pressure thats to low and needs medical attention?
my heart rate was 136 while resting happens ofton, is this normal?
if u hav a pre heart attack and u dont go to the dr. that day but the next will anything happen?
What is the causes of congestive heart failure mean and what are the causes of congestive heart failure?
high blood pressure pulse ok.?
How much do you think a ekg and stress test is going to cost.How much to check arteries?
If my father died of heart stroke and my mother also, is it possible for me to get is too. I am 66 years old.
What is a scab?
what's a good way to seal a deep cut?
I'm sick, and my eyes hurt.. is there anything I can do to relieve them?
How should one quit smoking?
Poo keeps falling out of my butt, help me?
ear piercings? cartiledge does it hurt?
Do you use Q-tips to clean out your ears even though you aren't supposed to?
I've had a headache for 8 months now. Any suggestions?
I have a bump in my armpit...what does that mean?
What does it feel like WHILE the orthodontist is putting your braces on?
i had a squirel come out my as$...is that normal???
My close relative is heart patient.?
How can you bring your blood pressure down?
getting out of breath!!!?
Are only educated people aware that prescription by Dr. are just a scam?
Is there any were i can get help with my bills now that i can 'twork right now do to the heart attack?
What will be clinical symptoms if BP is 299/240 mm Hg ?
My mother was on metroprolol 12.5mg about 5 months.The doctor stopped it saying it weakens the heart. True? ?
my tongue doesnt poke out much like other peoples it is really short:( help?
Can you still get stung if you tread on a dead wasp in your bare feet?
Why do I feel fatigued during my P.E. class?
why does everyone have to tell me how bad smoking is for me?
I have all the syptoms of a migane headache. Is this normal for a 14 yr old to have?
Will you die if you breath it in?
Is 36.4 a fever................?
If you could design a special pillow that would help you in some situation, what would it be like?
How can we ensure we stay healthy during the monsoons?
Is my wife's denstist negligent and can we sue?
I don't want braces, but I want straight teeth! What should I do?
Do You Have To Wait Till All You Teeth Have Come Out & Grown Back In To Get Braces?
how long should i wait to go to the hospital with heart palpitations?
Is your heart racing?
Can someone please explain to me about a minor stroke?
Is there a way to reduce plaque buildup in arteries without drugs or surgery?
How to reduce your cholesterol, while on a low carb diet?
Stents used to open Heart artery. Heart blockage is 80 to 85%?
Why stress triggers a heart attack?
tues i get a catscan because i may have had a stroke, what should i insist the do?
My heart jumped to 120 beats per minute, what is this?
does a root canal hurt as much as having a tooth pulled?
how to cure bad breath?
Ill be a BRACE FACE!! :-(?
Help with braces.........?
Can anyone tell me about root canal?
I got hit with a baseball on the cheekbone. My eye swelled up and broke a blood vessel in my eye.?
ahhhh what should i do?!?!?!?!!???! =[[[[ should i cut off my cast myself?
i stepped on glasss...?
im stretching my ear lobes ?
broken tail bone?
How to relieve Carpal Tunnel?
My foot has swelled up..Help need advice?
neck injurie fell off ladder, fractured wrist, now left arm hurts, what should i do next, with w/c?
is there a remedy for formation of double chin?
omg, acne is pissing me off?
Coke/Meth usage help...?
My Grandfather had a massive heart attack and is in coma-like state at 78...family wants to pull the plug?
wisdom teeth?
What is one thing they say you cant eat with braces but you really can?
how can you fight bad mouth odor?
does it hurt to get braces????!!!!!!plz help!?
Are these ugly? Be honest!! I think they are, what can I do?
How bad is cooffe for you?
front tooth broke HELP PLEASE?
How often do you floss?
I breathe out my mouth and not my noise?
How long after taking ibuprofen, can I have an alcoholic drink?
Please help!!!!!! (Kinda personal, serious answers only, please)?
I have a bad gas problem. How can I get rid of it without any meds?
yo! I have very dry skin, what products can I use to moisten my skin?
How can I get rid of sunburn?
How do you fake sick at the doctor's office?
Does anybody else count backwards from 5 when they urinate?
I'm sick. and i dont know what i should do.. and i don't really have any medicine.?
Is toothpaste enough in the morning to make your breath smell sweet? I think not? What else is there?
Please tell me what I can do with my teeth!?
Can a 12 yr old use the regular invisalign instead of invisalign teen?
Do all people grow wisdom teeth?
Help - I think I have Frostbite - What do I do?!?
help i am sick?
What are good foods to get a friend after they have their wisdom teeth pulled?
I must be the worst mother ever! Is this normal?
Swollen Face; Warm Pack or Ice pack?
How to get rid of a wobbly tooth?
My friend has a bad breath. she can not get rid of it even after brushing her teeth & mouthwash. Help?
I can't decide if I should get clear (not invisalign) or metal braces. im 15! what do you think?
Can i ask my doctor for a chest x ray?
Opinion On Smoking!!............?
Do I have Asthma ...?
Got an good excuses?
I just got braces; Did this happen to you?
When taking an afternoon nap, why do you always get a bad tast in your mouth when you wake up?
my bf's gums bleed in his sleep...help?
Are you more scared of dentists or doctors?
Who had rubberbands in their braces before? ?
What is the best way to floss my teeth?
when should you brush your teeth , after or before breakfast?
are there natural cures for wisdom teeth?
When u get braces do they put the brackets on then make another appointment for the wire or....?
It's time to play Easy Points, first person to answer correctly gets 10 points.....?
i swallowed a....................?
Can you get sick this way??
Blood pressure is 176/122 with a pounding headache. How high is this? What should I do?
when you try to save someone from dieing and failed, how do you forgive yourself?
is it safe to stop taking high blood pressure medicine?
what is a good teeth whitening system?
my smile has gotten worse since i got my braces what do i do?
How would you want to die?
Are You Sick?
I accidentally swallowed something that was in my cup of koolaid, but I don't know what it was. What could...?
I worry to much!?
What do you think of people with big noses?
Is Hawthorne Berry for real?
What natural means can help a person with panic attacks?
Can you still fly an airplane after having a triple-bypass surgery?
High blood pressure or tight cuff?
I had a cardiac ablation done. Now I have a bruise on my stomach from an injection that I had to give myself.?
my 12 year old is saying he has heart pains every day but only when he thinks about it?
How can I help her?
Is this high blood pressure?
What do strong creases down the middle of the length of your finger nails mean?
How do I whiten my teeth?
do you have to brush your teeth?
Braces Question?
How do you get water out of your ears that's been in there for over a day?
Why does a person's fingers wrinkle if they stay in water for an extended amount of time?
i wake up....?
What are things that effect blood pressure?
I'm 40 years male , what is the normal blood pressure at this age?
I'm stuck ,really wanna die?
please suggest ways to reduce stress?
braces or new clothes for back to school?
What can a person eat that can open the're mouth but cant chew anything.I'm starving,It's been 3 weeks since.?
i went to a hygienist and gotten my teeth cleaned but i need another appointment and the hygienist said that..
my teeth are fine thank you!?
Do i have small teeth?
dry skin under my nose.?
what causes people to get sun burns by sun?
Can anyone give me insight on wisdom teeth surgery?
Is getting 4 teeth extracted for braces worth it?
My boyfriend is a compulsive liar.Why?
can anxiety cause the heart to miss beats?
Understanding blood pressure readings?
how can you lower blood pressure?
how do i stop this habit ?
Acnes on my forehead, cheeks, nose, around my eyes, on my lips, under my nose, shoulders, ACNES EVERYWHERE!?
What actually helps Excema?
PLEASE HELP!!! Do you think it is a vein or what??? It is growing more. MY daughter is only 20 months old?
I have been not very well recently, I've been to the doctor and she gave me a note. Now the note says that...
Do you think people who use the restroom and don't wash their hands is a lazy behavior or bad hygeine?
Please help! He's in serious pain?
I am 18 , I'm having a hair loss since 1yr please tell me how can i minimise it ?
why does my heart race when i jump in a cold swimming pool?
I looooove to smell my own farts. Is there something wrong with me?
Why am I always so cold and tired?
How can I heal a sore throat fast?
how can i get taller without takin pills?
What point is a baby considered a human being?
i wuz jus wonderin, am i overweight?
is their acure for bauldness?
I'm 21 and attending school with no health insurance.?
Hubby snores....BAD! Anyone have an home remedies?
Had tooth pulled yesterday...?
is a carbonated beverage the same thing as soda?
is it ok/safe to have teeth professionally whitened before having braces put on?
Braces tomorrow! help me!?
Wisdom Teeth, pull all 4 out or 2 at a time?
Cavity - dentist says he can't treat it.?
How can you cure an ulcer quickly?
what is more Christian?
do braces hurt when gettin them done?
is it possible to have a heart attack in your teenage years?
What foods will help prevent coronary heart disease?
what is fastest way to lower your blood pressure without medication?
i think my blood is freezing.. click here plxx?
Underarm Hair Look like I have more?
How do I make my stomach stop growling?
have you got a problem if your POO floats?
*UGHH.......... BRACES!!*?
i have some questions about BRACES!!!!?
My teeth!!!?
do braces fix overbites?
at the age of 47 i had lost several teeth which is better? implants or dentures?
what is the best whitening teeth strip product?
Does proxide cleans and whitens teeth?
I might be getting braces....A few questions..?
How many teeths are in your mouth?
do wisdom teeth grow back after the first extraction?
what's good for hickeys?
is it weird to crap your pants in your sleep?
Im 15 years old and i drink?
in pain, please help. could be heart condition?
smoked weed and my heart was thumping so hard?
What coulor should I get for my braces?
Teeth whitening from things around the house?
braces hurt?!?!?!?!?!?
the skin in my eye is moving?
Why can't I get rid of this horrible rash between my thighs?
Does anyone else suffer with painful spots on and around their labia? ?
How can I get to sleep?
is it ok for a 26-year-old male to have a blood pressure of 104/58 and a resting heart rate of 52?
22 with High Cholesterol?
How can a poor family get the money for there mom to have a heart&lung transtplant ? she is 34 years young.?
Why are people always forced to go on Meds even when they are well and healthy?
how do i grow wooden teeth?
Any adive on getting braces/living with them ?
how can i whiten my teeth?
What is a good otc product for Teeth Whitening?
Help! My anus is bleeding! Why?
Have you had to watch your parents put your grandparent in a nursing home?
How does one get DNA from a dead person without exhuming the body? Do I go Thur Social Security?
Anyone know any good ways to get rid of warts?
I cant hold Diet Coke down? ?
What are things you can do to keep ur kidneys extra healthy!?
I have no pulse! Am I still alive? Please hurry!?
laughter-is it really the best medicine?
blood clot on my pinkie what to do?
~#~#~#~#~What would you say? ~#~#~#~#~?
So what do ya'll think?
My back has been killing me for weeks, what should I do?
Is my ankle broke or sprained?
What could have been the cause of the Haematoma i've had in my arm?
When i shaved my legs i got a cut and it wouldn't stop bleeding Is this good or bad?
What's a sty? As in the thing you get under your eye,not the place a pig lives.?
does washing your face daily make u have acne?
Tan skin or pale skin?
Itching...lots of it...arms, hands, legs, groin, beltline. Any suggestions? Is there an OTC Cream I can buy?
does grapefruit juice help get rid of acne?
Why do they tape your eyes down when you're in the operating theatre?
my left arm and hand feels all tingly & numb?
How do I lower my blood pressure other than losing weight?
is blood pressure 90/60 good reading?
My father died of a sudden heart attack in his home....I cannot get over this REGRET I am feeling....?
DO BRACES HURT?!?!?! i have to get them soon so do they hurt???
People with braces?
Wisdom teeth coming too early?
What color should i chose to go on my braces??
right when you get braces do you start to see somewhat of a diference in the straightness of your smile soon?
i hate the dentist and tomorrow i have to have two root canals how can i stop this thought of canceling?
Why do people think that they shouldn't have to pay for their own dental work?
What is wrong with John McCain's Jaw?
I am having 3 wisdom teeth removed in a few weeks 1000 mg of ibuprofen doesn't work! What else can I do???????
why do people cover their mouth when they laugh?
What color should I get my braces? (PIC)?
hEEEEEEELP! is this normal?
My dad is having a heart attack, what should I do first?
is heartburn another sypton of high blood pressure?
Pulmonary embolism question?
How do you get rid of a coldsore?
HELP! i think i already have a skin cancer but im really afraid to say this to my parents..?
how do i get rid of my stress markz?
help with headaches for children??
no blood pressure in left arm?
Is 72 over 38 low blood pressure?
i have been experiencing chest pains for a long time now and doctors have failed to find the cause.?
Fluttering in my chest?
what are the symptoms of the mitral valve prolaps?
What are the affects of high blood pressure?
Had palpitations for two weeks on and off, had an ECG - all perfect!?
i've had two by-pass surgery and seven stents,since '06.for the last year or more i have been passing out dail?
is this normal!!!?????
How can you tell if your chest pains are your heart, or just gas?
Why can't men get preganet?
your heart beat and weed?
What is the likely hood that you will have a stroke if.............?
I have to tablets for my heart twice a day but never remember. Anyone got ideas on how i can remember?
can 22 years old female be a victim of heart attack? if she is a patient of low blood pressure?
what could a rash on the neck that looks like a hickey but is raised and has small brown dots in it & is painf
acne products that worked for you and people you know?
can dermatitis be stress related?
how to eliminate scar or marks?
Braces help!!?
does it hurt when they first put braces on you?
Blood pressure is considered high if it is ...?
can you still play football with a heart murmur?
i was told my dad needed his heart to be shocked into normal rhythm. what does this entail, r there dangers?
How do you know if you have a failing heart and what happens to you?
uncomfortable chest/heart?
i think im having heart attack im onlly 18 years old?
What is an anxiety attack?
is there any bright future for children with heart disease?
Is Plavix available in different doses and is it effective at lower dosing?
Should I see a doctor about my nose?
what are the side effects of snorting baking soda?
did i bruise my bone?
my private parts keep tingling me and turning me on y?
Swollen Toe, Broken?
how do i get rid of red bumps on my leg?
how to get rid of dandruff?
Small bumps on thighs?
please somebody tell me what this is lol?
How can I deal with my stress? I feel like having a mental breakdown.?
what's the best way to cure a sore throat?
How can I avoid getting sick this winter?
Why is it that whenever you call the rescue squad,( ambulance) the fire department comes out instead, or first
What Is wrong with me?
first tattoo tips?
Does jumping make your breasts larger. (long term)?
I keep peeing in my bed at night....?
What are the white bits on my fingernails?
how to come out ?
Is my heartbeat rate normal?
Docs, which blood pressure is better?
Is 140/90 a dangerous blood pressure? (22 y/o w severe anxiety)?
Regis Philbin had bypass surgery, anyone know how he is doing?
Can someone die of a heartache?
Getting heart palpitations, whats causing it? please help?
my cholestorol level is 260. am i in risk?
Has anyone felt their heart skip a beat?
Irregular heartbeat and pulse?
bad Breath!?
if you brush your teeth beofre bed can that eliminate "morning breath"?
Tooth Pull HELP!! I'm Scared?
I am getting my wisom teeth out and wondering what type of pain medication the doctor will give you??
Do braces hurt?
Whats the best wait to relieve pain for my wisdom tooth?
is my son old enough for braces?
what color braces should i get?
Are there any toothpastes with no taste?
Do dentist ever warranty their work.?
Piercing and sharp chest pains, need to know whats causing it.?
How can I stop my brother from smoking weed?
I started smoking for a month?
smoker's opinion?
Why do you hiccup?????????
Is boiling water and letting it cool cleaner to wash my face with?
How to get rid of wart? Why do we get wart? Is it dangerous?
What type of Acne medicine?
I have dry skin on my face how do i get rid of it?
I have mitral valvular Rheumatic Heart desease.?
if i'm fasting for blood test can i take my daily medications?
Controlling a Lisinopril cough or changing meds?
does a night of beer drinking raise blood pressure and cause arrythmias?
Possible Heart Issue?
Is my blood pressure and blood sugar healthy/normal?
can I get a tattoo with my ICD PaceMaker? ?
what will cause elevated heart enzymes other than a heart attack?
Is Low blood pressure bad?
How can I tell the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack?
After surgery, which is better; to walk with a limp, or to walk with a cane and no limp?
My boyfriend barely sleeps?
fell off the wagon?
How do I stop smoking?
is there anything wrong wth eating ice??
how do i get a copy of my own medical records?
Is a dark green hard stool normal?
let me ask you do bones bleed?
ive never had a nose bleed ?lol?
What effect does Cocaine have on your heart??
do you take a shower in the morning or before bed?
Is any one scared of dying?
i got a second ear piercing 2 weeks (not on the bone) .........................?
can i still play soccer with a sprained wrist?
I twisted my ankle when I was running, it is swollen and it really hurts. I can move it very little but...?
The left side of my back has been aching for days.. Any ideas as to what's causing this?
What job could you do if your a student with a broken leg for the summer ?
I bumped my head getting into a van on Sat. night. Should I be concerned?
My arm feels broken?
Bruises on my inner thighs?
Belly Piercings?
how can I make the redness of a scar go away quickly?
what is the best way to get rid of ... "Bad Breath"?
why is it painfull when tinfoil touches your fillings?
Getting wisdom teeth removed, a little nervous...?
Is It true??...............?
do i need treatment on high blood pressure?
heart problems, please answer?
What's a heart murmur??
what is your normal blood pressure?
Braces ?
I want to take my braces off..should i wait?
i want to take care of my teeth, i don't want any more cavities, what should i do to control myself?
I just got my braces tightend!The pain wont go away!HELP?
how to make my teeth white at home?
Dental wax used for braces?
No Dental insurance need help!!!?
Is this bad for your teeth? ?
Does gurgling warm salt water help get rid of mouth ulcers?
are root canals painful?
Have a sinus infection, went to the dr. and he gave me Ceftin, and now everyone thinks I look like I'm dying.
i feel like i cant get a deep breath...does anyone have this problem?
Do expectorants make you cough so you can rid your lungs of mucus?
Question about people whom have sleep apnea?
what is asthma????????
Doctor told me I have bronchitis and gave me antibiotics and steroids. Is it ok for me to go to work?
Is smoking weed bad or not ?
Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?
How long can I go safely without taking my blood pressure medicine?
What would cause a young man to have a heart attack? ?
how can someone damage their kidneys,also i have protein leaking out.?
Can Chest irritation be Anxiety related ?
what should i do to decrease my cholesterol level?
Please have a open mind regarding this!! Is there any bacteria.Put in the blood to eat cholesterol?
Have you ever experienced or seen a life and/or death Surgery?
Cardiac Help in Nashville, TN?
I am getting a rash under my armpits from my deodorant. What do I do?
Need Info. On My AcNe !!!?
what can i use to help dry skin?
is 26 to old to get braces?
What braces colors or the best for a boy.?
When you get braces, does the white ones turn yellow?
is it possible to only lose half a tooth?
New teeth for boyfriend but how?
how likely is another blood clot whilst taking warfarin?
my wife suffering high blood pressure. one of her left finger [pointer] suddenly turn to blue recently.?
does blood pressure of 180/124 cause immediate problems?
what is congestive heart failure?
Is cold air bad for your lungs?
I smoked for the first time?
I F a 73 yr old woman has pneumonia can she DIE from it ??? PLEASE ANSWER it would help.?
Will I fail a drug test if I didnt get high?
How do you get rid of.......?
its 4:51 AM and I am wide awake?
Help! I broke my teeth! I was eating a carrot at lunch and when I bit it my front teeth broke off.?
what is the best thing to use for nail biting?
What color braces should i GetT?
What happened when you had your wisdom teeth removed?
Questions for guys.?
Why cant arnt kids alowd to chew gumin claas??
what is the best way to control high blood pressure in the age of 29.?
Congestive Heart Failure?
can heart murmurs heal over time?
Need emergency medical care but no insurance....will county hospital turn me down?
is this normal? who else does this?
Years and Years ago I gave blood but passed out. I want to give blood on Tuesday. Should I?
my right foot hurts. Don't know what i did to it. It hurts down the middle of the foot and?
Does cutting yourself on the neck while shaving hurt the blood supply of the brain?
pain in my abs?
I used to do cocaine 4 yrs ago but stoped. Now my nasal area isnt the same. Does your nasal area ever heal?
treatment for broken ribs?
What injuries have you suffered throughout your whole life?
What is the best way to hurt myself that will heal quickly?
Did i break my wrist! 10 POINTS !!!!!?
Question about a mole changing..?
does food affect acne?
Lemon juice from a bottle to fight acne scars?
Your own pee against acne ?
How to cure swelling in the gums?
What causes chronic sinus tachycardia?
Can Cellulitis cause Tachycardia?(rapid pulse)?
Can a Cardiovascular Suergon perform the same duties as a thoracic suergon?
Need blood pressure advice. Please help!?
could a person have a heart attack and still live with out knowing it????
My grandfather is 81 and has a bloodpressur of 180/85 any suggestions on home remidies to get it down?
best way to lower blood pressure?
How can i control my BP (hypertension)?
can losing weight quickly cause heart attacks?
how many people want to be dentists or work in dentistry?
teeth whitening home remedy backfired, help please?!?
Wisdom teeth removal and partying?
Braces and burgers?
I'm 14, but I don't have wisdom teeth?...?
what do you not have to pay for at the dentist if your claiming benefits?
40 years old and have braces am i stupid for getting them?
I am going under for a root canal tomorrow and am exteremley nervous. I am first going to get nitris oxide,?
what is the best/easiest cigarette to smoke?
I haven't had a cold in over two years. Is this normal?
20 y/o's do not have blood clots in their lungs?
I just recently quit smoking, I am having shortness of breath, is this from quitting smoking,? chest xray cler?
What does it mean if youre coughing up green mucus?
How to avoid bypass surgery?
Is this heartburn that l am having?
Should i call a doctor?
is it a ghost?
will i grow taller? what can i do to grow faster?
Do guys like really skinny women or not?
Stress at work?
Should I see a doctor?
can you die from yeast infection?
sharp stomach pains after smoking weed?
do you feel alive when you are sleeping?
Has anybody had their teeth bonded before?
does it hurt when the orthodontist puts metal posts in you upper gums?
is this a good way to remove the stains on my teeth?
All 4 Wisdom Teeth taken out...?
wisdom teeth: which is least dangerous?
Braces help? This is like my fifth question today... lol?
White spots on teeth!? NEED ANSWERS ASAP!?
Home remedies for Toothache...?
Does coughing make you higher when you smoke marijuana?
PLZ HELP....I'm getting used to my asthma medicine!!!!!!!!!?
Are non-smokers really this fragile?
smoking patches side-affects?
I have a mole on my left but cheek and everytime i got to the toilet i find it in my pants?
COLD SORE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can you remove head lice eggs?
Do you donate blood or not? And for what reason?
Why do I feel sick, dizzy in higher heats?
i have normal blood pressure but my heart always palpitating should i worry about heart enlargement.?
Why did my blood pressure spike?
is 79/36 for blood pressure something to worry about?
Heart Attack?
Help my friends having a heart attack and he's 30 min from hospital, medics are on their way, phone died HELP?
Why does the swimming pool have AIDS?
my pinky toe has grown double the size, what do i do?
Where is the worst place on the body to get an itch?
Why do my socks turn brown?
Can I go to the doctor for acne? Does it help?
Serious question about paying for dental surgery?
Those who have had braces?
I have a son who hates to brush his teeth!! Help!!?
I had my braces taken off, and received a clear retainer..?
any ideas how to get whiter teeth without bleaching?
Hate going to the dentist. Get more scared each time as I know one day I'll need treatment. Any advice?
How long does it take for false teeth to be fitted?
Should I get clear or colored braces?
how do i use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth?
Do you think obesity is worse problem than smoking?
I can't sleep with my CPAP machine?
what are the symptoms for migrane?
Boogers, Earwax or ToeJam?
My roomate is very very very sick help?
wat do you do when you cant sleep?
Is it too late to start eating healthy?
How many hours do you sleep a night?
How do I get flem out of my throat?
Would you wake up if somebody said 'Elinda' in your ear?
I have a urinalysis test in the morning and I smoked marijuana 4 days ago, what do I do?
How lazy are you? Can we say too lazy?
what artery does the blood leave the heart to the body?
PLEASE HELP ME NOW should i go to the hospital?
My mother will have a coronary angiography soon..?I am scared that something will happen during the procedure?
My brother had a mild heart attack and angio revealed that he has two blocks in coronary artery.?
Is it normal to be able to see and feel my heart beat on my stomach?
Did I have a heart attack?
I can feel my heart beating?
I'm scared I have a heart problem...?
Who would change my birth control with candy...?
What's more painful a root canal or having all 4 wisdom teeth extracted?
Ice chewing problem?
I really don't like the color of elastics i chose for my braces. What should i do? help me.?
is it dangerous to pull all four wisdom tooth?
how can i whiten my teeth ?
dentist phobia?
The skin on my feet are peeling?
I am 14, and have never had acne before, lately, I've been getting lots of zits. what do I do, what products?
Help! Irregular heart beat?
can you feel the symptoms of high blood pressure?
racing heartbeat, lack of sleep?
Why does my heart hurt at 15? please help!?
Does heriditary play a role in heart attacks/ heart issues, my father passed away at 54yrs?
any treatments for athletes foot?
i injured my middle finger in a soccer game, it got bent backwards.?
I got diet coke on the blister on my toe (my thumb toe) and it really hurts?
When was the last time you hit your foot against something hard?
I need ideas to stop hurting myself.?
How long will my sprained ankle take to heal?
i had a lumbar puncture 3 days ago have had a severe headache since and am very light headed can anyone help?
Dizzyness: Need you opinion on this?
have you broken your coccyx?
I need to fake an injury. Help!?
why can i occationally feel my heart beat?
my blood pressure was 150/93, should I wait to take medication? this is the second time that it's so high.?
Is it really possible to reverse heart disease? (with diet)?
How to get blood pressure down?
I am 31 weeks pregnant with a terrible toothache. What can I do? Any home remedy's? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
is it possible to have a receding gum line?
When you brush your teeth, what brand toothpaste do you use?
Why do many people worry to take care of your nails more than your teeth?
What causes receding gums when no disease is present?
Had wisdom teeth removed yesterday...my gums burn?!?
iv postedthis b4 but now have a photo.. white spot on top gum?
Is it unatttractive or attractive to have a gap in the middle of your teeth? (between the two top front teeth)?
Has anyone ever had a tooth absess?
Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?
cigarette smokers...non smokers as well?
I am worried that i may be hiv positive....?
Could a person have Aids and be totally unaware of it?
how to gain weight in a month?
stomach pain and face skin a bit yellow?
Why do we have hairs on our toes?
i have bumps on my legs?! (10 points)?
Does anyone have a good remedy for acne?
stroke ????????????????????????????????????????…
I don't know what to do next?
Can a 23 year old have heart disease?
My blood pressure is hardly coming down with medication.It is 240/150 at the moment. why?
Does a first baby tooth come in on the top or bottum `?
My filling fell out what should i do?
can a dentist tell if you smoke meth?
What do dental assistants do and how much do they make?
Teeth ( Woman Only Please)?
Does Smoking Tea Make Ur Lungs Black?
Am I too old for braces?
wisdom teeth????? HELP!?
What do you do to relieve the pain caused by braces?
any ideas for bad toothache??
one of my teeth hurt when i rub the top of it or push it down what could this possibly be?
I am 26, I never visited any dentist. should?
i have braces and was wondering if it is ok to use and electic toothbrush?
k been on effexor, now switched to higher dose of welbutrin and lexapro (both) anyone know about these?
Bad breath question?
if i brush my teeth will my teeth turn yellow instead of green?
what takes tooth ache pain away?
Acne......HELP PLZZ!!!!!!!?
hi I'm 31 &i suffer from big acne on my back ist normal at my age or should worry?
Shaving my legs and the red dots or rashes what is it?
How was your wisdom tooth removal experience?
What can I do to make my teeth whiter?
Is eating left-overs from the Holidays still okay bacteria-wise?
The dangers of chewing gum?
I am 2 and a half months pregnant and my tooth broke is there anything that the dentist could do for me?
elastics on braces? 10 points best answer?
what causes mouth ulcers?
Trying to understand SPFs on sun blockers?
hou can we avoid heart attack ?
i kinda wanna smoke with out my parrents and doctors finding out im only 13?
What happens if you get water round your heart and your heart does not pump properly?
what medicines should a person take when he has blood clot & when his heart beat fast?
how do i lower cholesterol?
Should I open window for cool night air for asthma or?
question on smoking.......?
why am i passing urine so much?
what happens if i eat a non-toxic crayon?
What's the longest you've went without taking a shower?
if a kid starts smoken at age of 11 wats da worste dat can happen?
What is this bump on my lip?
how do u get rid of a hickey fast?
Anyone out there with answers to acne?