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My wife needs info on how to get a gastric bi pass?
What the hell is wrong with me?!!?
She's Deaf... Could this be done?
Anyone have help or ideas for relieving severe monthly hormonal migraines?
I'm perfectly normal. But when I was aged 7 to 12 (I'm 49 now)?
if your on xanax can u get another anti-anxiety medicine from a diffenerent medicine besides xanax ?
Best remedy for a cold??
anxiety attacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
It's snowing outside, will taking cold shower make me sick?
i need help for a friend?
What do you do if you have chapped lips, and don't have anything to cure it?
what can trigger high blood pressure?
Please help, im having palpitations!?
Which Renal diseases causes hypertension?
is it possible for someone with a normal ECG to be having a heart attack (MI)?
which of the following is not a physical symptom of stress?
Congested Heart Failure?
Is the heart at the left or at the middle?
Do I have a weak heart? If so, is this dangerous to my health?
ECG results..?
My Dr. says the result of my echocardiogram shows my tricuspid valve with a mild to moderate leakage?
What are the causes of salmonella?
are aids/hiv cureable?
My mother's left hand is always numb & burning sensation exists on her right leg , what's the diagnosis?
Does anyone know the cause of autism? How to prevent my soon to be born daughter from having autism?
Why do people say that addicts have a disease?
Have you ever known someone who overdosed?
does wearing glasses worsen nearsightedness?
what are the side effects of ibuprofen used in babies?
What's the best relief for the flu?
How many nights can one resist not to sleep?
what causes the veins in hands to enlarge and when lifting them up, the veins go back to normal?
What is best suited for person with heart condition----- Bypass or Stent ?
Im a college student and i checked my blood pressure and i think that it is high?
I've been diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve?
What is cardiac arrhythmia?
How to I make my blood pressure drop extremely?
type in happy face or heart from keyboard?
help? my sisters doctor said she hears something in her heart...?
im having a echo test done on my heart.....?
Fell on my 'tailbone' (coxis) 3 weeks ago -still hurts like h**l! Anyone know how long before pain goes away?
What helps you to cure an upset stomache? (other than gingerale and Pepto BissmolLOL!)?
If you witness an accident...?
2 broken arms and in a lot of pain?
my dr told me that i had broke my back at the L5. Where is this located.?
When I play racquetball the bottom of my feet hurt, how do I play and prevent this?
How do i know if i broke my arm?
Shoulder pain !!!??
phobia of wasp?
i am having a very bad constipation problem,i will drink lot of water and eat fruits,eventhought there is no?
Is eating your own boggers from your nose healthy?
What might be the cause of my headaches? What can i do?
How can I reduce the apperance of my love bites?
Can any anti-depressant get you high?
Can you tell me this.?
im 21 years old and my pulse rate is around 53 to 58 is this normal?
A 65-year-old patient has a murmur over the apex of the heart. What does the term apex represent?
can a 16 year old get a stroke?
My blood pressure is usually around 88/56. Is this OK?
Why can't I get my blood pressure to stay down?
Dad is a diabetic w/congestive heart failure. Doc says he has 15% use of his heart now. Any hope for recovery?
Tingling fingers? Heart attack?
what actually happens when one's cholestrol level goes beyond 240 ?
Are you suppost to be able to feel your heartbeat? When you put your hand on your heart?
I can't sleep. My bedroom is too hot?
crazy glue!! HELP!?
How to get some sleep !?
Why are the whites of my eyes always red??
What do you call lost of memory?
my recent blood test shows that i may be anaemic?
R u a coffee-addict?
I have 2 small lumps the size of a smartie on either side of my neck.?
why cant anorexics just eat something instead of starving?
Swollen Feet and Ankles?
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have Pink Eye, should I go to school tomorrow?
Can you "catch" a stutter?
Ankle injury and basketball game tomorrow?
is it normal to get heart pains?
with 25 mg of metoprolol my heart rate does not get lower, do I need more?
what should your resting pulse be???
24-year-old paranoid about heart attacks?
can this be a heart issue?
what is regarded as a normal interval between having an esdoscopy and seeing the consultant?
What is a heart murmur and what dose it mean to have a leaking value in the heart should I be worried?
my mom has low blood pressure and i need to know how to raise it quickly!?
Why do only girls have periods?
is drinking liqour or smoking weed or cigarettes bad when breastfeeding?
does it hurt?
I have a friend who when she looks at you her eyes flicker from left to right and back again?
best human?
Why is my son having so much trouble with adjusting to be a vegetarian?
moo says the cow!!!!!!!!!why am i fat????????
how do i get my thumb and pointer finger to move separately?
On average, how many times a day do you pass gas?
Medical question re mouth sore in elderly?
Antibiotics And Alcohol?
How many people know about Crohn's Disease?
I've been real dehydrated lately.....throughout the day and night.?
what could these mean?
A girl friend's hip clicks frequently when extended and flexed, why?
If bird flu mutates to a human form will it really kill up to 25% of population in uk?
What's that problem called when you think you have the worst disease possible just because something hurts?
will glases make my eyes weaker?
Signs of autism?
why doe`s my wife have groves in her finger nails?
I'm due to go into surgery in a couple weeks, and I've never had to go "under"...I have this crazy phobia!
What it is in alcohol that makes you drunk and do things you know you really shouldn't?
I want to quit smoking.?
i suffer from migraine attack from a very long time, and i take a lot of pain killers, can any one help me ?
I am pretty sure i broke my toe ?
Whats wrong with my knee?
What should I get sent in the post to this woman whose wound me up?
is physio really necessary for children with sport injuries?
I NEEED these awnserd... Please reply Asap?
my little sister was sleigh riding and crashed into our hand made igloo that was made of ice. what do we do!?
How do the doctors take out a Cast?
How/What is the best way to relieve stress?
How do i get taller?
People think I am weird and I do to, should I listen to these voices?
i cry everyday?is this really bad?
Can I sleep with my contact lenses still in my eyes?
what exactly does colored blind mean?
What are some easy signs of depression?
I m 5'8 , 21 years old. is there a chance that I can still grow taller?
quitting smoking...need HELP?
What can Ido to help a stroke victim exercise more?
Heart Murmors and Heart Palpitations...whats the difference?
what is the difference between Hypersion & Blood Pressure?
Which of the following requires immediate medical attention?
Dr said he cannot do angioplasty on my 75 yr grandfather??
i kept shivering a few times a day but now im doing it all the time, and it taking all my energy. x?
is this a good blood pressure/pulse rate for laying down, sitting and standing?
What is normal blood pH?
Why are my fingers always freezing?
is it bad to take a shower?
HELP--Queasy stomach!?
Marijunan can stay in your system for up to 28 days. But in how many days can it clear out?
Are your bones a bit creaky this morning? How many times did you have to get up during the night?
stretch marks?
can u get a nail fungus from fake nails?
i can't swallow pills. PLease answer this question! thanks!?
My mums heart beat is really fast and this is not normal for her?
What's the difference between heart attack and anxiety and panic attack symptoms?
Is shortness of breath common with a triple bypass?
what is a good natural remedy for low blood pressure?
Does Beer really help lower Cholesterol?
I am having discmfort in my chest? read details?
Should I get checked for hypertension?
What do I send my friends husband who is in the hospital in ICU from having a stroke?
can u get a enlarged heart suddenly or do u have it at birth?
type your name with your elbow.?
I just started taking Zoloft 24 hours ago. It has made me nauseated which the MD told me it would until my?
How to get over my fear of vomit?
I got cut by rusty metal?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
Why does my head smell bad?
My husband keeps getting sick. Could it be something in our house causing the illness?
I was just diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. Has anyone had a cortisone shot for arthritis? Is it painful??
How many antidepressants does it take kill you?
I wonder how come children are not being born bowl-legged, like they used to in the 60-70's?
What is the best detox product for permanent detox from thc?
Is there actually a risk that marijuana is traced with other drugs to cause addiction?
Do you think I have a concussion?
HELP: Blood is squirting out from my vein as I speak?
i put my face up to my next door neighbors rat and it jumped up and scratched me in the eye what do i do!?
why do my hands get tingly, (as if they are falling asleep when i run for a longer period of time ?
What would you do if you had knee surgery in June and now you need another?
im 14 years old ima boy ive been having aces in my legs and knees for about 3 months its goes away but come ba?
why is salt bad for blood pressure?
if my heart beat is 70 - 80 . then my blood preasure is normal or not .?
does having a high blood pressure effect the brain?
Heart Problem?
Can cardiovascular disease pass through generations?
I have a blood pressure problem!?
im 14 i have high blood pressure, what can i do??
Pain induced high blood pressure?
I have been getting palpatations for the last 3 weeks now and it is really annoying. Its like my heart misses?
Why can't I ever sleep at night?
How can I get though my day, Only had 1 hours sleep?
Who do I need to contact at my medical center if my doctor isn't helping me feel better?
I can't sleep?
If someone has these symptoms or does these things, what disorder or what would you think it is?
should i worry about radiation from the computer and tv killing my brain cells?
do i have a brain tumor?
I only have one bowel movement a month .and it hurts when i go.?
how many people here are dealing with anorexia?
What causes hiccupping?
What do you call a doctor that specializes in auto-immune diseases?
do i have tourettes im 15 but it only started when i was about 10 does a person have to be born with it?
how do we infect by aids?
Quick tempered, tierd, eating a lot, getting cold sign of something????
Do people ever just fall over dead?
Weak pulse and dizziness....????
Saturated fats prevent heart disease?
How To Raise My HDL (good cholesterol) Levels?
What would be a suitable lifestyle (nutrition, exercise) for someone with high blood pressure and is overweigh?
how many times does a normal person breath in 1 minute ?
why have i fainted more than 5 times in 4 weeks?
why are heart attacks always three at maximum in number?
what should i do? should i go into the emergency room?
When a person has a Pace Maker dies it keep the person alive even though the other organs are not functioning?
Is it true that it is dangerous to wake up a sleep walker, if so why?
Do water boiled by microwave safe to drink?
How do i start smoking?? I can't!! ive tried so hard!?
My daughter lives far away and is bipolar. She stopped taking her meds . Is there anything I can do?
what is that disease that makes you forgit something every like 10 mins.?
would you recommend laser eye treatment in England.?
Do animals have heart attacks?
I have chest pain and have had it since 2005. I have had a EKG?
My heart randomly starts beating really fast. why?
Is this a heart palpitation?
How to stop heart pounding?
Tingling and numbness in left arm?
Can anyone tell me what a soft heart murmur is?
Does ne1 kno of a heart disease or sumthin called svt?
I keep waking up with my left hand numb, help?
What could be wrong with my wrist?
can torn ankle ligaments heal or be treated? where you have a problem where its easy to keep twisting your?
Why do i get pins and needles in my foot?
i have banged my middle toe and it is turning purple and black how do i know if its broken?
When did you last throw up?
how to avoid blackening of finger nails that occurs due to smoking?
Stool is too hard and won't come out?
Has anyone tried a memory foam mattress?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
heart bypass?
should i be tested for heart disease?
Can a person have an MRI done ,if they have stents in there heart? Thanks.?
is it possible to lower cholesterol quickly?
the doctor said there is a hole in my heart?
can you have a stroke in your eye only.?
what are the risk factors of heart attack ?
How common is it to have heart disease at 31?
Is it true when you press down on your skin and it leave a pale mark for a few seconds you are dehydrated?
is it bad to smoke at 15?
should i try smokin marijuana?
Is cracking you knockles and fingers bad for you or is it an urban myth?
I need to pee and can't be bothered to get out of bed!!?
what is an isometric?
can a person use someone else's urine for a nicotine test?
ask the doctor?
I'm 38,female,have 1 kidney donated other bp is fluctuating 140/99 resting hr 107,always had normal bp. Scared
what the difference between heart attack and a stroke?
Are organ (heart) transplants free on the NHS?
Chest Pains?
high blood pressure foods?
how could i make myself stay awake?
What foods will make you sleepy?
What the most stupid accident you've ever had?
i think i broke my finger?
What the hell is wrong with me?
sprained ankle, may be broken now? how can i tell?
DOCTORS PLEASE um i sprained my wrist 2 months ago and i still super hurts , help?
Injured a spot on my shin in April that still hurts....?
Why am I waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating leg cramps?
I Really Don't Feel Well =(?
I realy want to smoke.?
how can you tell between a sinus headache and blood pressure headache?
Help! I get heartburns alot! - How do I prevent/stop heartburns?
Name ideas for a Heart disease/stroke club?
I can't hear out of my left ear?
What may be causing my heart palpitation?
stroke or not?
am i gonna have a stroke?
What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat
what question would you ask in a lifestyle questionnaire?
I can't sleep,Sleeping problems?
Are there any inexspensive remedy's for acne?
is anyone else quitting smoking for there new years resolution?
What can you do about insomnia / not getting to sleep / sleep problems?
PLEASE HELP! My jaw and my ear both hurt REALLY REALLY bad, and i dont have anyone awake in my house to help!!
whats my target heart rate?
simvastatin medication?
how likely is it for a teenager to survive a heart attack??
ok serious question here.I am just woundering why when you gain more weight your blood pressure seems to be?
If you have a lot of fat in your diet, can it do harm to also take omega 3?
What is wrong with my heart, please help?
Is it normal to have very low blood pressure while taking meds for high blood pressure?
what is it called when your heart beats to fast?
Why does the heart have two valves?
I am a tree. Can anyone help?
I've been feeling so sleepy lately and sleeping a lot every day. Is there anything wrong with that?
How to wrap my mind around quitting smoking?
why do we get cancer???
Should all fast food restaurants be banned?
Where do baby piggys come from?
Only got three hours of sleep, feeling crappy. What can i do to feel better?
I have to get a blood test.....?
WHat could this dream mean?
i have a cold.how can I get rid of it without taking medicine?
Why live seems go faster after your do 20 years old?
What are the true affects of smoking weed?
Is it bad to jog/run when you just have a runny nose, but don't really think you're sick?
I have trouble waking up?
pain in left side?
Trying to quit smoking?
Is something wrong with me? I slept 16 hours today, not on purpose, usually sleep 6 hrs/night?
Ow! Sunburn problem! Quick! Please?
my mother-in-law thinks she may have a urinary tract infection..?
Can Universal Healthcare really work in the US?
Who will go get tested for AIDS this year? I will today!?
HaVe YoU EvEr BRokEN AnY BonES or GoTteN Any BaD INjuRY?
I have a huge burn blister on the bottom of my foot and it hurts SO bad i cant walk, is it okay to pop it?
how much time would you get for shooting a person in the leg?
i hit my head today help?
I recently fractured my foot... how do I heal it as soon as possible!?
Ever since Ive come back from skiing my knees have been clicking I'm 13 years old?
My doctor switched me from Toprol XL 50mg twice daily to generic metoprolol 50mg twice daily. Is that ok?
sometimes my heart beats super fast? see details!?
what is the normal blood pressure of a person age 37 and above?
how would you tell by simply observation weather bleeding is arterial or venous?
Pain in heart? What could this be?
how we can increase hdl?
is the heart-heart shape?
is it normal to have chest pains at 24?
This might sound weird but.?
How much pain would I be in if I ripped my scab off my arm?
Hae you ever hurt yourself so bad, you thought you would throw up?
what is the crunching sound I hear in my neck when I rotate my head?
Would a doctor put a cast on my arm if it is not broken?
Friend dropped a chair on me?
Please answer as fast as possible.. Insomnia?
How to wake up early?
I have a good friend with a giagantic mouth ulcer, what should he do? He's been using bonjela for months.?
If you smoked a cigarette a day would it effect your running?
I'm looking to go into nursing, do I need to go to college or can I find a job to train me?
How accurate are the blood pressure testing machines at the pharmacies?
does anyone have info on the health condition "DVT". Which stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis.?
when working out;; is your heart suppose to hurt?
why doesnt my grandpa hear?
Fast heart rate and anaemia - what does this mean?
Were can i get something to check my blood pressure from?
Muscle pain in left upper chest. It just won't go away i have tried lots of inflammatories?
Why does my blood pressure jump so much?
i cant feel his heartbeat?
does anyone know what can make me fall asleep really fast?
My ear drum popped in the pool?
Please help me if you have a heart.?
can a 9 mon. old realize her father is "gone"?
Sudden rapid heartbeat?
Just found out my father in laws dad has a torn aorta?
I was informed by my son's doctor that his white blood cells were low; anemic or something else?
Are Pulse Oximeters from ebay at around £30 any good?
Can you have a heart attack even if your arteries aren't blocked?
Why has he had a stroke ?
What has caused my change in blood pressure from 84/60 to 135/86?
pvc's and heart flops?
What's the longest period of time you've gone without sleep?
i'm suffering from gout?
Do all blood tests require fasting beforehand?
is sweat dirty?
What is the differene between a heart attack and a massive heart attack?
I just found out my 13 year old daughter's heart is slightly enlarged on the right side.?
write an essay on " Seeing an old man on the road having an heart attack" and what will you do?
How to lower the cholesterol and the triglyceride?
Should I be concerned if my heart beat 77 times in one minute?
Can drinking too much alcohol cause your liver to produce more cholesterol?
problems with high blood pressure.?
Can someone recommend a brand name home blood pressure monitor that i might be able to buy at a local store??
what are the signs of a heart attack in a female?
My heart started beating weird for a minute. Is this what they call an irregular heartbeat?
My daughter has a heart murmur, is that bad?
how long does heart disease last for?
Should the person be lied down when having heart attack?
is it dangerous to take lsd if i have arrhythmia?
Blood pressure reading?
Are the blood pressure machines in walmart accurate?
when is the best time to measure one's blood pressure?
Whats the proper way to wipe one's butt?
Do I have a heart murmur?
Caffine and my heart beat?
How do they do an ecg on kids?
what to avoid.... to avoid having a heart attack?
Is there such a thing as an anti diuretic HORMONE???
What is the role of omega 3 in heart disease?
Heart fluttering a lot. Just saw the doctor said it was normal. Im so confused and scared?
medical question... heart problem.... doctor's opinion pls?
Who do I believe or trust...Doctors or instinct?
Random bruises all over?
Why is my right shoulder significantly lower than my left shoulder?
Back pain?
I might have a fracture? but it's not swollen?
have you ever broken a bone?
i swear im dying:(?
Quick and safe ways to lower blood pressure.?
Is this a heart attack? I'm worried.?
What is echocardiogram?
Can eating steak every week contruibute to high blood pressure?
does prednisone cause high blood presure?
Why has Heart Disease has been the number one killer in the US for decades, without decrease?
Can marijuana mess with heart rates?
can someone die from really low blood pressure?
what is a 12 lead ECG?
How to I get my legs to stop hurting?
Does smoking/having a cigarette before an exam affect your performance in the exam?
im 15 and i go to bed at 1am usually and wake up at 12pm is this unhealthy?
what are the causes of palputations of the heart?
I am crying right now..My heart hurts and my parents won't take me to the doctor?
Need Your Help Guys! What are the begging stages of High Blood Pressure?
Can Claritin D give me high blood pressure?
Is my pulse/heart rate healthy?
is an enlarged heart at the right ventricle something to worry about?
Heartburn or Heart Attack?
if you were not born with a heart condition, can you develope one later in life?
this is not a question?
Heart hearts , sharp pain occurs for a few seconds . Advice please!?
Beta blocker side effects?
Could I have a Heart condition??? read my details pleases?
Blood pressure of 100/43 in a 90 year old female. Is this cause for concern? She has a DNR, and a directive .?
Has anyone had Gastric Bypass Surgery? Would you recommend it? Any side effects?
what is the cause of a rapid heartbeat and what should a heartbeat rate of a 33 year old healthy woman be?
Has the longevity of the use of tissue valves for heart valve replacement been proven yet?
heart failure what does this mean?
Is cardiac arrest a medical term for heart attack?
Why do some people say I smell?
can any body help i have been having acid heartburn and i have been belching alot i have been like this for a?
What's worse? Drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, or inhaling air freshener?
What is the best way to quit smoking when you love the habit?
is it bad if you wear underwear to bed?
This question will probably gross you out, sorry if it does, but I want to know the answer?
how do people fool a drug urinalysis?
how do i get a girl pregnant?
I fart alot, is it from eggs?
Why do doctors scribble when they write?
Is it bad to have irregular heart beat?
What are the symptoms of a heart condition?
When someone's had a heart attack what is the best thing to do while waiting for the ambulance to arrive?
Could I have heart disease?
Fast heartbeat after eating?
My 48 Year old Mom is complaining of chest pressure/pain and fatigue, what could be going on?
Lower Blood Pressure ?
i am going for a second heart op soon just want To know can they use pig valve to replace aortic Valve?
Should I be followed by a cardiologist for my mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation?
Do you think that smokers and obese people should pay more for health insurance in the USA?
An embarrasing problem..... no abusive answers please?
Health care in the UK?
How to tell the difference between a bruised and broken toe?
my is hurting what can it be?
do i have scoliosis?
My child (16) might have minor concussion...?
My thumbs been bleeding for 1 hour 45 mins, should i be worried ?
My friend just fell off a house, what should i do?!?
My bush is so big I can't tell whether I'm male or female?
which is better!????!?
How do I get myself to puke?
Wat is a good insult to say to your brother?
Suddenly, I can't see anymore with my eye? started with numbness...then complete dark,what is it???
why is my arm so cold?
Am I short?
is it just me or is it very unhygenic for teenage boys only to bathe once a week?
How do you want to die?
I woke up this morning with bite marks on my tongue, could have had a seizure?
if u smoke chwing tobacco, what are the effects?
Please Help!?! I'm too short. How do I become taller?
Is it wrong if I feel odd about someone else using my toothbrush? OCD?
What do girls look for in a guy? What makes a guy hot?
Strange bug bites??? Itchy!!?
is this blood pressure okay??is the bottom too low?
What causes a person to have Ventricular Fibrillation?
which wiccan herbs will alter my state of consciousness?
Can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
question about my doc?
Hypertension question?
where can i go to find out whats going on with my heart?
Mosquito Bites on neck........? Help?
How long after a stroke can recovery occur. ?
why is my heart beat kinda sporadic?
Have high blood pressure. need advice? what food / friuts can i eat to lower it?
What medication can stop high blood pressure from reoccurring?
My Uric Acid levels and blood pressure was really high?
Why do people get heart diseases or stroke ?
What should I do if I cause my girlfriend's panic attacks?
What are the diseases related to the below symptoms?
How long does it take for one's arteries to get clogged?
Omg I feel horrible and freaked out WTF WTF WTF?
i have been typing with my index finger since i started work. now it's sore. quick remidies please?
how can i prevent from being so sore the day after i jog?
Help!! Whats wrong? What will the treatment be?
I hurt my tailbone really badly. Please help!?
do i have a sprained wrist or arm?
i burnt my hand on the stove, what do?
is it true if you have your head cut off with a gilatene you will see your head roll on the floor?
I am constantly thinking that my anxiety is a heart attack...should I be worried?
High blood pressure, is this information correct?
What medicine can cause a heart attack if it is accidentally overdose?
How safe are cardiac catherizatiion or angioplasty?
High blood pressure question.....?
can binge eating hurt your esophagus?
is it normal to feel a pulse in your stomach? could be anxiety or heartbeat? not sure i do have tension?
Can someone please help me? Please.....?
Rosuvastatin - What's the latest on this drug? Can it be prescribed in the UK?
does any one know of anything i can take for depression other than tablets from the doctor, i have been?
i feel like my stomach is turning and my head is spinng?
How many hours per night do you sleep ?
Stopped smoking 4 days ago, I now feel like death warmed up?
A hard person is coming to my school tmorow to fighht me, running isnt an option, what should i do?
what is a Baker"s Sist??medical condition?
why does smoking cause a rise in blood pressure?
Can blood clots be surgically removed?
my gfrnd broken my heart what i do?
Does anyone take the prescription Crestor for cholesterol and experienced side effects from it?
High Blood Pressure... how to lower it?
my wife has been told to stop hrt, after 10yrs?
Sharp pain near heart?
High Blood Pressure contributes to cardiovascular disease by...?
How do I induce vomiting?
Whats the trick to swallowing pills?
Walking on a minor ankle fracture?
What would happen if you broken your collar bone and never told anybody for a very long time?
HELP! Ive fallen and i cant get up!!!!!?
can a contact lens go inside the eye?
What is used to re-brake bones?
what are ways so i can throw up?
do guys prefer it if girls shave 'down there'?
How to increase confidence ?
Im 14 and have headaches everyaday?
Is my hand broken, do I need to go to A&E?
I think I broke my toe. Help?
i woke up at 3 this morning and my arm was asleep, it's 10 now and it is still asleep?
arrhythmia ?
People with heart disease: Do you have shortness of breath?
What is the lowest blood pressure you can safely have?
How can someone tell if they have had a mild heart attack?
After a fairly severe heart attack, the ECG reveals normal sinus rhythm, but only for the P wave. The QRS and?
do u know how to start CPR..........?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Can a person with congestive heart failure get a heart transplant at age 76?
What is the difference between cardiac tamponade and pericardial friction rub.?
i'm considering getting a tattoo i want your opinions?
i have to fall asleep help fast!!! 10 points best answer!?
when a person is sweating constantly, and need to urinate often. what is wrong with them?
If I drink from a coworker's Ice Mountain water bottle will I get sick?
Pain in the heart...?
Mom had triple bypass surgery 3 years. She's70lbs overweight with high blood pressure. She's 74 years old
what is blood pressure ? what are the demerits of this disease ?
Couldn't get lead wires in during Pacemaker surgery?
Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have me in a quandary. What am I allowed to eat? Recipes?
Why would a triathelete have a heart attack?
my heart hurts im only 24. went to hospital. got ekg, an chest x ray. all normal.?
Chest Pain Loast and in bad Pain?
Can someone please give me tips, to avoid fainting during a blood test? PLEASE?
Can anyone give me one good reason why I cant cut my cast off?
am off work sick with neck/back pain and went out 4 a drink are they entilted to sack me?
Help my brother got hit with a bat on his forehead help pleasee?
How long does it take your tongue to heal??
Color for braces?
Anyone ever had wisdom teeth pulled out?
When is it too old to get braces?
Is it bad that I haven't brushed my teeth for 2 weeks?
I just got my braces off, How much do I really need to wear the retainer?
Wisdom teeth. When they are emerging (or trying to), would removing another tooth to make room be a good idea?
how will my teeth look please answer?
How many days after getting my wisdom teeth out do i have to go before i can smoke again?
teeth grinding?
Has anyone heard of Amoxacillin giving Heart Palpitations?
I am a 56 yr. old woman in good health. Tonite, while watching a movie,?
what kind of pain do you get in your arm if you have a heart problem???
Was my blood pressure too high today? How much higher was it than it's supposed to be?
how can i tell if i am having a heart attack?
Is it possible for a 28 year old to have a heart attack?
My heart hurts sometimes :S ?
Can Zolpidem (Ambien) cause bradycardia?
is there a cardiologist in the house?
Under age smoking, Should I tell?
how do you know that you have deffinately caught herpes?
is it signs of HIV? do i hav HIV?? im soo scared?
problem after getting fingered ? help !?
lump at the base of my hand near wrist???
What is wrong with my finger?
does putting on brackets hurt?
one of my teeth has become loose i think its receding gums.does anyone know the treatment from the dentist?
Teeth and gums hurt... recommendations if I have to wait to see dentist?
build up of calcium type deposit behind front teeth?
Terrified!!! help?!?! Please!!!!?
I just got rubber bands and have a few questions!!!!!?
I had a dream?
Is It Okay For A Boy To Have Dental Braces ?
Does Chewing On Ice-Cubes ware down your teeth?
What are Some Stress Relievers?
i dont get high off weed?
what number do I call for emergency's?
When was the Last time you slipped on ice and fell?
My body keeps hurting from the slightest touch, what could it be?
how do you stop a nose bleeed???
Why isn't there a true cure for a hangover? Pill products are a ripoff; natural cures also. What gives?
How long does it take for the beta-blocker Propranolol to take effect?
Leaky Aortic Valve???
Should I be worried if my blood pressure is 110/90?
High blood pressure maybe due to heart condition?
I have sour stomach, rapid heart beat, chills and gas, what could it be?
Health question? I am 29 Male.Professional. Mild feeling in my heart !?
can i still work out if i have a heart murmur?
Does root canal treatment really hurt badly?
my 23 yrold son has mega mega toothache that usual doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen dont touch, any ideas pl?
I just got spacers! help!?
Bad cavity an swollen jaw?
I'm getting braces Should I be scared?
What color(s) braces should I get?
How do you cure sensitive teeth?
bad breath?
I just want to know if braces hurt!?
How much does the HPV shot hurt?
Should I have the "herpes" talk....?
Why does my throat hurt?
Are you guaranteed to die if you cut your wrists?
my 'cholestrol' medication, (Pravastatin) has a 'use by' date on the pack. Is it still safe to use after that?
Why can I never get to sleep?
I got stung by 8 wasps bout an hour ago and still hurts BAD.Best way to ease pain?
I've got a spine problem. My mom tells me to be more active. What kinds of things should i do?
ankle hurts!? 10 pts. helppppppppppppppppppp plzzzzzzzzz?
I get panick attacks?
My mom is high blood pressure patient and she have problem sleeping...?
my dad was just in a car accident he broke his sternum,he is 64 how long for recovery time
I Need Help From Anyone Who Knows A Lot About Heart Rates. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!?
How high does your blood pressure have to be to have a stroke or a heart attack?
inplanted cardiac difibulator?
OK wen it comes to eggs if i boil it does it still has cholesterol in it?
Palpitations and infant heart mummer?
Really worried! Whats going on with my HEART BEAT?
Has anyone had or heard of a 3rd. heart bypass surgery?
I just started using Crest Whitestrips and my teeth are sensitive. Is there anything I can do?
I'm really scared about going to the dentist tomorrow to get two teeth pulled. Will it hurt?
When you first get braces do they hurt?
uhhh wat is wrong with me(sorta gross.. helppp!!) PLEASE HELLPPPPPP!!! any ideas?
What is the dent running from your nose to the top of your mouth called? This has puzzled me for almost 5 min!?
how much do braces cost?
my 5 year old grinds his teeth so loud when sleeping?
what causes..........?
what are the negatives of a root cananl?
Some questions about braces +_+?
was my weed laced with pcp?
do you think its possible to become a counciller / therapist if you suffer anxiety yourself?
my 9 yrs old son was injured by his classmate. His glasses was shattered and left eye corner was badly cutted.?
I awoke in the middle of the night.. GIRLS please?
Can cutting the radial artery (on the wrists) cause death?
My heart rate is 117 I wasn't exercising I had just entered a store and tested it on a machine?
How can I increase the level of my HDL or good cholesterol?
silent and mild heart attack symptoms?
I had a heart attack 6 weeks ago and now my bank wont cover me for my trip to florida?
how can i lower my blood pressure?
Is blood pressure at all effected by what/when you ate?
I had a tooth pulled out 3 1/2 hours ago.....?
Can i still get braces or is it too late?
Can we stop or halt the growth of 'wisdom teeth'?
how do i stop toothache i ,ve had a root canal filling and the pain is killing me?
Does wisdom teeth extraction cause other teeth to hurt a lil?
what hurts the most about braces?
how to succesfully whiten your teeth without visiting a dentist ?? any home/natural remedies ?
What do I do if the syringe for my wisdom teeth isn't taking the food out?
Ho do u get gum off the neck area my3 yr old son put it around his neck?
Help...something is wrong with my lip?
I smoke and im 14 wat do i do to quit??
I'm going to have an breast reproduction soon and i was thinking about what size should i get what is average?
Whats the best way to get rid of hiccups?
RE~ My earring is stuck.. ): what should i do?
How do i know if i broke my ankle? (without an x-ray)?
Please help me, I'm in pain!?
i cut myself today.. i need advice plz ?
Is it true that if you have a pre-existing illness and you get a new insurance they will not cover?
Why is pulling your hairs out around your ''rusty bullet hole'' addictive?
Do getting braces hurt when getting them on?
does anyone know how to make teeth whiter without going to the dentist?
Teeth/Gums when i brush my teeth they bleed?
When will the pain stop.. read on?
Have you any experience of tooth whitening either through a dentist or an at home kit?
braces and flossing?
I think I have a sinus infection that started witha tooth ache....my left sinus is swollen an tender...?
do dentists yell at you if your teeth aren't perfect?
I kissed a girl with herpes do i have it?
One of the fastest-growing groups acquiring HIV/AIDS is adolescents? ?
do i have oral herpes? please please help!?
What could be wrong with me?im only 16.?
Can being in debt and the feeling of no way out cause a person to become physical ill?
Sudden increase in heart rate after exercise?
heart racing all day. ANXIETY, PANIC.. etc how to slow down?
Heart pain and headaches. Any connection?
What is the treatment for Potassium deficiency?
when is chest pain dangerous?
What diagnostic tests would be used to confirm an MI?
No high blood pressure before heart surgery, why blood pressure medicine after?
What do you find helpful in addition to medicine when you have a severe sinus headache?
Intentional drug overdose. Need help ASAP?
What are the side effects of holding your nose while sneezing?
is it safer to use brand name medicine?
What happens after you die?
How do I get super glue off my hands?????....seriously!!!?
i have a really bad toothache and it?
Dentist Appointment In Less Than Two Hours, HELP ME! tips?
Can anyone ever have serious injuries internally or externally when they land on their butt?
I think i broke my finger? :/?
Help please...I'm cutting myself when I fight with my mom!?
Is something wrong?
Today My friend tripped and fell on his head. His head cracked open. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO? Hes also vomiting?
what happens when your heart is enlarged?
Why is my blood pressure go higher even after excercise?
lately I've had a nagging cough and my heart flutters quite a bit. Is there any connection between the two?
What causes havoc on arteries?
How does ECG Electro Cadio Gram Work? How do doctors able to read graphical image?
what president had marfan syndrome?
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator? Have you had success with this? Or is a family member having success?
What kind of sickness/ disease do i have & Should i consult to a specialist without my telling my doctor?
I need a pat on the back?
Were these symptoms of a heart attack?
How long can a 76 year old diabetic male be expected to live with congestive heart failure?
What over the counter meds are to be avoided while on bloodthinners.?
pain in heart, bubbling sound with beats.. help?
My heart randomly beats fast?
What does it mean when a doctor says "50 percent chance of recovery" ?
What's the fastest way to raise my red blood cell count and hemoglobin?
why is my blood pressure is 149 on top and 81 on bottom. im 34 year old man. 5'8 200lb. am i in danger?
What is a yeast infection ?
Do you actually know any British people with green teeth?
Braces question?
how did it feel to get your braces off?
I had an old amalgam filling that fell out possibly 2 on same tooth - dentist cant see me for 2-3 days?
Do you think that I might be gay?
Does your ear grow back after its been bitten??
I used to have a 'thin stomach' and now it's suddenly become a huge round stomach. In a day. Help!
is it bad to drink alcohol if i recently got my tongue pierced?
I have Piercings worries?
If I am counting something, I always want it to be even.. Why?
How do you tell if you have Pink Eye?
What are some things you hate when you go to the Doctors office.?
I think i'm starting to get shin splints. How to i make them go away before they get too bad?
I type alot and i'm kinda worried about...?
Can somebody help please !! Parents would be nice?
Could an accident I had a few months ago trigger vertigo?
how do you pass a saliva drug test?
"Marijuana is harmfull" bigest myth and government lie!?
What's the best way to loose weight with health problems such as...?
[Doctors pls help] what are causes of rapid heart beat........?
High cholesterol Levels?
Are You Aware Of "The Increase In Saturated Fat" That NEVER WAS!?
Is tetralogy of fallot hereditary?
High Blood Pressure Meds causing Higher Heart Rate?
is atenolol a good medication for mitral valve prolapse?
How much does it cost to get your blood pressure taken?
how to get down from a high?
is there a safe way to sleep with someone with aids?
Which type of doctor do I go to if I think I have chlamydia? Gynecologist or regular doctor?
Question about BRACES!?!?
can u get pregnant from masterbating?
Where can i find a sock big enough to fit over my cast?
how do you raise good cholesterol?
When conducting CPR, if done excessively or incorrectly, can it cause laceration to the liver or lung Bruising?
Female under 58 diagnosed Diastolic heart failure,help info please..!?
Can I have some drug information about drug Develpment?
prinzmetal angina?
what's the worse fact, situation that could happen for a heart attack?
which is better: sea salt, morton lite salt, or regular salt.... and why?
What are the dangers?
how to get rid of dry skin spots on feet, knees and elbow?
does anyone have a heart stent and on plavix ?
Why do I get irregular heartbeat when Im relaxed?
why does my heart almost stop sometimes?
Last Spring, my total cholesterol was 218. Today's results say total 190. How can that be?
Is it true younger people with heart attack are less likely to survive than older people?
how many milligrams of aspirin do you give someone who is having a heart attack?
Is 124/87 an okay bloop pressure reading?
wat can u do 2 get rid of mouth sores due to braces...?
How can I stop bad breath?
how long do you think i will have to wear braces?
how musch does a retainer cost?
I know this is sad... but I HATE brushing my teeth..?? what can I do...??
What are some ways of getting rid of bad breath?
Removal of wisdoom teeth.?
What is this sharp pain in my heart?
Sinus Arrythmia?
please give me your thoughts and opinions?
Unknown Heart Condition - Doctors Don't Have A Clue?
why can't stop the hyper tension tablets once it started even the bp backs normal?
can burning out after being high and being depressed cause a heart attack??please help immedietly?
What are the effects of Nicotine, Tar and Carbon Monoxide??
What Kind of exercise is good for lowering Coronary Artery Disease?
What could this mean.. Heart stuff?
whats the best way to pull out a molar?
im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow how many hours in advance am i suppose to stop eating and drinking?
How much is it to have one wisdom tooth taken out at a dentist without insurance?
Just got wisdom teeth out on Wednesday?
how many wisdom teeth do you have?
Can a dentist tell if i smoke? (Not very often and if i stop a week or 2 before appointment)?
the swelling in my gums will not go down?
Braces!? HELP! colors, tips, advice-anything!?
Foot sprain... how long does it take for the swelling to go away?
How to cover up cuts on my arms?
Bruises from Volleyball-- PLEASE HELP (:?
How can i make myself have a bruisE?
my head hurts, help asap?
My left side feels funny - like it is halfway asleep? Help?
i want to learn interpreting ecg?
what were gas chambers?
can u have closed heart surgery?
Medical question please. Suddenly I get sudden temperature rise...?
I am taking Lisinopril tab 20mg.and 20mg. of lasix daily and it has me feeling strangely, why??
Is there a doctor in the house? or someone who understands heart problems?
My friend is having weird feelings in her chest?
What are the symptoms that someone has suffered a stroke? Not the symptoms that they are PRESENTLY suffering 1
How do you numb your arm?
Why does it make you gag when you put a Q tip in your ear?
I haven't eaten anything in two days am I unhealthy?
chest pain?
a heart problem?
Is there really high blood pressure that has no apparent cause?
Can someone explain how sleep apnea contributes to wt gain, diabetes, and cardiac disease?
question about my Blood pressure reading?
What can I do to convince doctors to take me seriously?
I'm having a heart cath test done soon. Does it hurt? Do they put you to sleep for this?
Can regular Iron Deficiency Anemia be life-threatening?
Braces ???
what can i do to stop the hurting?
Do think smoking is injurious to health?
Old Abandoned and scary school?
Should i clean the whole house and how should i decorate the my room?
I lost a bet and had to eat 5 table spoons of salt?
My family is pissed at me cause i'm drunk all the time. I'm alcoholic.Any help sugestions?
im scared and this hurts really bad?
Should i walk on a sprained knee?
what was your worst injury?
How long does a very small cut take to heel?
How do i break my leg on purpose ?
I have a bump on my right armpit?
does anyone know what this could be? weird clear bump?
How to clear up a bruised lip?
I'm sacred that my sprem will all be precum. How can I form a babby with it?
My pap test came back with abnormal cells, hpv test was positive. Recent new relationship........Help!?
i hate being black. Is their a way to change my skin color? say for instance to look more Mexican?
how do i get rid of back pain?
does it hurt to get my braces off?
braces pros and cons!?
please tell me how to make fake braces or tell me how to need braces i want them because evry1 else has 'em!!?
How do I get rid of head lice with just home supplies?
Baby Oil & Tanning?
What's the best way to get rid of acne scars?
I am not bulimic, or anything but sometimes i just eat to much. How do i make myself throw it up?
Why do people say "bless you" when someone snezees?
what do I take for high blood pressure?
Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
chest pain?
Is there assistance for those whose air conditioner died because of the heat?
What is the cost and contacts highly recomend for having open heart surgery for NOW 1 MONTH OLD GIRL in India
about my heart murmur?!?
what is ventricular dysfunction?
Hi, can anyone recommend where I can buy a home Cholesterol test?
My husband will have a heart valve replaced. What's your preference: synthethic, pig or cow valve and why?
i really want chest muscle what should i do?
how can i hurt myself so im on crutches?
I burnt myself!!!! How do i take away the pain?
how hard do you have to hit your head to get brain injury or bleeding?
do you stay short if you lift weights?
How do i tell my parents i cut my wrists?
Should I have a doctor check my eye after being hit by a coin?
Should you squeeze the pus out of an infected wound?
I have an extremely bad toothache and no painkillers, it's 4am, how can i get to sleep?
Does biting nails help cause bad breath?
why is the wall of the ventricle thicker and stronger than the atrium?
How serious is a bacterial endocarditis by fungus.?
is it necessary to take STATIN only at night evenif the dose is one tab a day ?
what is a mild stroke?
Can you really die from a broken heart?
Butt is bleeding and has bump inside?
I had 2 small sores at each corner of my mouth. One has got better but the other is now cracked and?
What's a good way to get rid of acne from YOUR experience?
how can i deal with getting a flu shot...im terrified of needles!?
How do you make a healthy living while you're busy and junk food is what you got all around you?
How Do U Get Rid Of A Cold Without Using Medication?
how does one become a drug dealer?
Can laughing strengthen your stomach muscles?
Do you believe going barefoot is better for your feet and ankles?
What are some way to get over a cold really fast :)? 10points 2 best answe :D?
My daughter had her ears pieced 4 mths ago and one keeps getting infected.........?
Do Braces Hurt?
Will dentists remove your teeth if they are healthy if you request it?
what does getting a molar pulled feel like? I am really scared, becuase it's a cavity?
What is that white slimy stuff that can be found inside your mouth after getting up in the morning?
broken nose question?
i got stabbed on my finger last night and now its really swollen how can i fix it?
how do severe scar burns go away?
I slipped and fell down in Safeway...?
Could i be having a stroke?
Is this athlete's foot?
what the hell is on my lip?
I can't stop itching all over after I have a shower, is my skin to dry ? started when I came back from holiday
how to get clean fast?
Does Anyone Know What The Symptoms Of Getting Your Appendix Out? I Think I Need My Appendix Out?
Can i use my friends clean urine sample with a bit of methadone added to pass my drugs test.?
Does anyone think that some day within my lifetime that they will find a cure for stuttering?
I always pick at my head, is this a bad thing and are there others like me?
I need a good sleeping aide that is cheap and a prescription, any ideas?
what do u do when you die?
Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep?
On monday i jumped up in the air and landed on the side of my foot My mom doesnt think i need 2 go 2 the doc's
Need a Doctor/Nurse opinion?
which is the best blood pressure pills with the least side effect ?
Anyone here use Niaspan to raise HDL?
Have i Got a heart flutter? Help Please?
should I go to the ER?
what causes heart disease for young people under 20?
why does my breath stink most of the time, even though i brush regularly?
Is this a cavity??
Most of my front teeth are decayed w/ visible cavities. No insurance, what's the right dental procedure?
very very strange braces question....?
when is it necessary to get moles checked??
Will olive oil help oily skin?
5 multiple choice physiology questions, please answer even if u know one. THANK U?
Why does my heart beat so fast?
How can Thalassemia major can be cure and name the Doctor?
my husband is to have a stress echocardiogram he will be having dobutamine injected?
Ejection Fraction Of The Heart?
How do i become a professional cardiologist?
When you have a blood test, such as an HIV blood test, would it say if you've contracted a STD other than HIV?
how do you get rid of a thick, yellow discharge??
How do they test for STD's?
A vaccination for the cancer causing virus for cervical cancer is now being given to women. Why not men?
What's the best way to take care of a hangover?
does speedwalking for 20 minutes do anything?
What's going on with my daughter?
Should I cut myself or should I not?
Any ideas please for a birthday present for my 25 year old son?
Do you believe in abortion? Why or why not?
what should i buy with 60 dollars?
Does smoking stunt your growth?
Are doctors today as knowlegeable as they were 10 years ago?
I'm getting a bone scan tomorrow?
How can I hurt myself? To go to the hospital? But not like I did it!!!?
my 12 year old daughter & i were hit by a chevy suburban, i drive a honda civic,little or no injuries do i sue
I just hit my head. No lump. No headache. No pain. Can I go to sleep?
can you do sport with a bruised rib cage?
STD... what is this?? ?
Question about STDS?
I think I have Athlete's foot, but I have no medical coverage...what can I do to treat it?
Which OTC painkiller is best for a toothache?
i have pounding heart and shortness of breath and light headness?
What diet should I follow to reverse angina?
Does high fat food increase blood pressure?
Can you have a heart attack at any age?
Is it ok to measure blood pressure while standing ?
fast heartbeat?
Is 135/80 high blood pressure for a 17 male?
Just got a BP reading of 174/101..should i go to emergency?
Nitroglycerine in the body releases nitric oxide is good for the ailing heart but how does it works? dynamite?
how to relieve back pain?
I have been coughing so much these past few days my stomach&ab muscles hurt so bad when I cough, any remedies?
My ToeNail Is Failling Off?
Anyone know how to STOP this annoying eyelid twitch?
how to get rid of dry hands?
Why are my armpits so friggen itchy?
Should I still use lotion even when I have acne?
Teeth Whitening products?
i had root canal treatment today and my jaw is still numb after 9hrs. why?
What's your current toothpaste brand that you are using?
Do spacers hurt?
how much does root canal hurt?
How much toothpaste must be swallowed to cause a sodium fluoride overdose?
I just got braces yesterday and they hurt sooo bad!?
i havent brushed my teeth since the 29th of may?
Retainer FOREVER???!!?
Is having a milk tooth, or any tooth, pulled out painful?
Debilitating heartburn, feeling dizzy and weak, heart racing?
would a heart attack??
Do people normally die from heart attacks?? Please answer my daddys having one?
Help please.?
Is it all in my head? Am I just imagining it?
I have been having chest pains for the past 6 days, they don't seem to be going away, is this serious?
How do you get rid of your hiccups?
how did you quit smoking?
how long does your hair carry on growing after you die?
How to get rid of needles?
why did somebody tell me i need to die because i am ginger?
how do I get a great some great sleep at bedtime?
how does it feel to be addicted to cigarettes?
I'm 24 years old and when i take a long shower I think I'm going to turn into a mermaid. Am I weird?
4 braces do wires hurt more or rubber bands?????
i'm having all my 4 wisdom tooths pull out and im so scared..!!!!?
which is the best home remedy for whitening yellowish teeth?
hi, i went to the dentist as i had severe toothache (or what i thought was toothache) ?
what is something inexpensive that will really really whiten my teeth?
is it true about braces....?
Does getting your "mollers" (teeth in the back) out hurt?
can you chew gum with braces on?
Is 18 too old to get braces?
cap came off tooth, what can i do?
do i have high blood pressure?
Husband's been diagn. with cong. heart failure. We've gotten his BP down but he's still swelling.?
what is primary pulmonary hypertension ?
what is a dangerously low heart rate?