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is there a way where i can have good teeth without braces?
Urgent Heart Health Question! Please answer!?
Can you lower your blood pressure to normal without taking medication?
Why is my cholesterol high when I am skinny and hate fast food?
symptoms o diabetes mellitus include?
**What causes heart palpitations ?
Does smoking let's say a Marlboro Light rather than a Marlboro Red make it 'less unhealthy'?
Any other asthmatics have this problem?
I am 8 month pregnant so What can I take for my cold?
Do you have to sleep 12 hours every night?
What is the worst pain you've ever been in?
What do u think?? (question related to "cancer")?
how many people get leukemia each year?
should a person that went through cancer treatment get the swine flu vaccination shot?
How can i outsmart someone who has bone cancer?
What would it be like for you to be told you have terminal cancer?
If I don't sleep for a week..?
My Boyfriend Snores And I Never Get Enough Sleep!!! Help...?
does anyone know of a home remedy for a toothache?
How to get rid of head lice?
How many times can a person get Chickenpox?
my husband has a lump on his head an wont go see his GP how can i make him go?
Hi i am 28 and i have big ears can i get my ears pinned bak on the nhs?
what to do i'm pee shy.?
effectiviness of pill while on antibiotics ?
what do you call this medical condition?
How do I prevent a "Charlie Horse?"?
OK. I AM dehydrated w/my body aching. What foods contain potassium?
should I go to bed yet?
What is your favourite pain reliever?
Ex-Smokers? Do you still crave cigarettes? HELP!!?
do fish drink water?
Why shouldnt i smoke?
Are there any health benefits to being in a hot tub?
how do i pass a laboratory marijuana urine drug test?
My husbands blood pressure has averaged 65/44 how dangerous is this?
anyone here had cholesterol problem but fixed it?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while...?
Why didn't my doctor cast my leg last night?
i want to sprain my ankle. How can you sprain your ankle?
it hurts and my mom doesnt believe me :( :( i'm 13?
Is it much easier and painless to cut through flesh with a scalpel than it is with a razor blade or knife?
can 40 cigarettes give you lung cancer?
What Do Know About Breast Cancer In Young Women?
Will smoking 5 packs of cigarettes a day kill me?
Can my husbands cancer be cured?
I think my mom might have breast cancer?
tanning then itchy?
I have VERY sweaty armpits. Is there any home remedies to help me with my problem?Things that aren't expensive
could it be possible my dad could die?
Am I Suffering from mild heart attacks?
panic attacks versus heart attack?
What Should I Do? I'm Scared of a Heart Attack!?
what will happen if someone swallows more than 5 sleeping pills?
i have a bp of 105/69. is this normal?
I'm Going Blind?
I got a H1N1 shot yesterday,since last night I've been quite tired,getting chills & aching joints?Is it normal?
Does arthritis usually make you hand turn blue if that is where the pain is.?
Causes of blood being too thing?
My Daughter has been told she has stigmatism and the back of her eye is oval shaped?
When I don't eat every 6-8 hours I get pale and start a cold sweat, I was wondering what that is called?
how long does meth stay in your system? i had five days clean then got tested would it be all out by then?
how do i know if i have schizophrenia?
Is it okay to use hand santizer on your hoo-hoo after a hot date?
I gave a guy a bj the other night, what happens if I were to give a different guy a bj?
What does it mean to have a creamy discharge coming from the vigina? What could it be?
Should I go to my regular doctor to have her check me for asthma?
I can't breath in all the way without the middle of my back hurting, is it serious?
If anyone SMOKE that's mean he/she is smart ?
Throwing up blood clots? Help!?
Should I be worried if im a 23yr old woman whos resting heart rate is 140 bpm?
is having a baby to risky if i have very high blood pressure?
Chest Pain Problems or Paranoia?
I have colds. What can I do to help my antibodies fight the strain of virus that has infected me?
Help i have a weird stabbing pain in the back of my right thigh when im driving?
2 years ago i got my right ear pierced and i got a bump behind it &still have it, is it infected?
I have very high fevers 103+ with red welts all over my legs which are sore.Aspren does not work!?
Crohn's in kids, getting doc to take you seriously?
Dizziness...what could it be?
What is the realistic recovery time for gall bladder surgery?
How can a 22yr old girl spend time with her nana suffering with alzheimers?
how can i make homemade teeth whitener?
how do i get rid of a terrible mouth odor?i have tried all tips and none seem to work for me.any other tips pl?
Does smoking alot of weed can cause having AIDS or HIV?
Reguarding Cholesterol..if my TRI, HDL,& LDL are allwithin normal range..how can my overall cholesterol be 208
I have a question about my heart..i am a teenager.?
Are needles involved in an Echocardiogram?
How long until blood pressure medication works?
Anybody ever have kidney stones?
I have scoliosis, and it isnt bad yet READ?
What are the different kidney disorders and the symptoms of each/?
hemorrhoids cure?
Does anyone know if Lupus is hereditry ?
what happens when a person gets CPR?
a prayer for a dying mum?
What foods can decrease the risk of cancer, or can prevent, or cure it?
Do you think there really is a cure for Cancer and the pharmeceutical companies are just denying it?
How do you, personally, pronounce Marlboro?
THOUSANDS of little critters?
if you were a type of cereal what would you be?
is this healthy?????
ok im gonna try to make as much sense as possible...?
I just took a lortab, a dose of nyquil, and 2 benadryls what do you think will happen?
my ex g/f claimes 2 be pregnate,her friend just faked an abortion 2 get her ex back,how do i kno if its true?
How do you get off?
should i go to the emergency room?
i feel a pain in my right chest area,what could this be?
What are some lifestyle changes that can reduce high blood pressure?
Is it possible to have a blood clot if you have low 'good' cholestroal ?(spelling)?
I've got a mega hangover! How do you cure a hangover?
How can I tell my b/f that I got an STD?
what if there's a blood infected with aids.. and someone urinated on the blood. will the person be infected?
hi, on monday 5/5/08 i did cocaine and now have a drug test on thursday 5/08,what do i do to get clean?
What is asperger syndrome?
Does anyone know of a "good" website where I can get info on digestive problems ?
What's wrong with me?
plz help i got a sudden stomach ache?
32 YO Female Needs help w/a Diagnosis-PLEASE HELP!?! I am in tears and at the end of my rope!!!?
What is HIV and AIDS?
cause of constapation followed by diahera. Is this a potential symptom of what??
I have neuropathy in my toes, it is very painful and at the same time numb.?
What do I have?! Doctor's cannot figure it out. Please help!?
My hair is falling out. Is that a symptom of cancer?
Is 12 years old an age you could get breast cancer?
whats yur opinion on testing on animals?
what are the differents between a benign tumour and a malignant tumour?
Does smoking have any effect on lips ? gums ? and teeth's ?
sleep after work?
I get heart palpitations when I'm stressed, and very breathless when walking up stairs. What can I do to help
I’m 34 & ½. Is it too late to start an effective cancer prevention technique by eating right, exercising, etc
My blood pressure goes up & down like a yoyo. I am on meds. Why does blood pressure fluctuate?
i've been very sleepy lately am i sick?
i have endemetrious i need treatment what can i do?
Father in law has cancer and to die any minute?
Is smoking 3-6 cigarettes a day considered to be a lot?
How can i cure cancer?
is it ok to sleep with the electric fan blowing on your head? my grandpa says it's bad, or is it just a belief
Is it ok to stink when there's nobody around to smell your stinkiness?
does smoking weed cause you to twich in your sleep?
My blood pressure is extremely high right now, any way to lower it instantly (ill go to the DR tomorrow)?
Irregular heartbeat?
I have a serious heart condition. I don't smoke, but when others around me do, it hurts, can you explain this?
is 120/94 a good blood pressure?
If you had a gun what would you do with it????????
help please i cant see all of the sudden its not a joke
is it ok to take vitamins with an expired experation date?
how much damage am i causing my body?
I have stopped smoking for a week tomorrow?
How do you deal with chronic fatigue?
i'm sick and starving- what can i eat that is warm and won't hurt my throat?
Is hand sanitizer more effective than washing your hands?
Are My Weight and Measurements Normal For My Height?
is it true that poinsettis'a are poiseness?
is yahoo answers more addictive that crack cocaine?
i think my son has ADHD. so does his doc. should i put on meds?
Name of the syndrome where person goes to hospital again and again?
Is there a disease or condition that makes you always have to be doing something with your hands?
How do I book a doctors appointment??? I'm 13.?
Anyone have a rough idea why my mum is suffering this symptom?
i haven't smoked weed since june 18 and had to take a drug test today could it still be in my system?
what helps a person fall asleep?
How far should I stand away from a smoker?
do i have breast cancer?
how to quit smoking cigarrettes?
What's a good book to give to someone battling cancer?
Sad, sad, sad....and I can't make it better so I am not sleeping well...?
If Mr. Jackson was so rich then why did his doctor not have a Portable Defibrillator around?
HEART PAIN!! -- Please Help ASAP!!?
What steps should you take if somebody is having a heart attack?
rectal bleeding after eating meat..but only meat?
how bad is Ecstasy for you, i mean does it really cause permanent brain damage?
do sleeping pills result in swelling in the body?
blood on stool?
Is it bad to smoke cigarette if you're suffering from Anxiety?
Does the excessive production of snot when you're ill serve any useful function at all?
My 3-year old son complains of back pain and has bm's that smell horrible and not normal. What could this be?
Are braces really that bad?? =(?
Can braces change the way you look?
how much do veneers cost?
What is a reasonable price for teeth cleaning?
Is it necessary to get your wisdom teeth pulled out?
My wife has developed a blue sac attached to her gum?
How much does teeth whitening cost?
Any ideas in what to use for natural mouthwash??
How do I know if my breath smells?
why does the dentist tell you not to smoke when you get your tooth pulled?
How often do you take shower ?
Is orange juice really good to build the immune system?
I'm 25 ... aren't I too young to be having health problems from smoking?
How can I drink more water? I don't like drinking it very much.?
Trapped Wind!!!?
What makes the heart actually ache or sting during heartbreak?
what are the medicines for high blood pressure?
About every 15 minutes, I have a pain in my chest that feels like my heart is pumping really hard. What is it?
anti hypertensive drugs are used to do what?
I have conjustive heart failure. I need $ would taking a job lifting things be bad for my heart?
Sharp stabbing pains in heart?
Is this a condition?
Canker sore of cold sore?
How can i get rid of acid reflux?
I took 4 ibuprofen, 1 sleeping pill and a cold pill at once yesterday. Should I seek medical help?
got pains in my stomach anyone help?
i have been having really bad pains in my chest do you know what this is!?
My lab test showed my thyroid was at 5.7 and is supposed to be 4.0 or less. What doesthat mean?
Is it reasonable to test drugs on animals if the cause is to help people suffering from incurable diseases?
what could cause passing out during blood donation?
Are there any diets that will help acid reflex disease?
How to stay awake????
Is eating alot of raw celery bad?
which is the largest word in english language?
Heart attack??
my grandma had a heart attack ?
Does anyone know about using Nitric Oxide as a supplement for lowering blood pressure?
I'm 25, healthy, within my healthy weight range for my height but I have high blood pressure?
By Miracle, a doctor around to answer? If, not anyone with personal experience with irregular heartbeats?
My Blood Pressure is 70/110?
anyone else have migraines? What are your symptoms and what do you do for them? how long have you had them?
Bumped by head on the window. Its bleeding now!!! Help Quick !!?
Pain under ear - feels like its swollen? got a headache and earache with dizzyness also?
My legs are freaking sore!?
What is the best way to quit smoking ?
don't you think livings harder than dying?
Compare weed to tobacco?
?I'm being serious, how do they diagnose a adult with dyslexia.?
what is the medical term for 'altered sensation'?
Just Diagnosed...?
my daughter is in pain when urinating?
What kind of blood test is this?
should euthanasia be a legal option for terminally ill patients?
How can i get rid of my painful hiccups?
More info on Dog Food Recall?
My sister phoned to say the right side of her face is numb..?
fainting, tiredness,not being able to sleep, soreness???whats wrong with me?
i have just been told i have 1 kidney larger then other what does that mean ?
Is it okay to smoke with asthma?
Why shouldn't you drink water after taking a cough syrup?
My lungs keep hurting...should I be worried?
Is coughing up blood even remotely normal?
anything i can do about my fiance's snoring?
I smoke pot fairly often....?
I'm sick and starting to worry. Severe coughing and other symptoms.?
What are the benefits of urinating on your feet?
Why don't any women smoke cigars?
what gets you out of bed in the mornings?
Cracking your knuckles...?
Help! I won't stop bleeding!?
What happens if you touch something and rub your elbow and touch it again?
how do i know if the correct diagnosis of an attachment disorder has been made?
Mystery illness?? please look and help me?
Which part of your brain helps you think of new ideas?
What drugs would i recieve for IBS?
Gravel can you get rid of it in the gall bladder?
what happens if you don't have enough iron in your blood?
Anyone know of relief for a bunion?
Is it harmful to drink 5-6 gallons of fluid per day?
Can you catch shaky leg syndrome from public toilet seats?
Why don't we use people on Death Row to test new drugs? How much faster would we cure aids or cancer?
How old is TOO old to start wearing sunscreen? I'm 30?
Should I drink Ensure , Ensure Plus or Boost while going thru Chemotherapy for Cervical Cancer?
This can't seriously be heart failure can it? Please answer, 10 pts.?
Does any one know why cardiologist wants me to not have any caffeine or nicotine within 24 hours of stresstest
What effect does an increase in physical activity have on heart rate?
Why does my heart pound so fast when i wake up?
I'm 33 not overweight but I have blood pressure 141/85 pulse rate of 141. Is that really bad?
I have no clue if it was a minor heart attack?
Why could this be happening to me at such a young age (cardiovascular issues)?
Multiple partners = higher risk in STD.?
Is mono really the "kissing disease"?
Started with a sore Throat, now I cough blood, Vomiting yellow stuff and when I blow my nose, blood come's out
Any other options besides surgery?
Can a person get over sepsis?
will my wrist get any better if it has lost blood supply,?
how do i cure herpes?
how do you know if there is mucus in your stool?
Swollen neck glands but no other symptoms?
How do you relieve the pain of a tetanus shot?
Teeth Whitening - Crest or Kroger?
Question for braces..? help?
How to deal with bad breath?
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow and I'm scared because....?
root canal...?
What is good to take for a bad tooth-ach?
HOW do i get rid of yellow teeth. without spending a fortune?
Help! I have to get braces... scared.?
why my gums always bleeding ?
Which toothpaste whitens teeth better? Crest or Colgate?
I've got a tummy bug, what should I eat?
Headaches all day, and stomachache sometimes don't know what to do?
what's a body part that starts with the letter "w"?
I have been falling asleep a lot when I don't want to, lately. Any suggestions on preventing it?
Not inhaling healthier?
Chest pains..help pleasee?
Do I Have The Swine Flu?
whats that sickness where you cough up blood?
Medical survey! Has everyone on medication remembered to take the tablets today? are you certain?
How to stop feeling sick after smelling cigarette smoke.. Urgent...?
My boyfriend's son just diagnosed with luekemia?
How many cancer survivors do we have on here?
WELL the cancer that my mom had isCERVICAL CANCER and the one that my aunt has isNON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA?
can you get cancer from dip in a month?
Does texing cause CANCER!?!?!?!?
is it normal to feel like im going to faint almost every time i stand up?
Breath out while you exhale?
My blood pressure was 70/70 is that okay?
if my friend has a slight heart murmur and wants to smoke weed..is there any effect like heart attack?
What increases blood pressure?
Ways to bring down Blood Pressure?
how to stop heart palpitations.?
Any info on how to control bp without medications?
What are ways and foods I can eat to prevent my risk of future heart problems?
Hygiene question. Urinating in sink...?
How does a stroke cause paralysis?
i think something is wrong with me!!!?
My blood pressure was 127/82 is that bad ?
Can a teenager have a heart attack (at rest)?
Sudden heart pains?
I have heard that people die of a broken heart?
Do girls voices crack?
I have a really bad cold and I've completely lost all sense of smell and taste. Is this normal?
Is water really good for you?
How do I get rid of hiccups?
I just swallowed a piece of glass about 2cm. will it pass through the digestive system without hurting me?help?
Anyone have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
What happens if you find blood in your stool?
I have yellow urine constantly?
Are their any cures for neuropathy?
Which is worse???
Should I be afraid of tick bites?
what does it mean when u have bright red blood coming out your rectum when you have a bowel movement?
I think my pee is killing things. When I pee on things they die. What should i do?
Why does it burn when I pee?
Why do people who don't smoke marijuana have such a problem with those who do...?
Is it possible to take too many iron tablets?
Why do boys get * checked down there * when they have phsicals at school?
What is the most painless and easiest way to die?
My throat hurts so bad that i can barely swallow or eat it also hurts to talk although i dont have a problem?
how long can the human body go without food before damaging internal organs please!?
I get tired easily and my heart beats fast?
what is shortness of breath and a rapid heart beat?
My heart skips beats?
Dizzy Spells. Please, Please Answer!!!!?
Im having weight loss surgery?
mothers blood pressure?
Is it rare for a person in their 20s to get cancer?
Can you get brain cancer with cell phones?
is it possible for an 18 year old to get lung cancer?
why at 27 do we get cancer? never smoked, don't drink only water, and am a veggie.?
i am about to die i have cancer in the hospital what should i do right now?
my boyfriend just found out he has 3 to 6 months to live his cancer has spread. did not know he had cancer?
Trying to get to sleep?
why is it when you get a cut on your tongue it heals alot faster than a cut on your knee or something?
Help please I need it...Thanks!?
insomnia. tried loads but nothing works! help?
Sore throat - unbelievable pain! Help?
are adolescents prone to insomnia and what should be done for them to be able to sleep?
what could happen if i take 10 tylenol pm at a time, can i have an intoxication?
Why do people dying of hunger often have big stomachs?
Wtf is happening with me?Please help me!!!!!!!!?
My boyfriend was throwing up but he stopped sooo...?
when using the loo have blood in stools?
QUESTION related to mouth ulcer (it's urgent ans pls)?
I can't sleep!?
can under 16s visit a GP without a parent in full confidentialety?
Is my blood pressure normal?
Normal Ejection Fraction?
Can high cholesterol level in blood cause sudden rapid heart rate?
Can the body reject a new heart after cardiac rehabilitation-3 months?
will i die if i have 70,000 white cells around my heart?
heart murmur and mitral valve prolapse?
Low pulse pressure( difference between systolic and diastolic pressure). Is it a matter of worry?
Can you eat ice-cream with braces? And some other Questions!?
Everywhere i go i smell lavender. Is that bad?
Please tell me why I keep dropping things I hold in my hands? Is this a symptom of a disease?
if i am 77 years old, with diabetes, and recently been prescribed dialysis treatment, long do i have to live?
do u think it is okay to sell kidney?
Alzheimer's disease?
If you were dying from a heart attack in a lift, should you make sure you push the up button?
my son has an upset stomach, what can i give him for relief?
Of all those who refuse to take blood transfusions, only 13% are JWs. Why do you think the others refuse?
Do I Have Tourettes Syndrome?
My friends don't believe me...?
Anyone else who is around 25 have varicose veins that just randomly started to appear?
Smoked for the first time...?
what causes clumsiness?
This is really pissing me off can someone give me honest advice plz?
i'm only in hs. but i'd love to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. what will help me become one?
Age 32, Heart Beat Rate 52 Beats per minute.?
Clinical question about thrombo emboli?
How to reduce stress ?
BP also go up when you Exercise tell me Please my go up to 152/88 and heart rate 138?
Will TASERING someone who is having Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) jumpstart their heart again?
To many symptoms point towards a possiable blood clot?
I undergone bypass surgery on recently still paining in the heart I want to know surgery is wrongly done.?
I can't fall asleep because of this...?
how can i fall asleep fast?
Does your snoring keep anyone awake?
My throat hurts?
what is an MRI?????????????
Gastrointestinal condtion? Indigestion? What is it?
Please Read - Im 99% sure I have Hypothyroidism?
My Husband is constantly hungry. Is there a disorder where the brain does not tell the stomach that it is full
cant think of the name of this.. .?
My migraine always attack either before or after my menstrual. Each attacks will cause me vomiting?
My grandfather has a tumor...?
How can you stop hic-ups?
why do i smell smoke????????!!!!?
dizzy after smoking ?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
What can I do to get rid of this mucus?
How to stop frequent nose bleeds in the summer?
stopping smoking?
MY FACE fell OFF what DO I DO????????
Is Lanoxin(medicine) a substitute for digoxin ?
Is there a way to lower cholesterol fast to do well on a blood test?
so... what happened to me?? pleease helppp?
What can a prolonged QT interval mean on an ECG?
My cholestoral 318 at time of my stroke and two weeks later i had new blood work and it read 255 how can this ?
how do you diagnose LBBB on the ECG?
When I go to bed at night, why does my heart feels like it is beating fast?
When I wake up in the morning my hands are knumb...could it be a blood/vein/heart issue?
How do you recover from the flu?
How can increase blood flow to the brain?
I had a TSH test done for my thyroid but it came back fine. I have EVERY symptom of a thyroid problem....?
My mom is experiencing these symptoms but refuses to go to the hospital . Are we over reacting or what?
Chikungunya is coming back again. Which is the best treatment?
Do anti-depressents work?
ocd obsesive compulsive dissorder?
whats the difference between pinworms and crabs?
What causes a period of visual hallucinations?
eating disorder?
My son's 4 yr. old daughter has Leukemia....is she to be isolated from others?
why do so many young children get cancer?
i need information on pancreas cancer?
What good is CHEMOTHERAPY if kills the good cells as well as the bad cells?
what is the name of the growth in one's body that can grow teeth and have hair?
Has anyone ever hoped to get told they have cancer?
I can't afford health insurance, what are my options?
Natural insomnia remedies?
I'm 14 and i have a physical on monday. What do they do?
Got stabbed my a pen in my thigh?
is it bad if i get dig pee all over my arm cast?
My mom is getting on my last nerve please help?
I got my little finger stuck in a car door.?
What to do to make scars disappear?
heart attack...................?
How to get rid of my high blood pressure? (13?)?
My daughter heart often beats really fast, she says it hurts what can I do U think I should rush her to the dr?
how does atherosclerosis of the femoral artery affect heart beat and QRS complex?
Tachycardia - whats the reason?
Does anyone know how to combat BP med cough? Stopped drug but cough remains.?
what is the best way to lower my cholesterol?
My heart rate is 123 at rest, should I go get help for this?
Why does heart rate increase when we inhale and decrease when we exhale?
What experiences have others had with stress tests for cardiovascular disease?
I had a test done to test my heart, what does "Troponin I <0.10" mean??
what helps lower blood pressure?
92 heart rate?
Confused about blood pressure!! goes up when im anxious or stressed but is normal when im relaxed......?
Paramedics said ... Possible mild heart attack...but....?
Can a person fight against 1st stage hypertension without resorting to taking medications?
my resting HR is 60 and my bf's is 88. why?
I Need tips on how to keep calm?
how can you tell if you've drank too much water?
why does my left eye keep twitching?
Why am I always so tired?
i quit smoking 10 weeks ago and the stress is gettign worse?
Classic migraines, I get them. What are your syptoms and believed causes?
tightness around my adams apple :(?
What are these symptoms of?
what illness epilepsy is?
i feel dull when i studying?
What incurable disease is curable only for the SUPER RICH?
I think I have an issue with my kidneys.?
What's the solution to a Dry Mouth and Bad Breath?
Which is worse- cigar or cigarette?
Why don't doctors deal with feet? Have you ever thought about this?
Misdiagnosis of Graves Disease?
What do lower legs edema means?
are you nervous or upset healthcare workers do not wear gloves when giving you a needle?
I took 1 mg of xanax almost 24 hours ago. Is it ok to have a few beers tonight? ?
Question on vertigo....?
stomach feels bloated only at TOP, urinating alot, dizzy, feel stuff moving in belly?/?
What does it mean if I have green stools.?
Could hives be a symptom of some underlying cause besides allergies?
.i am only 34 and i am in agony,and scaird what is happening to me.my legs and feet are in constant pain?
Question for doctors or people in the medical field?
heart attack question?
Heart problem for 3 years, 3 docs and 3 thoughts on treatment...?
what stops blood from falling back into the heart?
Can you naturally reduce artery "furring"?
HEART problem?Every so often i feel light headed, kinda surreal feeling?
what happens in heart surgery?
Can you become dependent on medication that lowers your blood pressure? i.e. Linsinopril?
During a ptt test the results show your blood to be elevated and thin.What's the problem?
if hookah is tobacco free, its safe right?
Is smoking and drinking cool?
I can't sleep can anyone give me some good tips on how to fall asleep and quick?
Does clorox kill all bacteria?
Why do I feel so nauseous right now?
Work out - morning or night?
Why do I have to pee every 5 minutes?!?
What's wrong with her???
What do you know about trakes in the throat?
Does anyone know about fainting spells?
Is pancreas surgery risky?
Help, I been having the runs for 2 days, and it hurts to use toilet paper, I have tried using "Tucks" and that
both your judgmentand vision are affected after drinking alcohol?
Drug-Like Problem Need Anybody That Has Med Background!!?
I am extremely sleepy all the time. Why should I do?
how can i stop lying?
is it normal have hallucinations from marijuana if you have a concussion?
Cant Sleep, always been like this, 6 nights in a row now iv been awake, any suggestions please ?
If you could describe your mood in one word, what would it be?
how to make yourself sick?
Is it normal to have difficulty breathing when you're upset or crying?
Why can't I get free healthcare??????!!!!!!?
is it healthy to only get 4 hrs of sleep?
night time cough - how to stop it!!!?
how can i quit smoking weed?
what kind of symptom is this? how can it be treated?
Can the damage done to heart in a heart attack be reversed and normality restored to a human heart?
How is the babby formed?
what if u got a Artificial heart?
can i tell my doctor not to mention heart attack in my record?
Question About Heart Stent Recovery Time?
is my heart too slow?
I need information about high blood pressure.?
What Do You Think Of My Cholesterol Numbers?
i need an ana buddy, badly ?
Why very old people smell?
please could you tell me what clonazepam is and used for?
Stomach / acid problems?
Asperger Syndrome - anyone know anything about it?
What are the signs for a stroke or attack for a woman?
Interesting facts on Bird Flu?
how can i get more sleep?
Why do people cut themselves.also do girls or boys do more?
What does it mean when you cough/spit up green phlem/flem?
Addicts: How difficult is it for you to be in a relationship while trying to stay clean?
I'm trying to find out where to find Triaminicin cold and allergy medicine. Does anyone know ?
Any words of advice for me in my bid to quit smoking!?
Anybody have any ways to relax and fall asleep quickly?
i haven't slept in 20 hours...?
I'm getting my 3rd cervical cancer injection tomorrow....?
what are the chances that it is breast cancer ?? ( she is going to read your answers)?
Can chemo cause cancer or can my cancer come back?
i think i have a brain tumor!!!! HELP!?
I think I pulled a muscle and I don't know what to do?
Which is better getting blood taken from the finger or arm?
Is it normal to enjoy smoking weed.?
can u get the swine flu from a rabbit dog?
How can I pass this drug test? What is the level of nanograms they test on marijuana? What temp. should my pee
I cant never go too sleep it takes me hours! i tried counting sheep it doesnt work. pleasee help!!!!!?
what goes first???????????
What are the best techniques to stay awake?
Is it bad to smoke marijuana if your on your period?
do you get pink eye from farts?
I got an erotic massage.. he ended up bruising me now i have a bruise and welt. Any suggestions? Help! Please!?
my husband got an electric shock in his fingers, now his toe is all black & bruised?
Oww! Darn, my arm hurts... I got a broken bone in my right one. I am using my right hand to type right now.?
I got a deep paper cut today and it go me thinking?
Where can I buy crutches? I need some for my ankle because me doctor won't give me any.. =(?
Always tired and easily worn out?
I feel really ill. What could it be?
got a cold. cant taste food. read description?
Do u wake up often at night?
when do u usually get arthritis in your knees ?
Anyone else wake up with EXTREMELY numb arms in the morning?
Can deaf people.....?
there is a website named death clock.they tell the date of death if tell our date of birth.is it true?
Serious answers only!!?
Anyone had kidney stones?
What is the difference between a dwarf and a midget?
what actions should i take and not take in the case of poisoning?
what is the response times for oklahoma emergency room doctors to come and evaluate paritents presented in er?
I have a Pacemaker (heart). Will I have any trouble going through the security screens at any airport?
Congestive Heart Failure Information?
How i can prevent from SVT attack(super ventricula techacardia)?
Can I play paintball with a pacemaker fitted?
Chest, heart, arm, back pain?
What causes Cardiovascular disease (Heart disease)?
i want to kill a man. he had killed my father. which medicine i have to take.?
gallbladder surgery problems?
Is it ok to Sell one of my Kidney's?
does my 9 yr old have APPENDICITIS?
If a child is hearing impaired, has nerve damage, is a cochlear implant a possiblity? Or not even possible?
how do I get rid of my addiction to nicotine gum?
how do i get rid of a sore throat fast??? please help!!?
What do you do when you accidentally eat your own finger?
How do I stop a nose bleed that's been bleeding for 10 minuets?
can anyone think of any high calorie foods for someone suffering with cancer?
what are some early symthems of breast canser.?
How long does the average person have braces on for?
On a Scale of 1-10 How much do braces hurt?
is this bad manners?
dental visit...how often?
do you breath through your mouth or your nose?
what color braces to stay away from?
Ok. I am almost positive that I NEED braces???
My boyfriend has bad breath how do I tell him?
Im getting braces?
Help with yellow teeth?
Yesterday I got 3 shots and after the 2nd and 3rd shot I started feeling nauseous and dizzy, Is that a common?
is it really cigarette smoking if i don't inhale?
Should i worry?
Blood in your hair...?
How do I get my wife to quit smoking?
What is the correct treatment for constipation?
What can I do to ease migraine? Why did I get it in the first place?
--------is this an eating disorder----------?
is a beating pulse on neck a sign of swollen lymph nodes or HIV?
facts about long term effects of nyquil given to my 13 yr.old son by father daily over past year?
I have been told by ENT specialists that there is no cure for Ringing in the ears [Tinnitus].Experts comment?
Marijuana increases risk for a heart attack?
is my blood pressure low if it is 107 over 55?
my mother had nitral valve relapse and now I have been dianosed with it,and my mother died recently?
Holter monitor?
beta blockers?????????????
Cardiac Output? I'm trying to interpret this from my wife's medical tests, and don't know how to find it.
what should be the low & high blood pressure for a 45 year male,weight 91 kgs.?
blood pressure 210 over 106 - how concerned should i be?
Problem with walking is it heart related?
Don't you hate it when you turn your eyelid inside out while showering and your hands are soapy?
i told my mom i have bulimia, and she doesn't believe me?
What's the best treatment/method to stop biting your nails?
When you're sick..?
taking antibotic and tooth abcsess just ruptured?
Having wisdom teeth cut out?
tooth broke into two?
Can you be put to sleep when you get your teeth pulled?
Chewing gum!!!????? problem please help :)?
Is it bad to brush more than twice a day?
Does getting teeth out without the needle hurt because I have heard it's the needle that hurts the most?..?
Are cavaties in any way reversable?
What is this white, milky stuff excreting from my mouth?
My boyfriend refuses to see a doctor, and I need help. This could be extremely serious!?
Can someone explain to me what OCD is?
I left my ipod earbuds in playing while i was asleep should i see doctor?
What''s the ingredient in NyQuil that makes you sleepy?
it reallyyy hurts!!!!?
WHAT THE HECK IS WITH MY EYE !!! It's twitching -_o?
I'm constipated...how do I help it...out?!?!?
I am supposed to be out tonight, but i am due an op soon?
Anxiety People?
Was lipitor one of the drugs that was causing heart attacks?
Is it healthy to be able to donate blood in 3 minutes 20 seconds?
Recently every time I have a beer, my heart starts to pound, and if I have more it gets worse and worse.?
Remedy for high pulse rate?
How do you increase HDL when all other metabolic numbers are great?
Is 78/48 blood pressure level really bad for a 17 year old girl?
If Healthy, Do You Do Sprints To Increase HGH And Maintain The ELASTICITY Of Your Blood Vessels As You Age?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea... does that mean the 5th one enjoys it?
Having troube passing stool?
EpiPen question...?
symptoms of what ?
how can i get my 8 month old daughter to swallo some liquid medicine without spiting it out?
how does smoking weed help glaucoma patients?
have an autistic 10 year old son with terrets anyone no of a calming medician?
My teeth are hurting!~~help!?
after braces?
Does anybody enjoy the high pitched noise of the dentists drill?
Oral Hygiene!?
Cold Sore?
Why does my mom gum hurt her so much?
really bad smell from husband?
Ok, I use to dip. I dipped for about a mouth, and now in my mouth on my bottom lip I have a dark bump? Cancer?
Braces! help.... do they hurt?
question about my braces...?
I burned my bottom lip will it scar?
i heard that if u touch someones belly button for 6 seconds its considered rape?
always tired?
Do you think my dentist will be mad?
Why don't famous people have braces?
Does anything happen if boys eat food without tops?
What is the difference between hypertrophic cardiomypathy and athletes heart? Is athletes heart dangerous?
My heart is beating 90 beats per minute?
Are You Aware That There Is NO SUCH THING As "The French Paradox"?
What kind of things can i eat becaus my Cholesterol is elavated?
Has anyone had feelings of breathlessness several months after heart surgery? What could cause it?
I need to find alternaive solution for my boyfriends high blood pressure, besides going and getting a prescrip?
Inhalers 'could cause heart attack'??
can flavored vodka cause a heart attach?
why do every time i get heck ups my chest and heart hurt so bad?
Why is my pee orange?
My left eye hurts so much to open, it's red, watery, and blurry. Why?
Will Humans evolve without CANINE teeth?
I have a slight space between my two front teeth, how can I get this fixed?
10 easy points! what happened?
How old were you when you got your wisdom teeth?
Ahhh!BAD breathe!?
Just had a cavity filled!?
Does baking soda work for whitening teeth and treating bad breath?
elastics for braces?
when can i eat after getting fillings?
Can you get gingivitis if you makeout with someone that has it?
If both your parents have had cancer in their 50's what are the chances of you getting it?
What options when surgery and chemo have done all they can?
What happens if you don't treat cancer?
I have a project to do about cancer?
Is there any sure way to get cancer?
how will harry die in the 7th book?
continuous dizziness after flying?
diahearria question!?
i am 21 ive had eczema for about 7 years now my docter is no help how can i find out what is causing it?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
Is vomiting with blood a serious medical condition?
Lump found under arm pit?
I have a flatulence problem and excess creation of gas in my body. It is a damage to my self esteem. Any cure?
What is the best thing to calm yourself when you are agitated?
how do i get a ring off my finger if its stuck?
i was attacked & now im anxious & suffer panic attacks help ASAP?
Trouble Sleeping?
What causes your ears to 'pop' and 'un-pop'?
Palpitation's, i am 14 and i have them regularly is that normal?
My dad's heart is functioning at 30%, his kidneys are at 36% and he's diabetic. How long do you think he has?
is there another name for a mini stroke?
Is this normal or could it be something else?
Any medical knowledge out there?
Okay, my heart rate when I sleep is in the 20's...my cardiologist wanted to put me on Lisinopril?
pause between heartbeats?
Blood pressure question: 93 over 57 w/ 88 pulse?
For some reason I moan in my sleep?
How many hours sleep do you need?
My Pharmacy says it needs three days notice to supply a repeat prescription, do you think reasonable?
what are some ways to relieve itching of mosquito bites?
Do you go to sleep at the same time every day?
what is the best way to quit smoking??????????????????
is it true if you have a hernia and it dosen't hurt you dont need surgery?
Why do diseases have no vaccination?
Will pot show up in my urine test?
What is Crohn's disease?
How can one get to sleep fast when it seems he/she has insomnia?
my friends children persistently have head lice , the mother said they have had it for two years.i have?
liver and kidney failure?
Has anyone out there had this type of pain before?
what is the difference b/t anorexic and bulimic? And which is worse?
I woke up this morning, and my eyes were all puffy, it has happened twice now in the last six months?
Please I need advice, my mom has stopped taking her heart medication....?
High blood pressure 140/114?
What is in the Saline Solution?
why arent people allowed to drive for a while after heart surgery?
Should you take your blood pressure sitting or laying down?
Got a heart attack,l PLEASE HELP!?
would be over weight alone lead to bp this high?
Will a 9 story fall to concrete be fatal?
were u satisified after ur braces were removed?
I have had a toothache for a few weeks.....?
Info on braces?
I need a toothache remedy?
Is it ok to rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide? i heard it helps whiten your teeth.?
How to make teeth white ? dont say wash with RIN?
root canal?
If you break your jaw, do you die?
what's the best non-medical cure for chronic insomnia?
What could illness could I have?
I took 5 tylenols to try and get to sleep i went into school the next day could i have gotten into trouble?
What do you call the hairs that grows on legs, chest, and arms of adults? Is there a special name for them?
I've been extremely light-headed and dizzy all day. What gives?
How big is the scar when you have your appendix out? And can you have it out using keyhole surgery?
please help, anyone answer..? ?
Child bleed in anus?
what causes eyelashes to fall out?
Annoying hiccups.?
What could this pain be?
How do cleanse my body from toxins?
Do lice prefer clean hair to dirty?
nose bleeds ... why ??
What are natural ways to feel more awake?
Is this "Serious" enough to talk to any body about?
nose bleed?
Congestive Heart Failure do's and dont's!!!?
why smoking cause hypertension?
my resting heart rate is 130?
How do you get an EKG?
What are some diseases and effects of obesity, for instance a heart attack?
Do doctor's always want you to make an appt. for test results or just when the news is bad?
Which of the two, angioplasty or bypass surgery would you suggest for this angiography report?
I have had bad cramps from taking high cholesterol medicine. Any help to overcoming this would be very helpful
Is it healthier to drink soup before eating dinner, or the other way around, or doesn't matter?
can't sleep whats wrong?
Why do women wear rings in their ears? Is it for improving their senses of hearing?
what do you do when you got insomnia?
Ive stopped smoking cannabis.........?
My stomach hurts like heck and im pukin help!?
is it any good to the body to give blood?
Do You Think That I Will be Tall?
Do people really wake up feeling refreshed in the morning or is that just a load of bull?
Will marijuana show up on a physical exam urine test for a 13 year old male.?
When you have slightly watery eyes and squint and see circles & squiggles floating... are those cells?
i am deaf with no reason so far, what reasons could cause deafness?
Which blood vessels are affected when one has a heart attack?
cheating a heart rate monitor?
I'm worried and stress!!! Is My BP dangerously high?
How much excercise contribute to the reduction of heart disease?
Can anyone inform me about shrimp & lobster?
6 yr old complaing of heart racing and a belly ache?
Heart Palpitation Question?
Is left arm discomfort ALWAYS the sign of a heart attack?
How long should I give up drinking to do my liver good?
I have an underactive thyroid?
Does anybody know any one with Chrons Diesease?
Has anyone had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Does anyone know if gum disease is deadly?
Is it possible that I may have appendicitis?
Is there a high correlation of epilepsy with mental health problems?
i have a lump on my ear and it hurts?
how to a get a gag reflex so i can make myself throw up?
Shaving-cut won't stop bleeding?
what is the side effect when you fracture a rib?
I wake up every morning with the dryest mouth. The humidity level is 50% in the house so it's not that. Help?
What are some of the interesting ways to consume health products like essence of chicken?
Im supposed to smoke weed on ssaturday, but i have a blood test in three weeks will it show up?
what was the longest you have gone without sleep (dont answer if it was drug induced)?
Best medicine to make me sleepy?
Can you live by getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night ?
wast the worst injury u ever had??
what are the signs of high blood pressure?
whats 50 to the chest?
I was put on cholesterol and blood pressure pills three months ago.?
What are the things that a person with a heart problem can't do?
when is cocaine use NOT considered abuse?
Heart Bypass Graft options?
If you go into the ER and the doctor suspects a heart attack?
Please help!! Hurt myself!! BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN EASY 10 PTS?
i always feel sleepy when i'm at school even though i sleep early. how do i get rid of this sleepiness?
urgent question about HEALTH PLEASE!!?
Smoking Craving?
What is meant by potable water?
What causes "the chills"?
Guys can you please help me with my brain prob?
serious health question!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some causes of vomiting red blood?
Is it possible to undo years of alcohol damage?
What disorder is this?
Why do some people have yellow eyes?..is it hepatitis?
Tetnus shot made my arm reallly sore?
Rare heart condition, is it real?
heart rate issue which is concerning me?
sometime ago i had a brain stroke and found my self on the roof of room floating. what does that mean?
what is anteroseptal myocardial infraction?
***Pleeeeeeeese answer - Can a paralyzed stroke victim regain feeling?
Any Doc's on here..........................?
i need to know what exactly is circulatory collaspe caused by acute myocardial infarction . in plain english.?
Test!!! Heart Cavities. Please Help!?
what is a stroke or annuerism?
I'm sick, how to get better fast???
I'm thinking of getting a tatoo on the back of my neck (tiny bit lower). Does it hurt?
The best way to quit smoking?
Sprained ankle help!?
how do i break a foot or wrist on purpose to go home from Iraq?
A drawer fell on my big toe and now underneath the toe nail is blackish blueish,what should I do?
Are there any other people on here pick at the sides of their thumbs until they bleed and are damn sore?
I'm wondering about heart pains or chest pains?
i m taking ramipril caps for high blood pressure .now my blood pressure is normal how i stop this medicine?
What does LDL (calc) mean?
I suffer severe edema from CHF - perhaps an MD or another sufferer explain to me.?
how long does the average person live after congestive heart failure?
question about my pulse?
a friend of mine has a hdl cholesterol of 306. how serious is this?
Always tired, heart palpitates, can't stand ANY sort of heat, feel dizzy ALL THE TIME...what could it be?
I'm turning 40 in just over a week, and I'm not looking forward to it. Does anyone have any comforting words?
why do doctors shine their flash light in peoples eyes.?
If you throw up.................?
How can I stop my hiccups?
Drinking bottled water that has been sitting in the car or in your house causes what?
I am 83, what should my blood pressure be?
Irregular heartbeat? Any thoughts?
have any of you had open heart surgeries?
What could cause shortness of breath, fatigue, low heart rate, and dizziness?
youngest age to be at risk for a stroke?
What are the Cons of an Artificial Heart?
Does anyone have any tips on how to lower high blood pressure naturally?
Why does my heart... feel so bad?
heart pains and shaky?
ok i need help last night my grandmother i know she had a heart attack?
Ear Cleaning?
What parts of your body do you shave or wax?
Have you ever quit smoking cold turkey?
Can an overdose of tylenol or aleve kill you?
What is this?
Is it good or bad to die in vein?
whats the best way to get asleep?
How's your fettle?
My ex boyfriend is smoking weed?
I feel like I am dying everyday, how does this letter sound?
Coughing up mucus!?
whats the fastest most effective way to get rid of an anxiety disorder?
There was blood when I whiped after passing a stool?
Will I get tetanus?
I am a man taking a urin-based drug screening. Will I be caught if I use a specimen from a female?
I just turned 20, but i feel old coz i'm no longer a teen...is this normal??
Am i lactose intolerrant (plz read on)??
what causes constipation and diarea?
Burns when i pee. Could it be because i don't drink enough water?
How can I get sick???
whats the advantage of having a shower?
Holy crap what's wrong with me?????????????????????
Whats wrong with me?
ciggerettes && weed ?
What are symptoms of High Blood Pressure?
If a man of 43 suffered a mild heart attack, what MUST he do to live a long life free of further heart probs?
fast heartbeat suddenly, without being afraid or doing tiring activity ?
My EKG was read by a Cardiologist: Atrial flutter w/2:1 heart block Nonspecific ST and T Wave abnormaliites?
Blockage in legs without having test to prove it?
I have a murmur in my heart and i might end up having a heart attack but i want to join the army.?
how long will i be tired after my heart attack?
do i sleep to much?
Help with problems regarding my nose?
Having trouble sleeping.....HELP!!!?
i am 5' 3''and weighs 62 .5 kg.it seems i have to reduce my weight. i have been trying for nealy 2 months but
What is Autism and WHY do so many children have it now?
If your wife and child both had kidney failure. Which one would you give your kidney to?
How are you being treated for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) ?
What cause mouth ulcers?
If someone stops using meth after about a week do they get grouchy and not feel good?
Do people die of AIDS even if they use medication?
Whats wrong with my vision?
What My disease Is Called ?
Could I have broken my nose?
How many stairs would someone have to fall down to be sure they're really dead, and not stuck in a coma?
Why do I have headaches EVERY single day? I have had them everyday since I was around 4, and I'm now 21.?
Is blood pressure measured through clothes accurate?
Should I get my heart checked out?
high blood pressure at 23?
is 48 too low for heart rate of a woman in her late 40's?
I have chest irritation?
My heart started beating really fast earlier. It was while I was eating pizza. What can this be?
i think im having heart palpitations?
Do you have the expectation that medical procedures need to be free of risk?
Is there anyway to control the bowel movements of a person who is incapacitated to avoid major cleanup issue?
worried by the fact that I'm not worried?
Do anyone have Gerd (acid reflux). It feels like you can't breathe along with pressure in your chest.?
is it the flu or food poising..?
how do i know if i have a thyroid condition?
Have you had your rabies shot?
I want cure my stammering please tell me the remedy to cure stammering problem?
does anyone have a good remedy to disolve kidney stones.?
Question for people with an eating disorder or have had one?
Oh my gosh! Sinus question help PLEASE!?
How to get my husband to quit smoking?
Wasn't able to sleep, have to work a 12 hr shift. What can I do to "power through"?
Is doing the stress test the best way to find any blockage in the heart?
When a stroke survivor forgets to take his blood thinner, what are the top things to do (or avoid) the next ay?
can raisins or bananas help with an irregular heartbeat?
How can I lower my heart rate?
What's wrong with me? Frequent Heart Palpitations?
is there a generic brand for the med Plavix?
being diagnosed with hypertension?
I miss my heart beat 3/4 times in a minute. do i have a heart problem ? i?
Having a Heart Murmur...?
i have a heart murmur would there be any complications during normal labour?
Does anyone know this for a crossword puzzle 5 letters? Cerebral palsy is a general term for _____ disorders.?
What is Candida??
does anyone have stomach problems here? and have any advice for me?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
how to get rid of constipation with or without medicines?
Do animals catch colds?
what is wrong with me?!?!?!!?!?
If don't smoke many cigarettes, can you still get cancer over time?
Has anyone ever wondered why theres so much suffering?
I keep getting pain in my left lower leg after I run...?
Would you be mad if someone was drawing your blood and they missed the vein on the first try?
My girlfriend banged her right pinky toe and been experiencing numbness,why is this happening?
i just started nights 6pm-6am, what sort of sleep pattern should i do because i cant sleep right through..?
My eye lid?
How can O'Bama solve our health care problems?
Need health insurance, thinking of getting HMO through work?
Are anesthesiologists somehow different than doctors when you go to the hospital for surgery?
3 days into stopping smoking and I'm going mad...help please?
How can I improve my concentration levels at work?
I sleep on a water bed. Does anyone else?
mouth ulcers, how to get rid?
Do I have OCD!?!?
my child came down with head lice any one know an easy way to get rid of this...?