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after urineating i feel a burn in my pinis and after every 15 seconds i urine a few drops. Whats its cause?
My mum has been diagnosed with cataract in both eyes.......?
What caused blood in urine?
folk remedys?
How the digestive system of the body should be kept ok?
How old is too old to get tested for autism?
whats the disease where by you cant feel pain?
Acid in stomach, any quick cures?
if you strain to hard, does your bum fall out, its what i heard?
ive never had a zit and i just got one, what should i put on it to make it go away?
How to break an ankle?
I fell on some ice at my apt complex,im in some real pain,sould someone be held liable for this?
could i break my leg by jumping down the stairs and landing on one foot?
I hit my head on ice...what should I do?
please should i go to doctor?
I CAN NEVER SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a lump on the side of my neck, what should I do?
Can't slepp. Any suggestions appreciated?
My husband has gone 7 days without a bowel movement?
What are the health conditions... touching yourself... can cause?
The doctor diagnosed me with bursitis and gave me a cortizone injection this morning and it still hurts tonite
Anyone know what this is?
nneed helpp?
I can't find a definite answer anywhere, how long does food poisoning take to hit you?
I need a doctor! WTF is going on in my body?
Is there a natural way I can get nightmares?
My right ear is block how do i unblock it?
Are there any foot care products for bad feet?
How do you cover a hickey?
What is it called when your heart beats really fast?
Am I having a heart attack?
Do I have high blood pressure?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Can i join the army with a heart murmur?
anxiety and blood pressure?
really an extra heart beat, or not?
My husband has to lower his high blood pressure for a job, he is testing his BP today again...?
my child is 4 years she have cough daily during night and rest's in vomitting.?
I am 12 weeks pregnant and I been coughing really bad for week now and can't sleep at night.will my baby be ok
Tricks to get mucus out of your throat, please?
How can you train yourself to take pills?
bad posture been told to get my back cracked?
tips for sleep?
Describe the worst NIGHTMARE you've ever had!?
Why does hand sanitizer only kill '99.9%' of germs?
Is this injury possible / likely?
Whats the best way to get up in the morning ? :p?
Do I have a possibility of getting a stroke at a young age?
Could I actually have a stroke right now or was my doctor just trying to scare me?
Heart Attack Possibility?
Heart rate normally beat?
is cardiac arrest and a heart attack the same thing?
How fast does a heart attack hit you?
question on cardiac arrest...?
I'm terminally ill and just had heart by pass. Trying to get by without government help.?
If my Grandma died cus of Cancer, does it mean Im at risk?
Can smoking weed kill me?
I've just found out from my doctor that my cancer has spread and I don't have long left. What do I do?
Do you know anyone with Breast Cancer? Have you had it yourself?
How can you prevent cancer?
anyone here been smoking for a long time and still alive ?
what is worse marijuana or huffing household cleaners?
What causes to have cataract???
Is 4 or 5 drinks a day enough to cause cirrhosis of the liver?
My doctor says that my illness is psychosomatic....?
My Abdomen is so swollen What could it be?
What is causing numbness in my foot, leg, hand and arm?
How much acid should I do?
Upset stomach!?
Will swallowing soapy water be harmfull for ducks??
AM I a severe alcoholic?
I like cranberries but cranberry juice tastes like wee?
Whats the worst problem you've had this month?
Is this blood pressure normal?
im 15 and i get this sharp pain in my heart if u know whats going on please tell me?
My dad will be going undergoing coronary bypass soon. How do I deal with it and his recovery?
How many drinks does it take to cause fetal alcohol syndrome?
Why does my heart hate the hot tub?
Nervous about my echocardiogram?
Why is my heart beating hard and fast?
what chairtys logo is two hearts that over lap?
Can you get high if you don't smoke weed but are around people who are smoking it?
How do you remove earwax? and what is it?
Will I become a zombie?
My friend got his head stomped on and he thinks something is wrong, please help?
my arm muscle hurts after doing pushups?
Has anyone ever farted and burped at the same time?
Curious To Know, Is This Practice Normal Among Men....Or Is It Just My Nasty Guy Friends? lol Why Don't Men..
organ transplant question?
Heart Palpitations, Head Rushes, and Insomnia. OH MY!?
anxiety attacks and smoking?
heart beating about 240 beats per minute?
I've had a "wonderful heart" and pretty low blood pressure...so why does my chest hurt and heart pound?
Is it safe to stay at work?
Heart questions (medical people are needed)?
what are the precautions of heart attack and paralysis?
Is 26 too young to begin having heart problems?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery......?
How to quit smoking w/o meds?
Smoking for about 3 years, increasing chest pains, something to worry about?
question about asthmaa?
my 11 year old sister is smoking!?
can mold cause asthma in young ppl?
Does anyone out there crave cigarette ashes?
If you had to pick the way you died how would you want to go?
i want to know how to be a good girl?
What causes DARK SHADING under EYES?
If you have scars, can you just go tanning, and they will be less visible...??
How do I stay awake tommorow(All nighter)?
Feel extreme guilt every time I eat. I don't know how to overcome this.?
how do I clean mould from plastic shower curtains?
i haven`t poo`d for 7 days and im on a constant adrenalin rush!?
Is marijuana so much worse than alcohol?
Help! my heart felt like it skipped a beat again?
my heart beating and pounding very fast.why?
How do i increase my heart rate?
my test came back daying i had occlusion and stenoisis of the cartiotid artery with cerebreral infraction dr?
What could be causing my orthostatic hypotension, I am only 16?
Time to get Rib Cage healed after Open Heart Surgery?
can someone please help me out pic included?
Is there any way to make a black eye go away quicker?
How long approx. will a 64 yr old male who has had quadruple heart bypass, smoker, diabetic, expect to live ?
Do I need a doctor for my ingrown toenail?
If I walk up the stairs twice will I have to do it the next time?
I sprained my ankle at school, should I go to a doctor?
i got my ear pierced a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if i could change it now?
I have a thumbtack stuck in my foot?
Am I to old for this blanket to sleep with?
I go to bed at 10 but can't sleep till hours later, like 2, and then I have to get up at 7, why can't I sleep?
drug use..or something?
how can you make yourself throwup if you dont have a gag reflex?
swollen thyroid gland?
are immunity and severe weight loss a symptom of anaemia ?
im 17 (so i dont know much) and my mother is very sick and i dont know whats wrong can you help me?
If you could cure somene's disease by taking it on to yourself, would you?
I have had blood in my stool for nearly a month, what could be causing it?
What's this lump in my armpit??
liver problems?
if u go out in humid weather ,will affect the multiple sclerosis?
is someone is bitten by a bat, can they get rabies? please, no bad vampre jokes, I wll report you if u do?
Do Doctors make changes in a person's medical treatment to help the big drug companies sell new drugs?
what would you rec commend for killing bad breath bacteria? something like really strong seriously?
What does it mean when you dream someone has die?
Can you really 'sweat out' alcohol through exercise?
How can I get my husband to stop smoking in the house?
is there a way to smoke water ?
Is smoking really going to kill you?
I have a very clogged nose. It feels like I can't breathe through it. Does anyone know what could help?
SHOULD I start smoking?
Would Six Flags roller coasters affect my mitral valve prolapse?
If someone gets a heart transplant, is it true that they can develop the old heart-owner's characteristics?
What's the best way to lower one's blood pressure without taking any maintenance?
what is throat cancer's survival rate?
is it possible for a doctor to mistakenly diagnose a cancer patient as terminal ?
When I was born my Aorta was missing?
Would you consider these cholesterol levels "normal"?
High school drug testing question?
My feet stink when i take my shoes off!?
What should i eat while having a fever?
migraine symptoms? weird!!!?
I got off the plane still dizzy and I've been like this hours after?
I quit smoking and now I have dry skin, menstual changes, abdominal cramps, and constipation. Help!?
I have Fibromyalgia;It is very painful.I know lots of others have it.What do you guys do for your pain.?
HELP!! What can this be?
i have a cold......but my ears sound like there is water in them, what on earth is this?
What ever happen to the West Nile Virus?
is it bad when you take a piss and it is red-orange?
I can't sleep in the dark. What shall I do?
i asked this question the other day, but still not sure..?
I'm tired. ALL the time. please help!?
My friend uses laxatives and vomits after each meal, will she lose weight rapidly?
Im having 2 teeth pulled tomorrow, will 2 glasses of wine do me any harm tonite?
My friend is diagnosed with crohns disease, can anyone give me a life expectancy cuz im really worried?
I have a 103 fever with other severe symptoms should I go to the hospital?
Tips to quit smoking.?
My Scab fell off and its pink skin under where it was please help.?
broken heart????
does working out lower your resting heart rate?
how do you reduce high blood pressure?
can stress cause high blood pressure?
My skin is really bad, shall i go to a doctor?
Sometimes when I breathe in i have a sharp stabbing feeling on my left side of my chest? HELP?
Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?
Should I feel bad if I start smoking weed?
Is it safe to drink and eat cold things when you have pneumonia?
Ok, I'm a smoker and I have a pain in my chest...?
how to avoid morning sleep ?
what should i do about the swine flu??
Do you have be very ill/dying to ask for an euthanasia?
Is it bad if my urine has a pinkish tint to it?
What does a doctors note look like?
Bulimia. should i confess?
Why women suffer from migraine more than men?
Help?!? Almost fainting and pressure in the head?
Is bells palsy permanent?
can a young kid have restless leg syndrome she is 4 years old?
what can smelly urine be a sign of?
Head injury?
what happens if your head is cut off?
Does a bruise heal faster when left open or when under bandaging?
Body Odour question, please help?
I am 4'11, and I weigh 400 pounds - Is this okay?
is this self inflicting pain or just a way to calm myslef down?
is being 104 degrees normal?
does it sound like i have cancer?
Hi My mother in law got a painless lump in her neck near the jaw ,could it be cancer?
Do I have cancer (serious)?
do i have throat cancer? please help. i'm worried sick.?
Why don't cancer doctors prescribe Bexxar and Zevalin?
Is it bad to smoke cannabis occasionally?
Can we cure gulcoma eye disease?
What are good ways of getting rid of a cold ?
what is sclerosis of the liver?
I have been told by 4 doctors that I am bipolar-the 5th one thinks I am depressed! I don't know what to think
i was normal until i reached 11 -12 years old?
Should I take my 17-year-old son to the doctor for his nosebleeds?
What is ESR test?
I've had explosive diarrhea the last two weeks, what's wrong?
Urinary Tract Infection?
I can't sleep?
Is it normal to all of the sudden start peeing alot? Like 6 times in one hour?
I can't sleep without sleeping tablets, so what should i do?
can't fall asleep. help please?
I have a sinus infection, and my ear is blocked. Help?
Why do I smell cigarette smoke when there is none?
what keeps you awake at night? any suggestions? easy points here!?
Why are Americans so obsessed with healthcare?
Do I look fat to you?
why can't i drag myself out of bed in a morning?
If my dad is 5'10 and my mom is 5'4, how tall you think I should be?
Why is Honey 'unsuitable for children under 12 months'?
sensitve problem, sweaty bum :$?
What caused me to get sick?
drug problem...do I have one?
Do you believe bulimia is cowardly?
Would you die if you didn't pee?
My blood pressure is 112 over 75 and my pulse is 98. I'm 18, is this ok?
If my heartbeat is normal, but i'm having unexplained chest pains?
Is my blood pressure/heart rate too high?
what does low iron mean in a blood test result?
Does smoking cannabis once damage you alot?
Should i take laxatives after hemorrhoid surgery?
I need your help...I am bulimic how can i stop?..?
what are the long term effects of alcohol?
What's an anuerism?
Do you have Fibromyalgia, how long?
What is wrong with me?
diarhhea every 10-60 mins for the past 17 hours... what should I do?
My vision is getting bad, not blurry but just little dots all over the place block what im trying to see.?
Beer and diarrhoea?
Why does alcohol, especially beer, go through your system so fast and make you have to pee so suddenly?
Having a General Anaesthetic. Will it hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER I'm 13?
Is it bad that i have spent about 12 hours in bed today?
my moms blood pressure was reallyhigh like 160 or 140 over something. its NEVER this high.?
I have had a hard time falling asleep this week. Is it harmful in any way to take Benadryl to fall asleep?
Why is this happening?
Don't like Alcohol and am in a situation.?
is this normal for a 12 year old girl? i need a tiny weeny bit of advise, would you tell me if this is normal!?
does it hurt to throw up?
My leg feels weird 13 years old I'm scared help?
i want to break my arm just to be in a cast what should i do?
Parents say ovulation pains, but I think otherwise?
my head itches but I have already been checked for lice by a doctor?
I am diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but i'm not satisfied with my doctor's treatment. what 2 do?
Teeth/Gums any suggestions?
What are th causes of a very fissured and red tongue?
my kindeys hurt what should i do will drinking water help?
Do I really have fibromyalgia?
Getting rid of a Cold?
Can you have arthritis in your stomach?
When a person is blind, what does it see. Meaning, is their view all black, white or just blurry?
what is sleep deprivation?
this is kinda gross... but i need to know lol?
IM SO SCARED COULD I HAVE sudden cardiac death omg im scared im 16?
Why Does My Heart Skip A Beat?
My blood pressure is 165/105.?
I've been getting dizzy spells? Anyone know what this could be? My blood pressure is fine.?
Fingernail Ridges?
Is AIDS a disability?
how long does pot stay in your system and is it possable to get it out quicker?
Which disease,syndrome or health condition should i do my brochure on?
A few of my teeth are infected - pain comes & goes. Now my whole jaw hurts - am I in serious trouble?
What's wrong with my throat/breathing?
Severe headaches for a 22 year old female?
i'm broke but i need glasses really bad...?
How can you make dizziness go away without eating?
is it enough tramadol?
Sore pain, sometimes stabbing. Appendix?
What type of fats are the major causes of heart disease?
am i having a heart attack?
my blood pressure is 155/102?
Have you know anyone that has died from Hypertension?
Do I get enough sleep?
Which gym shall I join?
Will Vitamin C Really Boost the Immune System?
What's your favourite vitamin?
Did I get raped???
are you left or right handed?
How can i get thicker?
Does the the three second rule really work?
What are good ways to get rid of backpain?What is your solution?
My son is 2 year old but he is not speaking even single world is this is any problem?
If you get a blood test for something but you have HIV...would it show up in the test for the doctors?
how do u get ride of lice fast... someone please help!!!!?
I'm so Tired....?
Please readd she's very sickkk severe night sweats,fever, and throwing up?
How to make my voice sound like im sick?
Frequently Dizzy?
Once you eat something how long until it completely passes out of your digestive system?
Can anyone tell me what's a happy brownie?
Thyroid meds with milk?
OCD (Obssesive Compulsive Disorder)?
When i poo there is blood but it never hurts?
What happens when i cut my wwrist and put a sharpie in it but 2 days later im shaky and not eating?
whats the best way to cure UTI?
whats this lump in my throat?
I am in desparate need of any treatments that actually WORK for Fibromyalgia.?
does vitamin c help your immune system?
Should I help my mom or go to work?
what is health?
does smoking cigarettes gives cancer???
Dad's blood pressure 234/114?
Why does my heart hurt at random times and my left chest feel tight?
chest pain? help?
if my doctor said my heart is fine should i believe him?
i am constantly afraid of dying(i need reassurance)?
Why is it when I smoke?????
Is this a sleep disorder or lethargy?
how to get relief from gas problems?
What Are The Symptoms Of A Urinary Tract Infection?
A friend of mine had just rushed to hospital, he is from Poland and his ilness?
is there any kind of cure for parkinson's diseasese anywhere in the world?
A target-shaped marking on my head?
do i have the stomach virus?
What can this be?
Anybody know why puss stinks? I know it is disgusting.... but hey I was just wonderin'?
whats is this thingy on my head?
Standing up causes dizziness etc.?
Please help me!!what do I do?
What's better for your wrists: navigating with mouse or keyboard?
Trouble falling asleep, please help?
Insomnia, I can't get no sleep... any top tips?
I've been taking Crestor (Cholesterol lowering pills) for a couple weeks. My eyelids swell up in the morning?
How can i lower my blood pressure?
Heart Hurt...What does it mean?
how do you keep your heart working?
what is too high of a bp?
Help, should I go see a doctor?
could i possibly have an illness?
Should I Be Worried??
Any help for gout?
My Son has a really swollen face with his Tonsillitis is this quite normal?
I have Multiple Sclerosis is there anything i can do about this?
I think I may be lactose intolerant.?
is it ok to go anorexic for a little while?
can anyone help me with this serious problem! ?
If you bun da blessid (Weed/Ganja) This one's for you!?
I'm 14 years old with a pretty smile.?
There's something in my mouth!
Could I Get Into Dental School With a Business Degree?
I'm getting braces tomorrow. How are they put on and does it hurt?
Do I have a nice smile?
Is it ok to use tea tree oil as mouthwash?
Help - my braces are making my teeth hurt BADLY.?
I went to the dentist for a check up and she said I needed a root canal.?
what is hpv? ugh im sooo f***** stressed!?
Could i have a brain tumour?
I find to lumps under my arm pit, and I'm worried?
INSOMNIA-what do i do?
Ear Problem?
what foods do not contain wheat?
Can someone please explain my disgust for this part of the body?
can you get pregnat if you take birth control pill ?
Cholesterol reading, Is 5.4 too high?
This question is for people who believe in other solutions before drugs?
Help! Am I an alcoholic? I'm a stripper and drink every night.?
My mom cut her finger while cutting raw pork..what should we do??
right knee hurts every time i run what can this be?
My 18 month old son ate deer poo. Does anyone know if deer carry anything transmittable to humans?
My rectal passage is itchy and sometimes feels like it's burning?
I'm overweight using the Body Mass Index. I play sport and can sprint without feeling any strain. Any issues?
what foods should you eat when your constantly throwing up? (but not stomach flu)?
i have a blood disorder and my eyes are yellow so people call me yellow eyes and i dont like it what shal i do
What can help acid reflux besides Nexium?
I keep doing odd things, like..........?
What is your favourite disease?
when someone has bypass surgery, what does that mean?
I'm 13 and i need to lose weight for my heath HELP???
Is it possible to 'clear' build up of fats from the arteries ie maybe from a specific diet or something else?
Lately I seem to randomly get what feels like very light pins & needles in my left hand in the last two finger
How do i break my wrist????
trouble sleeping.........?
How to fall asleep in the next hour?
i need sleep and i know it?
If i took a half of xannax 1 mg 48 hours ago. How much longer will it stay in my system?
Nervous before sugery…anyone like a doctor know how to calm these nerves?
Do you think Morgellons is a real disease?
what kind of doctor should i see?
Hello, my sister had blood tests done and found she had an underactive thiroid, they also found liver damage!?
I have been lost ?
OMG!!! What happens if I had accidentally ate a small plastic piece of a mechanical pencil?
Whats wrong with me.?
I was skateboarding nd my board lands on my toe, a month later my nail finally came off, will it grow back?
My mosquito bite turned into a bruise?
ear piercing infection!!!!!!!!!!!?
What happens when there is little circulation of blood to your limbs? ?
Isn't being over weight unhealthy than why are there athletic over weight and still healthy and athletic?
my mums smoking her life away..
Does she have High Blood Pressure?
why are the mexicans who are allowed in this country taken care of medicaly, and our own citizens are forced t
I've just accidentally cleaned my teeth with haemorrhoid cream, should I throw my toothbrush away?
Can't fall asleep, lying in bed awake all night?
I haven't slept in about 55 hours. How can I make myself tired?
who's awake now? i just got woken up by the sounds outside and i can't sleep!?
Why did my boyfriend watch me sleep and stroke my face?
sometimes, randomly, my heart starts beating stupidly fast and i get really hot and cold at the same time?
What do you call it when you can't breath?
if you get hit in the head real hard you get a bump do you become mentally retarted?
I have anxiety attacks and dizzy spells. What are these symptoms of?
alcoholism problem?
what is the best way to get rid of a sore throat.?
I just inhaled a a whole can of Lysol! What should I do?!?
I just overdosed on Fluoxotine/Prozac - 15 X 20mg = 300mg?
do i have brain tumor?
Does anyone know an all natural product to help insomnia?
Can drinking just water provoke an acid reflux episode?
PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER... Will i pass a URINE test for cocaine?
How do i cure a water balloon on my thumb?
Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever i swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me?
Can't sleep at night can you help?
What are health hazards for not getting enough sleep?
Has anyone ever had this problem and got any medical advice on it?
Can using pepto bismol often be bad for you?
Why is waking up so difficult?
In a one minute how many times our heart beat?
My doctor wrote "CP"... what does that mean?
Pre-Hypertension, should I be concerned about it?
How to get rid of headaches?
Guys: What do you think about chubby girls?
I feel sick and vomit every day, but only at night?
Please help! Horrible pain!?
What is the history of anorexia?
What is the appendix? What causes it? How do you know if you have it?
my eyes are sore and im slightly dizzy what is this?
what are symptoms of a bad gulbladder?
Slight earache but started to bleed from the ear, why?
I have diarhhea just about everyday and it has just started to also burn when i pee?
what could i have??
If a doctor's office told you this, what would you think?
Okay, don't laugh at me, but is my wrist sprained or just sore?
Have to ask, Any credible reasons for not vacinating. Or not wearing set belts.?
i slept at 8 pm and wound the clock to set the alarm at nine in the morning. how many hours sleep would i get?
I just quit smoking 5 DAYS AGO ANY SUGGESTIONS TO HELP ME ??
What's the weirdest trip you have had when smoking the weed?
Let's make the "blood pressure" question easier, shall we?
what is the term for a racing heart?
why is my pulse rate low?
Why do some people get "mean" after having a stroke?
what are these sharp pains in my chest?
I feel as though I can't breathe properly?
Should I see a different physician for my 'flu'?
what can be doe to prevent loud snoring and cure?
Black Mold? My apartment was flooded last year. How do I know if I have it?
Stomach problems?
how can i overcome insomnia.i want to sleep so much..my eye bugs got bigger.please help..?
i think im suffering from anxiety/panic disorder?
How long should the flu last??
i have a bad throat heres whats wrong and any one know what cud of caused it?
cures for the start of a cold?
My husband has numbness in both thumbs and forefingers.?
Help - Do we have cure for Parkinson Disease?
Has anyone know some one with, or know what causes sudden memory loss?
What will happen to my mum?
is it possible to have a low blood pressure with a normal blood count?
Do you think that scientists will find a cure for aging soon?
My cholesterols are 300. How can I lower it in a hurry? Doc is putting me on pills.?
can Tourette syndrome cause stuttering?
what are these symptoms sign of...?
How do you get rid of canker sores at home?
A mini stroke affecting vision?
Is there a cure for Lupus? Or is there a treatment for Lupus that does not consist of prescription drugs?
How come my left eye gets very weak when I drink a lot of alcohol or get very little sleep?
Please help me...have I got OCD...? x?
Is my Doctor trying to kill me?? 4x usual dose erythromycim and fluconazole?
somethinng is comming out of my but..........?
could i be having a heart attack ?
Slight Heart Murmur and Doctor Not Giving Me Info On It?
My mom has trouble saying the words that she reads, could it be a mild stroke?
What do you think about this? Please help?
Is it normal to see your heart beating?
im 20 years old i have chest pain, how to avoid it.........?
really scared is it a heart attack or anxiety attack?
High blood pressure or not?
if you were going to take a drug testtt?
Does anybody have tips to stay up late?
How do you wake up a leg?
Why is this: I am not hungry (I feel full) but my stomach grouches??
I just got prescribed from 1 physcian 4 different meds, I am worried they will not mix or combine well?
Does Anorexia have any connection to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
How can I get rid of the darkness under my eyes without using standard products or procedures?
What happens if a person swallows sulphuric acid?
Upset stomach?
Is it illegal to cure cancer without chemo?
im always dizzy?
Plantar Fascitiis. Hi I have had plantar fascitis for months. I have done absolutely EVERYTHING that is r?
what doctore i need to see?
Which is worst pneumonia or the flu? My daughter was diagnosed with pnuemonia 2xs last year?
what does ABCDE 's stand for in basic life support i know its airway breathing then circulation ............
Remedy's for a Head Cold and cough....?
Does Stimulation drinks raise your blood pressure.?
Is my condition deadly?
My husband had anxiety attacks. mostly when we fight! Medication?
which is better invisilign or braces?
bleeding gums?
Has this happened to anyone who has or have had braces before?
Can i get a root canal and party the same night??
BRACES: how long...?
A couple weeks ago my boyfriend found out....?
Why do we need feet.....?
How many times can a disposable razor be used before throwing it away and using a new one?
sometimes i get quite itchy down there ?
Starve for blood test ?
Did you know that if you eat your bogies it helps your immune system?
What exactly is anaemia?
If there was cure for cancer ?
Is alcoholism a bad genetic "disease"?
my child is a 14 year old who has been sick on and off for close?
I have been bulimia for 3 years and i am used to it now i want to weigh 99 pounds?
i have had to leave work becouse i have arthritis caused by my job can i make a cliam for compansation?
How does it feel 2 get yr tonsils taken out?
I have AIDS and im dying?
What is a normal blood pressure for a 16 year old female?
Strong heartbeat? I am scared!!?
Is 120 over 59 a low blood pressure?
Should I be scared to take Zocor after reading the side effects?
Which is a good ayurveda medicine for controlling cholesterol & is good for the heart?
Ever had a near death experience?
What is your opinion on a 13 year old seventh grader smoking marijuana everyday?
Should i try Marijuana???????????????????????????????…
If a co-worker called you a bleeding heart liberal?
high blood pressure? 141/96?
How serious is high blood pressure?
my husband had heart attack last year can he go in sana's and hot tubs?
should blood pressure be taken on the left or right arm and why?
is it safe to take ibuprofen and alcohol?
What determines the yellowness of your pee?
Why do so many people have Fibromyalgia?
Had vertigo since 15 years old, why?
A worm came out of my stool HELP!!?
i feel so sick, like im about to vomit, and im dizzy?
what causes blood in the urine?
If a person has problems with anger, does drinking alchohol make it worse?
My friend just noticed an extremely hard knot on the back of his head?
I've used meth for the past three days and want to get it out of my systems without taken any kind of detox?
I Think I Have Swine Flu!?
Do children get ibs he only four?
When will the swine flu be gone and stop spreading?
what shape are my eyes? (picc)?
I can't stop scratching and it's 5 in the morning!!?
Ingrown toenail advice- ''v'' ?
Is there a cough medicine that REALLY works?
True or False A low fat diet is one of the worst, health destroying things you could do?
If 50000 volts is admistered to a 65 old man's chest for 5 secs by a Taser gun, will he have a heart attack?
Why can smoking cause a heart attack?
Chest discomfort?
just come home from work feeling poorly....?
Can blindness be cured?
Panic Disorder.?
What should i do about my nerves?
Is it considered a eating disorder if..?
My uncle Jack is 93. His toes and feet are deep purple. What can cause that?
24/7 heartburn and indigestion?
i saw traces of blood in my toilet yesterday evenning.i also saw much more blood in my stool today.are these ?
What is the best way to get rid of a wart?
My throat hurts so bad I can't sleep any ideas on how get back to sleep?
What's the best thing to put on a burn spot?
i have body odour...what do i do??...?
Why am I always groggy and tired?
Is there a way youcould crap pee and puke at the same time and what would happen if u did?
Ever taken LSD?
whats the best way to quit smoking?
why do i have smelly feet?
How do you treat kidney stones?
What Is Hay Fever And Can It Be Passed On?
how long does the heart beat if taken out of the body?
why is it when i touch my left part of my chest i feel no heart beat?
How do you get rid of 'Bad Breath'?
Why does even the smallest of probems always seem much worse in the middle of the night when you can't sleep?
I'm 25 yr old male and have never smoked; however, I am really tempted to start smoking. How to control myself?
What time do you usually sleep?
Is the H1N1 Vaccine safe?
Warts in the Private Area -?
Anyone had the chicken pox more than once?
I have the flu and I'm hungry. What can I eat?
What's the best cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
what is xanax for?
acid reflux anyone?
My friend is fainting a lot?
What is the best way to get rid of a nosebleed?
Is there cure for AIDS, cancer or other?
Could this be anxiety?
Could a sinus infection go away on its own without antibiotics?
car accident that wasn't my fault how much compensation?
Will a 17yr old boy continue to grow if he still doesn't have facial hair?
I haven't got a clue how to stop smoking.....?
How many different ways can you smoke marijuana?
When does the human body stop growing?
Constant Green Stool (Sometimes diarrhea) please help!?
I recently saw on a T.V. show a little girl who couldn't feel any pain, how is that?
I just realized my 2nd toe is the longest of all five- Does it mean anything?
What's the best remedy for my nosebleeds?
I think I'm bipolar, can any one help?
how too lower high cholesterol? ?
Vodka; What damage can it do if abused long-term?
What caused me to vomit?
Can any one tell me why there is blood every time i have bowel movement its been like this for 48 hours now..?
Could my daughter have autism???
Do you shower once a day? or no?
Watch the video below....what is the stuff that comes out? It is so gross.....?
When do most people die?
Extremely high blood pressure for a 20 year old?
heart beats faster, shortening breath for a few seconds?
My 6 year old son, should I be worried?
Diagnosed with Swine Flu and symptoms are getting worse, go back to doctor's?
Can numonia kill you?
Is this just a normal cold?
can i drink when taking azithromycin?
can anyone help me! I feel so sick but I don't know wha t i have?
why is the swine flu treated like the black death?
Is it possible for a man to have HIV infection from 1992 and the mother and children age 3 & 4 be tested -?
what is a good anti mosquito repellent? Don't like DEET. Have used a lemony thing before but forget its name
Will a Dentist Know I smoked?
Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your bum?
how do you whiten your teeth naturally?
something stuck in front teeth BLACK and ugly cant get it out plz help?
Which toothpaste available in india currently is best for preventing tooth decay?
How do I know if a dentist is good?
Is it normal to feel faint after having a tooth extracted?
What are elastics?
I have a dental question for you all: do I floss-brush-rinse?
does anybody health and safty has gone crazy?
Health question/Heart attack?
How to prevent a heart attack?
Heart Attack, or Angina or ?
If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?
How can I stop smoking?
I can't stop smoking weed. I want to quit but all my friends do it and I also love it.?
I love tattoos, what is your tattoos?
I don't want to go to college. I just want to live a school free life. Is that ok? But I do still want a littl
I've been cracking my nuckles on my fingers all my life. Will I get arthritis?
Should tanning salons be held responsible for skin cancer?
What to do if i have a cold and my dad is going through chemotherapy?
would you agree arthritis can be caused by injury?
im prescribed 15mgs methadone,,take just 10mgs aday.also on xanax for panic?
I just took ecstasy, can somebody tell me what is going on??
Have you ever thought about this?
Wats the best way to pass a drug test?
blood in stool?
My poor kidneys>? Will this help?
How do you know if you have tinnitus?
Do you think doctors telling you that you are a hypochondriac is a good idea?
Does my daughter have autism?
lump under my eye?
how to hide scars on forehead?
what will you do to protect yourself against the swine flu?
A friend of mine has a nine year old has a temperuture of 103.6?
We are all going to die from this swine flu what will mankind leave behind?
almost 18 never had chicken pox?
Swine Flu disease help?
Does anybody else think the swine flu is being hyped just to create a panic so the pharmaceutical companies?
Who thinks people on Yahoo Answers are over-reacting to Swine Flu??!!?
I feel really sick, should I just make myself throw up?
If you had to pick between cancer and diabetes?
How long for a 2mg bar of xanax to kick in?
Can blind people see their dreams?
why is my right ear going deaf?
What are the symptoms of meningitis?
How does somebody acquire Turret's?
terminal illness?
What are the causes for rising rates of obesity?
Do I have "rectal bleeding?" I'm 21 yrs. old. Please help.?
Can someone please explain autism to me?
I have a serious question?
How do I get stuff out of my veins?
i'm so scared of all this?
i am concerned do i have cancer?!?
What are the side effects of chemo? Does it include weird dreams? Can you feel the medicine thru your body?
I cant stop thinking about dying!?
What are the heart rate and blood pressure guidelines for normalcy?
What was the age of the youngest person to have a heart attack?
What are the major cause of increasing heart problems?
can a 14 year old have a heart attack???
what number should i be concern with when checking my blood pressure?
How Can A Person Break A Habit Of Grinding Their Teeth?
Do You Brush Your Teeth Everday?
Do you think a lot of people believe bad teeth are genetic...?
Best way to get white teeth....?
Bad Breath?
Will this help lower my cholesterol levels by a lot, or a little, or not at all?
resting blood pressure of of 116/76 translates into what?
High Blood Pressure in early 20's?
I'm a smoker and uses birth control pills but i got hypertension so stopped it.?
Why am i drinking sooo much milk??
What should I do about CHRONIC constipation? Without going to the doctor... Please don't tell me to go there.
Is it possible to buy pubes on ebay?
I can't stop whistling. help?
Whats wrong with my insides, I'm desperate for advice, please?
Please help...scared! :(?
I'm addicted to my PS3!!Need help haven't slept right in a week! Succide?
what are some good ways to get to sleep if you can't?
advise for a 1st time crack smoker?
Is it a good idea to sleep lying on your front or always(invariably) on your back?
Quickest way to calm someone that is having a panic attack?
Could anyone help me figure out what to do?
anorexia question?
EverytimeI have a bowel movement its 90% blood, why is this?
Heavy bleeding when having a bowel movement?
am 43 and am having problems with my joints hurting bad and swellen?
Eye Hurts and I don't know what I have?
what illnesses make you sleepy all the time?
I'm so scared...?
Is it possible to get cancer from writing on your skin with pen?
is it normal to sweat at night?
How long before I have to admit it's up my bottom?
What could this headaches be?
What are the best ways to get to sleep and to have a good night's sleep?
how can i tell if my toe is broken?
how do u know if u have ADD?...i've read the syndrome of ADD and i think i have ADD but am not sure..helP?
Am I an alcoholic......?
My 2 yEar old brother gets a fever every 2-3 days in the past couple weeks. What could it be?
Swollen throat glands?
what would happen if you smoked this?
wot could this pain in my chest be...?
What does nausea feel like?
How does Lsd feel?
personally how many hours of sleep a night do you need to function..and why?
is hemorrhoids dangerous?
All this stuff about swine flu?
I just found out I have threadworms...?
So, yes, another Swine Flu question, but the thing is...?
People freaking out about staph?
stroke....??? oh mann i hope not?
i had a stress test?
Is a resting pulse of 90/BPM too high?
what are the symptoms of low blood pressure?
Please help I am having chest pain and am getting dizzy upon standing.?
Chostrochondritis? What is it? I'm only 14?
do you think i have OCD???
incompetence or what?
Unprofessional Dr./What is wrong with me??
I have terrible cystitis, anyone have a cure?
i feel that i have gonoria i'm taking amedicine now but still returning...what is the best medicine to take
When your urine is dark yellow, what does that indicate?
is my mams illness life threatening?
I can't eat anything with salt because of this kidney problem?
How can I learn to be a paramedic in one day?
a question for cancer patients?
Woman breast cancer deadly?
I'm 15 years old and I think I have breast cancer. ANSWER ASAP!!?
what causes alzheimers disease how it spready among humans how can it be prevented ??
When people snort cocaine, why do they also rub it on their teeth and gums?
Passing my urine Drug test?
How can you catch a cold fast?
Noticed a small lump on my right testicale...been there for a while?
my son is always thirsty,and uses restroom frequently, could there be a health concern?
can anyone put these symptoms together?
Does this sound like appendicitis?
constipated please help?
Kind of hate my new mattress..? Will it get any better?
Can't sleep help?
My boyfriend gave me a huge hickey!?
ive been dehydrated for past few days & now im dizzy, apart from drinking lots of water?
which number is most important for high blood pressure?
I have high cholesterol,Total cholesterol 263,Triglyceride 238,Total cho./HDL ratio is 5.9,HDL 44 and LDL172?
I understand that animal fat (cholesterol)can stick to artery walls,what about the chemicals in our water that
Why does my heart beat fast, when I'm doing normal activities?
Am I an alcoholic?
what is the remedy for insomnia?
What happens if i don't think any water for like... 2 wks?
I have a small bump on my finger...?
Please tell me what the problem is with sticky fly traps hanging over the kitchen counter?
I was wondering something about fevers?
If you r a overweight person and always falling a sleep what is wrong with this person?
Please help! The doctor misdiagnosed me!?
Do big noses..????????
my weiner is 2 in, is this bad?
My mother has Stage-4 Colo-rectal cancer. Do you have any advice please..?
what happens to people who dont get the cervical cancer needle?
If you keep touching a mole will it get cancer?
I need to go to the bathroom. What do i do?
First time taking ativan, wondering what to expect?
can children have a heart attack?
Chest pain while walking? Please help!?
heart attack question?
Im 15 and my blood pressure...?
what's the best country to go to for dental treatment as its so dear in the UK/?
My tooth cracked in half?
does braces hurt??
What are the best products for teeth whitening?
wisdom tooth pain?
How long until I can smoke after having 3 wisdom teeth taken out on friday April 7th 2006?
How much do braces cost?
does braces hurt going on? and what is the most painful part?
How can I get rid of a stain that is on my tooth?
is it sleep disorder or what?
urinating in a dream?
Is self mutilating traits of Bipolar?(Need Help)?
just how do people get worms ?
What disease did cured ham actually have?
The doctors can't figure out what's wrong, does anyone know?
Everytime I read something or am concentrating on something in a moving car, I get carsick. Why is that?
Does anyone know of a condition that makes people pluck out strands of their hair when they are animated?
i believe i have pinworms. is there anything i can take or do to get rid of them without seeing a doctor?
what should you do if you catch a fever?
Im worried! Do u think i hab the swine flu?
Can my parents legally force me to take the H1N1 shot?
is anyone else scared of the swine flu?
I have a fever of 103.2 what do i do to break it?
Blood pressure question please help?
5 of my uncles died of Aortic Aneurysms, and my father has one too?
If you are a doctor: Do i have POTS?! Please i need an answer. HELP!?
Hospital, Emergency Room, Medical Debt?
Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?
If you hold in your farts, will it make your breath stink?
i not sure if i fat?
What Do I Do If Someone Has Fallen Out Of A Tree?
What would happen if a woman got a breast implant with a raw chicken breast.?
Having a Colonoscopy - Will it hurt ? PLZ ANSWER?
what do you do when you feels lonely and depress at the day, and you have no friends?
what is it called when you can't sit still?
How do I strengthen my immune system? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN PLEASE HELP ME!?
My ear is all red and is peeling it also feels like it is burning. What can i do to make it stop? ?
Whats a deviated nasal septum?
How can I wake up earlier?
I have a pain in my hip which goes down my thigh, the side of my calf & other side of my foot is numb? Ideas?
I have frequent stomuch pain what is the reasion of it?
Blood in stool?
help very urgent....?
I'm hearing voices in my head?
my left arm and hand fall a sleep everyday and it hurts what can be causing this?
Do i have a heart problem?
heart attack or panic attack?
What's a Conair Wave?
I have irregular heart beat sometimes. What is it called?
My heart really really hurts when I run is this normal?
I don't trust Doctors?
how did i get my blood presser so high?And how do i get it lower with OUT taking medicine?
My friend said she would give me 350$ if I broke or fractured my ankle or hand...how can I do this?
Nail-polish and surgery?
Car accident??? Life support??? Prayer's please!!!?
What is wrong with my heel?
I cut my foot on a piece of glass, it's bleedy a LOT, should I be worried?
"Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do practice?"?
I've really hurt him and he wont see a doc?
belly button ring issues =/ help please!?
Where would you most hate to die?
i just got laundry soap spattered in my eye what do i do? ?
my throat is killing me!!?
Whats the difference between Swine Flu and the Regular Flu ?
Do You Think Swine Flu Has Been Blown Out Of Proportion?
Give me some common viruses besides the flu virus...?
How long should i stay at home for after swine flu?
How can i know the difference between an allergy and swine flu?
Is your school closed for swine flu?
cant sleep at night, someone help???!!!!!!!!!!!?
How come hospital car parks are never big enough?
Why am I so weak and tired??
Whats the best way to get better sleep at night if you have insomnia?
hi all can anyone tell why im getting flashes in my eyes even when their closed?
Persistent headache question?
I have been suffering with diarrhoea every morning for the past week, I don't know what to do.?
Miagranes! Does anyone know a good cure?
Im sacred of aliens, cant sleep at night.?
What is better for anxiety disorders?
If I smoked only 13 years only 7 heavy what are my chances of getting lung cancer?
my step-dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and liver cancer, what are the out comes? can he beat it? ?
Do you know what stuff are mainly found in computer that give out cancer? ?
Why would someone not be able to be around a person who has had chemo in the past 12 months?
Does this mean I'll get raped?
When I sit down for longer than 20 or 30 minutes, then stand up, I black out for a few seconds...?
Fastest way to get rid of a cold?!?
Does your heart have to be beating fast in order for you to have a heart attack?
My heart stopped, what do i do?
Husband might be having a heart attack?
What are symptons of low blood pressure?
The car door got slammed shut by my son.Unfortunately my middle finger was in it.Help!?
ummmm i think soemthikns wrong with my foot!?
I broke my ankle over 12 yrs ago and when the weather changes my ankle hurts?
Is my doctor liable ??
How do you break your ankle in your house?
Everytime I pee...?
Whats wrong with my daughter!? please help!!
My Best Friend Has Swine Flu?
How often do you shower?
does anyone one have any tips on curing insomnia?
What is giving blood like?
I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm having tightening pains in my lower back, what could be the cause of this
what is causing me to have major headaches daily?
a glass bottle hit my son's head...should I go to the doctors?
my heart stopped for few seconds and I am breathless?
Question About My heart?
My boyfriend is having heart surgery?
Heart scan (echo)- do you have to completely undress?
how do i clear up my acne?
can lemon juice completely heal scars?
what can i do to get my teeth whiter.?
I'm 5 months pregnant and I need to see a dentist...but...?
do the teeth whitening gels and paste really work?
Teeth problems? Please serious answers!?
Teeth are moving back after braces and they didn't give me a retainer?
why do i grind my teeth?
Will my teeth move now i have had my braces off?
Why do i have a teeth on top of another??please help?
Maybe Someone can help me out there?
Just had a tooth pulled,now I have a crater. How can I start fast healing of said crater and avoid dry socket?
I do have problem with my son's head right now.It swelling on the right hemesphere.?
Are you one of the many people crying in anguish over Patrick Swayzes affliction?
I think i may be ur next superhero?
why do anorexics take laxatives?
Itchy Skin?
what's wrong?
Has anyone had to drink barium for GI xray or test?
Is afraid of going to Sudan a sign of depression?
My leg keeps falling asleep, I've tried stretching...what should I do?
I've drank soo much coffeee How on earth can i get to bed???
I get so nervous at the doctor or dentist's office....how can I stay calm?
Can going on too many roller coasters make you feel sick and sore?
my knees keep popping?
Is it necessary to fast for a thyroid function blood test?
What does a decade of Vicodin abuse do to your body?
A friend of mine told me that if you drink enough water and are healthy that your urine is pretty much clear?
i wake up at night with a burning acid sensation in my mouth and need to rinse mouth out. i wake about 6 hours
can a 6year old be dyslexic?
What are causes of too many mental patients in USA?
My left eyes suddenly blind. The eye doctor said there is nothing wrong with the eye. What is wrong?
Can anyone give me one good reason why not to donate organs when we die please?
Smoking marijuana for the first time tonight?
I need to figure out what kind of pill I found in my floor, so I know if it's safe to take.?
what drugs come up in a urine drug test?
i want to grow taller.?
How much do you have to drink to be considered an alcoholic?
can i live without water?
I need help falling asleep!?
Why is it, the more you sleep the more tired you feel?
Can you get addicted to a cigarette if you only smoke half of one once?
answer QUICKLY! not more than 10' since i ask!!!!?
Where's a safe place to put it?
will someone try to understand??
Am I wrong for getting a 2nd opinion from another dr about our son w/o husbands knowledge?
1) Can I use Peroxide and / or Baking Soda (diluted) to rinse my mouth? (I can't use anything with Alcohol)
Does anyone know any remedies on how to rest at night?
What are the results of cracking your knuckles and neck?
should i go to the emergency room?
i just had my first child "a 8.1 lb beautiful girl 6-6-07'' today. how dangeous can a heart murmur be so soon
some examples of Over-the-Counter medications for cough and cold that are NOT contraindicated for Hypertensive?
Is there any prevention of swine flu?
I'm in so much pain i ache all over cause no one can see they don't understand?
i have a major headache nd afer a day it hasnt got any better. temp is 103.0. how do i feel better besides doc
whats the strongest painkiller you can buy?
What is the body part for?
Are generations getting taller?
Is weed bad for you?
Are you fat?
posture correction... im getting a really bad back and neck from having bad posture.can anyone help?
the blood pressure test meter always makes me so nervous?
Can a diagnosed heart murmur become malignant?
Is it right that people with heart problems are likely to die while sleeping?
I'm 15, my heart seems to be beating rather fast? (details in Q)?
Is a blood pressure reading of 148/87 w/pulse 57 a bad reading?
Did I tear some thing in my knee
How is Cancer curable?
why is my chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer increasing?
:-( i am so sad. Please read.?
how does a person know that they have cancer?
Three months to live?
am I over-weight, under-weight, or at a healthy weight?
how do u get rid of a stuffy nose quick?
How many hours do you sleep a day?
after three glasses of wine does this sound like i have been spiked?
Answer for back pain?
how do u break your leg?