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whats the best way to cope with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?
Could you please give me some information on Fibromyalgia?
What should I do and what is wrong with me?
What can i do to make my wrist stop hurting?
Heart Problem-Ok so recently i've been getting these sort of "heart rushes/heart flutters" hard to describe.
Whats the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
Heart feels cold and there is an irregular beat?
Heart attack question ?
Heartburn and an elevated pulse?
best home remedy for dislodging a piece of towel paper in ear canal?
How deep a wound should be in order to be stitched?
I have a lie bump...you know the little bump you get on your tounge when you bite it...how doi get rid of it?
how ur finger feel right now typing in ur keyboard pls tell the truth. ?
How can I ease the stinging of a scrape?
I accidentally burned my hand?
what do you do if you inhaled dust from chlorine tablests?
What dose it mean when your nose starts to bleed every time you get upset?
Is there any simple way 2 numb a spot on ur body?
My little sisters fingernail won't stop bleeding! All help is appreciated?
Do you only need the powdery stuff that's inside capsule pills?
Is smokeing healthy?
My sister has Lung Cancer she is having trouble with a metallic taste does anyone know how to handle this?
im 13, i just startd smoking one a day.?
if i start smoking pot, will my doctor find out?
Who do I contact to save my Mum's life?
what are my chances of SURVIVING CANCER ??????
Testicular Cancer...?
Why is the cure for cancer being suppressed?
1 in 3 people will get cancer in the next 5 years?
How can I help my family? My Grandma age 62 is dying from late stages of cancer? I want to help the best I can?
I have just came back from the dentist?
What do to to keep my teeth strong?
Wisdom Teeth?
How do you cure sore Gums?
Mouthwash (Is there any mouthwash from a leading brand which is not strong)?
Dose it hurts to get cavitys filled?
Why ask such questions??
Painful Sore throat help?
can asthma ever be cured?
Can someone give me some words of wisdom?
Do I have asthma?!?!?!?
Longest you've gone without sleep?
Help, MY MEDS!!?
help with very bad lower back pain?
Should I go to the Emergency Room?
What is a stronger drug for pain management?
When I cough, I have severe stomach pain. Does anyone know what this might indicate?. Going on a week now.?
Why i feel pain in chest ands it's side after exercise?
what helps with leg cramps?
why is there a bulge in my friend's lower back?
I have a headache that's been going on for about 3 days, and throbbing head pain when i cough. What could it b?
i chew my finger, how do i get myself out of ths bad habbit?
What are some good stress relievers?
Need Surgery, have ??: My surgeon said he doesn't really know much about the procedure?
Why does your heart rate speed up after a hot bath?
My resting blood pressure today was 113/58 and my pulse was 103. Is this normal?
My 85 year old father is in the hospital because his kidneys are shutting down. What should we expect?
is my blood pressure dangerously high?
can sadness give you heart palpitations?
Did i have a heart attack?
how do you know if you have aids(what are the symptoms)?
can u get herpes hiv or aids or any disese from kissing?
I got burned on my shin with an iron, and hurt a little part of the skin in my sleep...?
Bite Marks Emergancy?
Help 10 points for best answer?
doesn lifting weghts make u bulky and muscular, i dont want that just skinny and toned up, what can i do?
I have chest pains what do i do.?
What is causing the ringing in my ears?
Asian beauty secrets?
who discover penicilin? why it is called penicilin?
why is taking a bath or shower so important?
can anyone recommend the most helpful program for a 16 year old with drug problems?
people!!! Why can't I fall asleep?
how mani hours sleep do YOU need a nght?
Is This True About Smoking?
Why does my stomach feel bad?
Can smoking or chewing tobacco lovwer your blood pressure?
Whats wrong with my heart?
i felt dizzy and have my blood pressure check, my bp is 170/120, i guess the highest ive ever had so far,?
Can heart ache cause heart attack?
my ear piercing?
sunburn help.................................?
I got a deep laceration on my lower leg, right side...?
my ear has been bleeding wat can have caused it????
Are boogers good for your health?
does putting antibiotic ointment on a would prevent it from healing?
I have a cut on my knee and some clear stuff is coming out is it infected?
Brown recluse spider bite question?
why do I sometimes wake up with one eye being very dry and very painful??
What causes ear wax build up, can it be prevented,How to remove it ?
a cat scan and now an mri????
My 9 months old son holds breath, shakes head and raises shoulder up and down.?
what things are deadly to ferets?
How to vomit??? OD case Urgent!!!?
drank allot and liver biopsy coming up quit for 3 months but had 6 beers during them 3 could they tell when ?
tourette's/ tics?
swollen stomach?
Can central heating cause nausea and lethargy?
Why does my back suddenly hurt so bad?
help me if you can, it's really painful!?
What is the best name for a guy Skylar,Billie Joe,Tre',Kamron,Blake,or Pete?
who has tonsil stones?
how do i find out what weight i should be for my height?
HELP!! this is an emergency
Help! What do you do for a bee sting in the eye?
Im forever feeling light headed?
How do i quit smoking with out spending money?
What is the longest you've gone without a shower?
I heard that tetanus shots hurt really bad! Is this true?
To All Mothers!! Should I inform my mother about my breast cancer scare?
what normal cells in the body are affected by cancer chemotherapy?
I don't want to delay Chemo or Radiation, so what should I do if I don't feel comfortable with my Oncologist?
is smoking marijuana good for your health?
If your a teenager and u start to do drugs and alcohol what sort of trouble do u thnk that will get u in?
i have a job interview and i think i might get drug tested?
Pain in lower stomach...?
My Boyfriend Is Doing Drugs And I want to Help him?
What can help my sore throat?
What's an MRI? Is it scary? Does it hurt?
Do I have a "pinched nerve" in my neck? And what to do about it?
What could be causing this pain?
What is the best cure for a migraine with out being so medicated you can no stand it?
i need to relief my constipation NOW?
My mouth is VERY sore from retainer! What can ease the pain?
after practice its only an our twice a week the top of my shins hurt. may i be developing shin splints?
How can I make my throat stop hurting?
One of my molers is causing me a lot of pain, what can I do to reduce the pain and swelling??
I'm worried about my chest?
where can i get 2 minute stories about people "damaged" from smoking if you know stories please post them?
I'm a sleep tech, and I know what this is, but I want to ask everyone if they or someone they know uses a CPAP
what are you supposed to feel like when you get craving for a cigarette?
Red dotted spots on my legs?
Should I see a doctor for my bloody stool?
Is a brain hemorrhage heredity?
what are the signs and symptons of someone who may getting a stroke?
Will an Gastroentrologist tell me why excreta floats as opposed to sinking?
Has anyone had severe pressure behind eyes for which no doctor can find a diagnosis?
Fast heart beat and shortness of breath??(read ALL PLEASE HELP)?
Can anyone please guide me, wt does it say..? ECG!?
how were heart attacks were treated in the past?
How swollen do ankles need to get before it is a concern? I was told to watch them because of heart problems.?
what can you do when your heart hurts and it hurts to breathe? (literally, not some stupid break up thing)?
What happens when someone experiences a heart attack mid flight?
What is wrong with my wrist! it hurts soo bad!?
Something's wrong with my left ear!! Help me!?
pol:Have you ever kissed each other from head to toe?
My boyfriend wants to eat me out, can he get something like a disease from me?
I have a cold feeling in my left leg which I can't get rid of. does anyone know what this might be.?
What can I do to fall asleep faster?
What could cause these symptoms?
I just had a thyroid series done. TSH of 3.22, free T4 of 1.14 and T3 of 1.41. What does this mean?
Why would one side of your face colapse ?
if someone drank?
Massive migraine for 2 days. I took 4 advil today and it won't go away.?
For those who have Restless Leg Syndrome?
Acid Reflux... and I'm so freaking lost I have no idea what to do anymore. ?
When I grow up..?
Dealing with Grief?
Contact lenses?! Do I still have to buy glasses just in case?
what is the best way to get rid of black heads?
Any pointers on quitting smoking cold turkey...?
do you people realy die because of smoking?
Marijuana Question??????????
terrible migraines at least three times a day on and off?!?
I got punched in the eye last night, how can I make my eye feel better?
Couldit be cancer? Two lumps on back of my neck?
What's worse?
What is the common cause of neck pain?
for the past 2 days i've not been able to turn my neck to the right at all what do i do to stop the pain?
Has anyone found a cure for serious neck and back pain/stiffness/numb arms etc?
the front of my leg is numb why is this!?
Ive been sick the last two days (sore throat, tiredness etc) and now I'm getting better but....listen to this!?
what are the ways to reduce work tension, pressure?
What would happen if you take 140 tablets of Avil 25mg?
can a bladder infection be cured with amoxicilin?
What will be best orthopedic mattress to buy if we want to change our mattress due to back and neck pains?
what arre these pains, do i need to go to hospital?
Has anyone had weird heart beats like this?
Pace Maker?
Heart Beating Fast after starting new medicition (Prilosec 20.6mg)?
What is Pericarditis?
do i have high blood pressure?
help. what is wrong with me?
why do my hands and feet easly/offten fall asleep?
when can you be sure a person has Alzheimer's?
should i still go? even with this migrane?
What are the complication between Female O+/- and Male B+ pregnancy?
Why are people gay???
what isit called when you need loads of sugar?
what is silicosis?????????????
how can i prevent my body from producing flem?
I think I have tuberculosis?????????????
Why do I feel cold? My arms are kind of cold although it's warm today??
Do you think too much sleep makes you even more tired?
How can I exercise?
my girlfriends feet smell realy bad?
what to do when you've been given terrible medical news?
whats an excuse for not being at school?
Does anyone have to watch TV in order to fall asleep??
My blood pressure is 11160....?
Need help I have lumps of dandruff on my scalp tryed cold tar shampoos but to no avail still have dandruff?
How to get rid of warts?
How do I know I'm smart?
I got punched in the face and my eye swelled up bad that I can't see. What can I do to unswell it quickly?
I have a sleep disorder, I cannot fall asleep until dawn. Is there anyone else out there like me?
How do you Feel About People With Eating Disorders or who Are Suicidal?
Has anyone had bells palsy? Does it ever completey dissapear? or return to normal should i say.?
Worst pain you ever felt? (survey)?
If i punch myself in the temple, my eye twitches. Whats wrong with me?
I hurt my head pretty badly. What should I do?
I've had my period for 2 weeks now, one after the other (so like 2 periods with 1 day in between with nothing)
What's your (or Grandma's) best cure for chiggers?
Why its it that I can stop smoking when somebody is with me but not when I'm alone?
Why do we sleep at nights and are up during the day?
I get really nervous when I have to read out loud in any of my classes...it's really embras...?
i'm a smoker. is there any one out there who can give some advice to take away smoking??
A blood vessel in my eye kind of burst, I guess. You can't really tell, but is there any way to repair it?
Does anyone have any good hints for migraines?
insect scars....10 pts?
is it true that smiling takes less muscles than frowning?
I have a cold...is this a remedy?
Why is is that when some people yawn, others yawn too?
How do you get diarrhea on purpose?
I was just wondering when a person ?
why does my heart suddenly pound hard once and it makes it difficult to catch that one breath?
Chest Pain Help 13 years old?
how do u know if u have high blood pressure?
my dads blood pressure has shot up to 170/100.?
Why am I always tired?
what is neuropenia?
any one know a cure for this flu bug?
Am I dying?
Does anyone know what could cause this?
i have degenerative joint disease,does that qualify as a disability?
extraordinary people (channel 4) does this programme make other people laugh, or am I wierd?
i have this pain in my left lower abdomen, what is going on? HELP!! PLEASE!!?
Sharp pain in lower left abdomen.?
How do I quickly relieve the sensations related to one's foot falling asleep?
Anyone ever used or heard of the painkiller Tramadol (Tramal)?
I have a pain on my right Hand above my wrist, what should i do?
What can i do about feelin so ill?
Im going to get my nose percing, and i want 2 know how bad it hurts and is a needle hurts more than a gun?
I've been seeing several Dr.'s for pain meds, can I get in trouble, I have a problem and ned help!?
heache everyday means?
what besides peroxide can u use to clear up a child's ear infection?
How does it feel when you step on a nail?
ear nfection helpp?
are silicon implants safe?
What do you do (exactly) in a first-aid class?
yeast....~for you experts and smart girls.?
Whats the question you ask people if there having a stroke?
15 years old with blood pressure of 175/90?
My Heart Feels Like Its Skipping A Beat?
strange skipped heart beats...?
Is Tourette syndrome funny?
If a person has a drug test on Monday, can they still smoke 'the herb' tonight?????
What would cause my temperature to be 96.8 on a regular basis?
Any one who has dealt with hospice...?
17 and just been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia, any tips on helping me cope?
10 years old you got lice your mom sprayed your head with raid then put a cap on your head results in health?
Help....Hubby trying to pass a kidney stone?
My teenae son gets migranes and they are getting worse. Nothing helps. Any advice?
My boyfriend just took acid, should I be worried?
Ok,wierd question. Im guessing only men would want to answer this.?
How do I prevent Mosquito bites?
is there is life after death?
How do you make sure a drug test comes out negative of all things?
Whats a good reason for me to call in sick with tomorrow?
beerliquorwinebeerliquorwineblaah... Whats a good cure for a HANGOVER?
Why don't people wake themselves up when they snore?
Cant sleep, help?
ouch.what is it that i have??helpp?
OUCH! Can you help ??
Coping with seeing people die?
Whast is this white stuff on my tongue?
if you sleep with a blocked up nose do you die in your sleep?
can coke get in your system through second hand smoke?
sorry to be gross but does coughing up thick green phlem mean a infection?
I'm a coffee drinker. When I don't drink one, I get a splitting headache. Does lack of caffeine causes this ?
Will the bone doctor give me a cast?
my toenail just ripped off? HELP please?!?
How can I get rid of athlete's foot easy?
what would you do if u have a 5 lb giant wart growing on your finger?
How was Michael Jackson's process to change his pigmentation ? With laser machines to change it ?
I have a bad armpit irritation.?
how do you get a little fat?
Omg Bleeding What is this?
is it bad to pop your knuckles?
Is it safe to do gym when you have a cut that needs stitches?
so i just got a bad cut on my hand..?
is this FAIR?!?!?!?
Can anyone help me find out what's going on with me?
Help!!!!!! My Ears There Something wrong!!!!!!!?
how do flea bites affect humans?
I burned my hand a little bit and now it's white?
Is it possible that I have this condition?
My brother is suffering from blood pressure.Yoga will help to cure?
Heart problems or something else?
i have total cholesterol as 201 .my hdl is 67 and ldl is 119 and vldl is 25.?
WIll I die if I go to sleep with heart palpitations?
Abdominal Aortic aneurysms? WORRIED?
High blood pressure at 22?
who is the skinniest person u have ever seen in your life??
Have you ever stubbed your toes so hard you couldn't help crying?
How do you get a splinter out of your foot?
What if you were told you had only 24 hours left to live? What would you do with your limited time?
What hurts more?
Can I take ecstasy with antibiotics?
I've smoked one stick of Marijuana how long does it stays in my body?
I have a very bad cough help please!?
My girlfriend says that once eyelashes are pulled out they never grow back, someone please prove her wrong?
head lice?
why do i have black rings and bags under my eyes?
What causes gum infections?
I was just diagnosed with Narcolepsy. I have some questions.?
really bad diarrhea for the fourth day now.. just got back from mexico?
why do i get headachs when i wake up from sleeping?
should i have called 911?
Can POTS disease cause heart palpitations?
What is the best food to get a heart attack person well?
In the cardiac cycle, the diastole is ________.?
i checked my blood pressure earlier on and discovered it was 250/150 do i have a problem?
Blood pressure is 205/110?
Women and Heart attacks?
I'm 17 and need help and info about getting through cancer treatment....?
How long does it usually take before the effects of Radiation & Chemo are noticable?
My Dad And His Back Pain?
Is it normal for a 23 yrs female to have a blood pressure?
I have a hypertensive systolic BP (154) and a hypotensive diastolic BP (56). Is that bad?
Getting CHOLESTEROL checked tomorrow?
what is the medicine for the heart attack??
I had a blood pressure reading of 190/900 four months ago.?
where can i find pen pals who have had heart by pass for advice?
Are these signs of a stroke?
The top 10 Neurologists in India. My dad needs immediate consaltation. [email protected]?
What would help my headaches?
Do Cartilage Piercings Really Hurt?
WHAT IS a spinal tap?
will i mop my kitching and i slip and feel and hurt my left nut and it still hurts what should i do?
Anyone help me out i kinda have a problem with my jaw it clicks when i move it up and down?
How much sleep does the human body need on a daily basis in order to function properly?
I think I swallowed a piece of glass, what do I do?
My daughter splashed raw soap in her eye,?
Using an asthma inhaler, leave a bitter taste?
What does it mean if there's black in your mucus?
How to cough up phlegm?
Help stop smoking tips, pics, ect. For office.?
My doctor gave me a lecture on the harmful effects of smoking whilst lighting up.?
How to deal with finding out your husband is addicted to cocaine? ?
I ingested marijuana at a concert 101 days ago. I had to do a hair test. Will I pass?
What position do you usually sleep in?
What's the germiest thing do you touch in public?
is chewing tobacco fair play?
what is the best way to stop smoking?? i have smoked for 20 years & need to stop...?
If you get wooden splinters in your hands that you cant get out is their a risk they'll turn septic?
How long does a burned tongue heal?
bee sting under eye keeps geting bigger?
what should i do i got a qtip swab stuck in my ear?
What to after you pop a blister?
Burnt my finger with curling iron?
I have a really bad ear ache in both ears.?
Something wrong with my gauge?
I'm 45yrs. old and would like to study diagnostic medical sonography. Am I too old for that???
Some questions about my heart?
Is It Normal For The Heart To Skip Some Beats?
How can nitroglycerin be both highly explosive and also be used for treating heart patients?
Does the Heart function by an electric pulse? If yes, where that electric pulse is coming from?
What happens to the blood vessels in order for blood pressure to increase?
Poll please help, it it nomal to feel you have a crush on a contact?
Of the following medications, which one may not be crushed?
When was children's tylenol cold and cough chewable tablets removed from the stores?
Weird fever?
Why is it that when I go to the doctor, all they want to do is pump me full of pills?
medication question.. please help!!!?
How to relieve leg aches?
The doctor just putted the wires for braces yesterday and now it hurt so much in my mouth? I can't eat sandwic?
Does anyone suffer from MIGRAINES?
What happens when you pop your knuckles allot?
Why do i keep getting back ache when I jog or run?
Is there an acne product that has really worked for you?
I'm due to go in hospital soon and will be bed ridden for about 3 days what is the best way to clean my face?
It hurts, REALLY bad!!!?
How long can someone live with stage 4 lung cancer without treatment?
could this mole be cancerous? pic included?
Can you "catch" cancer?
I just got diagnosed with leukemia!?!?!?
blood in stool?
hello, what are the symptons for gallstones and how rapid is the recoup time for suergery.?
Prostate problems?
vicks feels like its burning my skin??
how can a blood test result be positive for lupus but you not be diagnosed with the disease?
problems with my ear?
Does #2 pencils have real lead in them?
what illness can i get from dirty living conditions?
Who should I tell about my eating disorder?
what is dalayed gratification?
whats the best thing to use for a sunburn?
Urgent - Fast drop in BP after one dose of HBP medication?
My doctor has scheduled me for a heart test called a "Cardiolytes Test". Can anyone tell me what this is ?
when in a hospital does race matter?
what are some foods that help lower blood pressure?
Daughters unborn baby is bigger than she should be?
For the last few days my heart has been making a fluttering feeling very often.?
When can we use salt after bypass surgery. my brother had bypass almost 6 weeks ago. he is every day?
Im 15, im experiencing a burning feeling in my chest, sometimes it leads to the bottom of my throat, read this?
Would you want to know about your D.N.A?
is it normal to not feel pain that much?
Feeling left out? = (?
Is not eating a certain food caused me to get headaches lately?
What is wrong with me?
Lower back pain - can't find relief?
i need help! headache get away please?
tetanus shot?
I'm getting really sharp pains in my legs...?
Whats wrong with me? [Sickness related]?
Why do I always have terrible abdominal aches after taking a lot of soda?
What is the best way to deal with/stop your roommate from snoring...?
Who smoke more blondes or brunettes?
Is it possible that my albuterol doesn't work for me anymore after over 20 years?
What does the Diaphram do?
Can't stop using nose spray for sinuses?
My daughter wakes up in the middle of the night coughing and her nose sounds snotty(congested). when she....?
In the last 4 months I have had Strep Throught about 6X what could cause this?
why is my mom such a *****?
A blood test can help identify thyroid problems, right?
Will my very young daughter have a mommy?
how 2 get rid of these dark circles under my eyes?<sooner>?
any cure for tinnitus?
I smoked marijuana for a couple days. I have surgery in a week. Am i ok to go under for surgery?
Does anything continue to grow once you have died?
What makes us yawn, and why is it that when you see someone else yawn, you always end up yawning yourself?
This is really embaressing but what should i do?
I have tried fiber mix and enemas to relieve constipation with only so so results.. 2 weeks now. Any ideas?
I have two tongue piercings, do you think three is sick?
I feel guilty !!!!!!!???????????????
Jesus hates the French. Does this change your opinion of Jesus or the French?
whats the liquid stuff inside blisters?
I Just can't sleep!?
Why can't society accept that some of us only shower every 3-4 months!!!!!!?
Yellow eyes and yellow skin, what is happening?
Ain't a cramp worse than childebirth paim?
How do I get rid of tapeworms? ?
Protection from urinary tract infections?
When i get sunburn should i cut some of my skin off to releave the pain?
spider bite? idk help!?
My baby got burnt on a curling iron how should I treat this?
Bug Bites Spreading and Scarring!?
how do i treat my infected ear piercing?
Does ice help sunburn at all?
Help on ingrown toenail?
My little brother has a bug bite? What exactly bit him?
How long does it take for a cut to close?
What is external Bleeding?
What are different types of foods that will lower hypertension?
If someone has a heart transplant does their DNA change?
Is Hypertension a medical disease or is it merely the symptom of another disease?
can you help?
is my blood pressure too high?
blocked arteries?
Can energy drinks cause severe heart palpitations?
I can't afford health care and have had 3 minor heart attacks this week, what do I do?
Does Mitral Valve Prolapse cause pain?
do i have testticular cancer?
My friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She's in the hospital frequently, what do i take her?
Middle lower abdomen pain sometines sharp what could it be?
Why do we laugh at other people's pain?
My tooth hurts after a root canal 2 days ago, not the gums, just the tip of my tooth..?
How can I stop my migrane headaches?
i have a pain in my right side and stomach....what is it?
Headaches everyday?
HUGE KNOT !!!!!!HELP Please!!!!!?
How can I relieve my back pain?
I think my masseuse went too far?
ughh omgg.?
My 1 year old daughter has lots of blood in her urine and stool, high fever and mouth ulcers and lesions?
My ECG report shows spikes which are very tall and some very short, some its curly type is it normal?
What pharmaceutical company makes Minoxidil?
what is a electrophysiologist?
How soon would you reduce blood pressure with exercise? How long before you begin to see a change?
What is a safe level of cholesterol and at what level does it start getting dangerous?
Is there any food that could raise HDL?
E.K.G. I've never had one?
What is a heart murmur? Are you born with it or can it develop - what does in mean in terms of a person's
Something bit me at the beach!?
Do I Have an Unproportional Body ?
how to stop nail bitting?
How to make flea bites go away faster?
how do you stop retention of water in the body without medications?
How to become a paramedic?
4 yr old daughter has splinter plz helppppp!?!?!?
I started out with just bug bites,but than i got tiny bumps on my stomach,hand,and arm.why? how can i fix it?
I have a really weird spider bite thing ?
Help Please! What if the front part of my erring fell off and the back is stuck on tight how do i get?
what is the most painful shot you have ever gotten?
period pains and drained?
What amount of morphine is considered to be an overdose?
I messed my back up moving a TV, any advice/help? (Back Pain)?
Question about daily headaches?
HELP!!!!! I AM IN PAIN!!!!!?
Morphine overriding Common Sense??
my sister slammed a door when we were fighting.. my toe was right past where it would shut..?
why is my daughter having this pain?
Is multiple sclerosis hereditary?
My grandpa had a stroke what are the chances of recovery?
how can i put myself into a coma?
Is there already a cure for Cancer and AIDS but they don't want us to know about it?
nits eggs but no lice whatsoever?!?
What is thyroid? Is it dangerous disease? What are the side effects? How to cure thyroid?
What is wrong with me?
Can smoking ever be good for you?
How many PVC's can your have in under a minute before being alarmed by it?
Can someone with a heart murmer get into the army???
Slightly fast heart rate?
when you got a brain tumer how do u know?
I went to Dr. Parkinson and he didn't know what I had...?
I'm having chest pain?
would a heartbeat of 150bpm for 15 minutes caused by drug use be permanently damaging to my heart?
How do i cure a swollen ankle?
Which is bad: smoking cigarettes or smoking Marijuana/weed? Why?
What can I eat now that it's been several hours after I've thrown up?
does anyone know what could be wrong with me???
I need help from a doctor!!please my child needs help?
My hands are dry a lot of the time. How can i stop it being dry without using creams?
I popped a boil with a needle, umm I think I made a mistake. Help?
Excema problem??
I am going to the beach on friday..If I get stung by a jellfish is it true that urine is the best treatment?
how do u get the poison out of a red wasp sting?
Are kidney failures genetic?
what does it mean when my cartilage piercing looks like this?
Best way for posion ivy to be gone with out......?
Has anyone heard of an injection called something like Wellpax to quit smoking.?
I have a beer belly, and qant to get rid of it! How can I stop drinking beer?
Will hot water take the sting out of a sunburn?
Razor Burn from Nair?
Is This Normal?
Got an echocardiogram done because the doctor thought she heard a murmur?
high blood pressure help?
is 102/66 good blood pressure?
Low blood pressure???
is a symptom of edema cold and pale skin?
Question about Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Your great uncle Harry just had an acute myocardial infraction. The doctor might use which of the following to?
If someone is diognosed with heart failure will they eventually die from it even if on treatment?
how to lower blood pressure without meds?
really sore stiff neck, shoulders and back help please?
ARRRHG!!! My Lower back is killing meee!!! I have Percoset, Lortabs and Darvocet, but it's not helping!!!!!
Is 5'7.5" tall for a 13.5 year old girl?
Do I have to have surgery to remove the stone the Doctor's found in my gall bladder?
Do you like your partners body to smell 'natural', or spanking clean and perfumed?
Hey well sometimes i get bags under my eyes. Any suggestions? help!?
i got poked by rust, what will happen?
why do i like to eat dirt?
i have been to the hospital today and now i am confused...?
my sister has effects of a stroke but has not had a stroke,?
If you're brother was dying and needed a kidney transplant to live??
I always feel fatiqued, i get about 8 hours of sleep and eat right, what can cause this?
i really want to go to my friends birthday party. how can i make all my symptoms go away?
My father has been dealing with strong sinusitis; what are the remedies?
I found out my father has very high blood pressure?
What does it mean when bright red bloos appears in your human waste?
Is talking to yourself bad..?
can smoking and drinking coffee give you headaches?
Can you tell me why Marijuana is illegal?
can tension and stress during examinations cause insomnia?
neck pain? how can i stop/get rid of it?
I have really bad lower abdominal pains?
Canker Sores ??
please help im in really bad pain?
I've had 5 surgeries and have taken oxycodone. I had posted a question yesterday about "snorting" it, because
Can a migraine headache cause a seizure?
How can I help my stomach ache go away at school?
can someone please give me a link to where it says why there is pain in your arm when having a heart attack?
what does it mean when you get chest pains?!?!?!?!?!?
Is a person with Vitamin K deficiency at a higher or lower risk for having a heart attack?
Cholesterol question?
Just had a heart attack at 31--QUESTIONS!?
What can i do now?change in lifestyle or immidiate medical treatment?
Newly diagnosed young hypertension not respond good to Atenolol and Perindopril.?
Wt loss for high blood pressure?
need details on abdominal coronary artery anuerism.?
i have stopped taking my blood preasure pill as i was not finding any problem please suggest?
Spider bite?
are chiropracters legitimate doctors?
what's the possible cause of small blood-clot-like spots that appeared on my feet just recently?
do you know theres 2 different spellings for wholistic?
Do Blister's Heal Faster If...?
I burned my forehead with a curling iron- how can I make it heal faster?
what is that tube attached to ur wrist or hand to put fluids in ur system when ur in the hospital called?
What is the 800 # to contact the American Red Cross?
Sometimes when I go walking/jogging I get a cut...?
What was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted?
Can you sue someone on here for giving you wrong advice that was harmful to your health?
Heartburn, stomach pain, throwing up ~ help!?
whats a good remedy for nausea?
i wanted to know that does brain get damaged due to excessive mental exercise?
If someone somehow swallows a spider or silver fish while sleeping what harm can that pose to that person?
for the past 2 -3 weeks i have viginal itching and swelling. i don't mess around but think my husbad has?
can i get the swine flu if someone has it and peeing in a pool in which i swim?
having trouble passing urine causes loads of pain in the groin area im 89 years old?
how long does a deep cut take to heal?
last night i got a concussion, and today i went to the doctor and now im dizzy is that bad ?
Pushups hurting my lower back?
how do you stop a child from biting her nails?
I have two reoccuring dark spots on my bottom lip from smoking. whats the best remedy?
My parents say they r going to drug blood test me in 1-2 days.?
Why do I feel sick when..?
i know its silly? but I thought, you don't want to answer my questions anymore, so I stopped asking?
How long will Marijuana stay in my system..since ive been smoking for about a few months..(4-6 months)?
Sleeping Problems...HELP!!?
i have problems with my attitude, how do i over come with such type of problems?pls dont send me any funny ans
I have this cut blister thing on the side of my lip?
bee sting !! what do i do ?!!?
Cuts bleeding to much?
Are you donating to the China Sichuan Earthquake??
Help! I have water in my ear. How do I get it out!?!?
can you please tell me what happen if you eat the green part of the aloe vera .tk?
Quick Mosquito bite relief?
I got bit?
whats the best way to improve posture?
I've got hit by someone a few times on my arm & shoulder, will the redness go away?
who is doctor here??
It feels like there is fluid behind my kneecap..what could that be?
i m taking 6000mg paracetamol daily from last 15 days dose it hearm me?
Why can I feel my heart pound when I lay down?
I am only 14 and I have knee problems?
How to get rid of a headache?
why does my right side hurt?
URGENT. I think i ruptured my eardrum while swimming do i go to the ER?!?
I am 16 and I want to quit smoking? Help me!?
My cousin just got diagnosed with leukimia and i was wondering if it is treatable????? :(?
I hate smoking and what should I do?
im worried about my man, he's having weird sypmtoms??
Sinus infection? Is a doctor required?
my 19 year old son has been hospitalized with breathing problems?
why is my water bong harsh when i smoke and it didnt when i first got it?
How wonderful is it to have smoke free bars now?
mom's an alcoholic?
My co-workers smells like he never bathes, How should I tell him?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Ive got early doors ???
somebody please help me!!!?
When should you tell a guy you are dating you have crohn's disease?
Not Enough Calcium!!! What should I do?
how can you get hickeys to go away?
I went to the library and when i was browsing the shelf, my finger touched a book that had the word "AIDS"?
Is there a perfect way to sneeze?
i am 34 years married women. i am just 4.11 tall. i desperately want to grow taller?
i have a sleeping problem can i use chloroform?
How do i get rid of sunburn?
Did you ever hear of Skin ID? ?
what is the best way to prevent getting a stroke?
Why Am I Having Chest Pains? What's Causing Them? I'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the
question about a heart patient??? help please?
whats next after the echo?
Is ankle swelling that gets very painful during exercise a sign of Congestive Heart Failure?
What, other than simply being out of shape, causes a high resting heart rate?
Heart Attack?
My Blood pressure is 98 over 65 and my heart rate is 107. Is this bad? What could be the cause?
In so much pain I feel sick & like im going to pass out?
Pains/discomforts in leg?
i have pain in my fingers?
back problems?
has alcohol caused by lower back pain?
what can i do/use @ home 2 get rid of a back ache?
please, someone tell me how to cure SHIN SPLINTS please ! i love running and hate this pain i am 26 ! thanks?
where do i find a list of drugs that walmart charges onlu $4.00 per perscription?
I just had a sharp pain in my anus? Please this is a serious question...?
Does anyone know any good ways to stop smoking marijuana?
Heeeelpp i'm 14 & haven't recieved or given oral..?
Would you forgive someone if they knowingly gave you herpes?
STD's from the gym?!?!!?
Bulimia..Real disordeR? help?
What are some good ways to cope with going to bed way too late?
Flower deliveries to hospitals in UK?
what is the easiest way to quit smoking?
losing weight fast but healthy?
What can I do to fall asleep faster?
How do you fart???????????????
Are my feet small?
Can you die if you are diagnosed with kidney cancer?
What can I do to make my son, who is hospitalized with leukemia, happy on his birthday?
I need well-wishes from around the world for my father-in-law, who has cancer....anyone?
If you had Cancer....which method would you choose to cure and control it? Radiation, Chemo or Surgery?
my chest and heart hurts alot, and i cant taste anything anymore, whats going on?
heart problems at 14? please answer=[?
High blood pressure or _______plagues over 58 million Americans and is referred to as the silent killer.?
What are these blood tests?
Is heart beat stoppable?
Atherosclerosis is narrowing of arteries caused by buildup of fatty material on inside walls of the arteries.?
Could this be caused by heart disease?
My heart.. it hurts bad!?
Is polio eliminated from the world?
I have a boney lump on the back of my head?
ME,anyone else out there with this?
is sickle cell disease fatal?
suggestive activities for elderly with dementia?
blood after going to the bathroom and vomiting?
how do i know if i am anemic?
What can I do to feel better?
So I have a slight lisp and I'm trying to get rid of it.?
Is passive smoking just as harmful as actually smoking?
Can i give my dog human paracetemol to ease his leg pain?
My girlfriend's nose is bleeding, what's the problem she have?
what is the function of lungs?
i have not smoke in long time maybe like, a month n a half, but i recently smoked sum weed a few dayz ago.?
how do i stop snoring?
bad cough, mucus in it, no fever or side effects. what could it be?
what can be done about neck pain :( ?
WISDOM teeth PAIN...................?
I have a pain above my right eye and it isnt a headache. Just got over chest infection and not eating?
what are some good ways to releive major stress?????
This pain in my chest wont go away?
What would you do if you had old legs?
VERY bad back pain!!! HELP!!!?
Constant constipation!?
im 15, fast ways to die i want to die idk why just sick of life my name is katharine?
Can you get a hangover from using cocaine?
What does this sound like to you?
When you look at someone, what's the first thing you notice?
how do you pass a urine test for marajawanna?
how to make yourself get a worse cold and flu ?
Holistic Cholesterol lowering ideas...?
What are the symptoms of regurgitation in heart valve problems?
My heart is beating really fast and hard and now im getting chest pains??HELP!!?
Hi, hello! A question about lowering cholesterol?
low blood pressure.....?
Feeling faint/light-headed/dizzy/out of place since December?
how can a person have a blood pressure of 150/69?
I need people who disagree with this!?
can ulcers heal without any treatment?....just relax at home?
i have a splitting hedache ....?
If you could be a disease, which would you be?
what's the name of the medical condition where a patient is incapable of lying?
Throwing up little black things, and blood?
cystitis what can i do to make it go away!!?
I am fed up can someone offer advice?
Can you get arthritis in your neck?
Does anyone know where to get Oxycontin?
I have a really bad headache...?
When you wake up with a kink in your neck from sleeping the wrong way, should you use heat or ice to help?
is there a cure for tylenol when you over do it?
building tolerance to painkillers real quick?
What's the best way to prevent a charlie horse? Once you get one how do you get it to go away?
Does getting a nose job hurt ?
How do I get stronger meds w/o looking like Im an addict?
Everytime I chew, the left of my jaw clicks and I dont know if I should worry? What should I do?
I have about a 3 inch bruise on my arm and its black and blue. Is there any way to make the bruise fade away?
Should I feel ashamed and bad about my dark skin black? Is light skin better than dark skin?
very sick friend help?
What is your favorite brand of cigarettes?
why is there no proper cure for cancer?
should you stop drinking if you got cancer & why?
where and who is the best to send my mom to for stage 4 bile duct cancer & only 4 months estimated to live?
my mum went for a routine Mammogram and got a letter back within a week?
I'm 18,How do I tell this guy that i want to date that i have hpv?
why is my blood pressure low?
can a doctor tell if someone had a heart attack years ago?
Heart PVC's/PAC's lasting all day?
How does potassium help the heart ?
20 years old, heart murmur just discovered?
what happens tothe heart when you have congestive heart failure?
Doesn't Dr. Jarvik of the Lipitor commercials look like a clone of George W.?
My Blood Pressure is 142/81, What Does this Mean and What Do I Do?
i am 20 and i can not stop thinking about death and dying?
How much does a quarter of marijuana weigh?
Should smoking marijuana be legal?
does your knees crack when you squat or is it just me?
My daughter fell and now she has a headache?
what causes A cramp in The leg ?
Is heart valve disease a consideration for disability?
when you first wake up and get out of bed, does your heart beat rapidly?
55 pulse,good or bad?
what is the difference between congestive heart failure and chronic heart failure?
Is tachycardia a heart condition?
When should you be worried your blood pressure is too low?
what are some of the main symptoms of high cholesterol ?
How to deliberately get Malaria?
if someone is in a coma and they cant breathand there is no movement does that mean the person has brain death
Sinus/Ear infection...is this normal?
I stopped doing meth 20 years ago, and today I'm craving it?
Help!!!! Ive got a horrible cist on my.....?
How can I stop the ringing in my ears?
What if i try to become bulimic?
I have a sore throat, runny nose and tight feeling across my chest. What's wrong with me??
if you have a colonoscopy what are they looking for?
When I had blood work done my platelet count was 34. They said it is supposed to be 150. What does this mean?
i was admitted in the hospital for coronary heart desease and i cannot work. can i qualify for unemployment?
Fast heart rate getting out of bed in the morning?
what is meant by heart murmurs?
PTA with stent followed later by CABG has been recommended. Why cant we directly do CABG without stenting?
Is there any way you can tell...................?
Would CT scan show aortic insufficiency?
I have a serious heart condition can you advise me primary pulmonary hypertention ?
my friend is HIV positive and goes to nude beaches and spas?
Relation between palpitation anf hypothyroidism?
i took 130 parecetomal yesterday and im already feeling deaths door?
Pain in abdomen - bottom right side?
Help with Cholesterol numbers?
What do I have?. heart issues? WTF?
My throat really hurts...? why ?
Will sleeping on my side hurt my ribs?
Severe, Intense & Sudden Jaw Pain that won't go away...?
What are the causes of sore ankles/shins on the front of my legs while running?
whats it like to give blood, does it hurt?
How can I attach my mobile phone to myself so that it won't fall off?
is there any treatment for migraine??????????
32 years old and in too much pain!!!?
my daughter has pain in her right side,stomach, back, anyone have any suggestions? urine, blood test r clean.?
what do you think are the top 5 reasons for obesity?
My blood pressure is 97 over 50, is that okay?
Fit 30 yr old male with hypertension and EXTREME pulse pressure - need specialist?
My BP shot up to 189/101. How do I get it down quickly and should I be concern?
what are the 4 chambers of the heart?
is it against the law to ask for monitary help on the internet?
Heart attack or Anxiety attack?
Starting Atenolol Was Previously On Torpol XL Question?
I have been told by a cardologist that I have a 30% blockage on the back side of my heart. Is this serious?
Could it be Heart Problems?
i cut my self how do i stop?
Doctor's receptionist gives "treatments"..is this okay???
is it illegal for a Dr. if he doesn't show you your x-rays?
Why do i always fall over?
Is Cocaine a Good or Bad thing to take?
why do i feel like throwing up?
Why am I always COLD? Im not skinny & Im healthy according to doctors?
why do people smoke and do drugs?
do you think anyone has the right to take a "hopeless case"person off of life support?
Has anyone else lost the will to live?
i feel like i'm gonna die.?
Every night i go sleep REALLY Late! how do i get up for 7:00 in the morning without feelin really tired! Help!
What is this thing on the inside of my bottom lip?
My tounge was peeling this morning?
Can you snip off skin tags?
How do i know if my earring holes are infected?
HIV in the shower???
i got fingered and i started bleeding...?
I have a 5 year old who complains her shin always hurts. I am worried she may have bone cancer.?
I'm worried, is this breast cancer? help
if my private part is smaller than my thumb what does it mean?
Severe Urinary Tract Infection?? Still No relief :(?
Fastest way to get rid of a headache?
I found out I have TMJ today...?
Can taking five 500mg vicodin and drinking kill me?
What are ways to get swelling in feet down?
I'm taking penicillin for a kidney infection is it ok to take painkillers too?
What are cramp's?
How do you help relieve the pain from sore legs?
Is this food poision?
I lost my glasses that I can't see without, how do I see to find them ?
how serious is chest pain along with rapid heart rate and dizziness?
what can cure heart palpitations ?
i have heart murmur!!!!! please give me some information?
What are lipid disorders?
I just recently had a stress test done with the dye that is injected for chest pains that I have been having.?
heart pain?
High blood pressure?
panic attacks/heart palpitations?
Cholesterol and Crestor question?
what is sperger's syndrome?
name every way you know to get rid of hiccups!?
How do you get rid of that foggy cloudy dear in the headlights feeling in your head?
Fastest way to cure fever?
I moved away to another country and now keep getting an upset stomach....?
with stuff in your head,can you go to bed?better take it away,without any delay,otherwise...............?
When is it time to put someone into care?
Is a fart supposed to be muddy?
Blood in Urine(MonO)?
Why do I do this thing?
i am having a pain always in tail bone...wat is the reason...?
What is the best cure for a sore throat, without medicine?
whats wrong with me?
Which is more effective, Hypnosis or Dope for pain management?
am i sick? whats wrong with me?
Does this ever happen to you?
Should I go to the ER or not? Is this really serious?
painful arthritis?
Knee operation?
Why is my jaw painful and swollen?
Sleeping habits? What can you do about insomnia and stress?
How can i break my leg/legs by myself?
Ok, I know your all gonna tell me to go see my doctor but I just want your opinions first :o)?
Should a physical therapy session leave bruises?
Eating disorder help?
i have a habbit of holding my urine for a long time, what happens if i keep doing that?
how long can i lay in the sun nude and not get burned?
i have bad breath and i don't like mints or mouthwash what do i do? any suggestions?
Are these BPs normal? What should I do?
My mother is 62 years old her feet burn and now her hair is falling out,why?
heart/chest pain at 14?
How much control does a person have over his or her level of health?
is cholesterol a friend or a foe?
I am too young for High Cholesterol. How do I control it?
what is an ECG and ....?
can clogged arteries heal?
Question about morphine...?
I got a huge headache is there any food that can stop it?
How much food if any does an anorexic person eat in one day?
Can any body tell me how long does drugs stay in human blood??
Has anyone broken their pinky finger?
I coughed up blood....is this serious?
What do you put on your feet if you have fungus?
how common has the 'vomit bug' been this year..anyone had it?i have a phobia ofvomit u see?
Candida- has anyone found a cure that works?
With a NEGATIVE Fragile X blood test, could you still have autism?
I have a serious addiction...HELP!!!?
Sister fell backwards into pool and now complains of head pain?
have i broken my baby toe?
Does cancer make you ill or is it the chemo?
What are some warning signs that someone could have cancer through smoking?
sis has "female" cancer. i'm scared!?
Is this unethical of me?
Do we have less time than we thought?
My niece has an aneurysm in her head and is having an operation tomorrow.?
what is curving of the spinal column?
my son is 13 and has 103.7 temp and i can't get it to break all when it does it only goes down to 101.1 .?
Anyone know of anyway at all to raise red blood count fast so I will feel better!?!?!?
Does anyone else agree that taking limsips and such doesn't?
Family death?
My body feels dead and tired all the time like i have no energy making me feel lazy tired down and depress?
can anyone give me info on mutiple sclerosis?
im pregnant and the father of my child has sickle cell disease will my child have it also?
I have found a black patch in the middle of my foot.?
Should i go to the hospital for this [Pic]?
How can you sprain your ankle?
QUICK!!!! How Can I Break My Wrist/Thumb?
What is the youngest age to have knee replacement surgery?
Is it true that Increase in HDL causes decrease in HDL? Does HDL Physically decrease LDL..If so,how?
Heart Doctors..Can you help me here?
People Haven't You Ever Wondered Why Veins And Tiny Cappilaries Do NOT "Clog" Up With Cholesterol
heart attack and stoke how long is recovery?
I have pectoris carinatum (Pigeon chest) need help!?
Blood pressure and pulse question - any doctors here?
Please explain anemia to me.?
This is a heart question..?
Is there anyway that I can fall asleep while someone is snoring?
Why and how do you yawn?
how can i not be afraid of the silence in my house in the night?
Will an inhaler always stop an asthma attack?
Can I really die from this?
Can you wake up someone with sleep apnea?
My toe is purple, has a big lump & will NOT bend - is it broken? Professional help please!!!?
theres a spider in my ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will I be able to give blood if I'm underweight?
What's the best way to stop smoking?
can you get a std or hiv if you share a water bottle?
Could I get HIV/AIDS if..?
Please interpret this angiogram report that recommends (triple) heart bypass surgery. Thanks.?
Lovenox injections?
What is hypertropic cardiomyopathy?
Is this angina?
my 12 yr old son suffers with aortic valve stenos is am i entitled to disability living allowances?
why blood pressure patient should eat low salt.?
what is mild stroke?
Could this be a sign of high blood pressure?
What time do you sleep ?
1 week constipation?
Do you sleep on your stomach, side or back?
get into shape in 1 month? need help!?
Can I refuse to tell a patient they have cancer?
my boyfriend has just been diognosed with severe arthritis and is going to hospital shortly?
did people have to pay for a tonsillectomy in 1937?
How do you bully/convince your doctor to diagnose you with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (so called "ME")?
Why am I always tired and sleepy?
headache,red eyes, what should i do?
i am feeling tired all the time and i have no energy. can that be a sign of leukemia?
Why aren't African and middle eastern countries at the top of the list for skin cancer?
Does Sadamm's neck hurt?
Has anyone ever heard of a wire being run from the liver to the heart?
What does it mean when I can feel my heart beat in random parts of my body?
My husband has had on going problems with heavy arms, flushed face, sweating?
I have ischemia (heart) and wonder about heat and massage.?
what does it mean when you wake up and you feal your heart beat fast in your chest and its hard to breathe?
My husband has high blood pressure and he is only 25 years old...?
what is hernia ? is it related to testes?
Heavy Heartbeat?
Please help! My eyelid is twitching constantly.?
What is a good treatment for insomnia?
i met how should i stop cuting myself not how should i cut myself?
I need sleep!!!?
hi i have a son that is bed weting still ager 12 years old what can i do?
If I agree to be nice will you do as you are told?
What causes you to fart alot?
what does the acronym MILF stand for?
if someone on here claimed to be a doctor when giving an answer would you believe them?
It's 11:37pm have to work at 5:am. Should I go to bed?
How do you open a pot of Vaseline?
How do you beat BO that isn't accompanied by sweat?
my daughters has been sick with diarrhea and she has been trowing up a bright green color....?
Ingrown toenail..HELP!!!?
why does my eye keep swelling up?