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what do you do when your doctor won't prescribe a medication you want to try .?
does ibuproferin cause stomach problems?
How can you get rid of the gas you have after surgery?
my stomach makes noises sometimes even when im sleeping does anyone know what causes that and how i can stop i?
Why don't doctors care for their patients anymore?
I think I might have a colon problem.?
I'm having terrible synus pains around my eyes,nose and cheeks, is there a cure?
how long do you have to leave a earing in after it's done (really)?
Got my second ear piercing done and it hurts after a few days still!?
Help! I Hurt My Back!?
Why do people say "if you don't bother a bee it wont sting you"?
slipped on some rocks...?
is my finger broken? closed trunk door on it?
who is your biggest fan????
what happens if you have congestion heart failure and you drink beer? But the dr's said not to drink??
is 21 too young for breathing / heart problems?
Heart attack?!? Seriously worried. I'm only 14!?!?
what are the symptoms of Heart Attack?
if you eat a ear will you grow one?
should i shave my armpits at early age when they are not bad at all??
why do people feel the need to have plastic surgery?
Anyone else on their 2nd lot of antibitoics because of a chest infection?
Smoking pot makes does make me think about myself?
biology project swine flu question 10 points?
Do you think the swine flu is...?
How much urine and bleach can u mix before it kills you?
Who's the guy that discovered Antibiotics?
do i have swine flu????? ?
Am i more likley to get the flu again?
I had a Viagra overdose and my instrument has been awake for three days what now?
Is alcholism a disease?
I am always feeling sleepy. Is there any medicine to be energetic ?
What's Jaundice?
Wts Rong wit meh it hurts when I go pee?
I feel very sleepy during working hours ? pls help?
could i have MS???
Pl. tell me the remedy for nail biting habit?
Sudden knee pain - can't bear weight! What's wrong?
I'm bleeding from the corners of my eyes. Do I need medical treatment?
I can't get my belly button bar back in? HELP!!! = (?
How have u broken a bone b4?
what is a "staff infection"?
Blood pressure question that is driving me crazy?
can i trust blood pressure machines?
can i go to the GP alone (I am aged 17)?
Redbull given me Heart Palpitations....?
How long is your brain alive after your heart stops beating and can you hear what is said at that time?
Quickest and best way to heal a sunburn?
What tecniques can help bruise heal? will give 10 points?
What do I do if my fingers are superglued together and to the little container?
i have two jobs and i recently walked off one of them with out saying anything ot my employer?
How do you get something stuck right up the top of your nose out?
Where does the stuff in your bellybutton come from?
An addict that doesn't have a problem?
Pain in my joints - any ideas?
when drinking alcohol and taking acetaminophen, what bad reaction could happen?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Is having an STD dangerous?
I heard Obama gave a 19 year-old girl on the south side an STD and paid her to cover it up. Any truth to this?
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What chew tobacco is the 'healthiest' for you?
what's the best thing to do to combat insomnia?
Can I give blood if I'm anemic and have mono ?
Baby 15 months old ; don't walk?
How do you find a cure(it's my friend who's affected)for a flesh eating disease?
I don't feel the urge to defecate?
HELP!!!!!!! Am I dying??????
why am i always hungry? i get mad when i'm hungry too?
Why should I stop smoking when others put there lives at more risk mountaineering or driving fast cars?
I've been sick for the past two weeks. I think I need antibiotics but I don't have insurance. Any tips?
My foot is really brusied on top and I cant walk on it. I need opinions!?
i suffer really bad from camel toe?
Hi, once i accidently cut my self with the back side of the fork (not the sharp part the other end)?
My god! Now i hav both hands stuck in the door! What do i do?
What should I do about the scabbing with my head injury?
please help it is an emergency!?
Does a spinal tap hurt?
I have been having a pain on my upper stomach but below my breasts and I sometimes feel chest pain. What is it?
Pain medicine addiction?
I have a constant headache that won't go away and it's getting worse.?
omg can any doctors or people help me!!?
whats the most physically painful thing that hapened to u?
I need a home remedy for an extremely itchy dog.?
what could i do for my dry skin on my hands?
i have these littlle bumps on my stomach?
i cough up horrible stuff?
What am I sick with? Im coughing a lot but that's it.?
what is the average amount of time a person can hold their breath?
whats going on? heart attack?? stroke? help? I freaking out!!?
My Bp is 144/90 pulse 77 while resting. I am on beta blockers should I be concerned?
how to fix a broken heart?
Why is my resting heart rate so high if I am so athletic ?
Am I having a stroke?
I am 14 and have a brain tumor. My friend died 2 months ago from one. How should i tell my remaining friends?
Right, I've got a painless little lump on the side of my neck near my shoulder, any ideas what it could be?
if the cancer is gone then why does she need chemo or radiation?
A gift for someone with Leukemia?
Why do my thumb nails smell when I bite them?
What Color is your blood do u really know?
HELP. Some Vicks Vapor Rub fell into my eye and it burns!!?
tea tree oil or neosporin?
Blue Cross or Blue Shield?
What do you do if your shoulder & back muscles are sore?
Isn't it supposed to be healthy sometimes to be bored.......?
this about the burn on my finger?
!!!!Stomach Pain!!!!?
How can i put on weight?
Do you think 5'5 is tall?
is being 112 pounds heavy for being 5' 5"?
Why do I feel like I always need to pee?
White stuff on sides of my throat and it isn't strep - what is it and how to get rid of it?
I have narcolepsy. The medicine is almost $300. So now what?
My snot's gone red!?
why do I wake up all the time with a really hurtful stiff neck? How do I make it go away?
Why do I have pain in my tailbone when I walk?
How long should I stay awake after a fall and hurt my head ?
is this normal? please answer if you would like 10 points♥?
About a year ago i got a papercut...?
If I put deep heat in my eyes how 'deep' will it go .?
I injured my finger, how do I know whether it's jammed or fractured?
How to increase vision? any exercise for eyes? I feel like i am not able to see fine things.?
i want to quit smoking please help me i have try ?
Do gelatin tablets really make you're hair grow faster?
how did the swine flu even start?
chicken pox contagious?
Can you catch a cold (as in from another person)?
Can strep appear anywhere else in the body besides the throat???
I just heard on the radio that some infected with swine flu aren't responding to speech and are biting people?
Is there an 'internal' use for peroxide?
why do we blink when we think about blinking the eyes !?
I was just demolishing a room and I wasn't wearing a mask for 10 min. What would happen if there was asbestos?
how can i ease yellow jacket pain?
Any remedies for bee stings?
burn from a hot glue gun?? QUICK!!?
i just burnt 3 of my fingers cooking
What is the best thing to take to prevent mosquito bites?
I've heard conflicting stories about HPV...?
Why do you sometimes get a beep or tone in your ear?
How Long Should I Wait Before I Go To The School Nurse, Or Doctors?
If something is 99.9 % effective, why can't it just be 100%?
Plz help Me..???
can i grow hair under my feet like my grandma?
Is an 18-yr old ready for alcohol?
not a nice question i know... but can cucumber give you 'an upset stomach'?
HIGH Blood Pressure, HIGH Blood Pressure, HIGH Blood Pressure.?
how do you heal a broken heart?
Is it possible to have a heart attack and not know it?
Earache remedies?
shoulder pain ... what should/can i do?
is it true that painkillers don't work on some people ?
shins hurt when i run?
i did cocaine and now i have pain in my sinuises and in my ear. what can i do to stop the pain?
The more diseases I'm exposed to, the more immune to them I'll be, right?
HELP! Sore throat - can't sleep.... what can I do?? I took Tylenol and I am drinking some cold milk?
Help!! I've broken my toe (the one next to the little toe)! Whats the best thing to do?
28 yr old male blood pressure 171/100, anybody know their stuff on this?
So my Mom had a stroke...?
True or False: Your maximum heart rate is estimated by subtracting your age from 220.?
Please help me!? do I have diabetes!?
why is my ankle hurting?
Need help Got rash from legs rubbing and got to wlak tomorrow :(?
Is my Thumb Broken?? Please answer!!?
I got shot in my leg 2 times and cant make it to hospital?
Whats wrong with my daughter?
how can i get rid of over sleeping?please..help me out?
What causes you to lose your hair?
Foam ear plugs???
I have a bug bite on my finger.Is this nomel?
URGENT how to remove a tick?
I bite my nails and I have tried to stop is there any remedies or a way to stop.?
what are some good items to put in a homemade first aid kit?
What do you think about a man that want her ex-girlfriend to commit abortion? is he just scare?
How do I stop my eye from twitching!?!?
My right hand has started shaking what could it be?
i thought i might die....?
sunburn ahhh!?
I am a 31 year old alcoholic who is physically withdrawing. Can't sleep, sweating, body aches, shakes. Tips?
is something serious wrong with me or my mind?
What's the useful advice to say to a friend to STOP smoking?
My throat feels like it's bleeding?
anyone been sedated at denist ?? whats it like?
Car Accident, 6 months ago - ongoing back pain since then...who do i see about my back?
how can i get rid of my horrid cramps?
What is this lump near the throat and jaw?
Why can't I rotate my eyes?
What will make me sleep? ITS AFFECTING MY SCHOOLWORK!?
Should I tell my doctor I illegaly took a painkiller and ask him for stronger ones?
30 minutes ago our helper said she couldn't breathe and she couldn't move her whole body. is it epilepsy?
if you have a s if you have a sharp pain in the left side of you stomach, what can that be?
500 adults and children a week hospitalised for cannabis use?
Have any of you tried marijuana for stress and relaxation?
is it possible to have a "smell" down there and not be infected??
sometimes when i sleep i feel like im awake i can hear see feel and everything but move why is that?
Is peeing blood serious enough to go to the emergency room?
Is epilepsy considered to be a chronic illness?
Can people die from panic attacks? It has nothing to do with the heart right?
blood pressure association?
what is a heart burn?
Is there any way that we can clear oedema from legs and feet?Cause is unknown as heart, liver, kidneys,?
Is 99.8 a temperature?
What to do?
Do you get enough Iron?
What is wrong with my knee?
im 14 and my BF raped me, when i hit the floor i got a bunch of bruises 1 on my head and it reallly hurts?
Omg, how do I reduce the pain (don't have ice) and should I go to the doctors?
i got hurt and my boss doesn't believe me ( my foot and i can't walk )
My Boyfriend recently entered Detox and Treatment How do i Cope..?
poorley diarrea help?
If an alcoholic quits drinking as a result of AA, then they will always be an alcoholic?
Can a son donate his kidney to his mother if he has a different blood group then her?
Help! Possibly anorexia?
I have a sore throat and now my left ear is aching and I can't hardly hear out of it. Any remedies?
How long does it take for a torn muscle to heal?
my mum caught her hand in the car door?!?!?!?
what can i use so mosquitoes wont bite me?whats a good mosquito repellent?
what is worse? Marijuanna smoking or drinking alcohol?
can anything happen to you're heart while its beating at 200 bpm?
How does red wine 'contribute' to the health of the heart?
Why Are Most Old People On Cholesterol Medications to lower cholesterol? is their's higher than young people
My 10 year old cousin's heart hurts why?
How many bizarre old time remedies can we come up with?
really bumpy forehead?
How to prevent the smelly armpits?
acne problems on face?
My daughter can't swallow pills. The doctor prescribed her minocycline capsules for her acne.?
Cure for a rash?
Theres something wrong with my stomach. I get a deep burning pain..?
iam having killer headaches?
has anyone know exactly what restless leg syndrome is?
Can a women come to know a man is virgin or not?
HELP do I have tourette's syndrome?
Why are people in Mexico dying from the swine flu?
What Is The Symptons Of Swine Flu ?
do you have a scar you are proud of?
does getting your nose corterised hurt?
I was in a car accident on Sunday. On Tues i was not thinking straight & confused. Is a delay reaction normal?
my stomac hurts and im cold?
Do you freak-out when seeing lots of blood?
have i broken my foot? ?
I can never sleep the day before an exciting event?
what happens if you put your doodle in the exhaust of a car and then turn it on?
which of these r more GROSS??
How much does an average smoker spend on Cigarettes in a year?
Is this an unhealthy relationship with therapist?
Smoking at a young age?
Is there anything postive about smoking?
what do you think of 14 year olds smoking?
How do I make REALLY swollen bug bites go down?
Mosquito bite remedies?
How do you stop biting your nails WITHOUT products like rat poison?
what is the easyst bone in your leg/ankle to break?
Is it true that diabetes do not set on people above the age of fifty?
I stood on a caterpillar and now my foot is numb? Is that dangerous?
Did you know that?
what is better for you butter or country crock?
What's the best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
What are some of your biggest fears in life?
please please help! what is wrong with my wrist?
i have a question it hurts when i swallow why is that ?
Does anyone know how to make something that helps you sleep?
What's the most relaxing thing you've done in the last two weeks?
why does my head hurt so bad???
PLEASE!!!!! My friend is in severe pain.....?
Current blood pressure: 170/105. Do I need to go to the ER?
Heart Problem?
when you get rid of eyebrow hairs do they grow back thicker?
What should I put on my arm?
How to cure bad sunburn?
why are we asked not to sleep for a while after a snake bite?
if you get a really bad sunburn what will help it instead of aloe?
I live in Qld,and just got bitten by something?
Is ear tube safe for a 2 yr old?Does it have any side effect?
how to get rid of sunburn?
What to do if your skin burns from using a product?
Is good posture a necessary element of good health?
upset stomach?
what is blood loss called?
Should I go to the hospital - HELP!!!?
insect bite?
I bruised my foot badly playing racketball in the middle of April and it still hasn't healed yet. Suggestions?
Can a blood clot or tumor in the chest area or heart, be picked up on a chest xray?
what's normal value of LDL and VLDL? How to control it?
heart attack Question? plz no jokes hard to ask?
sudden accelerated heart beats? i'm not scared or under stress.. why?
my husband has high blood pressure and it suddenly dropped. would it cause him to loose his vision for 1 hour?
Why are bald people's heads usually shiny?
Broken needle stuck under my fingernails. Help.?
is something wrong with my head?
Heartburn relief/cure?
i get headache in the middle of my sleep?
i have pus coming out my big toe on the side. what kind of infection could that be?
Quick question about the HIV/AIDS virus?
how can my 8yr old get over gastro FAST?, and not SPREAD IT TO US?
what makes a disease a plague?
I got swine flu while going to camp and now i have to go to a mission trip in a week, can i go?
how do coughdrops work?
what could a red line running up a childs belly from an area near a tick bite be?
How can I tell if my 18 month old has ear infection?
ear piercing infection ???
how do you know if u have mono?
Should I put peroxide or alcohol on my burn?
what is migraine?
How long does a major sunburn last???Help!?
i got a really bad sunburn on my stomach. Any ideas how to relieve the pain. I have put after sun burn lotions
Who do i see about my wisdom teeth, My doctor or dentist? Im in so much pain what can i take mean while?
Can you break a person's neck if you kick them in hard enough in the head?
What can be done for a 24year-old stutterer to improve on her speach?
is there an old wives remedy for getting rid of head lice?
What can damage the liver apart from drinking too much alcohol?
Can I donate a liver to someone older than me?
I am having pain under my left rib cage, what should I do?
Can a disability parking cert be issued after hip-replacement surgery.?
What is the difference between oxycodone and vicodin??
Owww. How can i deal with this painful hangnail?
What is an OK number of STD's to have?
Can HIV live long outside the body on metal in cold temperatures?
if you have a yeast infection, can ur bf still eat u out?
Why do I get goosebumps?
How do you heal a fever?
one of my hand feels like it is freezing,,,please help?
Does anyone know if a condition causes this?
Is it cheaper to buy a first aid supplies in a kit or individually?
I am having severe leg pains...no injury. I was wondering what may be the cause?
Can you get ride of a wart on your toe with Duct Tape if you leave it on for a while?
do cuts heal faster when exposed to air than with a band aid?
How do I lover my cholesterol?
Does anyone know anything about an angiogram?
is my blood pressure too high?
Is 102/62 blood pressure normal?
Blood Pressure without a Stethoscope?
Has anyone ever heard their own heart beat in their ear ?
Is ventricular Fibrillation a problem inside the heart?
my heart hurts help me please..........?
what illness do i have?
Why does my 6 year old daughter's stool look like coffee grounds?
I have a weak immune system. I would like to know what herbs or vitamins can I take to boost my immune system.
meth or cigarettes?
what is parkinsons disease?
I just found some small knots in my arms. Does anyone know what these are and are they serious?
when I did a urine sample, little floating things in it?
Is there a cure for Rheumatoid Athritis, what is it?
How are gallstones removed should i have it done when I'm young does it matter?
Wrist Problem??????
why do some people catch cold easily and others don't?
will swine flu come to ireland?
Do any other countries have any deaths from the swine flu or just mexico?
Do I have strep?????
My wud b is suffering Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).He gone to many hospitals but his parents is afraid.?
How can I build up my immune system after breast cancer treatments?
Am told if a man does not marry by the age of 30 years, he is likely to suffer from cancer.How true is this?
My mom has smoked for like 20 years and is now 50. If she quite now would it even make a difference?
MY nan has terminal cancer.. doctors won't do anything?
Is it unsafe to crack your shoulder and knuckles?
Can somebody help me?
M&M's or Tic Tacs?
whats the strongest tablets you can buy im in lot of pain?
I need to swallow a pill and that not working for me what els can i do?
what to do about tendonitis in the foot?
does a person who is getting a massage needs a sheet to cover, when the massage therapist says you don't?
toys in rectum?
have you ever broken your foot or toes?
Why didn't this bleed?
Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
What's wrong with my neck?
if your head hurts everyday you need glasses???
asthma attack while doing cpr?
i pierced my ear last week .. it swollen .. EARLOBE HELP!!!?
Are there any adverse effects of Tylenol snorting?
What do you recommend I do with a second degree burn?
Wasp Stung my foot, what should I do?
what perscription medication are small, orange,and have the numbers 257, and letters gg on them?
I have 2 really huge cuts(knee,elbow)blood was gushing out and i really hate stuff like that what should i do?
Is it possible to clean your hands so much you make them bleed?
Can a person with no ears wear glasses?
I am in excruciating pain from a molar tooth, top left side, how can i relieve it till appointment?
On my Tongue there is this white thing and it hurts?
My heart keeps beating at a faster pace and it's not like i'm doing exercise or anything?
I have low blood pressure, help?
i can feel my heart beat against my chest?
Can i use alcohol after Aortic Valve replacement?
Anyway to get rid of pink eye fast?
How likely is it that i've contracted something from a scratch from a needle?
How can you prevent MRSA at a slumber party?
is there a very bad flu/cold virus /chest infection doing the rounds at the moment?
how to get rid of puffyeyes?
waxing armpits for first time.....?
can i smoke and still live when i'm 40???
is this bad?
I really need you to answer this! what is it?
What is the best pain relief during labour?
is bipolar disease heredetary?
Is Anti-Social Personality life threatening?
Can people with scoliosis lift heavyweights?
lump under left hipbone and blood in stools?
my 6 yr old has had diarrhea for the past 3 weeks?
Diagnose me if you can! =]?
horrible insomnia, awake for almost 3 days?
I like to put my belly jam into my ear. is that weird?
omg, I feel like I'm dying.. help?
Which is worse, a long sword wound, or a gunshot (ignoring location)?
bruised tailbone?
I have a bad headache but doctors don't know what's wrong?
i have too peeeeeeeeee sooo bad it hurts?
Is it possible to sprain your palm, I think I did...?
Very Dizzy?
What can I eat when I''m constipated?
Im having this weird stabbing pain 2inches above my belly button 4 inches to the left any clue???
What do I do about lower back problems?
Given that ALL none smokers die what is the point...?
I need relief for a stuffy nose and scratchy throat FAST!?
What does SMOKE do to the lungs.?
i have a question about my sore throat?
What do you do if your significant other snores?
Are you disgusted by people who are very, very fat or very, very skinny?
What's good for sunburns?
why does hiccups occur?
I got bite by a spider a few days ago, what should I do?
Why don't fat people just lose the weight?
can i still sunbath after receiving a hot oil burn?
I need to find out if anybody knows how to cure and infected toe?
Does your ear suppose to hurt when u first get it pierced?
I have absolutely HORRIFIC sunburn. I cant even sleep...?
Headaches from wet hair?
Heart hurts, and other pain?Help Please.?
i still feel high 3 days later?
how many times does your heart beat in a day?
does this touch your heart?
11 year old..is this blood pressure ok?
Heart Trouble????????????????
When you're sick, do you take over-the-counter medicine, a prescription from your doctor, or nothing at all?
What will u do if u are in a toilet with no toilet tissues?
I think I have frost bite, what should I do?
Why does my thingy itch all the time?
My daughter just got a hold of my deodorant and put it in her mouth will it hurt her?
Whats the best thing to use to soothe mosquito bites?
Can I wash dishes with a small cut on my hand?
What are some ways to heal a sunburn?
What happen to ER?
what releives sunburn pain?
Does anyone know how to help a very painful sciatic nerve ?
Band-aid or no band-aid?
i had something really weird happen today?
Best remedy for a migraine?
Whats worse dying a slow pain or dying instantly?
who can touch their toes?
Pain.... I can't stand it! Help?
Headache and Migraine how to stop them?
what's wrong with my mom's leg?
I had my gall bladder removed 8/8/07 and I would like to know how soon after is it ok to drink a few beers?
Is Autism caused by Immunization Shots?
I think my brother's dying! Can someone help!?!?
I took 5 Xanax?
Autism and vaccinations?
What are some steps I can take to get rid of anxiety?
Is alcoholism really a disease, or is calling it a disease just giving one an "excuse" to keep drinking?
i have a black eye how do i get rid of it?
Sweat under armpits?
What's the best way to deal with a panic attack.?
how to get rid of ant bite pain?
EMT(Parademic Course) Costs $11,000 CAD for 10 Months. Is this a regular price?
How to Help Poison Ivy?
will i get a scar?
why would i keep on getting canker sores in my mouth? seriously.?
omg! i have scraped knee ? ?
The stupid weather has caused my lips to become dry and itchy!?
help. cut first aid.?
I havn't been hungry in a week or two...i eat hardly anything at all. what's wrong?
ok i have an odd feeling in my wrist?
I get knots in my neck when I get stressed.Besides massage what else helps getting rid of these?
Why does chocolate give me a headache sometimes?
its 2am and I have a horrible tooth ache, please help (hurry)?
Have you ever felt like this sick??? Please help?
Can someone tell me why my headaches are this bad, and what can u do?
Left ear and left side of throat hurting?
my girlfriend smoked weed and lied to me?
I cannot breathe through one nostril at all. What's going on?
i just smoked pot for the first time and..?
what should i do i'm having an asthma attack?
for the past three days when i blow my nose my snot is dark. i would say it even looks like "choclate snot
Peeing a lot. What is it?
does having dark yellow pee mean you're dehydrated?
question about throat pain?
where are my migraines coming from?
My blood pressure is 117/58.?
is it necessary?
Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
Is Artery obstruction a heart attack?
What do doctors do if theres signs of a Heart Attack?
What is the maxium heart rate for a 21 year old?
How long can you live with no kidneys?
Can I get shingles?
coldplay song?
Dizziness and deafness?
Please help! *Sobs* :'(?
What else could this be other than cancer?
What causes blood on toilet paper?
bleeding, but not from where you think?
What's the deal with "Restless Leg Syndrome"?
Do you find this annoying.?
I often feel nauseous during the day for no reason at all. What could be the problem?
how to tell a fake CPR/first aid certificate?
What will happen if i don't get my splinter out of my finger?
I have a huge mosquito bite...?
Has anyone noticed any benifits to their health from eating organic food?
Half of my big toe (on the right foot) is numb. Should I get it checked out?
Sliced my big toe open, help?
what causes the sound when we crack our knuckles?
I want to try weed, will I have long term effects if I just smoke it once?
How come after I cry, Its unnoticeable?
What should one eat when he doen't have enough blood in his body, to get enough blood?
I can't find my heartbeat, am I dead?
Ive been getting headaches~ Anything serious?
my throat is killing me.....what medicine?
how to get rid of these leg cramps??!?!?!?
I accidently ate paper?
Why do I get anxiety and paranoia the day after I've been drinking?
spider bite?
I have poison ivy and can't stand the itching and pain. What can I do?
where can i go for FREE cpr training in NEW JERSEY?
i just got a tetnus shot what can i do to end the pain?
is getting 4-5 hours asleep bad for your health?
I cant stop smoking. HELP?!?
I have a toothache,headache,sore throat, and ear ache.what's wrong with me?
smoking ???
i live with my parents who smoke very heavy round my baby.?
Do You Smoke?
two weeks clean from painkiller addiction...will I ever feel normal again?
My husband has a v hard lump near his hip,It's about 2 inche's long and a bit bigger than a vain,?
Anyone know a cure for tinitus?
in the history of mankind have doctors found any cures for any diseases?
what are the symptoms of needing by pass surgery?
What ahppens when you drop the soap!?
What food should be avoided for ulcerative colitis?
How do you know if someone is developing anorexia?
Please help! I think something is very wrong?
how to get noticed?
Zit on mouth won't go away?
i need help badly?:(?
Every time I go jogging my feet, ankles, and my legs go numb or have an intense pain feeling?
Worst headache ever.....?
There is a pain, and I can't figure it out!!!?
What are headaches caused by and why are they so painful?
how fast would the average heart rate have to be to have a heart attack or pass out?
i used melatonine daily .any risk .tell me pls?
ive come to realize that i am a heavy drinker.?
do u think that heart disease, cancer and stroke largely preventable by individual choice?
Anyone been taken to hospital with unstable angina? If so, i need your knowledge!?
Any one else suffer from High Blood Pressure and of a young age?
fingering and a wart?
Am i in danger and should i go to the hospital.
I am scheduled to have a lumbar epidural shot soon (actually 3, spread over time). Does it hurt?
can a guy tell if his girlfriend slept wit someone else?
i have.....?
Get Rid of Lazy Eye?
Why do I sometimes have throat Constriction while eating?
Ear hurts like crazy!!!?
i just found out i have mono.......?
What happens if you get drunk while taking antibiotics?
what are a few geriatric illnesses?
(Prepare to be grossed out...) Does this look Infected to you?
Having blood taken and scared?
Did I have a heart attack?
When I eat more than normal my pulse increases ?
My daughter has a heart mumur, shall i go to the hospital?
14 year old can have heart attack?
blood pressure was 153/104 today? im active 22 yr old. bad?
Mechanical heart valves INR 5.2?
I think my daughter has diaper rash how do I cure it?
What is price of a Montgomery Ward Household Medical Battery 1899-19000?
i have poison ivy kinda bad on my arms. what are some good remedys for it?
Coffee or Tea? Whats your cup of tea?
Does the tongue swell up HUGE when you get it pierced?
i cut my leg 2 days ago and it's still sore. do i need stitches?
I have a large bug bite and was wondering if i should see a doctor?
How should each first aid burns degress can be treated?
What symptoms will you have when a black widow bites you?
Have facial scar from accident, on cheek. Any product to eliminate or reduce it? Plastic surgeon says "no".
How tall will i be when i grow up?
Mrs Truckers got hiccups and it's sending me mad ! how can she get rid of them ?
What's wrong with me?
have i overdosed!?
What can I do to prevent needle injection pain?
I hurt my neck the other day, ...What can I do to make it feel better? ?
wat causes headache? i had this headache prob on & off. Anyways to ease the pain apart from taking medication?
Whats the average age people die at?
I threw up six times in the last hour...?
How do you Get Rid of Migraines?
im asking why people order so much food from restaurants?
How to prevent acid-reflux without medications?
Is there a link between autism and childhood vaccination?
tips for healthy heart please?
heart murmur dangerous?
is it good to have your heart beat faster?
What are the signs that a person has high blood pressure?
is it normal for a child to have leg aches every day?
I had kidney stones about a month ago. The same pain is coming back is it possible to have them again.?
Having pain in my middle back. What could it be...?
My lower back hurts off and on, is this reason enough to go to a chiropractor?
Do you ache before a rain or cold weather, Joint aches etc?
Why I have pain in my left arm, have a wierd feeling in left thigh and why I am short of breath?
Whats wrong with me?
What is wrong with my stomach?
Do I have ocd? My friend reconds I have.?
My 13 yr old has a hard bump behind her left ear its not hurting her but it moves and is getting bigger!?
remedies for acid stomach?
My doctor has recommended a power wheelchair for me. I'm all for it but my family disagrees.?
Anyone have any otc treatments for fibromyalgia symptoms?
What are the differences between the types of cigarettes?
On-Line first aid training?
blisters. how to not get blisters?
Cut my thumb on a knife , wondering about stitches?
i was woundering , do you like who you are ? who would u like to be ?
Any Doctors out there?? Help on First Aid Kit!?
Whats the best way to prevent or get rid of scars?
A mouse bite my hand what should I do...............?
the people next door are not there, and now im nearly bleeding to death.my brothers out trying to find a phone?
why do we get the fever?
Is there any way to?
can you die from kissing a smoker?
Am i weak every time im around people who smoke i give in.?
i feel like crap!! what is wrong with me?
I have a cough, is it ok to excersise?
should i smoke weed when i have not very severe asthma? ?
When i blow my nose, a thick blood like mucus comes out?
how do i stop smoking without using nicotine gum?
I have the flu and nothing I've tried stop this painful coughing.?
Throat is swollen and it hurts to swallow. someone help me out?
Odd pain- can you help me figure out what it is?
i hurt my wrist.....?
has anyone expenieced burning and tingling in their hands?
Cure for heartburn??
whats better for fever: asprin or tylenol?
I dont have a question! I would like to thank everybody 4 your support!?
I'm having knee problems. Any suggestions to help the pain?
Sharp Pain In My Belly Button?
strep throat? am i contagious?
does meditation brings good mental and physical health?
how do i know if i need stitches? please help.?
mosquito bite pain?
ear problem?
Is it possible to MAKE a working stethascope with house hold items?
what is the little white thing on my fingernail?
Misquito bite / bruise?
Motorcycle burn turned to blister has now ripped open, help?
My brother has a kidney stone. His back is killing him? What should he do?
Help!I don't know if i should go to the emergency room?
have i restless leg syndrome? any basic remidies?
forehead numbness / facial numbness?
Does hypothyrodism cause obesity, or is that just an excuse ?
Would you give a kidney to a loved one?
eyes turned yellowish,very dark urine and chesty pains?
Is there any other girl out there that does not pass gas or belch or am I the only one?
is this a bad idea? or is it not as bad as it seems?
I bite my fingernails!!!! what is the best way to stop such a habit?
A question about congestive heart failure & its edema?
is 147 over 76 high blood pressure if so what to eat or drink to make it lower?
Michael Jackson died weighing only 125 lbs. Karen Carpenter died while at the same weight...?
Is it safe for me to give blood?
How do you use toilet paper?
What is wrong with drinking coffee or tea with meals?
How can I lose my voice? ?
My girlfriend has a cold and her ears are clogged. How can she unclog her ears?
What causes "weeping" in skin abrasions & how should these wounds be treated?
what is the best way to put out a localised leg based fire?
My iron level is 7 How low is this?
How do I cure it?
how to reduce eye power non-surgically.?
Help, I stepped on a tiny piece of glass, and I need some help to remove it...?
Potassium and heart?
Are blisters supposed to be numb?
i dont feel pain when i need to pee?
please suggest a proper step to reduce sciatica pain i am in hell?
I'm in quite a bit of pain..?
how do you get rid of pins and needles in your foott!?
Why People Would Want To Bee .... ?
i'm hungry with nothing to eat help?
What can i rub on my lips to stop them being sore?
Drank spoiled chocolate milk?
i feel from a 10 story building, why did i not get hurt?
put on metoprolol for Afib a week ago and still getting heart racing? why?
Is there any relationship between blood pressure and pulse/heart rate?
can chlorine in water cause heart disease?
My 7 year old neice has high blood pressure 130/80 - Please let me know any information you may have on this.?
I took 5mg of Percocet approx. 3 hours ago. My pain is returning. Is it safe to take the other 5mg pill?
i suffer from sciatica!!! acute pain i am tired of taking pain pills any remedies you can share with me.?
So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?
Iv'e fell and I can't get up! What should I do?
Bleeding lip, it won't stop!?
When living in England what is the best way to cope with S.A.D?
I have insomnia and the only thing proven to help me is illegal.?
what illness makes you throw up black stuff?
can alcohol show up on a blood test??
Medical knowledged people only?
does morphine shorten the time people have left on hospice?
Upset stomach every time after I eat?
Do I have O.C.D.?
symptons of epileptic fits?
Why am i always COLD!!!?
I'm 14 years old and smoke pot?
what's the cure for asthma?
I feel sick and tired?
how do you do a lip neircing by your self?
eye scratched or still something in there?
i am so depressed and unhappy please help me.?
Are there any other bugs that bite during sleep besides bed bugs?
My husband leaned against some fiberglass and got some stuck in his arm. How could he get the needles out?
So I just broke my toenail in half like 10 min ago.?
what is the difference between local and general anesthesia and which is best?
Acne help ! How to hide or get rid of?
what are the painful bumps on the bottom of my foot.?
Is there anyway you can cure acne in 24 hours?
What's the best moisturizer for sensitive skin?
whats a good solution for cracked/dry feet?
best remedy for migraines?
For the past month and so, my boyfriend has been complaining about tingly and numb fingers-?
OW help me?
what will be happened if i take 10 tylenol at the same time?
Is this normal with a migraine?
I have epilepsy - is there any chance that i could still join the army?
Is hemorrhoid surgery worth it? Cost? HELP PLEASE?
eating too much garlic for 2-3 days ,the pee smells bad ?
What is the best way to help someone with a prescription drug abuse problem who doesn't want help?
pressing the lips make them thinner or thicker???
Is there a chemical in the average household that acts as a tranquilizer?
How do you stop bug bites from iching!?!?
I got burned by the oven what can I put on it. It looks like it is swelling up.?
If you accidentally kill someone when trying to give them first aid, whose fault is it?
don't know what this bite is!?
Two Sets of Pills! HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!!!?
Tick bite still looks bad after a month!!!?
after getting a really deep cut......?
What is the scientific name of ECG waveform?
Bp systolic what is this?
Did any woman experience a heart attack?
I'm a bit scared about this new flu...?
Doesn't anyone care?
I am a smoker and plan on having a baby. Whats the best way to quit smoking?
Do I have heartburn?
I'm going for a bloodtest next week and I'm really scared, how can I make it as 'Unscary' as possible
how do i know if i have an ulcer?
If I have a fever, do I have to stay home?
at what age do you start giving powerfull medicine to a child with severe adhd?
What should I make of a warm/itchy feeling in my recently gauged ear?
How much marijuana do you have to smoke to overdose?
Why can't I say anemone?
what are the syptoms of shingles and who can catch it?
what does it means when you feel a pulse in the middle toe of your foot?
i have a spider bite. do not remember getting bit..what will happen .?.. going to doctor monday..?
I just got my ears pierced and they're getting infected whats the best way to clean them?
I hurt my back Friday. Left leg is numb; can't stand up straight; lots of pain in lumbar region. Any ideas?
I have a piece of glass in my foot?
what is angina pectoris ?
Question for anyone who has had a hernia fixed?
HELP! what was happening to me?!?
How to slow my HEARTBEAT down when it's beating WAY too fast.. ?
I have a hard time getting up in the mornings. Help?
My eye is twitching and its pissing me off!?
how do i cure an adult ear ache?
Why do I have pain in my back after drinking coffee?
I need drug free headache relief and I'm pregnant?
What should I do?
Pains in right abdomen - Mostly after alcohol although now becoming more constant?
tongue problems?
what i have to do if tablet got stuck in my throat? Is it dangerous?
Question About Vicodin and Percet?
reoccuring kidney stones?
my two year old has a cold?
why do i get lightheaded?
What are signs that you need your appendix taken out?
Whats wrong with me!?
I temporarily lost my vision from smoking weed?
What are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and what are the chances of recovery?
Embarrassing illnesses?
What sort of natural causes would a person in their early 30's die from?
How can I get my kids to stop falling asleep under the table, on the kitchen counter, or in the bathub?
What causes shaking hands?
Im babysitting and I have a BIG PROBLEM?
if i never had a brain , would i still get a headache?
im 20 years old and im only 4"11 tall. is there any way that i can still grow any taller? please help me!!!!!
how do i fart?
is the smoking ban affecting any 1?
can you explode if you fart on a flame?
I need help With Smoking Please?
how to get pneumonia?
if someone had TB 30 years ago, would it still show a shadow on the x-ray now?
What can I use as an air freshener that won't trigger asthma in a very sensative toddler?
Do you think I might have asthma?
Is it true that women take pain better then men do?
Whats the best way to stop smoking with out the patch or gum?
My heart beat.?
Why does my heart hurt?
25year old female and blood pressure at 150/90! Should I freak out?
Can anybody give me tips and advice on...?
Are popping joints bad?
First time massage for a teen girl?
Is there a simple fix for knee pain?
what the chuff is wrong with my knee?
having all 4 wisdom teeth removed, I'm SO scared...?
Question about my pain?
My legs hurt internally after parkour, any tips?
Do Your Teeth Hurt After Taking Your Braces Off?
kidney infection / pain... how do u make it go away?
how can u tell if youve been stung by a jellyfish?
what's worse, getting high or getting drunk?
what is the back of your upper arm called?
Why do I feel dizzy every so often?
what is the scientific name for nose....anyone anyone... i need help..ritin n essay n need to know!! HELP?
Drinking alocohol on an empty stomach lead to dizziness/spinning. Input, anyone?
What is a good substitute for gauze?
after taking off makeup?
I have very dry irritated eyes, what can help?
what can i do for my chinchilla with an ear infection?
OK my friend has white stuff on her tonsils and they are swollen. she had given her man head (deep throat).?
The doctor's are telling me that i have to stop drinking so much caffeine...?
Why do we get the hic cups?
Is SVT ablation for me?
Why does my heart race every time I try to go to sleep?
Heart problem maybe? HELP! It hurts.?
Will you lose weight if you exercise and throw up for a week or so?
Tips for falling asleep?
what do you do when you're feeling low?
How do YOU wake up in the morning?
crushing pills?
i have my ear pierced at the top since the early summer... can people help please?
does taking COLD showers make ?
I have this sore under my arm..?
Stand up = Sort of BLACKOUT, feel funny... HELP?
Crohn's Disease?
Eating disorders? Why? And how far do people go?
sneezing kills brain cell???? how much truth in it?
i am facing with the diseases of constipation i always feel as i have not passed rectum kindly help me and cur
i am bleeding when i go to the bathroom and my stomache is killing me?
Help with diagnosis please?
Why am I so tired after having stomach virus?
citalopram / diazepam?
What exactly is Cancer like?
what is a mammogram??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…
Is makeup going to give us cancer/harm us?
Why did women not get breast cancer 50 years ago?
What would happen if you exceeded the recommended dose of Paracetamol?
why are my cheek bones so wide... this makes my face feel so big ... aslo my head is big why why why?
Would this be severe pain?
what cause pain in the middle of your feet?
little ache in my stomach?
Help!! In agony and need advice?
What is the stongest pain relief for my 12 year old step son?
Is this okay. Xanax, Perc 10's, Lexapro, Weed?
sleeping hours?
I'm tired but I gotta keep going for several more hours. What can I take.?
Why do people cut themselves?What does it slove?
Whats the worst place you've been stung?
What is done when a cyst is lanced?
im looking for a website i saw in mothering magazine to check the ingredients and safety of baby bath products
a bite mark is all purple and swollen by my sister?
I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and I'm interested in getting a tatoo. What is the concensus on this issue?
Does anyone know what Porphyria is? I ask, as I have a co-worker with this; says strange thing&acts strange?
bleeding after surgery?
Help I'm not sure what has happened (pizza, not chocking but kind of like it for me)?
Why is my heart always beating fast ?
What is the difference between a mild and a massive heart attack?
What is the best way to a woman's heart?
Why can;t one of you geniuses find a drug that removes all plague from ones arteries. You will make billions?
How Do I Cure HICCUPS?
Should you feel sorry for most people who get lung diseases from first-hand smoking?
I'm having anxiety attacks--->What should i do?
My boss sneezes and snorts at the same time, is overweight, dirty, and pink faced, does he have the swine flu?
my leg is swollen and knee extremely painful antiinflamatories not working anyone know whats wrong??
can one know if one is suffering from depression?
Why can't I vomit?
What is the worst drug?
Can I donate blood? Can I donate my eggs?
how do u get rid of ingrown toenell?
having surgery............?
is a pipe better for your health than cigarettes? what are the facts?
Why are my hands always cold?
Why do i always feel weak and tired?
Pain under top of ribcage?
My husband woke up this morning with ankel pain...he can't put pressure on it to walk and it hurts to the touc
im having my blood drawn...will it hurt?
Why do i keep bitting my cheek and tongue?
what do you think's more painful? dying from a heart attack or giving birth without pain relief?
i stink really bad?!?!?!?
Does your lungs from smokin and liver from drinking heal after you've stopped?
What's more dangerous to your health: smoking or drinking?
why does my heart do that?
Is it normal for cardiologist to order echo cardiogram, stress test, and tests 4 years after a heart attack?
Blood pressure of 150/100?
ECG results help please?
can odules non agholic beer hurt a person suffering from pancreatitis?
i cut my finger!!!!!!!?
does drinking crystal light count as drinking water .. when it comes to you 2L need.. ?
easy way to remove splinter from kids feet.?
What can help things w. ezcema.?
ear piercing infection?
Is my thumb infected?
I have an ingrown toenail....ugh, help please? =x, thanks.?
are there any risks in having a baby when both parents have the same blood type?
does having kidney stones make a drug test show positive for any drug?
what do i do if i cut myself on something that is rusty?
Broken ribs- how painful are they?
..............Am I dying...?
Are all fever blisters/cold sores a sign of herpes? pls help?
I have very dry hands. Any ideas or creams that would help?
Can you be allergic to water?
what are some good face washes and remdeies for acne?
I'm 46 and have drank a half bottle (375ml) of whiskey every day for the past 5 years. What's my prognosis?
what do you think about Multiple Sclerosis?
what does................?
Sleeping medications?
When should i tell my new employer about my lupus?
Did anyone see the programme on television last night?
I have to get a tetanus shot soon. How can I relax my arm? Does it help to rub it afterwards? I hate shots!?
Need energy?
Any one know about neurofibromatosis?
Help please with weird symptoms?
How can I avoid getting diarrhea on camp?
If you can't get a full 8 hours of sleep, you should only get 4?
i haven't had a cigarette since Sunday night, how bout you?
what's the life expectancy of someone with 20% heart function?
How the cholesterol can cause heart disease?
Constant palpitations?
My Mom is 78-will she live to be 100?
life expectancy for this person?
does taking plenty of water gives oxygen in to our body?
How effective is Aloe Vera, and if effective enough, how long does it take to help help a burn?
Who out there is a doctor//emt//lifeguard//first aid attendant (males only?) no im not looking for a date?
I burned my hand?
Burn hurts really bad
if you get stung by a scorpion how long can you live for?
chicken pox or mosquito bites?
Flea Bites/Mosquito Bites on Face and Neck.?
Is eating one hot dog a day really bad for your health?
Is there a big difference from smoking.............?
what is the best way to stop snoring...?
My Chest Hurts, I been to a heart doctor actually four of them and they said it wasn't heart related. C?
my little girl broke her arm and had to get a plaster, how do i cope with the itching?
Getting Ears Pierced?
my girl friend took a half of sleeping pill and a normal dose of nyquil will she be ok.?
Can gauging my ears with random objects infect them?
Ear Clogged taken a shower last night and water got in ?
I smoke marijuana using a lung, but whenever I smoke it even without weed i get a wierd feeling in my stomach?
I am having major troubles with breathing...please help?
does my 15 month old have cystic fibrosis?
what helps make a bruise go away faster?
why can't the body kill HIV?
what would they ask you in the hospital if you were bulimic?
I hear bells? am i going nuts??
Fastest Way For Canker Sores To Heal?
what can i do for my stupid cold right now to make it go?
A quick fix for GOUT?!?
I have the misfortune to suffer from gout, can anyone tell me any good home remedies?
Any ideas to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
I am a hypochondriac and I am wanting to know is there a way doctors can take out your appendix?
Your thoughts on Human Euthanasia?
could i have tape worms?
If U shouldn't put COTTON buds in your ear because U may damage them, what are they for then?
Are GP's totally necessary these days?
Did John Travolta's son Jett die because his parents follow scientology and refused Medicine?
smokin question please answer?
What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
should i call a doctor?
Is tachycardia (fast heartbeat) dangerous?
my heart pounded like...?
Help! my mom is sick from high blood pressure and is in hospital! URGENT!!!!!!?
Bad Sunburn?
Medical question ...............Please Help!!!????
What is a good way to get rid of a headache?
i have a major headache and my advil and stuff is locked up how to get rid of it?
My back hurts!! help?
I have had chest pain along with shoulder and arm pain for the past 8hours!! I went to the ER?
it hurts..?
what exactly IS happening when you get a side ache while running?
miracle relief formula?
Question about my new headache meds?
I've been having a headache for 3 days, what could it be?
What happens if my two big toenails are very light purple and they hurt a lot?
spider bite. im freakin out man extension?
What are some of the effects of quitting smoking? Please also read the details.?
what can i do to cure an ear infection without going to the doctor?
How likely will a cut get infected?
I accidentally left the gas on in the stove my apartment reeks should I call 911 or just air it out?
I accidentally cut myself with a knife pretty bad?
how long does it take to get ear tubes put in?
What are things that would cause acne?
Why is there a mark on my skin after a cut?
What is the best method to quit nail biting?