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How long does Marijuana stay in your system B4 it's completely gone?
bladder infection please help?
If you find a tick on you can they cause you to be sick or catch any diseases?
Where can I get Penicillin / Amoxy today?
MRSA & Nursing Homes?
How long after being exposed to someone with swine flu would it be before i developed symptoms?
I just swallowed chewing gum by accident?
I've got the giggles really bad?
PARACETAMOL. Can this help me get a good nights sleep?
I hate my life so much!!!!?
i fell like im losing my?
how would i know if i was suffering from depression or anxiety?
I feel terrible... can anyone help?
I took 8 paracetamol passed out the day after feel dizzy keep going 2 b sick what should i do?im scared, im 21
Why do substance abuse users , lie about their habit , Why , not just tell the truth?
I can't control my feelings , my anger , please help!?
Is my mom being abusive?
does anyone know where i can get adderall?
I'm having a terrible time trying to sleep!?
Do you have a kind of red warning flag that indicates too much stress?
how to measure blood pressure?
is it abnormal to have a blood pressure reading of 91/83 with a resting heart rate of 114? ?
What are these symptoms pointing to?
Is there a cure for anemia?
why am i allways bloated i get this nealy every night and its so annoying!?
Allergic to a food I've eaten all my life?
i just got my ears pierced....?
How to make nose stop running?
the past two weeks i have a strange reaction after drinking any kind of red wine. is it possibly to develop...
My are my guts bubbling?
I accidentally bit the inside of my bottom lip and now it swollen. what do i do?
What's the best way to deal with a horrible hangover?
is it dangerous to drink alcohol, and then an energy drink straight after, in large quantities?
Im 29yrs old and I've been having a lot of pressure in my chest for the past two days?
What is wrong with my heart?
What's the benefit of making your bed every morning?
Who thinks that..........?
In your opinion, what is the MOST addictive drug?
I have a fear of blood, and I am about to have a blood test. What can I do to prepare myself?
Insect bite? 10 points for best answer....?
Red Heads, Blondes or Brunettes????
Please tell me a surgical procedure that I can say I had to hide the very personal one.?
Can anyone suggest a drink to help me sleep at night that dosn't contain alcohol cheers
I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years, and he's very mean to me. What should I do?
Earlier, i saw a kitten and got a really massive hard-on. What is wrong with me?
How much do IV's hurt?
Guys! We're awake! Does anyone else feel insanely euphoric??
Headaches and back pain that won't go away? My doctor is lost!?
My back went out......I'm stuck flat on my back..what do I do..?
I am suffering of gout. can you tell me its remedy?
If you have lost your voice - what's the best way to get it back?
What do you do before sleeping?
Okay is this normal for a 14 year old?
How is the best way (theoretically) to deal with anger?
Is it humanly possible for me to be happy?
This guy just screwed me over and i think im going to kill myself. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!?
Can shyness (social anxiety) and low self-esteem be learned behaviors?
do you ever get the feeling that every one is better than you?
How do people with dementia remember they have dementia?
Is it possible to get an STD from borrowing someones' underwear?
How old were you when you first started dating?
I'm always tired??
I have CHF and my kidney function is low. Need to improve KF. Heart hates fluid & Kidneys love fluid. Ideas?
What count of BP can be termed fatal?
what is wrong with me?
If anyone has Mitral Valve Prolapse..do you have dizzy spells or Vertigo when you lay down?
my husband has high blood pressure. 145/110. but he refuses to see a doctor n takes all his frustration on me.?
i beat off alot does beating off cause aids?
Why can I smell something other's can't?
okay so theres something wrong with me..?
Im 16 and i want to get my navel/belly button pierced but my mum won't let me should i got behind her back?
You are on an elevator, someone lets out a quiet stinky odor, would you get off at the next stop or continue?
What's Wrong With Me?
Do you think it's o.k for a young girl to be messing up her face with makeup?
Do you guys really feel there is a dieases called ADHT?
i wake up often to urinate. i counted last night and i went 7 times..
How much do you know about Sleep Apnea?
If a doctor suddenly died while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
What happens if I refuse to get a booster shot for my child upon entering school?
About Gout.?
My tempreture is 39-40 how can i push it downnnn??
10 points! bipolar symptoms?
Autism and vaccinations - are they related?
I fed my friend rat poison. And now he's sick in hopsital....is it my fault?
Pain/bruise on finger when writing.?
What's wrong with my ear?
HELP i think my lil brother broke his leg?
i've gone 38hrs without a cig but am nearly climbing the walls for one?
I just smoked for the first time, but felt nothing?
how do you know when you have hit rock bottom?
Help I'm losing control of my life...... I'm turning into a pathetic loser.?
Please help me calm down, I feel like killing someone?
how can you explain to people what's wrong, if you don't know yourself?
how do I help an alcoholic who's been in rehab twice and I'm afraid for his life.?
What does it feel like if you have high blood pressure?
Why do people act like its life or death? all the time?
Should I be worried about this drop in pulse rate?
To find out about a coronary artery disease is a Thallium test better or an angiogram to find best results?
Is it possible that only Hispanics (Mexicans) are effected most severely by the Swine Flu?
Helppppppp Again Please?*!!?
when will swine flu spread to maryland?
I had the swine flu back in 1976. Do I now have immunities against this swine flu?
Should I still take antibiotics even though my bladder infection went away?
I am a learner driver and whenever i have to end up doing alot of manouvres (having to keep the clutch down)..?
severe pain in the right side?
What is this pain? I posted yesterday 2 but would like more answers!?
Weird pains in my stomach?
Severe pain in my ears and throat, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Music to play to help Insomnia?
bump in my ear lobe?
My one leg is longer than the other.. please help?
What are some of the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
if someone dies from aids can the coroner be affected after 24 hrs.?
Is smoking really an addiction?
How can hiccups be cured?
My friend alan has herpes but he does'nt want me to tell anyone?
I'm scared to know the truth...?
Can you get high smoking weed your first time?
Is my doctor hitting on me? What does this mean?
Breathlessness, dizziness and somewhat irregular heartbeat?
Why does my ear hurt?
Why can't I get strong pain meds without seeing a doctor?
should assisted suicide be legalised for people suffering from depression?
what is a quick cure to a soar throat?
It's allergy season... and I've got it bad! Any ideas?
Where can I find my toe?
i need help i think my foot is rolled?
I broke my arm and the bone is sticking out of my arm, what should I do!?
help!!! my eye wont stop twitching!!!?
my lipid profile test results are OK?
Is it safe to go in a hot tub with an implanted pacemaker? Also the temperature is102. Should it be lower?
HOW CAN i lower my blood pressure? i have 120 over 60 according to my home bloodpressuretest?
Does anyone else have these heart symptoms.. ?
What causes Chorea in Rheumatic Fever?
need help. bug bite, or worse?
burned my hand, what to do ?
The best way to relieve stress...???
How can u look on the bright side and be happy when your depressed?
manic depression?
how can i get to sleep easily?
I cannot take my zoloft and wellbutrin for 10 days,until I get paid again.what can happen by going off my meds
who here suffers from S.A.D?
i hate needles?
How to die without pain ?
I have a stiff neck on my left side? it hurts like hell any surgestions?
Headche help! PLEASE!?
It hurts to eat with new braces...?
i am having fatigue, muscle pains and headaches. whats going on?
What is the best way to detox from Oxycotin dependency?
How to get rid of opiate Nausea?
Tylenol 3 possible overdose?
Have I had herpes for months and didn't know?
Would the doctors call right away if somethin was wrong?
how can i brake my arm or wrist?
**How bad is my ankle?**?
What are these symptoms of? 101 fever, neusea/vomiting, migraine, bodyaches?
I.B.S or something else?
How many times do you have to throw up to be bulimic?
Um...Some help please... I have been vomiting blood on and off for about three months now.?
Help? Im waking up sufforcating, i think i stop breathing in my sleep.?
Could I have diabetes?
Since i turned forty, i have noticed a change in my body that i don't understand and no one can explain.?
Please Read: No rude answers please: Severe headaches accompanied by dizziness for seveal weeks? What to do?
Sometimes after I eat I feel sick...?
How do you Know if you are bulimic?
death question?
my friend is having bad abdominal pains, can anyone help?
I just can't quit smoking :( help?
Erm very embaressing question =[?
Bad dandruff problems?
I have appalling eczema on my hands, arms, neck and face. How can I deal with it?
My heart has been fluttering for about eight months now. Is this a sign of heart disease?
do you ever feel a squeeze around your heart?
after drinking alcohol i often feel pressure in my heart like something is trying to sqeeze it?
Help my blood presure is high?
which natural food have potassium and sodium in it?
In a Cardiac stress test, is this normal?
if you attempt suicide, is it compulsory for you to be put in a mental hospital?
Is this normal?
is something wrong with me?
am i the only one who talks to herself when noone else will listen?
should i go to a therapist?
I suffer from depression and need help now.?
Why was I chosen to be such a loser?
a question about my brain?
I honestly think I am going crazy!!!?
How do I break my leg fast at home?
I have an injury in my back, please help...?
What the heck is on my finger??
Don't you think this is fantastic?
Rectal bleeding? Bright Red Blood on stool?
two years ago i was diagnose with the curvature of the spine but can't remember the name of it?
I have dark circles under my eyes?
is anyone scared about vaccines and autism?
Can a CHILD develop AUTISM at any TIME or are they born wih it?
Systolic pressure 118 and Diastolic pressure 82. Bad or Good?
Can a greasy meal make your blood pressure go up temporarily? I'm confused. I think I have HBP.?
Infant with a hole in the heart?
I cant remember if I took my warfarin today?
Is it possible to survive a stab wound to the heart?
if you get badly burned, and a bubble forms...should you pop the bubble or just don't touch it?
my big toe nail is falling off! what do i do?
I'm obsessed with cleaning my ears with cotton swabs everyday. Is this harmful?
Why is that HIV virus can not be killed by the vailable medicine on the planet?
Should i get tested for swine flu?
my child has been diagnosed (by a blood test) with mumps. He's been vaccinated . How did he get mumps?
Can you get HIV from an electric nail file that cuts you in a nail shop and hasn't been cleaned?
I was just prescribed medication that I am allergic to?
Allergy to food or what?
The sides of my nose hurt, the top of my eyebrows hurt, and my cheekbones are driving me nuts. What is this?
I have a white thing in the back of my throat why?
Can I become allergic to medicine after taking it for over a year.?
what could cause a constant itchy throat?
hard taking deep breaths?
What can you drink to get cocaine out of system, smoked 2 days ago and have to get tested tomorrow morning?
One side of my face is different! WTF!!!!!!?????
wishing I could fall asleep and never wake up! don't you?
GAUL BLADDER, Does anyone know anything about them?
I have 2 coldsores in my mouth, & i was gonna give my boyfriend head. could I get an std. ?
is it really true lil wayne have AIDS?
rash between breasts?
Where do you get your acne?
knee pain!! what does that mean?
So I was weed eatting for about 45 min and now my hands are numb...anyone else think thats strange?
My legs hurt when I put pressure on them!!!!?
Mature people only please!!?
I can't breathe well and my heart is acting strange. I want to know whats the problem.?
has anyone had a child born w/ an innocent heart murmur?
I can see my heart beating thru my chest?
I am eighty years old and on social security. How will new health bill effect me?
if i take 15 tablets of propranolol at a time what will happen???
Starting to notice heart pain after I eat?
Should I exersize when i'm sick?
Smokers -- do you regret smoking?
Can playing computer games cause seizures?
I often wake up with pins and needles in my hands what is this?
any tips for broken ribs?
I Smashed My Thumb in A car door, what should i do?
My neck hurts really bad - it's?
My knee pops every time i straighten it or twist it? what is it?
who can help me?...my head pains when ac(air condtioner) is on,so please answer me? ?
How can we know the pacemaker is going weak.what are its symtoms.?
"a massive cerebral hemorrhage" isn't that a stroke?
Sharp Pain going through area around the heart when i breathe in?
I need a surgery and i have no insurance??
What is Tinnitus and what causes it? Is there any cure for tinnitus?
Blood In My Urine??????
How can you cure heartburn?
I have a twitch in my left calf muscle and my eye lid. could this be Lou Gehrig's disease? I am 25?
I am looking for more information on autism, worried of the possiblity my bfs 30 mnth old son may be autistic?
whats wrong with me?
any cures for arachnophobia?
Do you need novicaine to get braces?
Does a root canal procedure hurt?
Why does a toothache pain come and go?
Is this road rash wound infected?
Which bone is the easiest, and less painful to break? And how do I break it?
my husband hurt his back now his body is pulled to the side should he be seen immediately?
do i have a broken rib?
If you're in a fight, what is the most effective way to break someones nose w/ a punch? (hand position...etc)
I just pulled out a really deep thorn - help please?!?
I'm so fecking tired all the time Please help.?
I can't smoke at work?
Does anyone else have a problem with people being on medicaid and having a lot of kids?
What do I do, evil Mafia men are hammering on my window, threatening to shoot if I don't come out!!?
How long is it supposed to take for blood pressure medicine to work?
what causes high cholesterol?
help please? im scared of having a heart attack?
Blood pressure reading was 122/83.........is this good or bad? i am 22 years old............?
am i gonna die?!!! should i go to the hospital?
with all the termoil in mexico( swine flu,killings,and now earthquakes?
How do you get a tick off your skin!!!?
question on vommiting bloood?
why don't people look up the dangerous ingredients in vaccines they let people put in their children?
How do I catch a cold...BEST ANSWER QUICKLY!!!!!?
kissed girl on her neck and behind ear ........?
What is the best way to die without pain?
my eye hurts when i yawn?
why do we have belly buttons?
What's a yawn?
Should I smoke marijuana?
Am I addicted to pills?
What's so bad about marijuana?
Do any of you have 'issues' which you need to work on?
I have fully confident that i am depressed but my parents won't believe it?
what to say to a person that told you his daughter has autism?
vomiting every morning!?..help.!!
blood sugar level 86?
Poll:Which one is worse?
Is my knee fractured?
home alone and need help!?
Will this be ok? I've sliced part of my finger nail off down to the nail bed?
I stab myself in the throat?
can i put alcohol on a cut?
Urgent health / heart problem!?
Heart transplant medications true?
what are causes, symptoms and prevention of a heart attack???? pleeease help?
Hi i have sometimes rapid heartbeats.?
Breaking News: McCain has a Heart Attack,whats your take?
Does Vinegar help a bad sunburn?
What is the importance of first - aid?
Does it hurt to get my stitches out?
how to get rid of whiteheads?
has this happen to anyone, i have authritis of the knees?
My ear really hurts?
Question about getting my xanax prescription filled?
Cheerleading started up again on monday and my tighs are SO sore. does anyone know home remedies?
upper back and chest pain?
i have major pain cant see the Dr.until Monday can someone help?
i have problems with my back, could anyone help?
What was the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?
what would happen if i took a hydrocodone pill and it wasnt prescribed to me and i dont have any pain?
how can i improve my immunity power?
If you was to take an over dose of tyneol PM's would it kill you?
How Can i Get Rid Of A Sore Throat?
i live in england, is it less likely for me too die of swine flu?
if humans cant get swine flu from pigs, how did humans first get this flu?
What exactly is the "Swine Flu"?
Why Does the Swine Flu Kill People?
If i go to NYC am i probable to get the swine flu? Best Answer 10 points!?
Recently i shot myself in the foot. I wrapped it with my friends shirt. Should i go to the hospital?
do you have to get this done?
Does it hurts?
there is some contineus Shhhhh... sound in my left ear for last 2 years. dnt understand how to get rid of this
is using adult diapers safe?????????????
What do you recommend for a migrane?
it is normal that at 24 i still sleep with a teddy bear?i have a boyfriend too..?
am i lactose intolerant?
Is adhd a form of autism?
MJ gives heart stopping rendition.?
Is 130/80 a really high blood pressure for a a 127lb female?
what is cardiac arrest ,which happened to M.Jackson please explain in detail?
Do I have a serious health problem?
Was it a heart attack? What is the pain I feel now?
why is it that it cost thousands of dollars to get heart surgery in the united states ?
my throat hurts..does this have anything to do with it?
Could I have become allergic to Coca Cola?
can you be allergic to bananas?
Allergy shots?
How do I know if I have asthma?
How do you get rid of herpes?
What bug causes you to itch like crazy, but it is not a mosquito?
Spots on my back and chest?
Whats is the best acne product?
how do u know if you've cut a vein?
Is bleeding normal with ear piercing?
Lasik/Laser eye surgery?
i had a severe concusion where I had short term memory loss, how can i test my memory?
i have a mosquito like bite on my vegina?
QUICK!!! How do I report a yahoo! user who i think is on drugs?
I have bad pains in my foot and shins and my doctor is puzzled and cant figure it out any suggestions?
hydrogen peroxide?
There was a wasp in my bathroom, it stung me, how do I treat the sting?
s.o.s.. help me. i have a pink eye and what can i do?
I can feel my heart beating through my chest...and sometimes my stomach?
Accelerated heart rate?
Blood pressure of 203/87?
Is something wrong with my heart?
What does it mean when he holds your hand tight and close to his heart?
what is done to correct moderate to severe mitral valve insufficiency?
Braces Anyone?
Is a blood pressure reading of 130/95 too high for a 30 year old?
What is the best whitening toothpaste?
My three year old son fell down today and knocked one of his front teeth out. Will it grow back soon?
how reliable are x rays, do they always show hairline fractures?
what are some of your stories about going to school...?
Should I go to hospital with a suspected broken nose?
how do you mend a broken heart?
If I were to take a bottle of Advil?
Why am i all of the sudden urinating VERY frequently?...?
What are some common signs of teenage depression?
do kids/teens grow every night?
Should i make myself sick?
Do you ever get so irritated that you just feel like biting someone's face off?
if u knew that the world would end in the next 24 hours, what would u do?
Panic Attacks ??
A question for those who successfully managed to quit smoking?
helpppppp!!!! please?
whats worse: freezing almost instantly or burning instantly?
a heart attack? or just anxiety?
How to Faint and go to the hospital?
Can a child (preteen) heart be donated to an adult?
Grandfather had a heart attack at 36 why did it happen so young?
does using your computer or reading on it give u headache?
Whats the best thing to do for your neck after you slept on it wrong and it's in serious pain?
I am 6 months pregnant and I was laying in bed just now and the vision went out of my left eye completly.?
What part of my body can I hurt or break to get access to prescription painkillers?
Why can't i go to bed??
Help please, what is this.. its sore as hell!?
can a normal blood test rule out cancer??
Some people lick their pencil's lead before they start to write something.. is this bad?
how to get rid of anxiety?
I really don't feel good at all, what could this be? help!?
hallucinations of people not familiar to dying person?
nasty metallic taste in my throat slight cough and foul tasting sputum?
is there something wrong with me?
Is peeing 10-12 times per day excessive?
What can I do, so bored with a broken leg?
twisted ankle pains still?!?!?!?
Can you pass swine flu before symptoms are present?
What is an easier way to take amoxicillin 500MG?
Why is there blood coming out of my ear?
Nausea after a cup of tea!?
Dry Cracked Fingers Help?
razor burn and accidentally putting deodorant on it ! HELP?
My head is throbbing but theres no pain?
My knee really hurts for no reason. Why is this?
can you die of a broken heart?if so what is a broken heart!?
Could my dad be having a stroke?
It's 1:30am I am having very rapid heart palpitations and have a fever of 103.7 I am 19 yrs old?
Why are the A.B.C.'s most important in first aid ?
what's the best rremedy for pinched nerve (herniated disc)?
can you get more brain cells?
What has caused my hip to be painful?
Has anyone ever woken up at like, 2:30 AM and feel the muscles in your leg calf tightening and then?
Should I go to a foot doctor?
Is there any way to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again?
My brother got punched in the face, and his eye...?
my skin changes color when I drink?
My heart feels really messed up when I run a while?
do i have to brush my tongue like i brush my teeth too?
I just got my braces on...?
Anxiety feeling? Don't know why.?
Why arn't you asleep?
Why am I always sleepy ?!
how much damage can 1 hit of weed do?
How do you "unstuck" you fingers when you accidentally superglued them together?
Pain in BOTH of my wrists?
I'm having really bad bladder pains right now?
how do i get ride of headache?
Rotten egg burps CURE?
worried about an allergic reaction my husband may be having?
my throat hurts and my nose keeps running, please help.?
I'm allergic to peanuts but I can eat almonds and walnuts. Could I try cashews?
i will get allergy bubbles all over the body if have food related to wheat or myda?
where can i buy pillow and mattress protectors cheap for my allergy to house dust mites?
how can you know that you have HIV/AIDS.?
ARGHH!!!! DAMMIT! I'm so ****ed!?
Is it true?
What's wrong with me?
Ok I just want to know if anyone else experiences this..?
easy ways to quickly reduce stress and anger?
if my life is a big zero in love, job, health and everything else, then i should just kill myself,,, right????
I need help, I can't help myself?
I am a depressed teen, please help!?
whats in your life that stresses u out?
I am a blood pressure & cholestrol & Obesity patient ? please tell me best remedies ?
Anyone else here have skipped heartbeats (PVC's)?
I have high blood pressure (sometimes as high as 165/100) but I hear horrible things about the meds used to?
23 & have Been told my cholesterol is 9.5?
i am having pains in my chest and palpation's is there something wrong with my heart?
help! I'm panicking?
what is the usual procedure for treating a broken finger ?
need help, got drunk then did a series of lighter smiley burns on arm? ?
How do I stop cracking my back and knuckels?
Today I have been having fever, Severe headache, leg and ankle joint pain, chills, tiredness is this the flu?
why do we only get chicken pox once?
Have I got Swine Flu?
How can people Cut down Cholesterol Levels?
If your arteries are clogged and you start eating low cholesterol food, will your arteries clear up over time?
Do you have flat feet or do you have an arch?
Help I've got grey pubes and I'm only 30?? vitamin deficient?
Diarrhea Question?
Hey Can Anyone Tell Me...?
Why does my feet click? does anyone know?
Severe pain in left back, left side, and lower abdomen, blood in urine?
how to relieve severe abdominal pain.?
What does it mean when the right side of the back of my head falls asleep?
how to control a fever???
What diseases can you get from kissing?
how can i stop my eye from twitching ?
Dont you think it is sad that people are using Yahoo Answers for medical advice?
how can you tell if shes on meth?
just had my gallbladder removed?
Why do unexplained bruises keep appearing?
pls help me its uregent why doesnt anyone answer my questions?
How is fatigue related to anemia?
Do you think this is a brown recluse spider bite?
Best remedy for a mosquito bite?
Im almost 15 and i've just had my tonsils out?
I Smoked Weed!!!!!!!!!!! HELP?
Ive got a serious question about smoking?
What else other than a brown paper bag helps when you are having an anxiety attack ?
i dont wanna stop smoking but i cough alot been smoking since 11?
why cant I sleep in on a weekend?
Why aren't you asleep?
Can anyone think of a movie where someone has heart disease, a heart attack, or any other heart problem?
For those of you who have studied human physiology?
75 y/o female having undiagnosed heart and blood pressure problems - PLEASE HELP!?
is 151 over 92 bloodpressure something to be alarmed about??
whats the qickest and easyest way to break your leg?
Can you survive a shotgun blast in the mouth?
have a 9 year old boy who is running a very high fever, can you help me, cant keep down?
My nail came completely off and theres no nail left, will it grow back?
Knee Pain!!!!?
Is my big toe fractured?
how to stop a nose bleed?
Is there a chance my son could be allergic to something at the swimming pool?
Allergic to most metals.. How to peirce ears?
What's with these mysterious hives?? (a bit graphic)?
Allegra-D question!?
Could my dad get aids....?
Something stuck in my throat? Help!?
i m suffering from slip disc caused Sciatica pain. what to do?
My wife and I have recently been getting head aches when we are at home. This doesn't happen at work.?
What's a good way to get rid of a headache? QUICK!!?
I slept on my neck wrong and now it HURTS. what should i do?
RE: What can be causing my ear pain?
When will the Swine Flu pandemic be over?
Could I have Swine Flu or is just ordinary flu?
Home remedies for nausea please?
Can someone in their very early 20s suffer a heart attack?
What do palpitations feel like?
I have awful panic attacks from anxiety. What medicine should i ask for to help with anxiety?
i have 1 more question what is TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROM?
red/purple swollen finger?
How to get a zit to go away..FAST!!!??!!?
How come my face gets so red every time I work out, run, or do something like that?
why do our nose bleed?
am i a bad person for not drinking alcohol?
really think about it, what's wrong with weed?
Can smoking lots of weed cause psychosis or some sort ?
am i weird?
Is it okay to feel sorry for yourself every now and then?
How do I help my friend who has severe depression?
what the hell is rong with me?
does counseling actually help for anxiety?
if your sad or depressed what is something that could make you happier?
Please please help me, i'm so manipulated by this evil woman i want to die?
Have you ever worked after sleeping only 2 hrs at night?
i need to fake a injury?
8-yr-old with sharp middle of the tummy pain?
Help!! please answer?
How To Smoke A Ciggarette?
why is fibro myalgea and chronic fatiuge so hard to diagnose?
How can I find out if I snore?
How come i smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and im still not addicted?
Boil and a fever...how long do i wait?
How to Soother Tongue Burns?
Should you treat a child's fever with medication (Tylenol)?
can a body move after ded?
Should I get a sleep study done?
I'm off to bed.....is this normal for a tired person who finds the comfort of drifting off to sleep attractiv
Is there some sort of injection you can get that can blast HIV out of your system within 24hrs of contraction?
I have a blocked nose, do I have swine flu?
Has the swine flu hit your area yet?
What can i do about tonsillitis with out going to a doctor?
am i alloud to eat with the winter flu?
UTI!!!!! HELLLPP!!!!!!?
Should I sue? I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap?
Should I superglue my wound closed?
stuff i can do for fun with a broken arm?
what is wrong with me if i'm brused easily?
What are the chances of death if I dont eat or drink anything for a week? Honestly!!?
Can anyone help me with my stomach problem?
what is the meaning of virgin?
''Why does sweat taste salty''?
My mom just burned herself really badly. She doesn't need a doctor or anything, but what should I do?!?!?!?
..how do u know ur addicted to ciggerettes?
How do I smoke in the house and get away with it?
What is the largest organ in the body ?
i feel sick to my stomach, i hate cramps, how do you get rid of them while at school if you dont have a pill?
Will Aleve or other pain killers help foot pain from standing??
How do you minimize/prevent ear pain when flying?
I don't feel very well. Do I look like I have the flu?
Physical Therapy: Going back to school at 39 years old.?
what is the best time of the day(or night) to take vitamins?
I think the cut on my finger is infected...should I see a doctor?
How can you prevent yourself from snoring?
what happens when you get scared half to death twice?
How much drinking does it take to get liver cancer?
I am a 53 yr old woman. I have had constant diahrea for 3 weeks straight. Any ideas what may be wrong?
Any one had this? Every time I go out side and the air is cold or just cool.....?
To all Tinnitus sufferers, do you know what caused your's? can you remember it coming on.?
is ovarian cyst curable through medicine ,how?does it effects pregnency?
Do I have a Urinary Tract Infection?
How do you cure insomnia?
I have Menieres Disease. Can I claim any benefits?
why won't anyone hear me? i am not okay i need help?
Help! It's 5 in the morning now and i can't sleep! Can somebody help how to make me sleep?
Am I depressed?
How to cope with the stress of high school ?
As someone who has a history of chest infections and asthma. I now find that?
Smoking Grass, but I need to get home later lol?
What makes asthma even worse?
What is the best solution for bad breath?
shaky weak tired but cant sleep and i feel like im about to barf or pass out please help?
How often should you visit the doc for an asthma follow up?
i have a bad cough, a dry one? any drinks or food that will soathe it a bit?..?
Is my Blood Pressure Normal?
What are the risks of low blood pressure?
Is there anything I can take to lower my cholesterol?
Maybe a stupid question about second-hand smoke?
Is there an easy way that I can stop biting my fingers?
how do i get my parents to quit smoking?
whats the best way to get yourself to calm down from anger?
Vacinations and autism?
will hypnosis cure a bad temper if not what will?
What caused my explosive case of diarrhea?
How can we fight of headache?
What kind of infection causes painful urination?
does anybody know how to cure nerves?
A question of smell?
Lately I have been having dizzy spells even when I am just sitting, does anyone know why this could be?
if a victim is not speaking, making other sounds, or moving you should determine responsivness by what.?
bleeding out of your butt? PLEASE HELP! ITS SERIOUS!?
Why do band-aids smell like....band-aids? Why do they have that "unique" smell?
Yellow tongue....?
i did poll dancing last night after an hour lesson with mates, i have a bruise now size of saucer is this norm
I work on my feet, and under my right foot is score at one spot, feels like a stone bruise.how can i treat it?
What can I do for the pain,discomfort,and to get back to normal?Can anyone suggest any 1 armed jobs?
Is this bad?
swollen elbow, arm and hand from hitting it on something?!?
How do i get rid of a scar from a burn ???
i pierced my ear myself and it went wrong! :?
help.....dog problems?
what if i pick my nose???Will i go to hell?
am i allergic to this eye cream?
Allergies help...................?
What are the most common types of food allergies?
Who do people get colds in the summer?
Do you think I have tapeworm?
how do i stop diarreaha?
I have high blood pressure and pretty much in under control.Can I still get heart attack or cardiac arrest?
is 29 classed as old?
Whats causing my chest pain?
MEN & WOMEN! help!?
what are the most negative effects of marijuana?
I'm 5'5 and weigh 130 lbs. Do you think i'm fat?
What do I do when someone suicidal in the Webcam is killing himself?
can u be sent to mental assylum without ur permission if not then when? askin 4 generl knowledge?
I Hear voices in my head?
why do ppl claim they cant quit smoking?
What are some symptoms of depression?
please just tell me what this means?
Does anyone think i'm stupid b/c i'm terrorfied of lice?
How can I get my husband to stop drinking pop? Pop causes bone loss & has no nutritutive value.?
When I am alone, I often do things as if someone were watching, is this normal?
okay, so i screwed up.. what now?
does this broken leg look real?
Is it serious if I take a double dose of paracetamol?
how do i stop the pain from doing squats for the first time?
Does smoking effects on your appetit??
I can't sleep. What do I do? PLEASE HELP!! THIS IS URGENT!!!?
My Mother-in-Law has had a permenant loss of smell for some years now.?
Burned finger what do i do?
Is beer a good blood thinner?
How do you tell if your Depends are too full to wear anymore ?
how do i get the sting out of a sun tan?
Can I quit smoking while I'm in college and drinking all the time?
A bad bad burn!!!!!!(Help!!!)?
why do people have HIV and they don't tell their partners?
How can Magic Johsnson NOT have HIV?
I got water in my ear and i can't take it out. What do I Do?
What kind of insect bite is this?
my nan has bell's paulsy its where her face muscles relax and was wondering if anyone know's anymore about i
My throat pain has become too much to handle now.?
how can my urine sample show negative for the use of crystal meth?
How do you lower BP fast and make it last without drugs?
My age is 28 and i am having BP 90/60. Is it safe? Do i get any heart disease?
heart thumping im only 15 but sometimes i feel one big thump then its gone fer awhile?
hi .. how 2 beat 5-7 people when they come to beat me?
my heart rate was 44 beats per minutes what should i do?
Would you rather go deaf, blind , or mute?
a hard bump pop up on my left foot what could it be? its about as big as the end of your little finger.?
fainting and hitting head on floor impair intelligence?
Is it OK to close large cuts 2" long by pushing sides together and sticking with superglue?
What are some popular brands of antihistamine?
Hot bath or cold shower?
Why do my hands shake very slightly at times and i cant notice them shaking?
Small cut.... in my private region!?
Can you go in the pool after getting your ear peirced?
remedies to relieve the hiccups plz?
New Ear Gauge Help! Infection?!?
my bottom hole is itching soo much every morning what can i do?
i have a really bad sunburn. What can i put on it besides aloe vera cause that didn't work?
sunburn help?
I have these holes in my feet,?
Why can't i Run away?
i am 14 but my height is only 150 cm how can i grow tall?
Need to get rid of a sore throat, FAST! Help please?!?
My husband took the Flu shot about 3 weeks ago. Can he still get the H1N1 flu?
Could this be Swine Flu?
What is the best medicine that almost works immediately for a cold/flu?
what do you think this is?
What's Swine Flu? I heard it on the news?
I wake up every morning with low back pain?
Do you get neck pain ? What do you do to ease it ?
What is wrong with my back?
When you choke a smurf, what color does it change to?
Does anyone here have a child with severe leg pain from growing?
can you die if u take like 10 ibuprofens at once?
How do painkiller know where to go to stop pain?
in soo much pain!! please help me!!?
Sharp pain like a needle in back of neck only when I move my head a certain way. What could this be?
what triggers asthma attacks in the winter?
Is my baby addicted to nicotine already?
can smoking for the first time make your throat hurt?
If your body isn't getting enough oxygen, what happens?
hi can anyone help my mum is 71 has a persistent cough which frequently results in her being sick?
i have smoked since i was 14 i am now 39 i have passed more degrees since leaving school with no mental prob's
i am not pregnant, why does my belly beat like a heart beat?
How can I lower my Blood Pressure without Medication?
Okay, I'm only 25, with blood pressure of 180/100. I don't understand bld pressure. Is this REALLY high?
My dad believes he has heart disease. His heart is bothering him. But he won't see a doctor. What do I do?
why is life so hard?
For 3 months I've been experiencing a burning sensation in my legs. What could be causing it?
blood in urine for a 10 year old boy !!!!?
Should I go to the hospital?
my boyfriend has head lice, what do i do?
Can some one tell me three reasons why protective clothing should be worn while working with chemicals?
Is Down's Syndrome hereditary, and what are the increased risks of it if having a child after 30?
Please Quick- Is autism dominant or recessive?
How do you get rid of the smell of vomit in a car?
My mosquito bite is swollen.?
What are signs that a spider bite is healing?
can i have herpes?
How can I help him, he's being stubern?
I've had 3 wisdom teeth for the past ~ 6 years and they've never caused me any pain. Should I remove them?
I have really, really bad breath, what is it?
Is it a bad thing not to have wisdom teeth at all?
How do you make the swelling go down after getting your wisdom teeth taken out?
My dentist says I need a "deep scale cleaning" is it painful?
Is it normal to grow new teeth aged 21!?
can i get chewing gum for dentures?
Please help!!! My boyfriend is getting wisdom teeth pulled!! What should I bring him?
Can you heal a tooth cavity?
what are the tips to encourage baby of 2 years of age to brush her teeth? and how to prevent tooth decay?
I took a sip of bad milk ?
A question about mastrubation?
Have you ever broke you leg or arm?
My back is killing me, help?
cant climb the stairs?
my tailbone really hurts.?
Omg...this is crazy..help please?
What is the best way to reduce sore throat and sore tonsills.?
Is there any danger to all these headaches?
Help with guy pain...?
Leg cramps? why do they happen?
I swallowed fly, but once I felt it qo down my throat, I immediately started throwinq up.?
my stomach hurts. what could it be?
My brother in-law was found unoconscious. What's wrong?
how can I cure my 3 and half years old son s autism?? I am really depressed??? And I cry for hours?
What type of doctor should I go see if I have stomach problems?
who else thinks al roker should be fired after making a joke about epilepsy?
HELP URGENTLY! Blood in Vomit?
what are the physical effects of thyroid trouble?
Is the swine flu getting worse?
i throw up whenever i eat/drink something, i cant hold ANYTHING down?
how do u prevent getting thrush?
Does anyone know if there are any ways to stop a cold from coming on?
has anyone got normal flu at the moment?
Help! My hair has been falling out!?
Has anyone had or got eczema and go through the struggle i go through day to day,.?
What happens to you if you have Melanoma and you don't do anything about it?
Does anyone have a history of multiple depressions and actually getting beyond them and moving on with life?
How do I get rid of my cold fast?
What was that sickness called where you cough up mucus and it begins with a P witch is silent.?
when i run my lungs get mucas that comes up and when i breathe in my lungs squeel...why?
What is a heart murmur?
my cholesterol level?
Do you ever get a strange fluttering sensation in your heart?
What's the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
Is low blood pressure a good thing?
i have a yellowish [mostly clear] liquid dripping from my nose like a nosebleed...what could this be?
Should I Be Concerned? I Have This High Pitch Whine In My Ears For The Last 21 Yrs.?
Poll: Suggestions please for a gift for an elderly woman diagnosed with dementia?
Can I get shingles if I haven't had chicken pox?
what does it mean when your in a really good mood then you go to a really bad or depressing mood all a sudden?
Is it normal to throw up bright yellow stuff when you have food poisoning?
How can the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal be eased?
what is IBS?
what is good to eat when you have a stomach bug?
I have been feeing a little low what is the cure for the blahs?
how do you cure a heel spur?
I burnt my foot. What can I do?
what makes the skin white?
Why does vinegar help relieve sunburns ?
I have a cut, it healed. It was reopened. Now the skin around it is darker, red, open. How do I treat?
my face is ever oily, what do i do to keep it dry and not shiny?
i would like to praktice tai chi?
are there alternatives to injections / needles?
What is the most effective cream to use on my hands for dry skin? My skin is so dry it's cracking.?
Any Quick ways to get rid of Zits/Spots?
Why is my always skin cold?
What Is The Best Thing About Giving Up Smoking...?
A Little Disgusting, But Please Help Me!?
My left contact is bothering me and I don't know what to do?
What is a hernia ? :/ ..................?
I can't sleep tonight...?
helppp please im so sscared please answer!!!!!!!!!?
I've been unwell for 7 weeks,whats wrong with me?
Im haven on n off pains shooting through my heart and spreads to my left upper arm..what can this be?
When taking Warfarin, does it make you tired?
Does cardiac arrest happen to teenagers?
how high is high blood pressure?
how do u spell contagious?????
OH MY GOD! PLease, pleae help me i am SO scared!?
Does anyone know what "mono" is?
Swine Flu and not enough info?
am i at risk of tetanus?
Why don't we use anti-virals for the common cold?
why am i always nauseous?
having surgery in 4 hours scared?
I hurt my back, I'm getting it checked out tomarrow so please don't tell me to get it checked out. I will.
Chronic headache that won't go away?
if your chest is hurting, what does it mean and what should i do?
I am suffering through painful verucca. Is burning only the last resort?
If my sons stomache hurts, and he has sharp pains, i think it might be appendicitis?
Headache everyday for four months?
what are good resson a 12 year should have a cell phone?
Is Skipping a good method to increase the height?
Any good tips on giving up smoking???
Where Could I Get My Tongue Split?
Why do I seem to sleep a lot?
why do my farts smell nice ? and other peoples seem to really stink.?
How can I get my mom to stop her alcohol addiction?
How can you tell if you are Bipolar?
im not feeling anything anymore who can help?
Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
I feel like I might kill myself?
was hitler wrong if he truly believed what he was doing was for the good of the many?
do i have kleptomania?
Can you injure yourself from coughing to hard?
How long would it take for someone to die from starting a car with the garage door down?
all my friends are smoking and want me too... help?!?!?!?
What's the best way to get rid of sinus headache?
it is still considered bulimia if?
What does a seizure feel like? I have had this thing going on in my head and it's really bothering me.?
What is the natural remedy for food poisoning?
Numbness in the right side of face..?
how can I tell if my blood pressure is OK?
I am 20 years old and overweight, I've had high blood pressure for 4 yrs and can't lose weight what can I do?
I use a wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.....?
Is it ok to drink beer and then NyQuil?
Can I drink coffee if I'm sick?
Help!! I've just had a nasty accident with a cactus!!!?
(I have a good reason) How can you break your wrist?
the arrow is well stuck and i feel faint,and i bleed lots,?
My daughter is 4 and got hit in the head with a bowling pin that fell off a shelf. She seems okay but?
I got sunburnt and need sum help?!?!?
I have these odd scabs in my head.?
does mouth wash help acne go away.?
I've just painted my husbands toenails bright pink whilst he's asleep....?
Tips on getting more sleep?
Do you think vaccines do more harm then good?
a website where I can enter the symtoms I have?
I am bulimic and I want to know how to quit before it gets out of control?
Kevin Trudeau -- Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About. Have you heard about or read this book?
Thyroid glands?
tell me about lepracy?
What do you when your friend is trying drugs and he's 14?
Can i ever recover from fibromyalgia?
Why is it so hard for ppl to believe that fibromyalgia is real?
can anyone tell me 5 computer related illnesses????
is it wrong to fart infront of people?
don't think i am weird but... i want to try being anorexic?
nail fungus! please help ! its gross!?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced with the gun? how long do you have to leave the earrings in to heal?
why cant i breathe out of my nose?
Advice on fainting!?!?
What chemical is released by the skin to cause the "itch" feeling.?
i have an allergic RASH due to the Band-Aid Plasters,HELP?
where can I rent crutches?
Swelling and rash after getting cut.?
Do you have a mole under your feet (sole)?
Cut My Foot?
What causes leg cramps while pregnant?
What's best for severe post-nasal drip?
How noticeable is it if you smoke weed & then go to school?
i have asthma will the airforce be able to tell?
My mom REALLY can't breath!!! HELP!!?
is it true that.....?
Please help me! Heart problem!?
Am I on the way to a stroke or heart disease?
Which is more deadly, AIDS or Cancer?
If you wash tomatoes down with vodka will it kill salmonella?
Doctor asked me to take Liver Function Test...?
Swine Flu!!! we're all gonna die!!!?
how to get rid of a fever?do i have one?
i just had a baby a month ago i'm not bleeding but this light brown fluid is coming from my vigina what is it
What is thrush????????????????????????????
Herpes: Curse from the underworld or the gift that keeps giving?
Brain hemorrhage?? please help!?
What do you think causes eating disorders?
I suffer horribly from OCD and can't stop talking about my job. Any suggestions to stop doing this?
needle phobia?
What causes OCD and is it harmless?
so nervous?
I'm going to commit suicide?
What kind of job can a teenager with social anxiety get?
i have had enough, i don't enjoy life and i want it to end. what am i supposed to do?
I got what looks like a flashing snake around my eyes. It went away after about 15 min. What was it?
What could I do to stop bug bites from itching so much?
wherer can i find witch hazel wipes?
Spider Bite? Pleas help I'm very afraid!?
Nursing home broke Dad's leg?
is this a brown recluse spider bite?
how old were you when you broke your first bone?
how to break a toe or an ankle?
Is it only fair for me to seek a second opinion even though I don't have health insurance?
How come you feel your heart beating in different spots?
what causes headaches and high blood pressure?
I like a glass of wine in the evening. My doctor said, "Don't drink." Pharmacist says 4 hrs before BP meds OK
How to remove acne in 5 weeks?
I need help with ACNE!?
What are some cures/remedies for Gangrene?
If you mix alcohol and pills how long would it be before its to late to have your stomach pumped?
How can I give up smoking?
Why does my 20 month old son keep getting nose bleeds?
What is the formula for how many ounces of water per day one should drink?
my child is 3+ she is very active.but the problem is.she is not at all interested in eating food .?
how does one get a CPR card for basic life support?
Will it hurt to get my wart cut off by my doctor!?!?!?!?
How to treat a bug bite?
can a person on disability get help to pay for eyeglasses?
I received my CPR/First Aid training last year. How long is it good/current for?
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome?
Been on several medications. They are not helping. Is there any other medications that I can try that will ha
My big toe hurts soo bad...i didn't injure it PLEASE HELP ME?
if you were about to die and you had a week to live would you want the doctor to tell you or not?
whats the best thing i can do for a swollen red wasp sting to the foot?
Would you ever go tee total?
We all shower..but how often?
What will help me fall asleep fast?
How do I find a place to cheaply fill one month's blood pressure medicine?
What's wrong with my heart?
My brother is very sick?
High Blood Pressure 177/112?
Am I the only one that hates to make a doctor's appointment then you have to sit in the waiting area....?
do i need complete bed rest for pulled muscles in my back?
why does a hit on the head hurt more than any where else?
how to prevent black eye/prevent sweeling black bruise?
Hi everytime I stand up from a sitting position I get light headed, and it is not because I stand up too fast.?
emergency! my sister's toe may be broken!?
I pulled a chunk out of my nose!! Help!?
How do I make it where my farts don't stink?
Diarrhea and vomiting??? PLEASE HELP!?
Is it normal to have weird noises in your ears?
Sunburn Question??
How do you make a homemade emetic (to make you throw up)?
incontinence. quick. fix.?
do you believe that a boeing 757 crashed into the pentagon or was it really a missile?
What do you do if you leave your contact lenses in overnight?
spider bite boil moqutio bite?
I vomitted a few days ago still feeling nauseatic and with a dry tongue.I am feeling thirsty..?
How to heal really bad sunburn?
Is there anything one could run to a store and buy some real pain relief? External or internal.?
I just ate a bunch of raw Mexican sausage, I thought it was cooked, its wasnt am I going to die? What should?
Numbness & cold feeling in feet, toes & bottoms particulary?
Dying Do You Know When?
Dizzy, Tired all the time, Feel like I'm in a constant Daze. Need Opinions!?
Cant Stop Drinking And Peeing!?
eating paper?
I feel like crying so I'm listening to sad music... Is that weird?
How do I stop overanalyzing EVERYTHING?
Is it too lazy when on your day off,you play on the computer all day instead moving around doing?
Can you cut yourself once without getting addicted?
if you took 50 of ibuprofen or advil which one would hurt you more? advil or ibuprofen? ?
Pain management help!!!!?
do i really have knee problems?
I'm getting braces in 10 days...help?
My mom has congestive hart failure and she's only 45. Is there something we can do at home that will help her?
Do you think if people can catch HIV/AIDS by their saliva?
tips to get rid of yeast infection?
Do guys like getting their anus licked?
my bro's wife was diagnosed with chlamydia she is pregnant and her husband was tested and was negative. how?
Why is my heart rate so high?
Please help. Will my boyfriend die soon?
Can you drink on beta blocker's?
what is good for swollen legs could somebody out there give me?
i fall asleep lately i wake up at some point of the nite and the sheets are absolutely soaked with sweat why?
sunburn? is there any way to get my skin back to normal quicker?
what is the quickest way to recovering your voice?
My ex boyfirend.. should I say?
Is luncheon meat and the meat from the deli both processed?
help! whats wrong with her!?
Is this gall bladder trouble, or what is it?
Can allergies make you extremely tired?
what are some spider bite symptoms?
what should i do please help?
Why does dirt accumlate behind my neck?
what are you allergic too?
What is strep throat?