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Eye has a small bump on it? (SWOLLEN)?
how can i hurt myself?
im really scared!? help please.. 10 points first good answer ?
Okay, I'm hearing that a lot of people like the smell of gasoline... Why, and is something wrong w/them?
is ASHWARIARAI most beautiful women of tht world?do u like her or not?why?
poll: how old were you when you lost your virginity?
Whats the best cure for Acne. [Please Help!!!!!!]?
how can i get rid of ance?
do you think Cannabis helps cure Cancer possibly? or nervous problems?
Should you force someone who is ill to eat?
I can't sleep, any tips on how to fall asleep?
my partner has been told that his got a high cholesterol and high blood pressure what can do to help him?
Will i have a heart attack soon ?
would a heart murmur be bad enough to stop someone entering the army even if they could do 1.5 mile in 10mins?
Not feeling very well. Can anyone help?
My 20 year old brother went to his primary physician and had blood work done..the doctor now wants him to go ?
which is the right word to use?
Stomach Ache problems. ?
OWWW! Someone help me about my sore throat!!!?
I've been taking Hydrocodone-APAP 10-500 for pain after a surgery. It has left me constipated. Now what?
Can anyone with lower back pain please give me some positive advice?
What kind of headache is this?
Is there ever going to be a cure for aids?
my friend bit me; what diseases can i get?
swine flu this, swine flu that... who cares!?
how do i get mosquito bites to go away?
Help Deep Cut!!!!?
Suggest some ways to check hair fall.?
I feel so depressed all the time....?
How do you get water out of your ears?
Have you had an out of body experience?
shiny black hair?
Help! Knuckle Cracking ruined my hands :(?
whats the best thing to treat a small burn to my hand?
why do we get nose bleeds?
When is it safe to eat after a filling?
Why are my gums feeling weird? The bottom gums kinda itch..?
Is a filling really necessary?
Should I get braces?
How long are you supposed to wear your retainer after braces?
will i be asleep?
Should I floss before or after using mouthwash?
LAtely,when my gf is brushing her teeth, it bleed..Wat is really happening? i dont know,can someone tell me?
im getting braces in a week and im very worried!?
Can I use Temporary Dental Filling if I just broke a hole in one of my bottom teeth in the back?
Big problem. No solution. Help.?
how to tape a wrist ?
I either broke or sprained my finger help?
Do you think having crutches are fun?
What does it feel like to cut yourself in the wrists?
can girls get a groin injury?
How do you break your arm???????????????????????????
Ear piercing gone wrong. How do you open up a closed hole?
Here's my story?
~pissed off~?
i can't pop my ear!!! help?
headache and migraine?
HELP my little sister stubbed her toe and her toe nail ripped back and is bleeding!?
it hurts when i breathe?
Have You Ever.....?
How do i ask my Mum & Dad for a nose job?
Does anyone else wet the bed after going to bed drunk?
Do you think our bodies we will ever adapt to stop cancer?
Do women realize: the more hours you wear a bra, the more increased your chances of breast cancer become?
how bad can breast cancer get?
do you think they have a cure for cancer and they just don't make it known to the public?
What's wrong with me? i'm always tired, but i get lot of sleep...?
How many hours of sleep do you get a night? (40 people if possible)?
My Neo-Sporin expired in 9/2002. Is it still good to use?
I bit my tongue?
What time in the day should you stop eating or how many hours before bedtime?
Really bad cut. please help.?
What are the signs of an ear piercing infection?
Does smoking really kills your health .. or is it just a saying ?
What is the anything I can take to make me stop sweating?
When is a person most likely to increase fat cell numbers?
any home remedies for guitar blisters?
Is Parkinson's hereditary?
If a person is depressed and hates life should they just be glad they don't have cancer or paralysis or worse?
What's wrong with being pro-anarexia?
Heart attack at 15.....................?
i want to ask you if we can drink grapefruit with drugs, is it healthy for heart disease?
My heart is beating a little bit faster and it feels funny. Should I be worried?
i just had a sonogram i am 5 weeks they saw the fetus but they didnt hesr the fetus's heart beat .. is that no
Why is my heart beating so fast?
Do kids who had heart surgery learn slower than normal?
Do I have skin cancer?
What will the doctors do to you before you get your braces?
got braces today-absolutly can't chew, not because of the pain...?
How can I tell if my filling fell out?
i am about to get braces. which color should i get?? and why!! thank you?
POLL: Do you brush your teeth....?
Do I have wisdom teeth?!?
Do braces hurt??
Is this a mouth infection?
I have asked this questions before? What would be better a tougue ring or lip ring?
Everytime i swallow my ears pop?
We all know smoking is very bad for health yet we smoke. Does it mean we don't care for ourselves?
If you drink nyquil during the day, will it mess you up?
I have swelling in my cheek...?
How can you make your metabolism work fast?
does the pulse goes to the neck first, or the ankle?
Can hornets leave a stinger behind?
what should you do when you get burnt?
What is the difference between anorexia and fasting?
fast & easy way to pull out a splinter?
how do you define the human brain?
Why does crying make me tired??????
How to stop a cut from bleeding?
If a total cure for cancer was found, how would it affect the population of the earth?
which chemicals in the tobacco contains substances that can cause cancer?
Would Any One Agree, That We Are Born With Cancer.... And?
how to stop smoking within 3 months?
where can i get help in obtaining a heart defibrillator?
Most of the By-pass surgery is only a money pass surgery?
i had a stroke and they put me on coumadin and i want to go to Florida for 6 months can i go?
heart beating really fast and pulse rate really fast?
Which arm hurts if your having a heart attack?
Possibility of STD's?
I got bit by a small mouse while outside with my kids, i washed it and put antibotic cream on it but now...?
how to reduce pain after tetanis shot?
Spider Bite to arm Face Swelles up?
Can too much salt be harmful?
I have a herniated disk in my lower back and need help. Read on..?
Someone in the singles catagory suggested i ask this question here......?
how to get something small out of your eye?
Can you get a disease from letting someone pee in your mouth?
I have UTI( urinary tract infection, I was wondering can that be healed without using any antibiotica?
What is H1N1. is it differs from swine flu?
Hi do you think that we should bring all the injured children from the Haiti, to be treated in Hospitals in Uk?
Who else thinks H1N1 (swine flu) is being blown out of proportion?
Is it worth changing to decaff tea and coffee?
Can a 16 year-old donate a kidney for the greater good?
What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
why do people keep saying cutting yourself means you're crazy?
Itchy sunburn! AHH! I could use some help!?
Why do we say "ow" when we get hurt?
Have you ever spiked a mates drink for a laugh?
what is a good cure for period cramps?
3 Cheers for the Smoking Ban !!! Hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray :)?
Help! I'm 32 & I'm thinking about suicide & just need to vent to someone. any advice or anything please?
Who else is feeling MISERABLE AND DISTRESSED at the moment due to all the MISERY AND DISTRESS on here?
Can a normal person deliberately do something in order to permanently go insane?(Not braindamaged.)?
What really makes you happy?
Lost all hope? Thinking suicide? Help.?
should i leave my depressed friend alone if he says he needs his own space?
why wont my top ear piercing heal proper?
What is happiness?
Serious Question...please read and give advice?
im sick and i dont know what i am sick from?
Is my weight a bit low?
Rapid Heart Pounding + Nausea?
My heart is beating 42 times in 30 seconds is this somthing to worry about?
i have had heart palpitations for the last year ive had lots of tests 24 hour monitor and e.c.g ?
READ PLZ!!!should i just let my father eat to death?
last question! if someone has been crushed for 20 mins would u remove the compression force?or wait for help?
How do you make your toung stop bleeding?
I was bite by a horsefly and my knee is swelled up. It is very red, warm, and itchy, what do i do?
how deep does a cut need to be before you have to get stitches?
What is the easiest way to wash your gluteus maximus if you can not reach it?
How to get rid of a bite mark easily?
Best way to break a cold?
Is acne a real turn off for young women?
How can I help a friend who has confided in me?
I've been using a corrosive product all day without gloves, should I be worried that I could damage my skin?
What is the cause of my years long Diarrhea problem?
The common cold.....how to ease it?? Help please?
My stomach is killing me...?
my throat gets itchy sometimes during the day then i wake up the next day and its sore. what is it?
What's the best way to clean out your ears?
I`m going into a private clinic for an operation soon, am terrified of anaesthetics?
best exercises for lower back pain?
Acute abdominal pain- should I go to the ER?
My ear feels as tho its blocked and needs popping. help!?
what did people do if they had a tooth ache before dentistry came about?
Does everybody get wisdom teeth?
wisdom teeth?
is it painful during root canal treatment?
My mouth hurts =(?
When should a child get braces?
Are people in the US going to die from the swine flu?! HELP! Im scared now!?
Can my friend sue her tanning salon for getting a staph infection from one of their beds?
How to lower a high blood pressure without taking medicin?
What does ballooning the heart mean?
im i going to have a hard attack?
can someone please explain to me in laymens terms what is a nuclear stress test?
I can see my heart beat, is that a good sign?
my blood pressure was today 170/112 pulse 89 is this high?
how far do a cow run with out falling?
Bit by mosquitoes. Should I be worried?
Can I Take Cymbalta Under Age?
How do people get started on cigarettes?
I think I have Down syndrome but im not really sure?
Helps me out here! Is this normal?
what is a back doctor called?
Is it possible to get a mole on the palm of your hand?
i think im having a heart attack?
my friend joe has sothing wrong with him his leg are swallen so large it looks like grapefurit can't bend legs
Can a pacemaker bring a dead person back to life?
is there a disease that causes you never to get your first period?
how to get rid of fleas on humans?
is it nessacary to stay home from work when you have strep throat?
UK question: Has anyone here had that winter vomiting bug?
Do I got the Swine Flu? :( (ANSWER!! PLEASE!)?
what do you think about plans to close schools in the UK due to swine flu?
I have every sign of the swine flu except for a fever. Should I see a doctor?
what are some anti-carcinogenic foods to eat?
Cancer on right kidney?
Can chemotherapy have long term side effects?
My Mom has 4th stage cancer and has loads of phlegm and cannot eat anything.?
how near is the end for 94 yr old terminal cancer patient?
funeral,,,saying a reading????
Why do toe nails grow slower than finger nails??
my teeth on the back of my mouth?
curling iron burn...??
I've Burned My Left Hand?
WHY is LIFE head?
If you worked with someone that had really bad body odor would you tell them?
Burned my hand and it is killing me?
somebody coughed over me today !! should I visit my mum in hospital ?
Ifyou've been sick, is it a good idea to stay home the next morning to make sure you are better?
Braces with a heart MRI scan?
what are the effects of stress?
blood pressure 159/85?
what is the normal heart rate of a 30 year old girl?
i have a problem with my heart what is it?
my blood pressure is 152-83. What does this mean?
I have acne on my face should I try mupirocin?
Acne everywhere! Please suggest advice, products, Home remedies anything that will help :)?
bump on the tongue help?
What is the best product to get rid of back acne?
Stinky!!!!! weeeeeeeeeewwwwww?
my lower back on the left is killing me,?
i have a sore finger what should i do? Plz help.?
ok i reallly need help, i have had servere pain in my stomache on the right side for over 7 hours
Why do we have 5 fingers and 5 toes? Random.?
sharp and sever stomach pain?
What are piles and how do you cure them?
can anaphylactic shock be caused by a severe allergy to pollens or grasses?
how to cure cough'?
my eyes are puffy..why?
a friend had a possible allergic reaction to shellfish, she woke up next morning with rash swollen face & lips
Is it unhealthy if both my nostrils are always blocked. And is there any natural way to unblock it?
swollen eyelid...?
Mums cancer is back will she survive?
What would you say was the maximum number of cigarettes you could smoke without becoming addicted ?
If cloning was the only cure for cancer or aides would you then approve of cloning?
If i need six fillings at the dentist do i pay £42.40 for each filling or £42.40 for all fillings.?
Question about Braces?
Wisdom teeth?
my breath always smells!?
how do you combat bad breath?
receding gums, what shall I do?
Am I being a hypocrite?
My dentist told me i have to have two teeth taken out does it hurt??
This may seem like a stupid question, but I need to see a dentist..I am young and on my own without much money
How can I keep my teeth as white as possible?
What biggest physical pain have you experienced in your life?
What causes you to FAINT?
Can taking ex-lax daily hurt yoy?
I got bit by a snake...?
I just burnt my tongue on hot coffee ....?
Recently I've been waking up in the night with very dry mouth even though i've been drinking more water lately
How to get rid of the swelling of a bee sting?
Hey what is the easiest way to make your self faint? except drinking?
I have a splinter in my foot?
Is superglue actually ok to put on split finger tips?
Shortness of breath, sharp chest pain occasionally--things to worry about?
can i drink alcohol when i have epilepsy?
What is a Panic Attack?
What does the CT Scan Dye feel like?
How can I cure Pink Eye?
What's going on with my 21 year old?
MARIJUNA HEALTH QUESTION - your help please?
I feel pain below my left breast(heart) 4 few minutes most of de tym,dnt knw wht's de prob?
why isn't the heart stop beating?
Has anyone ever had "Aortic Stenosis Valve Disorder" or known anyone who has suffered from the condition and
how can i lower my cholesterol?
Heart failure. Please help me. Urgent?
I haven't been washing my hair since March?
I know this is going to sound weird but I'm not sure if I was molested or not.?
I see some weird things at night, can anyone help?
wtf should i do to make them take me seriously and help me?
Can marijuana cure depression?
what should I do?! my psychiatrist was so mean!!?
Could I get in trouble if I tell my previous coworkers and boss to "f**k off" ? ?
i forgot the question, do you know what it was?
Cramp in leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What would happen if u farted and burped at exactly the same time?
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia & am in pain all the time im varying degrees.?
do we sweat when swimming?
do you regret you started smoking?
Can you get cancer of the eye?
can men get breast cancer?
Can cancer be in every part of your body?
Do I tell my dentist that I chew tobacco because I'm very worried that I have mouth cancer?
How can I tell if I'm allergic to dog saliva?
is it unhealthy to drink milk even though your partly lactose intolerant?
My boyfriend is allergic to cats!?
Does obesity increase heart rate?
I am continually having chest pain but further investigation showed that nothing is wrong with my heart.?
Help me! I'm scared.?
What's wrong with me???
Can secondhand smoke make you sick?
Are hospitals safe places for ill people?
Do you think Size Zero is attractive?
I am very nervous right now?
what should i do, have i lost my mind?
I wanna try marijuana.....?
does anyone know if the antidepressent drug "lexapro"has bad side effects.?
Please help me! i cant stop crying, i feel neglected by my parents...?
Crazy Question?
Did antidepressants help you?
I cut my calf last night and didn't get stitches because i thought it wasnt deep enough but looking ....?
poisonous spider bite?should i go to the doctor?
what are the general directions in giving first aid?
my friend has breast cancer and it is mostlikely that she will die and I don't know what to do! Help me!?
Are Kids around 12 and 14 more likely to get cancer?
Which hurts more shots or getting your ears pierced?
how can you tell if you have been tazered?
Whats wrong?.... Appendicitis?
recently given birth, my daughter now has piles and is in agony. any remedies please? sensible ones.?
My headache is so bad that I feel like I'm going to grow up.?
What's the best way?
why havent i gotten sick in a year and a half?
Are there any foods that no one is allergic to?
After blowing balloons I get an itchy tongue underneath?
are you or a family member allergic to wheat gluten or dairy?
What can happen if your blood pressure gets too high?
Can I have a heart attack at age 35?
If Nitroglycerin is an explosive, then why don't people who take Nitroglycerin for heart conditions explode?
How do I lower my cholesterol frm 253 to 240? How long will it take?
I have to urinate frequently.Can anyone suggest a cure for this problem?
why are sharks immune to disease?
How can I lower my cholesterol?
What kind of doctors for disease/infection on tongue?
What is wrong with me?
I might have a thyroid probelm. If I do , can I ask the doctor to remove it.?
What are some symptoms of the swine flu?
I have stomach aches every day?
It says on the bottle of Tylenol it shoudn't be used for more than 10 days, why is that? and...?
How do you 'fight' or 'battle cancer?
Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck?
can pancreases cancer be healed?
my mom is dying in front of my eyes and I cant do anything...?
should i be worried??
I need to know if i need braces?
HELP!!!! can you be allergic to scene kids?
Do you pick your nose?
any good recipes for someone who is allergic to wheat, gluten, and dairy?
how do i get rid of itching due to dust accumulated in sofas, old books etc.?
Why are codeine tablets so addictive?
pls help me!!!!! it hurts.... and i rlly need alot of help = (?
I just now took 8 2mg xanex bars at once... am I ok?
I'm In Such Bad Pain. Please Help?
should i go to the doctor?
I feel dizzy a lot. What should I do?
what can I add to my urine to make a home drug test for cocaine be negative?
Anxiety Issues?
What is Autism ?????
Does anyone know if "Ambien" causes 'long-term memory loss' ?
Anyone Scared of vomit?
Chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, please help!?
a spider bite???
what do you for over amping on meth?
what is fibromyalga ?
Help me get the water out of my ear!?
Rollercoaster Sickness....Help!?
i need an answer from somebody who actually smokes and does drugs...?
What is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
HeLp me with...?
What if I don't have chemotherapy?
is smoking weed better for you than smoking cigarettes?
One of my best friends has just found out she has cancer...?
please this is the third time i've sent this question, i really need help :'(?
What (in general) makes you feel sick when drinking?
I cant sleep, help?
I feel like I'm going to die young...?
Are you selfish?
will i always be alone ?
what do you do for stress?
please help im depressed and i want to listen to depressing music!!!!?
Is it healthy that I relieve stress by asking questions on Yahoo Answers?
I'm not good in sports and feel lousy around guys who are athletic...how can I deal with this low feelings?
Am I a weirdo?
what are these symptoms of?
Suicide in certain cases?
How can i treat swine flu? and is it really dangerous..?
How did swine flu go from pigs to humans?
What's the difference between a sore throat and strep throat?
i have swollen glands, sore throat, headaches and bad dizziness, aches and pains in the body any ideas. thanks?
Being at level 5 on flu danger chart means that this thing WILL spread.Read on.?
My thighs sometimes itch when I get out of the shower. I'm not allergic to anything so any ideas?
Anyone have a similar experience with Cymbalta?
What kind of antihistamine should I use?
is it ok to take benodril if you dont have any allergies?
I might be alergict to cats?
can someone help me and tell me what the hell this is!?
Is it possible to be in love with your proctologist?
So I've had Acid Reflux Since...?
I'm sick and I don't know what's wrong with me?
How do you know if your liver is damaged - after a weekend of drinking a lot I can't face alcohol?
What should I do? I have sleeplessness almost every night! And I'm to young to take sleeping-pills!(I'm 13).
Fix my bug bites!?
What chemical in Pain killers are most people allergic to?
pvc's...are they all in my head?
Why are my eyelids swollen shut?
How can I make myself sleep?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
How can I make flossing a habit?
When you get braces, does it hurt when you eat?
Does anyone know where I can Find cheap false teeth like maybe a morgue or something under $20.?
Braces? <<<<<<<?
do you love the dentist?
I have a severe phobia of the dentist. Any advise how to calm before going?
Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
Have You Ever Known Someone Who Survived Cancer?
How does sleeping in a bra cause breast cancer?
Hes dying of cancer....?
Have you ever had surgery? Any advice?
When someone says that they're really tired and 'have to go to bed or I'll colapse', is it something to worry
Blood pressure is 104/71, is that normal?
Hypertension question.?
Is it possible to fly around the world if i have HEART BLOCK?
Please help about period pains
why do I get a really bad head & jaw ache the next day after singing??
A cat that has been around for a month licked me, can I have rabies?
Is the Swine Flu as bad as Governments say it is to be?
What can I do to help my flu?
do i have symptoms of swine flu?
I have a throat infection and my saliva has gone really thick .?
Would you recommend getting a flu shot. Why or why not?
My whole family's having stomach problems.?
Is it normal for a teenager have a kidney stone?
Do i have OCD or am i just crazy?
do i look like a boy in the face? www.freewebs.com/missclaire?
Is it a depression????????
Does anybody know why medications quit working??
what are symptoms of bipolarism?
How do I make this stop?
Is Dope Pot? I thought it Was Heroin?
Why do I never get sick?
This is really gross.. but I'm not sure what to do?
Why do people smoke when they know it's bad for them?
Bloody butt?
when did you lose your virginity?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
how do you get rid of the sting of sunburn,with something I may have at home.?
How can I pull my tooth out without having any pain?
What are the benefits of me getting a tooth out by an oral surgeon rather than a regular dentist??
What Is Bipolar Disease?
I've had fibromyalgia for 20 + years. Any helpful advice?
What to do about the ringing in my ears?
I keep fainting - should I see a doctor?
my arms feel dead when i sleep on them bent?
the inside of my hear hurts right now. =( What should I do?!!?
What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Does anyone know the name of a soap that you don't rinse off?
I need to get out of this sleeping pattern. ADVICE, ANYONE?
my son burnt his hand on boilng milk in his cookery lesson today?
Are there any risk connected to running with a high pulse?
what is congestive heart failure?
Is it normal that, when your stressed, your heart hurts?
Is Marfan's syndrome deadly?
how can the arteries and veins in the heart become blocked ?
What's causing my nosebleeds?
Help!!! I need help to stop this rumor fast!!!?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a runny nose?
I think I'm having an allergic reaction.... to washing the dishes?
can i be kind of allergic to the sun?
My nose hasn't stopped running for a week.?
Anyone know why my body does this when eating nuts?
I Didnt smoke for three weeks then smokd a few bowl packs what r the chances of passin a drug test in 2 weeks?
Could this be the swine flu?
Are YOU getting the H1N1 flu shot this flu season?
Could I die from the swine flu?
Why we SHOULDN'T be vaccinated?
Is it possible to create a vaccine that mutates?
How to relieve throat pain?
can i go to school with a broken leg?
can a chiropractor help ? i am having pain in my lower back?
what should i do if it hurts when i pee?
Am I anemic or something?
Can ANYONE tell me what's wrong with me!!!?
Is it true that drug companies make drugs to make money, not to cure the desease?
Am I going to sick and even worse die?
Okay I know this is a stupid question but...?
does anybody know how much braces are?
What Can I Do To Make My Braces Hurt Less?
wisdom teeth extraction?
What do you eat to gain calcium if you don't like milk and tofu?
I think I have appendicitis? Anyone with experience help!?
Can't swallow multi vitamin?
Severe chest pain and no energy,, whats wrong with her?
I cut a word into my skin the other day and...?
Some people say that i'm not approachable, what does that me?
My sister suffers from depression and woun't seek help I am afraid for her life!?
i really hate my life right now?
how do i accept that ive aged as a 30 year old and lost my youthfull looks? im finding it hard to accept?
PAINLESS SUICIDE, how to do it?
is everybody scared to die?
homework motivation help 10points?
Does anyone else feel guilty for things they?
I'm 18 and my blood pressure was tested as 140/70?
My Blood Pressure is 144 over 44?
What problem will be raise if the paitent will suffiring from Collestrol Problem?
What do I need to do before my husband has open heart surgery?
Did my dad ALMOST suffer a heart attack? (details inside)?
What are the effects of an overdose of sniffing vicodine? Such as how can you tell of an Overdose?
Do I have a problem with biting my lips?
Am i going blind, sometimes everything get to dark?
acting like am laughing....is it a disease?
Im allergic to hair dye, and my face will swell up bad and neck, what can I use to color my hair? Please Help!?
is poison oak and poison ivy the same thing?
Can someone stop breathing if they ingest peanuts and are allergic? (for a scene in my book)?
Stung by a Bee While Pregnant and Allergic to Them?
54 yr old woman rash started on left side of chin working down to chin bumpy & scaly, what is it?
chocolate cravings?
I just got a small cut on my hand and its like swelling around it?
what causes muscle craping in calf muscles?
How does it feel to break your virginity?
What is the avarage pulse rate????????
Do you have a secret that anyone dont know about you?
child cut face?
Please help! I am on medicaid and they don't pay for patches to quit smoking..is there anywhere I can get help
I got a bee sting how do i get rid of the swelling?
My best friend said that inside our body, blood is blue. Is it true?
What is the best way to get rid of mouth ulcer? I blacked out and smacked my face - my braces then dug into my?
how do i calm my stomache?
I fell & hurt my back..help?
I have reoccuring muscle spasms in my back..........?
Very Bad Wrist Pains....?
Can heating in the house or in the car cause headaches?
does geting spacers and braces hurt?
how are braces put on and do they hurt a lot?
Can you have cookies when you have bands on your teeth?
Does the actual process of getting braces hurt?
swine flu symptoms please help?
What is the name of contagious skin diseases that eat away at the flesh that have been around for many years?
Can you get diarrhoea from stress?
Swine flu will kill us all about as much as pigs can fly. So why are people so worried about it?
Swine flu deaths in US?
Soar Thraot??????????????
Poll: How dangerous is Swine Flu?
I recently found out I have blood in my urine (even tho i don't see it),i don't have any infection,?
Health Question: White spots in the back of my throat?
i kind of feel like i am getting addicted to smoking cigarettes?
What does green vomit mean?
Do people who come from incest families have weird physical features?
Is it me, or are my feet actually shrinking?
What can I expect when my dad gets chemotherapy?
Can men get breast cancer?
genetics and cancer?
depression depressed?
I think i'm bipolar but i dont wanna see the doctor?
i have had this mouth ulcer for 3 weeks now?
How would you know if you are psychic?
Does anyone know how to treat someone who is addicted to pain pills? ?
I've had a headache since yesterday how to get rid of it?
Feeling weak, headache, cramps, and tired?
my husband has muscle burning aching in his legs/thighs and calves i don't know what kind of Dr to go to for
I've have pain in my anus after going number 2 for awhile, and recently it started bleeding. What can I do?
Major migraine headache please help!!!urgent...thakns?
i went to bed and woke up with blood everywhere?
I have random pain!!! HELP ME... IDK WTF IT IS!!!?
I'm 16 could I have heart troubles?
Low price blood pressure prescription ideas?
can doctors test if heart attack or sudden cardiac death has occurred after the fact?
what care would you need if you suffer from high blood pressure? (10 points)?
my blood pressure is 161 over 105 and pulse rate 103.Bad?
can i take expired throat relief spray?
Was swimming now ear hurts?
if you have crabs do you HAVE to notify your partner?
What's the difference between the Swine Flu and a normal flu?
How bad do you think the Swine Flue will be in the U.S?
What's the possibility of me having the swine flu?
What could be the cause of my constant drowsiness?
Marijuana vs. Alcohol, which is worse?
do i need to go to the hospital? If i wont be admitted i wont go lol?
How to relieve a hay fever cough?
Is it some sort of allergy ?
Is it normal to get watery eyes when you go to the toliet? number ones & twos.?
allergies keeping me up?
Can you get cancer from being on the computer too much?
Does Caillou have leukemia?
Why does my boyfriend's breath smell like corn?
I think I have an eating disorder but I can't figure out what it is. Whats wrong with me?
How would you describe your laugh?
Im depressed and i need help.....?
Why don't I want to go out anywhere? I think I might be suffering from depression.?
Mental Health problems, not fit to be a parent?
I can't sleep, the clowns will eat me. What should I do?
Some legitimate reasons I should not kill myself?
I've never been more depressed in my life. Can someone please help? I am very stressed?
Why do people wear masks?
Is it okay to die?
Does exercising cure depression?
2 ?'s What is it called when you can't take a deep breath in? What is it called when your panting?
What to do about a sore throat?
if you have asthma and you smoke does that mean you will get emphysema and cancer sooner?
Do i have asthma?
i have serious back pain?
I'm having a weird sharp pain near my belly button on the right side, it happened the other day too.?
Why does my chest hurt whenever I eat or after I eat?
Is lower back pain impossible to cure?
is good idea be vegetarian?
I got cut and something like water started coming out of my arm, what the hell is it?
all i wanna know why do u(westerns) ppl use paper toilet instead of water when cleanin' up urselves??
My heart is going 205 bpm.?
How to lower your high blood pressure?
Possible Heart Problems (cardiologists)?
what to do if you throw up blood when on blood thinners?
Is my blood pressure too high?
Is cancer the best thing that ever happened to you?
How would you explain cancer in one or two paragraphs in Plain English?
Is there really such a thing as chemo brain?
Is it normal for my mom to be always hungry if she is diagnosed with Breast Cancer?
On average, how many hours of sleep...?
What do you when your upset about something and can't sleep?
what can I do to aid my bowel movement? (go to the toilet more often)?
Why can't I sleep at night?
What do I do.. I'm a cutter?
I need help...I took 6 oxycodones today 7.5/500 MG am i going to die?
SWINE FLU! ><?<><?<><?<><?
Does anyone know anything about CMD (Coronary MIcrovascular Disease?)?
A couple of days ago I had an episode at work that was very alarming. I felt faint and loss consciences.?
My heart suddenly beat REAL HARD twice and went back to normal?
which one i start first doing CPR?
how to get rid or sores in the inside of your mouth?
i have a friend..i don't know if she's bulimic or anorexic?
both sides of my stomach hurts and back hurts also?
I have an ear infection?
Help!!! What should I do!!?
As an anemic vegan, who does NOT want to take iron supplements, what should I be eating?
havent been to toilet properly for a week. i feel so stuffed. whats the quick way to help the digestion?
Please help me to stop thinking like this...?
Am I a Stupid Person?
What is the internation signal that someone is choking?
I accidentally a whole bottle of Coca-Cola... what should I do?!?
Where can i get ipecac syrup??
QUICK! HELP! PLEASE HURRY!! How do you treat a gun shot wound to the left shoulder?
What should a wife do to help her husband if he's constipated?
Spider got away?
Am I allergic to chocolate?
How can I stop coughing from allergies?
Im getting my ears pinned back?
Nose pericing care and pain wise?
Anybody knows about Gastric bypass surgery? Please let me know about risks involved in it?
how to get rid of dark circles HUGE thats under my eyes?!?
Why do people say that once an alcoholic always an alcoholic?
will a broken back shorten a life span?
please help diagnose me... i am very ill and my stomach hurts, i have nausea, fever, no appetite, weak, etc...
Did you see the report that said hair on your knuckles is a sign of mental retardation?
I am sick, what do I have?
How do you feel during surgery?
For what reasons would a doctor want a 17 year old girl to get a ECG?
Anyone had by-pass heart surgery?
Should I just wait to find out what's wrong?
What kind of things must some one to to avoid having a heart attack?
A question about my heartbeats. 10 points for best answer?
i need help, it's about my heart it doesn't feel right?
What is the name of Michael Moore's new movie about the medical profession?
Painless ways of dying?
Will eye drops make you sick if injested orally ?
is cracking your knuckles/joints bad for your joints?
I'm getting Contacts, My first time.?
How do I deal with the needle?
We need help: no childish answers please...?
My girlfriend's feet are only 7 inches long. Is this normal for a fifteen-year-old.?
Does my Mom have the authority to place me in a mental hospital for having certain fears, anxieties, and OCDs?
self inflicted pain?????
Is it appropriate to give my therapist a gift on my last session with her?
Have you ever had the feeling that you want to get away from everything?
how do I beat this meth addiction?
How do you regain composure?
I find my life?
Did lozengers work for soar throat pain?
Is pedialyte good for the stomach flu?
Seriously this is not right!!!!?
Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy & disease-prone?
my best m8 has swine flu culd i have it help im scared n worried!!?
Can you get lead poisoning if you write on yourself?
Whats up with my stomach? Doctors please...
would I allow my Bf to donate his kidney to his mom?
Does anyone have Crohns Disease? Serious Answers PLEASE?
can you get nicotine poisining from smoking 7 cigs,in 3 hours? i have only been smoking for 1 year?
My sister was sick all yesterday and last night and now i'm starting to vomit as well...why?
sometimes when i pass motion, i feel that my anus is totally tearing apart.?
Should I go to a doctor about this?
Flesh eating animals donot clean their mouth,but also they are not affected by any disease .why?
My toes smell like vomit?
i keep gettin a weird sensation in my chest almost a flutter is this normal?i am 25?
I think I might have a heart problem?
How can I get my heart rate to stay LOW during a physical. ?
I'm Having Chest Pain? Is it a Heart Attack?
Did I have a heart attack? I'm only 25!?
My husband had a mini-stroke, a TIA, this week. Does that mean a fatal stroke is coming too? TIA info.?
Would my blood pressure would be normal?...?
Son cut his hand...?
I need splinter help. Been stuck for DAYS?
Are there any known health risks with weekly acts of sodomy?
Is It Normal For 12yrs To Have Migranes Mostly Everyday?
I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
is this stupid?
what did you think when you first woke up?
If i take Spanish classes will i get swine flu?
any home remedies for diarrhoea?
My friend is coming over and he just got over that 24 hour flu?
Is it a cold or a flu?
walked passed a window and it stank of cannabis, can it affect me?
What are some common antibiotics?
How much pain would you be in if your appendix burst?
What's the best time for adult to sleep? Is taking a nap in daytime a bad habit? Will it pose some health risk
urgent problem help please?????????//.................?
does anybody else have eczma?
HELP!!!! what can make a person throw up?
what do you do if your baby sister got a hold of nail glue and might have swallowed some?
Exactly how much 'Beauty Sleep' do we need?
What's the longest amount of time you have been awake without sleep?
I've been having pains around my eye. What's Wrong?
i got my ears pierced..part 2?
why do i fear death so much can any one help me?
i constantly think of suicide?
I've lost absolutely everything?
how can you tell if you have ................ breast cancer??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I think i may have cancer and don't want to go in unless i know for sure. someone please tell me what to do!!
I'm currently having chemotherapy and have lost my hair?
A question about self harming?
How do I distract myself so I don't self-harm?
what can i do? I feel down and angry lately.I feel tired all the time and sad. what can i do?
dr says i have a slow heart what does it mean?
What does an abnormal T wave mean on en ECG?
Do you know that it is possible to clean blocked arteries without bypass? Vitamin"K' treatment helps to clean.
Can a blood pressure drug lower your blood pressure too much?
WORST Sunburn ever! PLEASE HELP!!!?
i cut my leg while shaving and it won't stop bleeding what should i do?
Is it true that if a bee stings it dies but if a wasp stings you it lives?
How to unpainfully wash away dried blood?
How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?
Should I go to the Hospital?
How do you break someone's arm?
Should I sue?
I a 13 yrs old and my knee has been huting me pretty bad wat could be wrong w/ it?
How bad is an endoscopy test?
reason why nursing course and caregiving is in demand today?
WHat DiD I Do To My FiNgEr???!?!?!?!? HELP!?
I just cut halfway throug my hand. Is there any way to save it?
Has anyone used the pills from GNC called 'Envision' to loose weight, and have they worked?
what is the treatment for someone who has accidentally taken a large amount of their normal medication?
i have a question im gonna study health science and need an answer?
Why does my heart hurt sometimes?
Can anyone tell me what the last stages of Congestive Heart Failure are?
i am 25 with normal blood pressure until it suddenly doubled. what could have caused this?
How much are cardiologist appointments?
Advice for a crooked girl?
As soon as my contact hits the eye, it gets irritated with a burning sensation.. WHY? ?
Is smoking weed really that bad-because my friend can't quit-Why?
I am drunk, can i drink water or not?
Why do people do drugs just to feel better? And why do teens do it too?
Could someone be addicted to counseling? If so, how would you treat them?
cant stop crying...?
I always feel worried nervous and deppresed every day what should i take?
Suicide cured by weed?
Have you ever been depressed?
What should I do about 7 year old that talked about committing suicide when he was at school?
IhaveHiv/Aids,I need an apt,here in NYC,not to high I am now staying in an room which costs me 600 dollars, I?
did you know ...... (swine flu)?
is it true that EVERYONE will ATLEAST get chicken pox once in their life time?
How do i know if i have worms?
Is it possible that I have Swine Flu?
How much should I charge for my Swine Flu Vaccine?
My teacher said she would give me $20 to eat ten worms and has started a class collection. Is it safe.?
Why do I get sick when I eat meat?
Are 3 Tylenol Pm's deadly or lethal in any way shape or form..like can i die or anything bad?
How long do you have to live if you have stage four cancer?
Can I get addicted to Cigarettes?
im 17 years old with an enlarged heart and 3 out of 4 leaking valves, what do i do?
What is the discomfort a person feels when he or she stops using tobacco called?
my heart beats very hard for no apparent reason not fast just really hard ?
Doctors orders: I can only work two hours per day.?
My mother was born with a hole in her heart. What are the chances it will be passed down to me or my kids?
Worried about having a tooth pulled!!?
What is a migraine and what does it do to your body?
Give me a home remedy for head ache ?
chiropractor a good idea?
is my arm broken???
please help me out! (docs and ppl with experince please help!)?
foot pain..plz help!?
Carpel Tunnel Syndrom?
how long does it take for meth and cocaine to get out of your system and how many hours after is it safe to ua?
Is this how arthritis begins?
what kind of tumor is this, i need the name?
Does taking a shot of liquor really knock an illness out of you?
something is wrong with my ear holes?
I got electrocuted...?
help! my EYE its realy important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help!!! how can i brake my wrist!?!?
My tounge feels strange. What could it be?
Why does emotional pain hurt more than psychical?
Theres a hard knot in my ear....?
no beer or gear for a year! can i do it ?
I just bit off my own ear?
i have a lump in my ear its about skittle size its where you would get your ear pierced. hurts a bit. ?
What is the best way to stop a nose bleed?
i have got a splinter in my foot and it wont come out help it hurts ?
I got a ring that is too small stuck on my finger!?!? can some help?
What causes headaches?
Bruising??? PLZ help?
i am always constipated,i don't have a regular bowel movement and it bothered me a lot.what should i do?
How to get rid of pickyness in throat?
2yr old son ate chocolate (an allergy) but is having no reaction - take him to ER anyway?
For people who've taken prednisone in the past- what was your experience while taking it?
Allergic to dogs - Am I being unreasonable not wanting to live with a dog?
15 year old male think I have breast cancer?
do i have breast cancer, i'm a male?
POLL:who here had cancer or knows someone who did.does?
when people die from cancer?
What does blood pressure low mean?
what type of special diet should i follw to preevent heart related problems?
what does it mean when the doctor says your blood pressure is 172?
Should I see a cardiologist?
how much does blood pressure medicine cost?
Swine flu question???????????
what should i do.. i'm a 23 year old healthy male who has had severe diarrhea for week and has no health insr?
is my dad right?...?
whats wrong with my body?
i have diarreha and a real stale burp .?
Why do I keep getting these headaches?
flutter thingy in stomach. help me!?!?
How to get rid of constipation naturally? Does anyone have any remedies that have worked?
Has anyone tried Monavie?
How do I get over my shyness?
have u ever wanted to kill someone?
Should I suicide myself?
I get frequent headaches?
has anyone taking predisone?
Is smokeless tobacco safer than cigarettes?
what is treatment to prevent snnoring?
Ready to kick?
why does my boyfriend puke every morning. its not even like he ate the wrong thing. it is foamy red. what is i?
How do I get sick to skip school?
I am currently on ramipril ( high blood pressure ) meds?
Paging Dr. Frank . . . aspirin question?
can you please tell me the signs of heart Attack?
irregular heart beat?!?
Dizziness, racing heart what could this mean? No known medical problems otherwise?
help!! i have heart burn!!! what shall i do?
Once in awhile I get a fluttery feeling in my chest .What is this?
whats the best thing for a hangover?
head ache for 6 days now?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my finger?
One of my Mom's friends who's a Man get's very Bad cramps on his legs what should he do?
What is the best cancer prevention you can recommend?
My Father has cancer and i don't think he has much time left. How should I get through this?
wots rong wiv me????
do i have pneumonia ?
How do u know if your going blind or not?
What is the good way of fighting insomnia?
CONSTIPATION question!!?
Whats the best homemade remedy to cure a stye?
blood in weird place...advice?
it feels like i am not there all the time what is it?
Shots vs autism...what is the risk?
i broke my wrist my dad cut the cast off 1 week earlier than it should have been taken off?
Have you ever had a stuffed up nose? please answer on how to give me quick simple remidies.?
Is it possible to be walking around on a broken foot for a week and not know it?
is it possible to lick your elbow?
Since I've been jogging on the treadmill my lower legs are in pain, what is wrong with them?
How is it possible to preform a heart transplant without the patient dying?
Does Salt Lower Blood Pressure....?
Help to lower my triglycerides/Cholesterol?
Is there a quick fix to keep my blood pressure down for a physical?
my boyfriend is addicted to oxy cottons, doesn't want to take methadone any suggestions ?
Doctor said I would be red-flagged for pain meds?
Anyone know how to solve wrist pain?
There is a slight pressure to my forehead and around my temple area.?
what causes the noise when you snap your fingers?
Do I need a tetanus shot after i stepped on a rusty thumbtack?
what effect does hepatitis have on the organs & does it have any cure,how do one contact it?
Do I have a serious infection (description included)?
Please help me, I'm a little girl with lots of questions and need help SWINE FLU!!?
What is a good allergy pill that works?
My daughter daughter is allergic to wheat soy and milk does any one have any suggests on foods she can have?
Bee pollen and royal jelly???
Will I be okay after eating mold?
Is it bad for your feet to wear high heels a lot?
When do we stop growing?
How do I get rid of my hiccups fast?
what do u have nighmares about?
How do you convince someone to help him or herself?
How Many Sleeping Pills Do I Have To Take To Kill Myself?
What is a good gift for a seven year old boy who has ADHD?
Does anyone know why i feel so upset and angry?
Do I have an eating disorder?
What is wrong with me?
Is your job stressful? if yes what actually makes it stressful.?
What should i do to really piss of my psycologist?
will natural peanut butter clog my arteries?
Is 56-60 normal pulse for 19 year old male?
Slow, heavy heart beats during sleep?
How exactly does high blood pressure cause kidney failure?
Help me!!! i'm very constipated?
I'm very sick and kind of scared--can you please help?
for all u doctors out there, i need help with a diagnosis.?
I have been recently diagnozed with Mild Sleep Apnea. Do CPAP's really work?
How many hours do you sleep daily?
I cut my leg on a rusty nail.?
Help, I'm alone at home and I just tripped and my ankle hurts reallllllllllllllyyy bad...?
eyelash in my eye...?
Migraine headaches?
Do docters look at your (down stairs) when you have a UTI?
If I Got A Tattoo On My Hip And Wrist What Would You Say The Pain Feels Like ?
Is it normal to get a headache after being hit in the face..?
pain in side anyone help?
Really bad pain on my left side of my stomach...?
burns ... i burnt my finger it hurts really bad what can i do to help it??
What seems to work best for you for Hiccups that you use? This is mine.?
does anybody know the name of that stuff that's in the corner of your eye when you wake up?
What cigarette would be the easiest to start smoking?
PLEASE!!! URGENT!!! The name of very good sleeping pills please I need to sleep!!!?
marijuana makes me feel..?
Is it true that people with tattoos can´t donate blood?
How can I ask my mom?
Hey ex-smokers!?
how do you know if you have cancer ?
What are the greatest health problems in India right now? Not just diseases ~ those, too ~ but conditions ..?
What causes Alzheimer's Disease? Please help?
what is nausua?? and what does it feel like? what causes it??
I need to get really bad Diarreah???
I hate the idea of being alone in the house. Creeps me out. Is there such "phobia" for this kind? If so...
im getting my ears pierced 2 morrow i'm so nervous?
What is this ongoing pain in my ankle?
has anyone else had this?
PLEASE HELP! my eye is really bleeding...?
i got a road rash on my knee the other day. what can i use to take off the dirt and reduce the swelling? thx?
Can anyone advise me on what physio therapy exercise I should do to get rid of shoulder ache and neck aches?
Help me please!!!?
What would make my chest hurt, near the heart?
do heart attacks hurt?
is it bad to take my obese father to Hardee's?
What's congestion heart failure?
does alchohol make you feel anxious? help.?
I'm 14 and I had two cigarettes out of curiosity, how can i get it out of my system?
What's the best way to give up smoking?
r u sure.......a doctor can cure?
What is ..............????????
what are the signs of depression?
Pills that increase intelligence?
slouching?good posture?
somebody just told me i could be allergic to msg, what is this?
Do you think smoking weed is really that bad?
Why does licking chapped lips make it worse?
Is a terribly itchy nose a symptom of hay fever?
i keep getting nose bleeds but its only in one nostril the right one?
Hayfever treatment problems?
Help - and my nose is really sore from runny nose and tissues..?
what kind of potato chips can I eat if I'm allergic to gluten?
How come everytime i look in the mirror i see myself?
what do you normally do when you're home alone?
what do you do if you can't sleep?
what is arthritis and what part of the body does it attack?
What about mental depression?
Help!! I think I'm addicted?
Do you wake up in the morning with dry eyes?
I got a really bad sunburn. Tips to help relieve pain...?
What's the best way to treat a burn to prevent scarring?
Can you die from irregular heart beats?
Why would a patient not be a good candidate for heart bypass surgery and already have two stents placed?
Is there is any different between blood circulation in male and blood circulation in femal?
High Blood Pressure but I'm only 20 years old?
What to put on a paper cut that's on your tongue?
I hit my head is there something wrong?
How can i hide this from a doctor?
Please help.... I have a problem please tell me if you are a doctor?
Please can someone help me i'm so worried?
which is more painful in your opinion?
Does tylenol cure hunger pains?
Will cracking your back and neck give you arthritis?
EASY 10 POINTS!! What eases stomach pain such as this?
Hair falling out and spots? My life is over!?
I have a procrastinating condition and can't stop...? Please help me!!!?
Help i smoked weed at school but im still high i think?