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We have no medicine for an ear ache so how do we ease the pain of one?
why do we have to stress?
If poison is swallowed,what is the first step of care?
I have a goal to lose 15 lbs. Any suggestions? Healthy ways please!?
i got my ears pierced a week ago and now they're infected. What will make it heal faster?
when i talk i hear another robot-like voice in my ear?
How do I get my boyfriend to stop smoking?
Food you don't have to chew???
does it hurt getting braces on?
Will my bladder explode if i push on it with lots of piss in it?
i have pain in the right side of my stomach and everyone says its nothing can you please help me?
I feel really depressed i don't know what to say?
If a young adult commits suicide who's fault is it?
What do you do when you have depression?
My paranoia is getting out of control and I'm constantly trying to figure out what people really think...help!
I am so bored, depressed and down right miserable, what should i do?
how do i get rid of constipation? someone help!?
My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy?
giving blood?
What is the best treatment for achy, sore muscles?
Can a heart attack occur on somebody below 20?
is this medication compatable?
Will 1000mg of Naproxyn daily protect my heart like aspirin?
I have had high blood pressure for a couple yrs. 145/94 even with meds at times.?
Implantable heart defibrillator advice?
What NOT to eat with a sore throat?
I only get hiccups when i'm studying. why's that?
Blister on hand...HELP!!?
I got soap in my eye...?
Help! stuck in a high, cant get out.?
At which point is it best to pop a boil or cyst ?
how can i find out to have ear wax on my ear?
I'm about to lose my gov't health insurance at the end of summer what can i do for my child and I at 12.50 an
the blood vein popped in my eye, what should I do?
How long should i wait after i get burnt to go back to the tanning bed?
what is the fastest to heal a mosquito bite!!!!?
What can I pierce my nose with?
What is atenolol?
How long can I expect to be sore after my heart cath?
My mom has high blood pressure and has been complaining of dizziness for two weeks. What should we do to help?
How do you take out your anger?
Why can't I sleep naked?
Serious *mental* problem, need help!?
What are the effects of alcohol with anti-depressants?
Does having braces put in your mouth hurt?
What's wrong with my tooth?
My friends just told me today that I always have a lot of saliva in my mouth. Is there a way to stop this?
Can the dentist tell if you have an ED?
um i just got bk from mexico plxx im rele afraid?
can you get swine flu from eating pork?
will there be school closures due to the swine flu?
How has H1N1(swine flu) affected our daily lives?
HELP! drug test question??
has this happened to you?
im sick, someone help?!??!??
please help! bad EAR ACHE wont go away! any household remdies?
What can i do for fibromyalgia???
what the best way to cut your wrist?
Can a bee sting swell up enough to cut off circulation?
I started to eat cerealw/ non fat milk avery morning & I gained wight.Why , isn't is good?
Is the smoking ban in Scotland a good idea?
I burnt my tongue?
what hurts more bee sting or wasp
Anyone else think Antidepressants are a Crutch?
What can you use to help deal with a sunburn?
I got my tongue pierced and now its ozzing green pus?
Help!! Horrible Splinter!?
Cholesterol Question, help please?
What do you do to lower blood pressure?
Broken Heart Queston!!?
What will happen next?
jade goody dying of cancer...?
a friend of mine has cancer...?
How can a cure for cancer be so hard when there are so many cancer cases?!?
What are the known causes of cancer? (any type)?
What's wrong with me?
Isn't suicide a good thing?
Do you or someone you know have a drinking problem?
Living for nothing. Whats the point?
AM I GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have so many regrets..how can I make it stop?
What do I say when I go see a counsellor for the first time?
Is this good blood pressure and pulse?
Can very high blood pressure during a very bad migraine headache cause a stroke?
can someone please give me the low-down on how an ekg procedure goes?
Are premature ventrical contractions or PVC's dangerous?
I'm 29 years old and about 5'4 and 95lbs. My blood pressure keeps getting low what does that mean?
Why do I feel sick so often?!?
Does anyone know what could be wrong with me?
Why is it that I occasionally get a craving for cigarettes even though I don't smoke and no one in my family..
Please advise! I haven't had a bowel movement in 22 days!?
anybody sleepy???????
Being a pirate, what's the best way to prevent scurvy?
Running with a scraped knee..?
my husband ejactulated in my ear?
Cramping PAIN in legs...?
Not the flu then what is it?
how many bones are in the body?
Blowing out UR ear drumes ..? Whoo !!!?
How long after I quit smoking will I be able to breathe better?
What's the easiest/most effective method of swallowing a tablet?
When a deadly jellyfish stings you, is it poison that kills you or unbearable pain that kills you?
Will Alcohol kill fungus?
Why do you get cramps when you take a laxative?
How do you know if you tore something in your knee?
How To Clean A Wound (HELP!!!!)?
I get nauseaus after eating sugary foods. What's wrong with me?
What kind of sickness do i have? what can i do to cure it? why do i have it?
Is it ever dangerous to just suddenly stop drinking booze?
Urinating so painful I'm crying, HELP!!!?
When I was 10, I could regurgitate food. Does this indicate a problem?
Is it possible to forgive someone for something bad they did to you? If so, can you forget also?
Is there any hope?
How many calories do you have to eat a day?
Does anyone know a home remedies for ear infections?
How to treat a human bite?
which foods increase Uric acid in older people?
My ears are blocked up aand have been for some time. Is it waxy or some other condition?
anyone know of any good, widely available antiseptic creams (or other treatments) to avoid scarring...?
Is it normal that I'm craving for ananas and nuts lol?
Help! PLEase! I bite my nails. How can i stop?
red bumps on my legs?
How to stop nose bleeds?
Metal Allergy and Stainless Steel?
is it possible to be allergic to ant bites?
I would like to know about skin eczema?
is it a prawn allergy?
One thing's for sure - aliens have abducted me on more than one occasion. Should I see a counselor?
if your between 13 an 14 and have headahce every second even sleeping what dosen't mean?
Bright red blood in stool - should I go to the doctor?
can I take ibuprofen if I'm also on warfarin?
would you have cancer for 10 million dollars?
What do you think? Is this safe for women with breast cancer to do only surgery without chemo? (after surgery)?
I feel completely discouraged. I'm caring for my mom who has end stage terminal cancer. Any suggestions?
can i have cancer at 27?
Should I remove the dead skin from a second degree burn area? I burnt my lower leg, and theres all this dead..
What can relieve tired achy feet?
I swallowed a piece of fish taco & I think it went down the wrong tube & is stuck in my throat What do I do?
SNORING: Does anyone know how I can stop this (see details, please.)?
what type of spider bite makes your bones hurt?
what is the best way to treat cat scratches?
garlic oil for ear infection? please help its for my baby
Is it possible to have a allergy to yogurt?
What can I do about pink eye?
heart palpitations..feeling weird not normal beats?
Heart rate 44bpm resting - why?
What could this be? I'm having irregular heartbeats and I'm only 14.?
what is the heart condition "indocardidas"?
why do you think your heart muscle never suffer from fatigue?
Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
Pill swallowing, HELP!! ASAP!?
What's wrong with me?
I have a recurring stomach ache.?
Why does my head hurt a lot?
How come I get real hungry before im about to have a migraine?
What happens when you take an overdose? Does it kill you?
Could some bath soaps cause itching & rash on skin ?
how can i numb my ankle?
i have sharp pains right under my right rib what can i do about it?
Should I get the Swine Flu shot?
About CHICKENPOX during childhood...?
No school for the rest of the year?(swine flu)?
White bumps in throat?
Blood test?
is there a way to avoid swine flu?
When we in America get sick from the Swine Flu, can we send out health care bills to Mexico?
Are you as scared of Swine Flu as me?
What damage is being done by dip?
High Blood pressure Can not get my blood pressure down its 167 over 105 and I am on meds?
how can you reduce your blood pressure naturally without medication?
i am going to commit suicide. how do i tell my parents?
Is self harm and severe depression enough to be admitted to hospital?
if you could only see one colour for the rest of your life what would that colour be?
I feel like life is passing me by and I'm so depressed. How can I find happiness?
I can't sleep at night?
How can I quit poppers? (pot&tobacco)?
he's vomiting black, advice?
What is this lump under my arm?
Malpractice: Do I have a solid case?
How to make myself allergic? (I need answers quickly)?
can i shower TOO much?
I have been up all night? How Do I stay awake in the day?
IS a temperautre of 103.3 alot for a 5 year old! my sister is really hot and she is sick! HELP!?
I have stage IV ovarian cancer. What is my life expectancy? I have been in remission twice.?
I'm really scared..................... cancer at 16?
Do i have cancer? can i get it that fast?
Cancer - It has returned twice now... It's always going to return isn't it?
what should I do if i have bad sunburn?
Anyone else have a splitting headache?
What causes a blood vessel to burst in the eye ?
am i deff?
have u tryed the PROACTIV SOLUTION treatment 4 clear skin?does it really help?is it worth the money?
How to get rid of the redness from a sunburn?
what to do if you get burned?
I need a complete physical, but i don't have a physician, What should I do?
my lips are hurting ?? help!!?
Home remedy for mosquito bites?
Does it hurt if a car moving slowly runs over the fingers of my foot?
Sharp pain in my elbows when I lean on them?
whats one way u wouldnt want to die!!!?
What type of food should i avoid eating if i get high blood pressure?
My heartbeat gets over to 120-123 what shall i do?
stopped medication by doctor?
Is potassium good for high blood-pressure?
I am on a beta blocker for adrenaline, will cocaine affect the beta blocker? small amounts of it?
how do look at my aunt's grave??
Why is alcoholism considered an illness but smoking isn't?
I found a browny red patch in my pants...?
Depressed after an illness?
what is a heart-healthy exercise that burns calories and keeps cornary arteries healthy?
Why shoul i stop smoking cigarretes?
spider bites?
Bee Stings?
Can you have strep, without having the symptoms?
I tend to get sleepy when drinking some alchohol. Is there anyway I can prevent?
How can i identify that whether a person is normal or not?
Bite? My friends has 2 small holes next to eachother and her hand and it's shaking. help!?
I have a really bad migraine. What can I do at home to treat it?
Which "sweetener" is best for your body?
What's a good job for someone who can't function in society?
Should I Kill Myself or not?
How do I get rid of this strange fear?
How do I get my husband to see a doctor for his addiction?
I hate this life, I hate myself, I hate this BELL's PALSY?
How do i get rid of food poisoning without medical treatment?
What factors do you think may be contributing to the increase in skin cancer among young adults?
have you ever had the heimlich maneuver done to you?
Stabbing pain in the bottom of my ribs what is it ?
Numb Fingertips on both hands?
help swalloing pills.?
Having Pain Under My Knee?
Will a chiropractor help with back pain?
LEG CRAMPS--what have YOU found to work?? And WHY do they occur?
What is that red thing in the throat that hangs down?
Throat hurts...first class is in 3 hours...what should I do?
HELP, My Urine hurts when I wee?
does taking ecstasy once cause any brain damage?
Strep throat for almost 4 months! doctors aren't helping.?
when you have heart problems, is it still okay to get high & smoke cigarettes?
Why is my heart skipping beats?
Is 73 beats per minnut in good shape?
i need your prayers!?
Which would you rather have? Constant heartburn or Constant headache?
Are Chiropractors QUACKS?
What are the pros and cons of fasting?
Capri Sun causes constipation?
What is the best way to clean your belly button piercing?
is my ear cyst anythign serious?
Night Terrors? Sleep Paralysis? Just screwed up?
tongue is swelling?
What to do if you get burned by a small piece of metal?
Burned my self!?
Do I have swine flu when I get the flu its never like this?
does my hubby have swine flu?
what is full form of hiv?
How do doctors remove a tapeworm?
the swine flu scares me!?
I'm shitting blood but... / Cannot **** everyday?
my stomach hurts what shoul i do?
stomach, lungs, heart? i cant tell what it is..?
anxiety attack. Please its greatly appreciated.?
My father is aged 80 years. He often forgets most of things for last 8 months. why so? How to cure?
Whats this bump on my inner thigh?
help with seizures?
what does it mean to be aniemic?
There's something wrong with my heart...?
My mother had a stroke today. She seems fine now. Is everything OK?
sickenss help please!?
can a girl smoke this....?
I cant stop "peeing" out of my butt!!!!!?
Please help im scared 10 pts.?
What happens while you're on shrooms?
what is the most popular cancer?
How long after starting chemotherapy does it take to lose your hair?
I have stage four metastatic colon cancer. What are the best foods for me to eat ?
Is cancer of the kidney common ?
why would i have a cramp in my leg for 3 days straight?
I burned my finger with boiling water?
Whats happening to my toe?!!?!?
what have i done to my arm ?
How do i stop my friends and family taking pictures of me???????????????????????
im really depressed and want to watch a movie that will cheer me up?
i think i have some sort of illness?
Tylenol and Motrin Mix = Vicodin?
I hit my head on the sink the other day, why does it still hurt?
What medication is stronger for pain than vicodin?
What causes my fingers and toes to tingle so much?
Is popping your bones bad for you?
Need help with quitting soda...?
Is my cholesterol linked to chest pain/angina?
causes of coronary artery disease?
Heart palpitations???
is it true that drinking a lot of water rises your blood pressure?
If the joint on your index finger is severely swollen and you think it's broken will a doctor put a cast on it
I stepped on a rusty nail, can I sue?
Broken Arm & Tingly Sensation In All Fingers. Is this normal?
Hurt Knee! Please help? It has been over a month!?
please anwser?
What is the best way to clean your system if you smoke marijuana?
I have terrible hiccups and everyone in my work area can hear me! What should I do?
cut hand with glass bottle?
what can a woman eat or do to alleviate thinning hair?
This guy had swollen finger tips and I shook his hand??
Took off my ear piercing after 6 weeks. Can't put it back on without it bleeding. what can i do?
Ring stuck on finger! won't come off!!?
i got a burn?
I have migraine and .. man..it's painful inside and I literally hit my head to the wall to relieve it hlp pls
how can i cure migraine???
My friends don't understand my Fibromyalgia...even when I try to explain.?
spine and neck pain near shoulders please help someone...............?
What's worth dying for? Is there something worth dying for?
I have a birthmark on the back of my neck...?
What are some good fruits/vegetables/vitamins to get rid of acne?
Best Acne treatment out there?
my boyfriend has this weird skin......?
should i be worried about going to disneyland with the swine flu going around?
if someone is diagnosed with "swine flu" are they quarantined?
Help! Very sick? Should I see a doctor or just wait it out?
Anyone know a proven method to get their teeth whiter?
Broken Tooth and nerves exposed?
What medicine did the the doctor gave me?
My son skipped school today and was smoking pot?
can you die from heart disease???
can anyone predict my adult height?
What can I do for a sick stomach?
im curious if i have schzophrenia? any help?
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
Rough patch on roof of mouth. Also white stuff on tongue?? HIV???????
Is it true that most people have herpes?
I've got a super bad Sunburn and I look like a lobster and feel like a red hot coal, help?
Extremely Tired?
We have a case of pink eye please help!!!!!?
3 yrs. ago Dr.'s found cancer & am just now seeking treatment, it spread, I'm scared I may be to late?
How Can I Cheer Up My Mom, Who Has Breast Cancer?
Why does everyone care about preventing/detecting breast cancer?
what would u do if you are quiting smoking and u don't feel like quiting?
could this be lung cancer. coughing worse.worse at night,little pains in chest some wheezing and sneezing?
can drinking too much water make your face swell?
get rid of sunburn?! QUICK PLEASE?
Does anyone have a permanent solution for dandruff?
I'm an old lady and I....?
i have some kind of bite on my neck?
Is it ok to give a 3 month old benadryl?
I have Medical Questions?
how can I recycle soap?
has anyone any ideas how I can make my shoes grip in icy conditions?
what is it called when u have a knot beneath under ur skin thats on your neck?
Could I be addicted to lortab (hydrocodone)?
16 y.o. male (virgin) - pain while urinating?
What's the best way to get rid of trapped wind FAST???
Why the hell would i get a bloody nose at 3 am?
my nose is always stuffy and it makes me speak unclearly?
Could this be an Amoxicillin allergy?
Am i allergic to nuts?
I have recently developed an allergy to all things sulfur. Does anyone else have this problem?
My mom has had past peanut reactions, shes coughing, runny nose 2 hours after eating restarant food? HELP?
Is anyone else deathly afraid of spiders like me?
Are YOU sleeping with the Enemy?
I am just wonderin what the actual duties of a First Responder is?
I always feel sleepy,tired and lethargic even if i have a complete rest.How can i be more energetic.?
How can one overcome stress and worry?
what is the most efficient way of extracting ear wax?
My friend is sick. What does he have?
My arm is itchy, should I scratch it? - URGENT!?
i have a question my son got bit by a mosquito last night?
hand sanitizer in my eye plz help?
what can i do for mirgrain it last for 8 hours now.?
Burned my finger wont stop burning plzz help?
Hand pain serious?
I got new cologne for Christmas and I spilled a little on an open cut!!!?
Does anyone else find 4 units of alcohol in one day difficult to stay under?
heart failure? anyone have experience with it. care to share experience?
was i having a heart attack?
Is this a high blood pressure?
feeling really faint all the time?
Does this sound like a Dental or Sinus Problem?
Advice please?
why my 8 yrs old son bites his teeth's in sleep?
Braces Question?
Do crest whitening strips work?
is it bad to crack ur toe?!?
I can't get to sleep at night?
My pee has been coming out clear/not colored?
What do you call people who like to be sad?
How do you stop worrying?
Can someone give me a clue as to if my husband has a mental disorder?
Is rage a bad thing?
10 POINTS!!! What's Counseling Like?!?
Every morning when I wake up, I am exhausted and feel like have not slept enough?
What's bipolar?
I can't help but scream or type random men's names. Help me, please! GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is reading better than watching the TV?
I don't understand why anorexics do that to themselves..?
How long can the human body survive without sleep?
Questions about sunburn.. PLEASE HELP!?
Should I get my mole removed?
my hamster is loosing almost all of his hair, his ears are black & he has many scabs & he's becoming blind why
do girls care if a guy has acne?
Spider-Man???? Question...?
I got a Bee sting?
I am prescribed codeine but tokk oxy contin today i have drug test tommorow, am I ok?
Blister Question?
Please tell me how to motivate myself at work?
Chest Pain------Is it serious if it comes and goes???
Cow blood got into my cut. What should I do? (It was from ground beef)?
How safe do you think it is to use over-the-counter Super Glue for sutures?
What is a sureshot cure for dandruff?
what are some measures to reduce pain after an insect sting?
Is 63 bpm slow or normal?
What can an Innocent heart murmur do?
Theres something wrong with my heart?
Is it normal for your heart rate to rise up after gettting up from where you sitting down?
my heart? what should i do?
Help! My sister is experience huge pain in her head!?
Can anything bad happen from taking three tylenol regular strength pills at once?
Do yoyu ever get bored?
does anybody know a cure for cramp in the legs and feet while in bed?
What do I do if I can't afford herpes medication?
for how many days can a pair of jeans be reused without washing.?
So last wk end I fell off a ladder and broke my head, and last night my dogs tripped me and I sprained my?
Pins & needles in lower left arm & hand, loss of strength in ring/pinkie finger?
Easy 10 points. What do i do about this?
Please help i have a sharp pain and its swollen underneath my jaw..?
What is the best natural remedy for insomnia?
should i go to bed?
I'm Getting A Cold!, how can i get rid of it?
Stupid Night Out?
Is it true, that if you put a laptop on your knee in use, then it can start cancer?
Can cell phones REALLY cause cancer? tell the truth?
What to do and eat to prevent cancer?
My family is afraid I have the pig flu...?
what will happen if you drink sea water?will it relieve thirst?
Is there a health condition where the heart is on the RIGHT side??
if he has HIV n she does not can they hav children?
i have numbness and tingling in my back and legs?
Does a HOT TODDIE cure colds? and how do you make one?
my 16 year old daughter has been having stomach problems for over a year now,cananyone help?
Can Reflux Disease be cured?
how do get the hiccups to heal?
Did You Know There Is Absolutely NO SUCH THING As "Good" And "Bad' Cholesterol- Cholesterol Is ONE SUBSTANCE
High blood pressure! !Worried?
Why does my heart pound so loud?
what's the normal blood pressure?
MAJOR Frostbite on my Ear?
purple ear wax?
Mike (62)really doesn't like to read & just had his leg amputated Coming home soon, can u suggest activities?
a full pepsi bottle fell on my big toe and now it hurts!help?
are flu shots really effective?
what is cold turkey?
my neice drinks alot of pure orange juice, shes 20 months old, could this unsettle her, shes a bad sleeper?
what is it when you have a white layer covering your ear drum?
What are some ways to get over a cold quickly?
Any suggestions on soothing minor burns?
I'm getting braces soon and I want to know how much they hurt?
If I buy bacon-flavored dental floss, will my dentist think I'm not taking dental hygiene seriously?
Do Dentists have a Right to physically hit a patient?
Can wisdom teeth cause sore throats?
where do you go to see if i need braces dentist or orthodonist?
My "Boyfriend" Is A Drug Addict?
My eye has been twitching a lot lately, is this bad? Anything I should do?
what is this pill?
ADD but not actually ADD?
Crohn's Disease?
What could it mean if my semien is brownish lately instead of white?
Suffering from Depression. Thinking of suicide.?
Do I have OCD? Cos im not sure if i do or no?
I have had a headache for 5 days. No nauseau or light sensitivity. Could it be a migraine?
Afraid I'm getting addicted to vicodin?
If my Dr. only gave me a 3 month refill how do I get a new prescription?
My friend and doctor was killed. I am in so much pain. How can I bring him back?
Need to find a website that deals with medical dianostic adivce with symptoms given?
Why do I get SO bloated??! It's ridiculous. I actually look pregnant....pls help!?
why do people do drugs?
what is bowel movement?
Chest cramps// Makes inhaling painful. How do I make 'em go away?
Can you get aids or hiv from someone eating you out and fingering you ?
Does drinking Cold Water after eating cause cancer?
Is there any cure to leukemia?pls help.....?
My best friends Dad is dying of cancer and has only about a week to live. He is now in a hospice.?
I have a lump in the back of my throat ...is it lung cancer!?
On a Scale of 1 to 10 how much pain you would you be in if you fell and twisted your ankle?
what can i do about getting the swelling on my pinky toe go down, because it hurt when i put my shoes on?
Who is injured right now?
Help! My top lip is swollen and puffy?
How cann i get rid of a blocked noes?
How severe is an allergic reaction to sulfur?
Can Ragweed in the air cause allergic reactions on the skin?
I'm allergic to nuts, but have never had a reaction?
Friend has peanut allergies?
Why do I get a horrible itchy feeling in my mouth,tongue,and throat when I eat bananas , kiwi , and almonds ?
blood pressure?
What can I do, I lost my daughter due to kidney and heart failure . It's been 7 weeks and I can' go on
Why does my heart feel like this?
i have questions about irregular heart beatings and some pain?
what kind of bite is it if it hurts like hell?!?
I woke this morning with lots of insect bites over me - my Husband has none.....?
How do I treat an Unbearable sunburn?
does anyone have or know a recipe for fake puss?
How to remove gravel from cuts?
is it just a rumor that putting ear wax on your acne clears it?
Has anyone out there gotten laser eye surgery? If you have could you give me some advice: Pros Cons anything?
what is the recomemded amount of sleep for the average person?
Itchy Vargina, what to do?
Wrongfully accused of using her soap?
My friend has self esteem issues, she doesnt think she is pretty?
Don't know what too do....Advice please?
I haven't slept in days...?
i just poked my eye by accident?
Is something wrong with me?
is 5'1, 103 lbs consider fat?
Wondering. I've seen some serious health "Q"s posted, is anyone else frightened for these people?
Why do we say bless you after we sneezz?
my cat just got stung by a bee on her mouth.what should i do?
Mosquito bite on my lip! Help!!!?
are viruses and ovums alive?
Which is better for your heart.. Red Wine or Grape Juice?
How young can you be and still die of old age?
What sound helps you sleep at night?
i need a docters advice!!!!!.........?
Lower back pain help?
My mom left her wet towel on my side of the bed and I told her to move it. Am I wrong?
Can I drink cola?! help?
any home remedies to reduce high-blood pressure?
heart problem? or am i fine?
i feel really weak and dizzy, my heart rate is 49 bpm and i feel some chest pain. i am a 23 year old female.?
is sinus arrythmea normal?? PLEASE HELP ME :'[?
Extra heart beats, I'm a guy?
I ALWAYS have cold hands and feet. Is there something wrong?
how can i make my parents let me shave my legs and arms?
how to get rid of bad mood? i'm feeling very crappy today?
What to do about people not believing me?!?!?!??!?
Im so sick of being alive... But?
does a hole in heart cause death??my friend is a 23 year old female.?
my right arm is getting really numb and my right side of my face is getting numb am i having a heart attack?
What do the doctors call out when your heart stops? ?
name 7 factors which may increase heart rate?
Have i got aids? Help me please?
Can you type your name with you Elbow?
About my ankle....?
can i have a nose job on the nhs? (uk only)?
shoved Qtip in ear hard. a little blood came out. Very painful now. What to do for this?
Pierced my ear by myself, now it's bleeding 2 months after?
i have areally bad sunburn?
Does anyone have a herbal remedy for exzema?
Why do mosquitos bite some people but not other people ?
arms or legs?
I am a concerned parent my 8 year old son seems to hold in his bowel movements anyone have any insight for me?
Weird neck pains?
Hurt myself with a nail....?
My wife has a mosquito bite on her leg, it is about three days old and still swollen and sore and warm?
what caues bleeding ulsers?
What are the chances of developing an allergy to something you were never allergic to?
EpiPen Questions??? I just got an epipen today and I'm not sure of all the requirements when using it...?
can i use last years sun tan lotion this year?
I'm having trouble sleeping. What are some good ways to fall asleep without having to get out of my bed?
is my blood pressure normal? ?
Do you think I have anorexia.?
my 3 month old daughter's skin is very dry?can anyone help with this dry skin porblem ?
What would happen to you medically if a small bomb went off inside your chest?
Does anyone get aniexty when driving?
I get severe migraines. No pills have worked so it's time to try medical pot.?
I want to gargle salt water...?
Does anybody have any tips for strap throat to soothe the pain and relieve it?
whats a good medication for anxiety?
Which is grammaticly correct? I got bitten or I got bit?
what can you do to distract yourself out of distress, before it gets worst?
will the venom from a spider bite on my head seep into my brain?
strep throat?
Could i swim with stitches HURRY !!!!?
what is a pylanital cyst?
what causes a person to get the shakes?
I got bitten and scratched by a cat and I have nothing to clean it with?
Do you leave condensation on the seat when you get up?
Okay, so i don't know what to do?
Why is my heart fluttering so much?
My 17 yr old son has Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome. Who is the best pediatric cardiologist in CT?
What's wrong with me? I can't be having a heart attack at my age!?
do i have a bad heart?
my resting heart bpm is 49! doctor said i had zero 2 worry about as i was exercising lots, should i b worried?
Urgent! I can't stand it!?
Is it harmful to mix nyquil and vicoden?
How Can I Get Rid Of My Massive Headache????????????
I feel like killing myself?
will you get sick if you take goody's powder and tylenol PM at the same time?
does weed make you ugly?
Do the flu shoot will make me gain weight?
How tall do you think I will be?
treatment for ringworm?
I cant help biting the skin around my nails...?
Why do I scratch my body in winter?
How to remove deeply settled dirt from my inner thighs and butts?
How long do you have to smoke before you are at risk for cancer?
I am looking for a simple home remedy to lower my high blood pressure?
my child has a heart defect and we live on the 8th floor ina 2 bed flat should we bo moved ?
My grandmother has had a massive stroke and is not responding and is basically gone. We have devided against a?
Electronic Blood pressure monitors are they reliable. The type you can buy in Boot's.?
why are we all trying to live when we are living to die?
Burned with iron, HELP!!!?
I usually have sores on my throat in cold season. What could this be and the solution to clear it?
i burned myself on hot gluegun and now i have a blister that gradually burns when i take it off ice. Help?
can kids have babies?
i accidently shaved off part of my pinky nail...what should i do?
I know a stomach ache is near.. what to do?
what are the health benefits of fasting?
What could tingling in one's hand indiciate?
Does it count as sleeping?
Ive had cancer for 4 months. They say im going to die within 2 more months. what should i do to calm down?
What is the worst thing about having Chemotherapy and radiation?
If you touch a dead.......?
will we ever have a cure for cancer?
How do you live with the fear that your partner is going to get worse and not better with cancer?
Does anyone know a surgeon who would preform a breast reduction on a 15 year old.?
How do I handle a very sick (lung cancer), grumpy significant other?
what are tonsils for..seriously...?
If youu be gotten a soarthroat'n what should you be doin to help it?
How long does the swine flu germ stay active on an object before dying.?
can you have pain in your urethra when you're not peeing if you have a infection?
Have you been vaccinated against swine flu?
what can I take for frequent heartburn?
The whole right side of my body hurts! What could this be from?
Never Ending Headache?
I've just developed athletes foot between 2 toes and it really hurts. Can anyone recommend anything for it?
i am worried about my husband, he is having chest pain a little to the left, and it its uncomfortable for him?
i've been sick the past few weeks and I was wondering if anyone knew what it could be?
I'm knackered. I'm off to bed. It's 11.47pm. Nighty night?
Please Help!! Does this sound like a normal bruise OR something else ?
burnt finger ???? please help !?
I am 17 years old. My height is only 136cm. I am very thin too. Am i really normal?
my eyesight is getting week, its been very recent, could i improve on it?
Was SUPER GLUE invented as an emergency bandage / suture for the Vietnam war?
What is most importance of the Oxygen for human body?
Does smoking cigarettes really make heartburn worse?
is it okay to shave over bug bites ?
i burnt my arm wednesday its infected now can i put peroxide on it?
What will happen if someone accidently drinks water containing mosquito larvae?
how can i get the swelling and redness to go down from a sunburn..?
Relief for baby's rash caused by MMR Vaccine?
How do I wake up early?
how do you completely block your hearing?
I'm shocking people!! Literally!!!?
***** BEGGING for help please - I can't stop biting my tonuge *****?
Is cutting yourself a sign of depression?
Is it true that eating a genetically modified orange can give you an STI?
I need answers please regarding one of my Dearest Friends?
Is blood pressure 130/90 hypertensive?
can smoking cause me to have high blood pressure?
high cholesterol?
panic or stress attacks? i dont think so?
Irregular heartbeat possibility????? :(?
high blood pressure- what can he do to lower it?
Help Me Please?
If I have some food stuck in my throat and it's a little painful, what can I do or eat to make it come out?
on a scale of one to ten... how bad does this piercing hurt?
My mom has breast cancer and is about to get mastectomy, what's next?
How do I make my girlfriend feel better? She's just started to lose her hair today?
help me am i dieing????????????????????????????
People are making fun of me because i have cancer :[ ?
Reddish dry round patch on leg that doesn't itch?
i have a fairly large lump on my rectum? it is very painful what is it? help me please!?
sick & dizzy?
Does anyone now what these symptom's are ?
Is it true, too much beans will make you fart?
If a man if 6'7" what should his blood pressure be?
Has Anyone had a loved one or friend just drop Dead?
how does patients gain access to hospital?
What is a cardiac arrest?
What is the nature of coronary heart disease?
I parked my car on railroad tracks yesterday and just waited to get hit?
Help me stay up late?
If I gave up alcohol (of which I may consume a bit too much!), would my 'brain become more active'; sharper?
i don't want to be lonley any more !!?
what do you do when...?
Isn't it a bit late to be up answering questions?
what happens if you would fill up your *** with water from say a garden hose?
how can i stop myself from cracking my nukles??
What's your favorite home remedy for migraines?
Why Michael Jackson's children are white if he is black?
acne problems D:?
Painful red bumb undereye lid?
I was out all day yesterday, now I am really red. What should I put on it?
What's the longest length of time that a person can stay awake for?
Is this normal?????????????????????????
im suffering from johndice,i have seen my billrubin test report which is 4.8. what should i eat?
i've had a reading of 150/100 blood pressure for about week should i be worried ! ?
Why is my blood pressure always higher at home than at my doctor's office?
My blood pressure is 144/100 with a heart rate of 84 BPM. How at risk of a heart attack am I?
Why? can't I go to the site adam4adam.com now before I didn't have anytype of problem before.?
Should I go to ER or DR?
i have been smoking for 2 years now, im only 16 now and i have began to start coughing, should i be concerned?
I found a lump in my breasts... what do you think?
Help! I think I'm dying!?
is it ok to have a bath if i have swine flu/?
My fever is not getting better at all, im on the second day of taking meds. HELP?
Is a very runny/watery nose a sign of swine flu?
What are the signs for a bladder infection?
my sister has a 104.2 temp.?
what happens if i pee blood and they say i don't have bladder infections?
My brother keeps getting stomach aches.?
What Happens If You Take 12 headache / pain killer tablets in less than 6hrs?
If I smoke weed again will I have another panic attack?
What causes urinary tract infection (UTI) aka bladder infection in women?
What can cause upper stomach pain?
What are good remedies for Fibromyalgia?
How do you know when you have kidney stones?
What's wrong with me?
What do you do to relieve stress?
I cant Breath!! PLEASE HELP ME?
Whole milk while trying to lower cholesterol?
How do you lower your blood pressure? ?
How can we solve the problem of obesity in lower-income families?
What is the difference between your heart and your kidney?
What is the best way to get a splinter out of a childs hand?
How to stop Vitamin C overdose?
can you put peroxide on stiches?
Bellyache from eating too much?
can a person who has seizures due to a traumatic brain injury ride thrill rides like at disney land?
whats good for poison ivy?
I have a very bad sunburn and it has formed blisters on my shoulders.?
Why does my knee hurt and swollen and i did nothing to it ,and im 26 year old dude?
can one find happeness again?
How should you respond if a dog bites your arm and won't let go?
What would happen if you sneezed,coughed,burped ,farted , ejaculated,cried,hiccupped,shivered,had goosebumps,?
have you ever stumped your toe, scraped your knee and farted at the same time?
Whose cruel idea .................................?
what does a doctor's note look like? is it a little filled out form or just a note scribbled on a blank page?
I have a fear of injections?
Do I have a yeast innfection?
How come you don't sneeze when you are sleeping?
What to do for what I think is a pulled muscle?
what the F$&k?
i heal to fast!!!!?
how can you remove warts..?
Is there something that you can drink that's good for sunburns?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
What to do for my acne?
Help urgent what do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What foods and things should you do to have a long life?
why does one of my legs hurt?
I can't swallow tablets - help?
when i put my hand in the fan it hurts ?
What does this sound like? It hurts A LOT to move my neck and I have a sore throat?
How to quit smoking cigarettes ?
What kind of breast lump am I looking for?
what is the survive rate for person with breast cancer stage 2.?
What are some symptoms or anorexia and bulimia?
Medical Question From A Worrier...Please Put Me At Ease!?
Can you feel it if your heart is ''skipping'' beats?
Urgent medical question! Help! Atenolol Blood Pressure Medicine?
what is the normal blood pressure range?
Why do I have a fast, hard pounding resting heart rate? I'm just fifteen!?
I am so angry, someone I was seeing gave me an STD.?
Does my sister have anorexia?
what has been a key event in your life?
Why do i feel guilty???
How can I erase my mind and start over?
Have you hugged someone today?
iam mentally disabled and iam not retarted or dumb i just take a while on my tests why must u ppl tease?
I had anxiety/panic problems at the end of last year, then they went away?
a sleep disorder, someone please tell me I'm not going crazy?
Why can't this bulge go away?
my girlfriend broke her foot..?
Does anyone know how to take this throat pain away?
Can anyone help me. My middle finger is purple and sore.?
Pain relife for gollstones?
how do u get rid of an in grown toe nail with out doing the painfull pull it out the skin thing?
My ear piercing is infected!?
why does my stomash hurt after eating a slice of a orange, or strawberries or pretty much any fruit.?
why do some pain killers make you itchy?
Cut on inside of lip will not heal?
Ingrown fingernail?
how do you get relief from tmj disease?
advantage of eating sweet corn?
any one have Physical therapy on a shoulder? Does it work? is it coomon to have to go for 3-6 weeks?
What causes leg cramps in a 34 year old, especially at night?
i smoked weed for the first time today ever. ?
I suffer from quite bad migraines...?
What's so scary about the swine flu ?
If you were me, what would you do?
what do you do?
can you catch herpes from kissing?
Are you worried about the SWINE FLU?
A resting heart rate normal if its in the 120's?
is a resting heart rate of 43 bpm too low?
can a abcess tooth cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations? I NEED HELP!!!?
i have itchy skin &hives!?
Dry Cracked Heels!!! HElP?
I have dark circles under my eye's, can you please tell me an home remidy to get rid of them as soon as possib
Open wounds- keep open, or stiches?
Let me know of a good pain releif?
Vein hurts behind brain?
My throat really hurts, what could it be?
My Tummy Hurts Soooo Bad )=?
ok I just started a new job and am on my feet all day. and boy do they hurt. any advice guys PLEASE!!!?
Should old people have to wear high voltage electrical underwear?
does rthe bway food look effect what people ear?
how do i improve my eye sight without using glasses? i am 49yo.?
Is there any way to treat a middle ear infection without a doctor?
does anyone know anything that works for severe migraines?
Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Give evidence!?
what dose it mean when your afraid to live and afraid to die at the same time?
is it weird to finger yourself?
Ouch! cut!?
Voices in my head just before I go to bed?
name my disorder?
Should I see a therapist?
What do you do when you are extremely lonely?
I'm twelve and i found out i have Leukima (a type of cancer) i heard the doctors saying i might not be able to
When you have cancer, are there symptoms?
my mum has cancer and isn't eating!?
Could a miracle happen to save Jade Goody?
Could a sudden sodium overload cause a heart attack?
My body temperature almost made my doctors have a heart attack.?
Anxiety or heart problems?
is a heart rate of 102 fast for a 15 year old male when resting?
what are the eating disorder signs?
What phobia did you have that you conquered ?
Is it normal for doctors not to give you the results of an abdominal ultrasound scan over the phone?
USA consumes the most drugs than all countries and yet are still sick_we should be heathy something is wrong!?
i tend to get very hornee everytime i need to pee...what is wrong with me??
what condition causes people to be stuck in motion they walk back and forth on the same spot?
Constant headaches = Brain tumour?
where do i get apple cider vinegar?
Head pressure and dizziness, can anyone help?
is this the flu or swine flu?
Whats the worst pain you've ever experienced?
How do U handle it when a doctor makes U feel bad for being sick? It's not yr fault, is it?
i just tried to smoke some oregano...?
I am getting braces tomorrow which color(s) do you recommend?
Strange whiteness problem with teeth?
I'm stressed and I can't get a grip on it!!?
how does tiredness affect YOU?
what's worse, tobacco or marijuana?
Am i fat? most straight forward answerer gets more points?
why aren't you all in bed yet?
what is wrong with me?
what is wrong with my heart?
I am a 47 yr old male and my BP is 99/61 pulse 72, is this normal?
My Heart is missing. Is everything ok in the 808?
I am going to doctor & need some advice! 10points.?
Why do teenage girls always do that weird huge lips thing when they take pictures of themselves? O_O?
I want to sleep at nights but i don't know i couln't sleep,?
Why is this generation so messed up?
what is the best way to relieve a stiff neck without taking pain relievers?
Cut my finger pretty bad HELP?
Should I go to the doctor or urgent care for this insect(?) bite?
i just got my lip ring and it wont stop bleeding,?
Yesterday i got bit by a bug. My hand keeps swelling, how do i make it stop?
what is good for a steam burn?
How do I treat a cut between my pinky and fourth finger?
is it normal to bite the skin around your nails?how do I stop?
I just got stung by a bee. What should I do?
What are the positives and negatives of being uncircumcised?
how do i break my foot if i have a doctors appt. in 15 min!! HELP?
Can anyone with actual experience tell me about the use of methadone or suboxone for opioid withdrawl?
what is more painful.... a tattoo or kidney stones?
what can i do or eat so my throat won't hurt?
My shoulder hurts when i throw a baseball what do you think may have happened?
is there way to get rid of a headache quick and fast?
how old do you have to be for tongue piercings?
i have an adult tooth growing behind my baby tooth?
wisdom teeth removal - how much swelling?
Ways to close a gap in teeth?
I had a heart attack 2 weeks ago...Can I ever get drunk again?
is there any way to beat sea sick?
How can I lower my cholesterol? Please read on to see what I'm already doing.?
What's the diagnosis?
which diseases or disorders affects the heart?
What are some suggetions on sleep for night workers.?
I'm sick how do I get better fast?
What's the best way to hurt someone badly?
First time on a planee??????!!?
What is wrong if you keep having headaches?
my throat hurts when i swallow/what do i do?
if you take 11 tylenols, what would happend?
What do you do for pains the day after working out?
If you were old and to the point that you couldn't do for yourself, you would you want to be allowed to die?
My wisdom tooth at the back really hurts. What should I do?
Braces pain?
when i brush my teeth the same bit of gums bleed every time and it smells!! why is this?
Root treatment ot extraction ?... advice needed?
emotional help?
Why am I always so tired?
How bad is for health not to express anger?
Do you work hard on making ur dreams into reality?
please, some words of encouragement, its long and personal but i just need someone to talk to?
so depressed???stuck in rut???
I feel like killing myself... help?
Why should I care about anyone but myself?
What is the best way to kill myself without hurting myself ????
Are there any diseases or flues that were seen as fatal in the past but are now curable?
i keep gieeting uti's/kidney infections.iv had an ultasound done but nothng was found. how do i get rid of dem
Can you catch anything from this?
I'm trying to quit smoking but I'm feeling I need a smoke really bad right now....?
Why am I itchy all over. Help Plz!!?
I have a ton of acne. What am I doing wrong?
What would cause 6 year old child's hands to peel?
Home ear peirsings?
Do I need stitches?
Yoga anyone?
What kind of bite is this?
How to treat a deep cut? Put honey or vaseline?
wat are some signs of depression?
Ugh...how can I make this feeling go away..hellllppp!?
Cardiologist please read! Heart palpitations?
If someone you knew qualified for a heart transplant and Medicaid wouldn't pay for it, what would you do?
What's wrong with my heart?
is is possible to get heart problems even when you are thin?
how do you know if you have a heart tumor?
What are some ways to hide my cuts?
why do boys never have to watch their weight?
What Are Some Funny Things I Can Do To My Gf While She's Sleeping?
which stage of chicken pox is the most infectious?
Is it possible for a person that is not HIV+ to get/contract HIV from a person that is taking HIV medicine/med?
Are fevers a good thing when sick?
How do i tell my mum that i have threadworms?
can you get a disease from kissing?
Medical advise please?
Who else here hates to take showers? They take so much time and effort.?
Are you thankful for what you have?
Faster than normal heartbeat?
Is my resting pulse rate normal?
Chest/abdominal pains?
is it ok if my hearbeats this fast?
Would I be alone if I thought Lipitor was the medical hoax of the century?
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators?
Getting braces tomorrow and FREAKED OUT??
How much will it cost to remove a wisdom tooth without insurance?
Getting Braces..?
Brace Colors?
Wisdom teeth removal?
I have a foul metallic like taste in my mouth, what could it be?
Tooth Extraction. How Do You Distract Yourself?
I had a toooth pulled about a month ago and now it is killing me is this normal and is there anything i can do
I am only 15 years old, and i want to help the cause of poverty and aids in Africa.?
Can AID's be spread through kissing?
Rate it out of 10?
I need help... chest pains?
should you get a check up after your appendix burst?
head is hurting. Is there anything homemade?
I have a small problem?
What facial moisturizers can I use that doesn't clog pores?
How do you get rid of dry skin on the face?
I've read that not drinking milk can cause your acne to go away? Will it go away in a week?
My dad is on warfarin. He's scared to travel o/s as he's had severe nose bleeds (none in 2 yrs) Should he go?
What is a normal blood pressure range?
i still ddn't understand guys:Sso if i have a cut in my mouth but its not bleeding would the person cath it?
what will happen if somone inject emply syringe in somone's vein?
What is it called when your blood doesn't clot??
Why do they tape your eyes shut when you get surgery?
Does anyone have info on fibromyalgia?
why am I soooo tired?
How do you cure hemmeroids? Seriously!?
What kind of health problems could make me have really dark circles under my eyes?
when is someone an alcoholic?
I WANT osteoporosis?
Does the dentist put the entire needle into your gum before haveing a filling?
how long one has to wear tooth braces for straightening of teeth?
What is wrong with my tooth/gums?
How many of you brush your teeth multiple times a day?
whitening toothpaste that actually works?
my feet are in alot of pain?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
What is worse, physical or mental pain?
please help with knee pain?!?
what food can make you full aside from carb.?
My Lip Won't Stop Bleeding...Why?
Anyone know how to remove a splinter?
Leg swelling from extreme sunburn. Let it run it's course or see a doc.?
how bad does it hurt to get your lip pierce?
Will poking a hole or making a small cut get rid of a mesquito bite "venom".....?
Will men ever outlive women?
How comes my 2 yrs old always get fever?
I got a little piece of styrofoam stuck under my nail?
I Have a small old refridgerator in my room,I sleep about 5 feet away from. Is this potentially unhealthy?
How to un-pop an ear?
there is a light brownish liquid oozing from my belly button...what can this be?
My mom just killed me with a few words...please help?
How can I relieve stress?
What can I do to be more self confident?
panic disorder?
I hate Yahoo! Answers, but I'm addicted and can't stop. What can I do to kick the habit?
What's a word with the letter "V" in it?
What do you do when you are stressed and overwhelmed at work?
Why m i different??
I know someone who drinks rubbing alcohol. what can i do?
what should i do bout my leg?