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Why can't we find a cure for Aids.?
is it wrong to get preagnent at 12?
i have been having diarreah nonstop, and i am not getting better any tips?
Does anyone think the swine flu is just?
How is Swine flu different from just regular flu?
What's good for sunburns?
why those the surface of my palm(on my hand) keeps peeling?
what should i do?
Why is it considered unhealthy to eat late at night?
Why do I jiggle my leg up and down?
Girlfriend bit by black widow spider...its been 12hrs is there still danger of severe symptoms?
what would happen if i bit off my thumb?
When my is bleeding should i go to the doctors?
My Dad Recently was told by his family doctor to stay away from chocolates. And he's not diabetic. What's up?
Help! I've had a terrible headache for 2 days. No sinus symptoms, but it is worse when I bend over?
I just took Excedrin 10 points (best answer) to the person?
my girlfriend died last night in a car crash...?
Does anybody have a at home remedy for lack of sleep?
Do you think it's fair that we have to die?
Is this a sign of a heart problem?
Can Anyone Please Help Me It's About My Heart?
How many times a minute does the heart beat?
Can you all Pray for me?
I haven't had any real problems in life, so why do I suffer from depression?
I cant sleep because I'm stressed and dont want to take pills,what to do?
I'm 14: Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Mania, Depression, and God knows what else?
Should I leave my scab alone?
Cut my self and Fungers are numb!!!!?
How to stop bleeding from a cut?
What's the BEST way to ease nausea on a long car ride?
what are the benfits of taking aloe vera?
I cant get this splinter out the bottom of my foot?
have a glass sliver in my foot for a few days and cant seem to remove it any suggestions?
Cover or uncover a cut with a band aid while you're sleeping?
Should I put a banana in my ear?
Migraine Medicine doesn't work?
what will make my headache go away?
What's the best way to clean a belly button?
why dose it look like i have 4 nuts?
How to know if i have been poison URGENT?
I can't breathe!!! My nose is stuffed, and NOTHING is working. Help?
What are good ways to get rid of a stuffy nose?
is this an eating disorder?
Anyone else's sleep patterns gone crazy?
what does it mean when you look at something and it looks like its shaking slightly even thought it's not??
who likes to take dumps?
What makes you stay awake ?
mosquito-like bumps... everywhere !! help..?
Mole Problem. Please help?
How can I get rid of these stretch marks.. pic included..?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from hemorrhoids does the 5th person enjoy it?
I have cancer, what do I do now?
What kind of gift can I send to my sister, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Do you believe that a person can smell cancer on another person. If you do why and if you don't why not?
Why Do you need to shave hair when you have cancer?
what's your opinion on anorexia?
why are the doctors soooooooooo rude to me?
Am I allergic to my boyfirend?
could I have meningitis?
flu or swine flu please help?
If you get swine flu, do you break out in rashers?
Should you still get the H1N1 flu shot if you haven't gotten it already?
Do you think that the swine flu will come to Illinois?
Why is the Swine Flu called the Swine Flu when it is coming from pigs?
Cold For Three Weeks?
I have mould in my bedroom wall and window, could trhis be affecting my breathing?
By accident i mixed ammonia with bleach today at work and i choked on it. Should i be worried now?
i have smoked pot 5 times in the last 5 months no more than 2 hits usually one havent smoked in 2 and half mo?
HELP!!! i got food poisining!!?
I'm not sure what this is, but I've been having trouble with getting the last bit of urine to flow out.?
HELP! I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is TB? and is it terminal?
After I drink alcohol my left leg hurts the next day. It's a throbbing pain, any explanations?
How can i get rid of a heartburn? 10 points best answer?
Has anyone ever had swelling in thier armpit with pain radiating into back and chest and neck?
Terrible undiagnosed illness?
My best friend has Crohn's Disease, can you tell me more about it, and will she die?
VERY painful bump in my nose.?
What gets your mood up when you're feeling down?
I have a problem with my cutting?
why should i go on living?
I'm livid with myself all the time because I'm not smart?
I sometimes cough off this small rice size yellowish,hard thing which smells foul. What is it?
Will smoking excessive marijuana cause increase in allergy problems ?
Anyone use the Neti Pot?
What am I allergic to?
When I sneeze or blow my nose, my left eye squirt. Is it normal? Is it dangerous? It happen 2 times so far.?
Survey: Are you Lactose Intolerant?
I think I just swallowed my Adam's Apple?
Ear pierced, now swollen??
Spider bite, who's the culprit?
Why does putting your head between your legs help with nausea?
I read that to maintain health that it was recommended that we eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.?
Is Hydrogen Peroxide good or bad for a cut?
DIAGNOSED WITH IBS,GERD,DIVERTICULITIS: I read this ad and want to help...could someone advise?
Why do people say that being paramedic is a HUGE competition ?
me & my bf have the same blood type (AB), is there any related problem why i`m not getting pregnant?
why use 2 fingers not a thumb to check a pulse?
Chicken Pox's?
Do I need the H1N1 vaccine?
Is not showering for 2 months dangerous to my health or my family?
Swine Flu ? Should we be worried!?
How do you know if you have Swine fu or just the normal flu?
I got a cold how can I get over it quick?
Do you reckon there is a cure for AIDs out there, but withheld for the sake of profiteering?
About a year ago my girlfriend just started hurting all over her body and we cant stop the pain. Fibromyalgia?
Extreme sudden leg pain HELP!!?
woke up with bad pains in right side of my neck?
What do you do when your hand goes to sleep?
When was tobacco proven to be linked to lung cancer?
How old do you have to be in order to get breast cancer?
does chemo work? I dont think it will prolong my life. and most likely kill me.?
What's a good way to give someone cancer?
Have you ever had to have chemotherapy?
Goody got cancer, i've got cure - how can i contact her? ?
have you ever had a toothache so bad you felt like taking a pair of pliers & ripping your tooth out yourself?
Does it Hurt To Get Braces?
do you think i need braces?
Can you chew gum when you have braces?
I can't get to sleep..what should i do?
Do you prefer night or day?
putting religion to one side, do you think its ok to end your own life.?
Extremely bad sore Throat!?
what could be causing?
My mom's Blood Pressure is 80/37 -- what does that mean!?
Does anyone have a home remedy for Acid Reflux , That dont cost an arm & leg???
depression and thoughts about dying?
This is really weird but...?
Please help i feel my life is crashing down?
16 year old male with high blood pressure?
what are some at home treatments for heart attacks?
i've been sniffing coke and my blood pressure was 220 over 120 and pulse was 120 how bad is that?
blood pressure??? Is it too low?
What are the best remedy's for migraine headaches?
do i need to go to a doctor?
Is a toothache the worst pain there is?
What does Vaseline do for cuts, scrapes, etc.?
When something goes into your eye, what do you do?
Can I put Vaseline on an open cut on my foot?
How long befor Depo Provera wears off?
hamster bite, please help?
skinned knee...?
how do i unplug my ears?
What's a quick way to make a burn stop burning ?
I'm having sleeping problems. I get so tired after work at 4/5pm & can't fall asleep until 1/2am. Whats wrong?
I think I've broken a rib, advice?
Could something else have taken my mother's life?
Why is Laetrile banned in the USA, but available in Europe and Mexico with people being cured of cancer?
omg i have cancer what homeopathic treatment can i use?
Can I get cancer from just one cigarette?
Father is dying from cancer?
Have you ever fainted and if so; where and why?
Is weed bad for you ?
How to get rid of your head aches?
When talking how do you breath?
Can i still grow taller? My height is just 5'1".?
I have asked a sensible question.?
my finger around my nail is all swollen and pussing out from under the nail what should i do?
Ear infection??/???????///??????
Rise In Autism Is Attributed To What?
Are these cigarettes bad?
Why is it called "Multiple" Sclerosis? Can't you get it only once?
my 3 and a 12 yr old son complains about a sore stomach for the last few weeks. and it seems to be off and on
What is the best way to let a ear piercing heal?
Im always tired. help? 10 points for best answer.?
How bad does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth out??
I have allergies to pets and my eyes itch. What other medicines can i use besides Visine?
This morning did you suffer from 'Monday Morning Feeling'?
Bad sleeping problems!?
I'm constipated, can anyone help?
when's the last time you had an alcohol related injury?
Im reallyyy stressed out right now.. how can I calm down?
does your hair fall out if you have cancer?
Have I been stung by a bluebottle?
What is the best thing to do when u get a sunburn on a sunburn?
I just got out of the shower and my ear is plugged?
Can you drown in a tablespoon of water?
How should you treat a seond degree burn....?
the flu have a cure or not?
what do you call the dirt on ear?
why do doctors&nurses wear lightblue or green for opration in the theatre and not red related toblood or white
i picked my nose and I had pen on my finger...what will happen to me?
What is a muscular tube that squeezes food along toward the stomach by peristalsis?
BRACES ! ill decide ba after friday !?
can anyone help i am waiting for a wisdom tooth removal that has become infected got to wait 4 months?
Braces and braces?
Don't put off the dentist.?
anyone else going thru this?? and know what it is?
Do you believe that people can change?
I'm not sure if I have depression but I wud lyk 2 hear from ppl who have or have had depression. Please help!!
My 8 year old sister attempted suicide?
what can you do for earaches?
There are intestines coming out the back of me, what's going on?
how to tell if you've broken your hand?
i ate loads of rubbish since morning, did not stop. i binged all day. i have a terrible stomach ache and feel?
what is this i woke up today with a little ball on the inner corner of my eye and it hurts?
im suffering from piles and severe pain in my anal due 2 piles since 1yr,how can i get rid of them?
It's so hard for me to get to sleep!?
Why do people laugh at issues like special needs such as dyslexia and speech, language difficulties?
Who's not feeling too well today?
I think my boyfriend is unusually sick...can u tell me what these symptoms mean?
what is a booger?
Are you afraid of clowns? I am. Or do you have some other phobia?
Is there a test for autism?
My stool is all liquidy / not solid and i go like 10 times a day?
How would you cope if you were kept indoors for 2 years??
When you get a Blood test, can the doctor know if you're pregnant???
How long can you go without sleep?
help something bit me?
What's wrong with good cannabis ?
Can too much kissing make you sick?
My spouse is very ill and in a lot of pain constantly,?
What is this pressure in my head?
I dont feel well, whats wrong with me?
how can i breaK my leg?
I cant breathe???Helpppp??
If i'm allergic to peanuts can i eat things made with peanut oil?
HPV vaccine question!?
I just found out I have Terminal Cancer.?
Temp of 100.4 - 100.6 bad?
How do you know when you have depression?
What can I do for sensitivity at the gumline?
my 6 year old daughter is complaining of tooth ache ,?
Is there anyway to help straighten your teeth other then getting braces?
how dangerous are tooth abscesses?
I have to wear headgear every night and it messes up my hair, is there any solution to my problem?
I have a habit of eating/chewing ice...is this bad for my teeth?
where can i buy a tongue scraper?
did you remember to brush your teeth?
I have a huge fear of the dentist can you help please?
what causes nose bleeds?
What's wrong with me?
Flatulence attack in line at the post office?
Can smoking marijuana for about a year cause damage to my lungs?
isn't it about time smoking on the streets was banned! i mean bugga me ye can hardly get into the bar .....
What can cause a pulmonary embolism besides surgery?
I sometimes get this awesome tingling sensation in my head...what is it?
Can you develope dyslexia as an adult?
Took Ecstasy and feel very scared tired nausea, scared to go to bed.?
Is dark poo caused to dark foods?
Help, I keep getting chewed my gnats and mosquitos - what's the best thing to use to stop them from biting??
I gave up smoking about 2 weeks ago but?
Why do my feet stink?
where do i go to get a cpr and first aid certificate? is it only a one day session?
I got a sunburn, any tips?
Does anyone have an answer for helping an adult sleep better at night without drugs?
How do i get water out of my ear?
I have a bug bite on my foot and now it's swollen. Help!?
Why do we perform CPR,if humans breathe out carbon dioxide??
why do sneezes come in twos ?
How do you get 'pins and needles'.. I enjoy the feeling but havent had it for a while :<?
How to get rid of head lice?
earring infected?
treatment for gential warts ?
Would a guy find a girl unattractive because she has acne scars on her face?
What could cause peeling hands with some redness, on a six year olds hand?
Jade Goody missed hospital appointments in early stages of her cancer for her busy work schedule..why?
I'm Donating Bone Marrow?
I have a month to live I'm serious not a joke?
why is it that american doctors do not tell their cancer patients about sugar?
Is this emotional abuse or am i just being sensitive?
will i end up in hospital if i dont eat for 2 months?
my 2 year old has a 104 fever i need help?
hi what is the best thing for a sore throat?
what is a staff infection?
What are the chances of a Swine Flu pandemic?
Did you ever have the chicken pox?
Whats Swine Flu ? whats all this chaos im hearing abou it ?
Obama returned from Mexico recently. Has he been tested for swan flu?
Ouch Help I Just....?
is it okay if my knee and elbow sometimes hurt alot so bad i can barly stand it?
What to do about horrific leg cramps.?
does shingles leave you feeling depressed?
What's the difference between HIV and AIDS?
pain after urinating and urinating blood. what could this be? an infection ? ?
I am 57 years old and deathly afraid of dentists. Any suggestions from anyone. ?
Are you supposed to brush or floss first?
why do I get nosebleeds at night?
How can i get a cold or the flu?
what would make your eyelids involuntarily twitch and close?
Anaphylaxis results from:?
Am I allergic to venison?
Am I allergic to the sun ?
Man, my Eye Twitches so much. Why is this? Lower Left Lid. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…
I'm absolutely terrified of dying?
What happened to me last night? (smoked too much)?
is it possible for someone to perform an emergency tracheotomy is if there child is choking?
how many LITERS of WATER should we HAVE DAILY?
I accidentally a cola bottle, is this bad?
How does smoking affect someone's health?
i have pain in my stomach from right side over its slowly getting worst could it be my apenditics?
How does liquid mosquito repeller work. Does it kill the mosquito's or just drive them away?
Dizziness while running?
I have the worst cough ever.?
hand rolling tobca smoking?
Is there anything u can lace weed with to induce vomiting safely when smoked?
lump on my neck? :'(?
I cant handle the pain any longer?
pain in chest, down left arm, nausea?
Send sick daughter to school?
Is it bad to smoke weed with paper?
what can i say to my best friend her sister just died with cancer ?
i'm 24 and i smoked for 2 years average 8 cigaretes a day...?
my dad has found a lump and won't go to the doctor?
Why is death so hard?
What do you do when you are thirteen and get asked to do drugs?
I'm quite scared, please help?
Anti-Depressants good or a bad thing?
1st bee sting in my life!?
how do i get i splinter out from deep within my foot?
where are feelings of emotions stored in our body? heart or brain?
What to do it you feel faint?
Have you ever had bumps on your...? IS IT CONTAGIOUS?
how long does cocaine stay in your system for a blood test? 1/2 g a day then quit?
Ever had a sunburn so bad you can't even walk?
Biting Nails...?
Is there any home remedies for ingrown toenails on a 5 year old boy?
How do you get rid of snoring? any good products out there?
Why do people smoke? I really don't understand all they are doing is killing themselves?
is diarrea contagus?
Kissing & sore throat??!! HELP!?
I have had the flu for 3 days and have no doctor. Where can I get tested for Swine Flu?
I've got the flue and need QUICK HELP!?
can you give me some infectious disease's?
Anyone know any remedies, natural or not, to help get rid of ringworm (the same condition as atheletes foot)?
My filling's fell out should i glue it back in with super glue?
When i poo i see blood in the toilet?
Whats your blood type?
i sleep in the average of 12 hours a day, even more if i'm tired, is that normal?
what should i do if my gauges are swollen, bloody and keep pussing?
I cut open my water blister, how long to heal?
please help me !?
What does it mean if the left side of my head is starting to feel numb?
how uncomfortable is an upper endoscopy with sedation?
What hurts more upper ear piercing or belly button piercing?
judging by my Q's and A's... am I insane???
Do I have depression? What are symptoms of it?
Dry eyes and nasty gunk in my eyes? Help!?
Is mold in my house affecting my babies?
I have these strange itchy bumps on my hands. What could they be?
what is cetirizine hydrochloride for?
Peanut allergy: What is that Pen called when someone has a peanut reaction?
why does my neck itch?
What would happen if i take 5, 10, even the whole box of claritin?
is pot really that bad? is it addictive?
nose job???
my friend has a phobia of birds what is this called?
i have coconut stuck in my throat. how can i get it out? i tried vomiting and drinking water and hot tea?
What effects could lack of sleep have?
If you get grossed out easily, don't answer this!?
ok so i am having this sorta of problem, for the past few weeks i 'burp' constantly, like theres air pressure
What are some ways to pull a tooth out?
I got 2 of my teeth extracted yesterday, and now (almost 24 hrs later), the hole is black and red, why is that
I'm starving!!!!!!?
Can I have a cup of coffee, extra sugar with a powdered donught please?
i get my braces off in 9 days and...?
PLEASE help.. save me by answering and advicing...?
What could be the cause of dizzy spells?
why is my heart beating so fast?
extreme high blood pressure. Please Help?
blood pressure medication problem?
i want food poisining how do i get it?
How possible is it to get HIV from open mouth kissing?
a black lady sneased on me in public am i going to get diseases? HELP?!?!?
Do i have the swine flu?
cough fever and headache wat do i do?
I need help I have an addiction to Vicodin?
What way would you like to die? What is the best way?
I'm not able to cry. And I need to so desperately. What can I do? Serious answers ONLY!?
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrohn's, Gastritis, or Colitis?
im about to die?
Can pain in your hands be a sign that you need to get your tonsils removed?
Can Someone tell me how to fake sick?
I have an incredibly short fuse, and don't want to be this way. How can I keep it under control?
How do you help bad swollen sunburn?
Is there any hormonal acne medicine for men?
Splinter in my toe for two weeks, please help?
After a person survives a heart attack, what lifestyles will change?
How to tell my 9 year old she will lose her hair?
im doing a presentation about breast cancer and i need to ask 2 questions , can you help ??
Could this be brain cancer?
i'm worried about getting braces please help!?
I'm going to die in 3 months and 16 days?
Am i have a heart attack?
can a blood test determin if you have a heart disease?
My heart is skipping beats and I have to cough to catch by breathe. Should I be concerned?
What's the best way to lower my blood pressure?
dose Asthma make your hands go blue ....?
How would a smoker's body react when one quit smoking without the help of any drugs? Any physical symptoms?
I can't stop coughing; BUT IM NOT SICK? This only happens in the summer!!?
should we stop people from smoking?
I have a bad middle ear infection : *( Could this be why I feel so dizzy?
I broke this kids very expensive glasses...?
How to get over fear of needles QUICK PLEASE?
What is your shoe size and height?
why is it green?
I can change eye colors is that normal?
why am i urinating so much?
Stopping a Panic Attack?
how do i correct my lisp? i just need to know where to place my tongue and lips and mouth. please help me out.?
Why does my eye twitch? I'm a 47 year old woman?
what is the best way to get pain killers prescribed by a doctor?
I'm 17 Both my parents died in a car crash last week, I feel like shooting my self?
Relief From Being Sore After Working Out?
my hair keeps falling out, does this mean i have cancer?
Do you get colon cancer from having constipation?
Is it bad to enjoy cancer?
Is being perverted a stage that teens go through or no?
Had breast cancer 7 yrs. ago, how do you explain to people that I can't breastfeed w/out sounding rude!?
How do I speak with retainers on?
Have you had your wisdom teeth cut or pulled out?
what should i do if i have bad breath?
how many times do u brush ur teeth every day?
Is it true that mouthwash contains alcohol?
Could my filling have fallen out? My cavity hurts!?
How do you deal with stress?
who agrees or disagrees?
I'm such a failure...?
Does the end of another Summer make you feel sad?
Other than AA, how did you stop drinking?
Need serious help...please?
My mother has Alzheimer's and repeats a story that isn't true. Should I set her straight or just listen?
can anyone give me some info on suicide? a close loved one just..?
Am I a failure at life?
whats the best way to deal with depression?
What can I use to reduce the swelling in a wasp sting?
I soaked my contacts in cleaner not saline and put it directly in my eye. Anything to do but rinse w/ eye wash
bug bite question?
Reduce Redness in mosquito (spelling?) bites?
what can happen to you if you drink some type of poison, and then go to the hospital?
what's the syndromes for bladder sickness?
If I think a doctor may have caused spinal cord injuries in me, where do I look, and who do I talk to?
is it unhealthy to have laxatives for a week to lose weight?
my wife has panic attacks what should i do?
What's wrong with me?
if i drinked like this would you call me a alcoholic?
HELP! i just popped my acne and its red!
What should I do if I have acne?
some reason i can't get rid of head lice i tried everything but the lice won't go away what souledd i use?
Will you get sick if you eat a tube of ChapStick?
Would you change your gender for a day if you could?
what happens if you make yourself sick?
PLEASE HELP.....i have been sick since the 22nd. (be serious.)?
any tips to give up smoking?
Does anyone know what the best medicine is for sinus congestion rather than sudafed which doesnt work for me.?
Why do asthmatics wheeze when they inhale?
i have a problem,i was cleaning my ears outand i think i impacted ear wax now i cant hear good out my ear ,?
how can I relax?
I have these scars...?
If there were no pharmacies anymore, could you survive?
why girls always misunderstand guys,?
I have a problem almost every night while i'm sleeping,,,,my arms ache so bad from my elbows down?
does anyone know home remedy for sore throat?
What can I do to prevent a cold?
ive had the flu since thursday. it is now saturday....i still feel horrible. is it safe to go to school on..?
i'm 14 and there's this painful knot in my right breast but my mom says it's from the P.E. rowing machines?
what cani do when i'm in pain?
Why do my hands and feet always feel cold.?
How much is too much Ibuprofen?
I want to get my toungue done but i dont know if it hurts? Some people say it does but some say it dont?
Help!!! Why Can't I Stop Smoking?
how can i solve depression?
y did my friend start stuttering yesterday shes a 16 year old girl and she never stuttered b4 in her whole lif
Can I have ADD/ADHD???
i need advice about my controlling bf?
why is life worth living ?
Do you prefer to be needed or wanted?
Are anti-depressants worth the side effects?
can YOU stop my next binge?
If you had the magical ability to cure 10 cases cancer each year. How would you go about choosing the 10?
A friend has breast cancer she is 40 and its in her lymph nodes tell me please?
How old do you have to be to develop colon cancer?
High blood pressure question.?
does any questions on this worry you?
Is my blood pressure cause for worry?
A doctor on Regis&Kelly last week, stated that it takes 2 -81mg aspirns a day, not 1 to work successfully..?
Does angina always lead to a heart attack?
Wierd symptoms. Please help. Serious answers only please.?
i get a weird sensation then feel like i'm going to pass out??
Painful gas: have it ever been so severe that it made you throw up?
if you get mono,and then the symptoms go away and you are okay again,?
I have a Urinary Tract Infection; help?
How do you tell if your ear piecing is infected?
i need help with bee sting???
I have a swollen lip. what is good to put on it to reduce swelling?
Is Caffeine bad for you?
when you get a burn do you pop the blister or just leave it alone. please answer asap.?
can we apply sun cream to pupils in the classroom?
My naval bar bell is very very sore.?
This morning I woke up and I had a swollen neck, without doing any activity to strain my neck?
how can you make pain go away ??????
Is it bad to actually like pain? Physical pain exactly?
a pain in my neck that wont go away, can anyone help?
Today in the locker room a kid jammed a Q-Tip into my ear. What should I Do?
I have been having BIG problems getting to sleep what do i do?
Is it selfish to want to end a relationship because i found out i have herpes and dont want her to get it?
how can i control my acne?
How do you get rid of a scab?
Can you have an STD if you're a virgiin?
My pulse rate is 102 b/s is it normal, im 18 years old?
Can you have a heart attack on exctasy?
I have an abnormally fast heartbeat, pain?
Taking BP readings at home is always differ while sitting and standing, which reading is accurate& reliable?
how do i lower my cholesterol?
help! I've found an unknown pill! I need to know if my son needs help!?
I'm 15 years old and when i have a bowel movement there is a lot of blood!?!?
son has an ear ache so bad side of face is swollen,pain is severe he has tried the Dr's the E.R?
My two mth old is due for his shots soon. I would like to know which shot (vaccine) is associated with autism?
When you look into your own eyes in the mirror what do you see???
I can't take it anymore?
HELP!!! I'm a 14 yr. old girl and I have a HUGE fear of going to hell?
when my mum died and i went?
cancer? i'm scared. help!?
How can I get rid of a ton of big ugly bug bites in a day or two? They wont stop oozing yellow puss! HELP ME!!
what are the two major layers of skin?
does ice stop bleeding,> like a cut?
Does this sound like a spider bite?
Everybody is telling me to stop taking over the counter pain medications. For one if I don't take something
How bad does a cut need to be in order to need stitches?
how do I grow old gracefully at 70?
Would some one please guide me about how to lower down Triglycerides and increase up HDL's.?
Is it possible for symptoms to be heart attack related if my pulse and BP are normal?
What clogs up heart arteries during a heart attack?
I just got prescribed Propranolol. Can you tell me basically what it is?
whats best to give a kid when vomting and having the runs if you know what i mean I've try juice,toast bread
My chest hurts when i breath. Why?
What is that worm I pulled out of my butt?
I just broke my leg now i'm using crutches what should i do!?
I'm 99% positive I have the flu. I also may be pregnant. What can I take to help me feel better?
what is shingles? i heard of it is it some kind of infection?
Can a human with rabies attack other people?
I have a trip planned for Cabo on May 16th and am wondering about the swine flu..?
Swine Flu (Info?).........?
Is swine flu/ H1N1 still in Mexico?
I have severe acne help please?
What's the worst that could happen if I cut off a mole?
How do I get rid of blackheads?
i took 15mg vicodin on sat afternoon for pain and i had a piss test this morning (thurs) am i gonna fail?
was that supposed to hurt?
I am Color Gaurd which spin flags. I noticed a sharp pain in my wrist when I move it or my little finger. HELP?
One minute I'm sad and crying in my bed in the dark, and the next minute I'm happy and working out and stuff.
Do u feel sad or suicidal?
Did my brother have a concussion?
Is it harmful to break a finger and not go to the doctor? I don't have medical insurance.?
Based on Bat man, can you get H.I.V. from a previously used knife getting put into your mouth?
Smoked for 16 years, gave up 12 days ago,,,help!!!?
Cigarette Smoke and Babies?
Is coughing at night a bad sign?
How do you cure hiccups?
What are some tricks to keep mosquitoes away from me?
my face is peeling really bad from a sunburn. my face is raw. everything stings that i use..help...?
My throat really hurts..?
what food should be avoided by diabetic patients?
how long can you go without sleep before you die?
Does anyone think I broke my finger?
What do yo do to stop nose bleeds quicker?
peroxcide in the ear?
Stung by Jellyfish! Red bumps, and itchiness!?
do cigaretts reduce the level of stress?
Hypertension question.?
Any Dr's in the house?
Ok I have heart problems what do u guys recommend me to do?
Im 16 years old i have recently gotten pain in the heart?
am I sick?
first time smoking weed?
what time do you go bed?
if u eat grass what will is do to U?
my daughter swalled a metal ball-magnet (piece to a magnetic building toy). can this hurt her? She's 7. thanks?
is it still bad to think about suicide even if you don't think about actually doing it?
Anyone feel like this????
Does anyone know what would cause my son's skin to turn yellow?
What's the best acne product?
My friend is really sick, What do you think it may be?
When I Wake Up I Have Scratches?
Have i broke my ankle? ?
my tailbone hurts from jumping off a tree?
How long would you consider too long for your foot to hurt after you stepped on a nail?
Symptoms of being poisoned?
what happens if a person stops eating?
how to remove feces manually ?
I'm going to give up smoking cigarettes...cold turkey...?
How do you get Rid of a Love Bite?
Should I be seeing allergist or Dermatologist
everytime i eat nuts, i get immflamations where healing acne is?
how do you unblock your ears??????????????
What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
Swine flu?????????????????????????????????????…
how do you get rid of the flu?
what do you do when you have a fever and stuffy nose you know like a cold?
How many people do you know who have flu -right now-?
anyone else??!!! High blood pressure at 23???
Am i dying or something?
Can a lack of sodium in the blood cause palpitations.?
My cholestrol screening level is 122. is that bad?
My doctor won't give me migraine medication?
can you still work out when your still sore?
best way to lower blood pressure please..meds don't work for me. ?
Taking shower with full stomach myth?
My daughter got her ears pierced & a stud is stuck,help?
I am going to try weed tommrow for the first time and want to know how it feels?
my friend thinks it's ok to swig a litre of vodka at weekends because she feels ok ?
im scared of dying in my sleep. How likely is this at my age?
I'm 22 years old and I'm depressed?
DEPRESSION; what have u found works for you?
Normally borderline high blood pressure is suddenly 110/67?
Why do I always get these pains in my chest?
what is the symptom of a heart attack?
cutting my wrists please help?
I get bruises really easily, is that normal?
Banged my head last night-really hard.Woke up &had a bloody nostril on the side that I hit.now dizzy & sick?
can a nurse or a doctor please take a look at this:?
How do I get rid of bruises real fast? Had some bruise but after rubbing it, it become more darker and bigger.
am i suffering from breast cancer?
is there a gene for breast cancer?
If you could tell Cancer one thing what would it be?
How do you get rid of a twitch (like in the eyelid) that goes on for more than a few minutes?
Does shaving have anything to do with acne?
how can i make my face round?
Cough not going away and flem & mucus coming up with tinges of blood why??
I have Bronchitis and I don't know what kind of specialist should I go?
is rhere a cure for asthma i am suffering cronic since last 20 years now i am 51 age and difficult to controle?
What is Cardia Arrest?
sore throat?help me now!! desperate?
What is second hand smoking?
I hit my elbow really hard on a table and from my elbow to my hand became numb for a few minutes?
What is the best cure for minor burns?
How can i reduce my eye swelling?
i have lots of ear wax build up any tips on unblocking it?
what would be the reason for pain all down one arm?
Did my teacher poison me!?
how can i gain weight?
When you get up in the morning.. do your feet hurt when you begin to walk? Any ways to prevent this?
Is colon cleansing something that everyone should do?
what is it I'm experiencing?
I guy I was seeing at the beginning of last year called me yesterday to tell me he has chlamydia.?
my back hurts...?
stomachache after eating,why?
I was hit from the rear in an auto accident. Now I have head, neck and back pain. What kind of doctor do?
I have an ear infection! Anything Over the counter i can use?
How do you treat a sprained wrist?
How can I get rid of my acney?
its 1.10am and i cant sleep?
Im not able to sleep at night , but sleep easy during the day ?
How do I swallow my pills? HELP ASAP!?
It's one in the morning.. should I go to sleep?
am I lazy because I'm depressed, or am I depressed becuase i'm lazy???
I want to die so badly.. I am so suicidal?
what song/songs make you cry? and why?
swine flu....?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
chickenpox symptoms???
I have on and off diarrhea. What do you think it's caused by?
how many people died from disease during the 1800's?
how do i get to sleep i cant no drugs but i need help no doctors to just help please!!!?
Can Palpitations be due to ?
Rapid heartbeat from smoking Marijuana.. ?
Is high blood pressure one of the reasons for high cholesterol?
I have had pain in my left arm and leg for most of today. My dad doesn't think its a heart attack...?
I've been having heart palputaions?
cancer has it touched your world ?
best things for getting through chemo easily?
How can I distinguish a malignant tumor in my bestfriend's brest?
what does nhs stand for?
Is there a good chance to get addicted on your first cig?
What could it be?
I've had Migraines for 3 years and counting, know of anything that'll really work?
percocet and vicoden?
I have a really bad headache?
What hurts more braces or spacers?
17 yr old, pain in chest - breathing?
STD's-Chlamydia - cheating boyfirend?
Is a temperature of 97.5 considered a fever?
What is okay to eat when sick?
Will my brother die because he smoked marijuana. ?
I've given up smoking for 3 days now - but really want a cigarette now.?
Is it strange that I can't remember anything about 7th grade?
feeling really stressed and depressed?
Can you help me find out the reason for the way i behave??
I can't take this anymore?
Scary Stuff --- Suicide.?
Can you die from inhaling mold?
Do you have difficulty breathing when you drink cold water?
if i smoke 3 to 4 cigs a day am i a?
to all you long term smokers?
Could the swine flu bring very serious consequences all over the world?
out of 10 , what is the chance of survival if you catch swine flu.?
Should I go into work if I'm suffering the symptoms of a flu jab?
what to do with a cold/flu that doesn't go away?
I feel like i'm getting sick, how can I prevent it?
i have a huge zit and i need to get rid of it as soon as possible!
what can you do that helps provent acne?
Symthons ur allergic to milk?
Do lager or other beers and alcoholic drinks contain gluten? If so what drinks are gluten free?
Is it possible for a human not to be allergic to any kind of Animal, Plant, or Food?
What's the best way to treat a very bloodshot eye?
I'm Going To Die Soon, So How Do I Live?
Is cancer a result of wrong living.?
Im currently suffering from a number of medical issues ?
cant sleep?
it has been 2 month3 weeks sines i lost my son! is it normal t fell the way i do ??
What is the treatment for a cracked rib?
Why do people that cant afford to smoke, well smoke?
Like the smell of farts...?
What time do you go to bed what time do you get up?
My 2 bad habits that I can't really overcome?
PLEASE HELP ME! WHAT IS THIS ON MY LiP?! (pics included)?
Backache problem?
what's the best natural way to relieve a headache?
Sleep troubles!?
how do you know when a person smoked a cigarette?
Really Gross Question!!!!!?
could this possibly be a panic attack?
What are the safest prescription pills for high blood pressure/hypertension?
I have real low self esstem anyone know how i can raise it up?
What's it called when you are sleeping in then you suddleny jolt?
Can someone help me with this guilty feeling?
do i have aids? plzzzzzzzz read!!!!?
my bf gave me an injection when i told him i didn't want it. why did he do this?
How do you notice if you have herpes when you have no signs?
How bad is mersa????
i am 19 and i bleed while pooing. It's actually external bleeding but it doesn't hurt except a lttle rashhelp!
I want to lose weight with a stomach parasite, how can I get one?
Does rapseed effect you? Does it cause you flue like symptoms.?
Is the swine flu vaccine dangerous?
How can you pop your ears?
How many days does it take for beef to digest in your stomach?
Can my girlfriend contract aids from jeans?
is cracking your knuckles bad?
Rusty metal scrape... do I need to worry?
I want to lose about 20 pounds, what is the quickest way to do so?
glass help?
My vomits green, i dnt kno what to do?
How do you get rid of mosquito bite itch?
I feel sooo sick.?
do you think taking cigarettes off the counter will deter smokers.?
Constant headache & can't stop throwing up.?
Why everytime I move my leg it makes a cracking noise?
help please :( feel like killing myself.?
What would happen if a prev. perfectly healthy 15-year-old was to complain of palpitations to her doctor?
What's the role of prayers in the recovery of chronic ailments?
Do i have heart problems? ?
Am i too young to have heart attack?
Please help! I'm 14 with a heart rate of 67 bpm when i'm resting. Is this normal, high or low??
How should I say on my business card that I know CPR?
What are the key steps to becoming psychologically stronger?
Can't sleep at night, worrying, depressed, anxious, uncontrolable crying?
Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist?
whats wrong with me ?
why am i such a lier?
Is Shingles dangerous or contagious???
Why does my right big toe hurt when i eat very sugary foods?
My son has an oral temp of 95.4 and has been puking and diarrhea for 2 days, and not eating is that ok?
What do you do when you can't sleep ?
Puffy eyes in the morning question........
can i have a right not to pay for allergy test?
so I'm allergic to citrus acid and Ive been dehydrated alot and i need to drink more water and I hate it HELP
There's no "cure" for allergies, is there?
if swine flu get to level 5 would the school be closed?
When (approximately) do you think the Swine Flu will be over?
HELP, swine flu.....dont know what to do?!!!!!!!?
what is salmonella, a disease?
Will everyone get a payout like Leslie Ash for catching MRSA in hospital?
Why is rubella also known as 'GERMAN' measles?
I'm always happy and excited, what is wrong with me?
I am 18 years old and stand's 5'4. I really want to become taller.Do I still have the chance to get taller?
my daughter's doctor visit?
Acne along the jaw line...never gets better?
How can I disinfect my soft contact lenses?
My right ear is bleeding slightly from a Q-Tip, but now I can hear a lot better now?
please help me my little brother 6 jujst ate all this stuff from the first aid kit!?
Show me the way to healthy hair?
I got hit by a car, injuries?
has anyone ever heard of too much sugar causing diarrhea?
what is the best cold remedy?
is my industrail peircing infected?
i know its bad but how bad and what could happen with a blood pressure of 68 over 28,?
How can I exercise if I have Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia?
How can you get lower blood pressure?
Can I donate my heart - If [Please answer]?
I think I may have had a stroke, or something like one, how do I tell the difference?
whats the safest way to shoot myself in the leg?
I'm only 13 years old and I cut myself because of the pain I'm going through.I get rid of pain by hurting me.
should I go to the ER, just in case?
What Mental Illness do you suffer from!?
Do You Think I Have OCD?
I think most mental illnesses are really in people's heads. Any thoughts?
High school teachers, eating disorders and cutting.?
Are stress and anger the same?
I have Herpes and i think i gave it to four other people, how do i tell them?
Do you regret any of your past relationships? Why?
What's the best way to remove ear wax that's now acting as a plug?
how do i get rid of sunburn NOW?
I want to know how long it takes for the liver to recover after drinking 1 drink of hard liqour?
what happens if a bee stinger isn't removed after a person has been stung?
Any ideas how to tell a friend I don't want to talk to him anymore?
My ingrown toenail is infected?
When a person has a lot of ear wax, but uses Q=tips and even some pain after is that a sign of a ear infection
Should I be concerned about a scratch on my cornea (eye) caused by a kleenex?
Think I need Stitches?
Is it safe to go skydiving if you have a heart condition?
Is it dangerous to keep your cell phone over your chest/heart?
Is 96/54 a low blood pressure for an 18 year old girl?
HELP! I have really sharp pains in my chest and heart?
What are the foods that'll bring down one's cholesterol levels down really, really fast ?
how can i induce a heart attack?
Anyone know a good remedy for Headaches?
please help! My mother's been shaking for 2 hours and...?
Whenever I go to bed late and then wake up..?
the best period pain relief that works for you?
should i go to the doctor?
If you lick your blood does that make you a cannibal?
How come people sneeze when they look at the sun?
Shouldn't a country like the USA have a free HEALTH service like Britain?
Ear hole is large?
whats this lump in my ear?
cracked heel and bleeding a bit?
I got sunburn and its red and sorish?
my back hurts what can I do to stop it ?
How can I keep from mentally burning out if I am a stay at home mom with a two year old hellion?
What is the science of sweat?
how do you accelerate healing a fat lip?
I hit my lip and now its bleeding how can I reduce the swelling?
what can i do for sunburn?
Help with really super rough hands!!!!?
what r red round marks on my legs they itch like heat lumps but i no they'r not?
Where is your biggest mole located?
i hit my hand with a hammer on accident, help?
What might cause some chest pain around my rib area?
I've got this extremely bad headache and I only have these pills of my dads with a big V on them?
my doctor want to force me?
Malaria is a very old disease. It's been around for a long time. Why isn't there a vaccine yet?
chest pains that goes into the back?
ICD and left arm pain?
can people who suffer anxiety also suffer from high blood pressure?
Do I have a weak heart or what?
Why does my heart skip beats?
is there a pill that makes you less anxious?
can a doctor or nurse answer me this question?
ugh...why is life so crappy?
Are anti-depressants a good idea?
I am worried about my heart?
I think I'm addicted to yahoo answers, are there rehab for this??
when you see a phyciatrist....?
What is a weird habit you do? Is it funny or weird?
what do you think is wrong with me? here are my symptoms?
I've just eaten rat poison because i am hungry and i'am having internal bleeding, what should i do?
Small amount of cotton stuck in my ear?
what is the difference between a wasp or bee sting?
is there a way to get a doctor to treat venereal warts without reporting it to your insurance?
At 16 what vitamins should i take?
I'm interested in knowing how squeamish you are?
Finger nail biting?
I've got a cut under my eye?
How to heal a cut quickly?
Painful Ant bite?
plzzzzz answer for me!!!!?
Should we teach our kids to kiss or make contact with their saliva to a cat or dog's saliva? That it is safe
Should I Get the Flu Shot?
Hmm I'm pretty sure I have swine flu?
How come mosquitoes don't bite me ?!?!?
If the Swine Flu is based in Mexico City, how in the world did it make it to New York over night?
swine flu better not mess up my life! please help?
I have a really bad ear infection and have went deaf in my right ear can I use cephalexin to treat it?
What is the best pain relieving patch?
what is the best way to avoid tension?
What is the most physical pain you've ever had to endure? Just wondering?
I hula hooped A LOT yesterday, and today, my stomache is hurting like crazy because of it... I got checked....
Tylenol with Codeine?
I've got a really sore throat- help!!!?
What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
Can you still have heart disease even if all your blood test's from the ER come back normal?
Why am I STILL feeling somewhat high?
Red, bumps or better known as bulges on my forehead.. WHAT IS IT? HELP ? allergy or stress related?
what does it mean when someone can't make eye contact?
Why do i keep cutting my arms?
How do you battle depression ... if you're alone and at home ...?
Im depressed, i cant get work.?
What kind of bite has two holes that are very itchy?
How do you let go of the past? Please answer if you have any insight?
What are the household uses of Baking Soda other than baking?
I swallowed a pit of an olive what Happens my stomache really hurts?
are mosquito bites supposed to get this big? (pic)
My ear is bleeding! Please help??
I shoved a small piece of silicone ear plugs up my ear and can't get it out ? is there any way i can remove it?
my cat has a cut she keeps opening up?
will they see 2100?
I just swallowed a medium-sized screw?
My fiance's blood pressure is 158/83 but his pulse rate is only 50...is this cause for alarm?
Possible Heart attack?
normal blood pressure??
what does a weak heart basically consist of?
Heart problem?? Worried please help!?
is the flutter in my heart serious?
Does getting a tetanus shot hurt?
I'm peeing out orange and my lower back hurts?
y daughter kayla is 16 w/ down syndrome.how long will she live?she's a cheerleader and is very healthy.help?!
Hi,I'm a lil delayed because of my medical conditions, why do people make fun of me or flip me off ?
how long does it take for cannabis to be completely gone out of your system?
Do concussions rrequire an ER visit?
Help please (just burnt myself)?
How can I loose weight and have clean face. I drink 8glasses of water a day.?
How long does Oxycodone stay in the system?
I can't say "R",so how can i say it?
Should I be worried about tomorrow's drug test?
What's worse for you, Marijuana or Cocaine?
I have high cholesterol , does anyone have some helpful advice?
Are eggs bad for your heart??
'Istin' medication for blood pressure?
Any tips on preventing back pain due to standing for long periods of time?
i have proplems with both of my knees, and i don't know whats wrong with them?
my doc gave me prozac coz i suffer from depression.my frineds say not to take it.wat do u think?
Am I a horrible mom?
depressed is my life worth living?
Is a cholesterol of 301 bad for a 33year old who is not overweight and 90% of the time doesn't eat poorly?
This isn't a heart attack, right?
i have two heart conditions, plus a stroke in my medical history,with the result i'm not allowed to have a kid
how do i cope with palpitations?
Besides AIDs, what other infectious diseases spread through dirty needles?
How can I protect myself and my family against Swine Flu?
Baby's temp is 35.5c/96f should I be concerned?
what is a pandemic???
Why is it that more and more only the rich can get proper medical care?
should i get contact lenses ?
How come i have herpes and none of the people I sleep with end up getting it?
what will happen if we scratch on vegina ?
How can women transmit AIDS to men?
Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
Can you develop allergies by eating to much of something?
Does picking your nose make your nostrils larger?
The allergic reaction from hell?
I'm allergic to something in my house. How can I pinpoint what it is and eliminate it?
What's the fastest way to get rid of a stuffy nose!!!! FAST!! I mean c'mon! It's almost thanksgiving!!!!!!!
Peanut Allergies... Bad Case?
boyfriends' mother addicted to morphine and other prescrption meds?
how to get rid of a concussion?
Weird doctor's comments?
what is the healthiest, low sugar, not bran ceral?
Why do emo people bleed black?
hydrogen peroxide help!?
Stepped on a sea urchin! Got 3, 1" barbs out but about 10 remain embedded. On an island need advice now?
Does anyone have any information on how music affects our behavior?
Insect bites at night ?
How soon do flea bites appear after being bitten?
what does it mean if i am always tired?
Should i get stoned....?
How long dose it take?
How to fake sick...10 points for sneakiest one?
preventing leg cramps?
Glass in foot, should i see the doctor?
Bad cold help?
I just found out I have.....?
HELP ME PLEASE – I have severe OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – PLEASE HELP ME?
Is it bad to eat cocaine?
Help!!!!! I've got big time tooth ache!!!!?
Why do i get so many cavities? ?
Something on my braces fell off?
What's wrong with me???????? Help please?
Could this be the last day of my life?
What if a body temp. is below 98 degrees. Is this something to worry about?
Swollen Lip, Needs HELP!!!!!!?
Swollen finger turns purple!?
My heart is beating faster than normal, i feel so scared !! I couldn't sleep well, dont know what happen to me
Is heart rate and pulse rate are equal?
i am 65 yrs old my blood pressure is 186 over 90 and my pulse is 60 is does this need attention?
worst heart burn ever!!!!!!!!!!! help?
Can allergies cause you to have a sore throat?
Strep Throat or Mononucleosis?
Flu shot survey!!!! Those who have had the shot (this season or in the past) only please!?
i had the flu, and now im rly hungry, but should i take it easy with the food? or not?
what to do to get a good immune system?
Can you light your own farts?
I'm badly constipated. Stomach really hurts.?
Ow :'( help me?!? click here?
bad sunburn?
can i drink beer the night before a blood test?
Does Anyone Else Suffer From Numb Toes?
how do you get over anerexia and beat the habbit of bein a cutter?
Is the little finger stronger then all the others? Including the thumb?
I know somebody that does not want to go back to college. He begins to cry and he says he hates it.?