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 Should I get my toenail fungus treated?
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 How does drinking water make your skin not as dry?

 Why do I keep getting hives?
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 Athletes foot???
i might have athletes foot, my feet are itchy and red and i cant stop itching them. a few days ago i put on my big bro's slippers withought socks! could it be athletes foot?...

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 I need help about my daughters foot! Some nurses advise, Please!!!?
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 Is acne contagious? for example kissing a boy who have acne.?

 Dry sKin problem?
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 Im 18 nothing cures my acne, water, eating right, excercise. what do i do?
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 How can i remove redness from my skin?
its irritated from face wash my dermatoligist perscribed
se tells me to put aveeno mositurizer on it to reduce dryness
my skin isnt dry
but its very red and irritated
what should ...

It feel like bugs crawling all over your skin, What is this?
Well I had this feeling for 9 months now I havent been to the doc (yet). and it feels like bugs crawling all over my skin or under or sometimes it feels like sweat dripping (but its not)I ask someone else that told me its all in my head but i am 101%sure it is not. and it is sooo irritating and its hard for me to go to bed a nite when it feels like bugs crawling all over me and when i touch the spot its still there . and it does not itch! its just soo irritating please help! sorry for my mispelling, and thank u guys so much
Additional Details
I never ever had drugs!

and it just dont come when i am going to sleep, through out the day also.

kit kat kutie
the hair on yo body

Could be Parasites

it maybe because your skin is dry that causes the skin to crack up which makes it itchy. Or you have skin decease called psoriasis. Most people affected by these are mentally and physically stress.

Well if it happens when u are about to go to sleep its probnably ur nerves setteling down (i think) I hope i help sry i couldn't be more specific

happens 2 me 2!! like right now i think i have bugs crawling inside my skin and out side! and im not on drugs!

Are you on drugs????
If so you are coming down off your high.

Irritated nerve endings. See your doctor.

Lucy D
it could be anxiety or nerves.You should see a dr. that way you won't have to guess anymore

Talk to your doctor. My mother had the same thing happen to her when she was a child and they didn't know what was wrong. The doctors gave her a spinal tap!! You definitely DO NOT want to do that, it is very painful. Definitely talk to your doctor about it. Good luck!

* TeXaS cHiCk *
You should see a doctor immediately. I've heard something like this before and this is not a psychological condition. I can't help you any further as I don't have any knowledge on this condition but I strongly advice you to see a doctor. Sorry that I couldn't be any help, but I wish you well!

Were you doing drugs and suddenly went cold turkey?

r u on drugs cuz that could cause it

it is you nerves that happens to me

Maybe Goosebumps?

I urge you to see a physician as soon as possible. What you described may just be what's known as Restless Leg Syndrome. If that's the case, the physician should be able to offer you some suggestions. However, the symptoms you describe could also be what's known as "Peripheral Neuropathhy", a condition in which nerves in the extremities can be damaged, and can be caused by Diabetes. You really need to see your Doctor to determine the cause. Untreated diabetes can lead to very serious health problems.
Good luck.

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