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Can i pass a urinalysis with vinegar and how much and how long will it be clean?
or will it clean me out totally

vinegar does very little. most drugs are out of your system in three days (coke,meth,XTC, etc.) Opium and pot can take up to thirty days. the best way to beat the test is go to a head shop and get one of those special drinks made for such an occasion. they are sold by many names (like urine luck) and cost about $40. drink one an hour before the test (at least) they will keep your pee clean as a school marms for up to six hours.

Olivia J
yes i've tried it...it will be clean for 30 min. Pee your heart out! :)

No, No, No. The only way to pass a drug test is with a drink you can get from GNC. It works 100%- just ask the person that works there for a drug cleanser for urine test and they will get it for you. It is always locked up so people cant steal.
It does cost $50, but totally worth it if you REALLY want the job! Just make sure you drink it 2 hours before with tons of water and pee atleast 10 times befoer the test so that your urine is CLEAN!

no~~~~~~ and stop doing drugs~~~~~~~

ND fan

Dr Steve
I have worked in a drug lab for 10 years now... guys have tried everything to pass urinalysis tests. Nothing works and he's some reasons why: take pot for example. It stays in your body for upwards of 30 days after you quit smoking it. The THC gets deposited into the body's fatty tissue and no amount of anything you can take will remove it from the body. Also, there are dime store tests that say - test to 50 nannograms. But if you test at a lab like ours where we test to 15 nannograms: you might "pass" the cheap test but fail the test that uses a lower drug threshold level for it's baseline. Also... drinking vinegar is only going to do one thing: make you urinate more Often because the acidic nature of vinegar is going to make the stomach want to get rid of it very quickly. But here's the problem with relying on vinegar to rid the body of drugs: there is No chemical attraction or repellancy between vinegar and drugs... so to try and flush the drugs out of your body with a fluid that has no attractive property - to do so is only going to increase urinary frequency. Finally, many drug tests are by spectro chemical analysis and drugs show up by exhibiting a specific prisim pattern... so you have light wave analysis without even analyzing IF the urine has vinegar or anything else in it. The only sure way: stay drug free for 30 days before you drop a urinalysis test. But also be aware that some facilities do a hair analysis which can show drugs used previously, as in many months ago. Hey, hope this helps. Good luck. Dr Steve

u want to pass off vinegar as your urine? i think the smell will give it away. just give up the drugs for real you'll feel better after awhile

Sort of, but drinking a lot of water right before the test will do the same thing- dilute the sample. Vinegar is a diuretic, so it draws water out of your body and dilutes your urine. If you have a choice in the matter take the test in the afternoon and not in the morning- your sample will be most concentrated right after you wake up...

It depends what you are trying to clean out too and how much body fat you have. THC from marijuana is stored in bodyfat. if you don't smoke it very often you will probably be clean about 3 days after you last smoked. If you are a regular and heavy smoker it can take a month.

don't count on it. they will also look for masking agents.


bring in someone elses pee

Drink Cranberry juice (this flushes your bladder). I'd say probably 16 oz or so. Then take about a teaspoon of vinegar , if you can stand it. And drink plenty of water. Nothing else.. until your urinalysis. I'd start the day before. Your urine will be purified and clear. If you'd like, add a drop or so of vinegar in each waterbottle just to be sure.

Tommy H
you can but it only last a few hrs, the best thing i found to work is Sonne 7 you can get it at a health store take two tablespoons with warm water then two tablespoons every 4 hrs then take it with a full glass of water in the morning

I would drink at least 20 gallons! Dude your screwed!

How about:


I heard vinegar helps...your better off drinking a gallon of water...you'll basically pee water afterwards..

Hey why dont you try this......stop doing drugs

Before you go, Drink a Liter of water. Next wait 15 min. Then mix water and yellow jello mix with that water. The reason for this is it will make you urinate yellow , unlike if you drink straight water.
It honestly depends on what type of test they give you. I have taken the kind where I piss in a cup and the employer is able to check there and then by the little markers in the cup change color. If it gets sent to a lab that might not work.

If you want to be on the safe side, bring someone elses urine.
yeah there going to need to be clean , and they will want money and your going to have to carry it with you. They will make you take out EVERYTHING in your pockets so you will have to be creative. Example of what I have done; I put it in so many plastic bags and wore breifs that day. put them in the goch part of them, right behind the balls, and that worked great.

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