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 Green mucus and conjunctivitis?
My mucus is green. I just went to the eye doctor and he told me I had conjunctivitis. He gave me antibiotic eye drops and when I spit it was bright green? Is this normal or should I call him back....

 Can I use tap water in a cool mist humidifier, I can't afford distilled water?

 Why is this happening?
I am not sick and I have never had a respiratory problem is just that sometimes I breath and I need to inhale for so long, I mean like 6 seconds,so I can get the air good and I dont feel like I need ...

 Is Broncitis contagious??
My sister in law has it and I was just with her yesterday and then at night she had to go to the hospital because she was so sick and they said she had broncitis so is there a chance I will get it ...

 A 22-year old male college student was presented at the ESU health clinic?
looked tired and pale. He presented because of high fever and chest pain. He
was afraid he was having a heart attack (bad week of exams). He was examined
immediately by the PA and ...

 Fifth disease?
my cousin has it. but a rare case causes no movement in the ...

 What is an iron lung?
and what is (was) its purpose?...

 How can i get rid of this congestion in my chest?
I have had this cough for over 2 weeks now. And I did have the whole sinus thing going on too. I have not had a fever, no bathroom troubles, no stomach problems, just the head and chest. I went to ...

 What is asthma? my daughter gets a cold and always ends up with a cough. She coughs most of the night.....?
Is there any other cure other than inhalers? and also with asthma is the cough a dry cough or a moist cough where they cough up mucous?...

 Why is it necessary to fast for 6 days or more for aspiration in add ition to a hole in the colon ?
This question relates to my Father who is seriously ill in Hospital.Initially admitted for a fractured Hip in a Nursing Home.Furthur checks revealed other problems....

 Why do I have bloody loogies(sp?)?
I have a raspy cough and when I hawk a loogie bloody clump like things come with it. Why is this?...

 What does having 59% oxegen in your blood mean ??

 I have had pneumonia 4 times say i have chronic lung disease what do they mean?
my medical records state that i have chronic lung disease went to lung specilaist she told me my lungs were not normal have no ins so could not get more xrays so im assumingh its scar tissue from ...

 What does it mean when your snot/mucus is yellow?
usually it's clear
Additional Details
will it clear up on its own? i don't want to go to a doctor......

 Nose bleeds and coughing up blood?
My 13yr old son has been coughing up blood also the occasional nose bleed for the past 2yrs. I have taken him to his doctor who referred him to the hospital which i got told there is nothing wrong ...

 How do you know when to go in for a breathing treatment?
I am asthmatic and I currently have a bad chest cold, I lost my voice yesterday,and I am very congested today. When I first got up, my peak flow was only about 100, after an inhaler, it is now 300, ...

 How to live with strong asthma?

 My 2 yr old has croup and asthma?
Would a vaporizer or humidifier help w/ my sons cough?? He has asthma and all the coughing is affecting his breathing. The docs started him on oral steroids... and I wondered what else I should do ...

 How do I stop smoking?

 Something/anything for a sore throat?
my throat killsss. im desperate PLEASE...

sweet charity
Can someone explain why I get so out ouf breath when I bend over? It is so uncomfortable?
and leaves me completely out of breathe. Doctor cannot say what is the cause. I would appreciate any suggestions as to the cause ...thank you so much for your help.

you should go back to the doctors and ask him to send you for a chest x-ray just to check you lungs are ok, unless you are over-weight, you shouldn't get breathless when bending over.

What job or old profession do you have, exactly?

Your stomach is probably pressing on your lungs. Mine does that. I have a big stomach.

bottle babe
When I bend over, everyone gets out of breath.Lol.
I get this too, I believe it is caused by a distension in the bladder...but cannot say for sure. Most GPs I see today are training, until you die they'l never send you to anyone who knows anything.

Doctors are really useless these days.

It could be a weight issue? It could be a size issue?
It can even be that your just so unfit, you can't even manage simple excersion?

If you think about the position of the lungs, when you bend over they are compressed. all of the organs below it shift with gravity. Since there is less air capacity in your lungs you have to breathe harder to take in as much air as when you were standing up. The first thing i would suggest is to rule out other health issues, like weight, heart, and lungs. If all else is fine know your lungs are doing their job to make sure you are getting enough oxygen.

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