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 I have really bad pain in my hip and knee and im in agony im only 19 so what can this be.?

 Ok i have realy bad chest pain and its on my left side and sometimes when i breath in it hurts sooo bad?
that i want to call 911 can u help me plz:{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{[...

 Is there any cure for pinched nerve in the neck?

 I have had a bad headache since yesterday and im off out tonight and..?
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 How to change sleeping habit?
as my holidays are goin on..i have developed a habit of sleeping late and waking up late, if i wake up early i get a headache which persists for the whole day..because of this m not able to give time ...

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 Under my left breast, It just hurt randomly or when i breathe in it hurts too? do anyone know whats wrong?
And when i push it it hurts ...

 I get these sharp pains under my left rib about twice a day, and it hurts to take a deep breath when it hurts?
Doctor said blood work was good, urine good-had ecg it was good-i have acid reflux, but dont know if its linked to the pain-also the doctor who has been my family doc since i was about 12 said it was ...

 Hey everyone!!!! :)?
i have this sharp horrible feeling below my left hip, and also heartburn and im eating alot and craving sweets and deserts , anyone know what this is????
Additional Details

 Any home remedies for a stoamch ache? :)?
The title speaks for itself, really....

 Do shots hurt?
Do shots hurt? I have to get shots and I really hate them.
I have not had one since I was 7 years old.
After, it tingles ALOT!
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Do you guys have someone with ...

 Can anyone help me with this slightly odd problem?
Since I had my first alcoholic drink when I was about 17 (I'm now 28), I have occasionally had a problem where I start to ache all over.
It doesn't happen every time I drink but ...

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 Does anyone know of a really low dose of meds for anxiety and constant worry?
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 What are the best shoes to wear when you stand on your feet all day?

 Passed out in shower.?
I passed out in the shower and woke-up on the floor. I hit the right side of my head and banged up a couple more places, but what I was wandering if anyone else has had something similar happen? I ...

 I have a Headache at least 4 times a week????
I have Headaches at least 4 times a week. I have 4 siblings, and I wear glasses. Could those be a possibility. how do i prevent them???
Additional Details
Thanks for everyone who ...

I stand on a concrete floor all day what are the best shoes for that?
i work at home depot as a cashier and i am standing in one place all day and my feet are killing me

Tennis Shoes.

You should try clogs, or something that supports your back, since that is the area that I would expect to hurt. Ask the people at a serviceable shoe store, and they should be able to help you.

Look into the clogs that nurses wear. I have a pair that feel like foam and they are so comfy.

Red Wing....I have worked on concrete floors for years and Red Wing is the best...they have their own shoe stores. There are also rubber matts available to help foot fatige ask your employer to provide them and if not they don't cost much...and a good foot rub works wonders....I haven't had much luck with the latter though.

make sure that the shoe is a walking shoe. I am sure Nike, Adidas, etc... have a walking shoe that probably isn't the best looking shoe but it will feel the best. I know this from experience too.

OMG! I know just what you are going through. I suggest a pair of rubbersoled shoes with great arch support inside. Also, you can purchase great arch support inserts for your shoes at most stores. Dr. Sholes is probably the best.
Perhaps you could ask management for a thick rubber mat to stand on, or buy one for yourself and take it to work. Make it a habit to bend each leg back at the knee and pull your feet/bottom of your leg up behind you. It helps to ward off blood clots in your legs.
Good luck, my friend. It does get better with time. It's as if your feet eventually get used to it.

Probably the better thing is what is good for your legs like support stockings. Good running shoes should be helpful.

Buy a good supportive insole for your shoes...should help. I know how you feel though. Standing all day is worse than walking all day.

You can wear whatever shoes you want. Get arch supporting inserts that will give you the support your feet, legs and back need to keep from aching.

Shoes for Crews! I work at Publix and they required us to buy them; now I love them! They are non-slip and padded inside, and they help my feet and legs since I stand all day.

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