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Y do i have a clicking noise in my ears when i swallow???
i dont think its wax and its sooooo annoying!
Additional Details
im not swallowing anythin strange and my ears r clean u cheeky buggers!!!! :-)

normal, I guess it depends how loud, speak to your Dr... .

Stop eating crickets!

it's the fluid you can hear in you Eustachian tube, have you had a cold recently that could explain it, if it is unbearable get some Menthol crystals from the chemist, put them in a basin with very hot water put a towel over your head and breathe it in!

the hater
It seems you have a clicking jaw bone babe. If you take notice when you swallow you will find that your bottom jaw moves and it is the joint that clicks. Your dental practioner can help with this.

bernie c
It's a good chance it's what Joshua answered

oh yeah! i reckon it's where the muscle in your neck that's used for swallowing attaches to the cranium? I've always had it - maybe we're just special :)

Tend to get it more when I'm virusy, but haven't really thought about it till your question.

Shelly t
If I am guessing the question correctly you have a clicking noise in your ears when you swallow.
My guess would be tnj. It is a problem with your joints in your jaw. you maybe able to cure it with a splint. You can purchase one at walmart, or have a dentist make one that fits you correctly. I don't gurantee that it works it didn't for me. A bite block worked for me. Another thing you can try if you think there is some wax in your ear is to put a drop of white vinagar in it. warm not cold. let it set for a bit.

it could be wax. get them syringed and you will literally be able to hear a pin drop

you have a sinus infection, you should go to your doctor.thats the only thing I can think of.


it could be a build up of fluid so when you swallow it makes your ears "pop"

I get that alot because I have allergies. Its the mucus in your sinuses built up by your ears. Your sinus are in your ear tubes, your neck, and your face, and when you have a mucus buildup, you feel puffy, stuffy, sore, your ear clicks or pops, or you feel light headed. Drink alot of fluid, and go get some musinex from the drug store. Itll run you like ten bucks, and you have to drink ALOT of water for it to work, but.. its AWESOME.

on the wagon
depends on what are you are swallowing:)

Yeah its wax, use some earex/or similar from the pharmacy.

Tink x

i have the same problem.it started when i went out clubbing too often.i just assume im now going deaf

I was wondering the same thing a second ago. So, I aligned my top and bottom front teeth and swallowed and it didn't happen!(try it) So, I would guess it's something with the jaw alignment.

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