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Will water pills and laxatives make you lose weight at all?
just wondering

Yea id be careful it wont stay off but its good for like wrestlers or powerlifters that need shed a couple lbs

They make your body expell water- nothing else. Once you start drinking again you body will obsorb the water all over again.

It's never a good way to try to lose weight. Try to stay away from these things as they are not good for your body. Plus using laxatives can become addictive, and they can harm you. If you use them too much you will do permanent damage to your body.

If you want to lose weight eat the proper foods, and get into a working out. Join a gym and have them map out a program that will give you what you are wanting, since this will be more of a permanent program for you. A permanent work out program is some thing that you can do for the rest of your life.

Water pills and even laxatives shouldn't even be used to lose weight, these are temporary fixes. They are not some thing that any one should ever use to help you try and lose weight.

they make u blot up then lose weight bu tthey r not a very healthy way to lose weight

They will temporarily cause fluid reduction which will show as weight loss on the scale. You will not lose fat. There are many reasons not to do this.
You could become dehydrated which can cause fainting, electrolyte imbalances (potentially very dangerous), dry mucous membranes, and your skin tends to look very lackluster to say the least.
You could also have severe cramping and diarrhea. And laxative use can become addicting. So. not. fun.
Hope this helps.
God bless

Well logically if you urinate or poop you're releasing something from your body so you will loose some weight.

Diane T
Briefly, but like anything else, you will continue to eat and your bowels will refill. Mostly, if you continue such behavior, your bowels will slow down and stop working on their own and you will **** up the body's nature functions. Leave it alone, go for a walk and eat more fiber and less fat.

only water weight, so no, keep a health diet, u can eat fatning stuff i u want to but small portions, and exercise if you are one of those that retains all the weight.
Lucky I don't, I eat whatever I want but in small portion, well until I am not hungry anymore, not until I am so full I feel sick.

Try to cook with as little oil and not eat so much greasy food, I only eat fast food like one a week.

sharon w
That is a very unhealthy and will put your general health and possibly your life at risk using these methods. The weight you lose is only temporary,and it comes back by the next day,its a loss of water,not fatty tissue that is key to loosing weight.There are no "miracle" diets or methods or pills that will safely loose and KEEP the weight off.Only a sensible diet and exercise program that will get you the results you're after. It's a change in "mindset" and a commitment to live a healthy life-style that works,not these quick dangerous methods.There is tons of info out there,do some research,and find a plan that will work for you.Take care.SW RNP

Only a minimal amount ... but this is weight that will come back easily and the side effects are very bad.
This kind of dieting can put you in the hospital.

Andi T
Temporary weight yes but it will all come back when you eat

Possibly but they will, also, make you very sick as you will just be losing fluids. Plenty of exercise and a sensible diet would be far better.


using laxatives is a form of bulimia

the crusader
Yes, they will. They'll also make you lose electrolytes and fat-soluble vitamins. Losing these substances can lead to your vital organs shutting down and, ultimately, death.

They will make you lose weight temporarily, but in a way that will be impossible to keep it off. The weight you are losing is merely the water your body is storing internally, and once you drink more water, it'll be right back.

Tank Girl
Not sure but I'm 100% sure that diet and exercise will make you lose weight!

Oh yeah, you'll lose weight most certainly! Might not be the "weight" you are thinking of!

Blunt Honesty
using that for weight loss is a form of bulemia

Yes but it will also rob your body of nutrient and fluids. This can lead to rapid dehydration and muscle loss. Muscle loss will come from your body seeking out protein and fluid sources to keep its functioning at a normal level. Your body will eventually build a dependence on the laxative. This will make it harder for you to lose weight should you ever stop taking them. The strain will put your body at risk. Using this method of weight loss is not advised and is extreemly dangerous.

Yes but be careful as these are not a healthy way to lose weight, and the weight WILL come back

Water pills and laxatives will make you loose water which your body needs a balance of. I'm sure it's not recommended that they are taken together and honestly I don't think they are healthy on their own.

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