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When you die, do they still remove all your organs, even if they do not do an autopsy?
in the state of california

trust me i know these things
yea because if they didnt you would spoil stink and fart and stink more...plus the hostpital needs those for live people

craig m
Yes. Your organs are removed as a part of the embalming process whether an autopsy is performed or not. You can avoid this by moving to or dying in any of several third world countries.

MSC Lieu
I think you have to be an organ donor first, even in California. And your organs aren't usually harvested after an autopsy because an autopsy is done after the heart has stopped beating and organs for donation are taken when the heart keeps beating.

No. You are buried with all of your organs unless you volunteer to donate your organs.

Not unless your looking at a science fiction movie.

no they do not remove all your organs instead they drain your body of blood and liquids then pump a special chemical to help perserve your body in its natural state. the do remove your excretions ( ur poop and stuff). but they leave ur brain and all that in ur body. if you are an organ donor or total body donor then they use parts of your body to help other ppl.

Not unless your or your medical proxy give permission to donate your organs.

No autopsy no organ removal. The organs are removed to find a cause of death for anyone who not seen a doctor for a prolonged amount of time, a suspicious death, or at family request. Organ removal is also done for donation. When organs are removed during autopsy they are placed back into the body usually, but not positioned as live working parts.


Apricot Lover
Only if you are an organ donor, or if you donate your organs to science. They don't necessarily remove all body parts in an autopsy. Many cases they just examine them in the body, many times they take them out, many times they do a little of both.



Unless you are an organ donor, they do not remove anything. They typically just embalm you.

Lance G
Not sure in Cal, but in QLD OZ, they don't they keep them in the body, unless there is a pace maker.Or some other dangerous body-aid. That might go BOOOM, if they are cremated.

No, they don't.

They only remove your organs if you chose prior to your death to donate and become an organ donor. After your death one of your direct family members can chose what organs to select and donate after your death (you can specify beforehand, however).

city girl
i thought they just filled you with embalming fluid they just drain your blood no organs are removed unless you're an organ donar

What would they do with them? Take them to organs r us?

i hope so, need to get that **** outta my house

Diane A
No one removes your organs unless you have a full autopsy; otherwise you are cremated or buried with all your organs.

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