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Jasper M
What does it feel like just before we die?
I have often feared and wondered what it feels like the moment before we die? What does our body and mind experience? What physically and mentally happens to our bodies just before we expire? Do we feel pain? Anyone who has died and been brought back to life and lived to tell about it must have experienced something......

Egg Chan & A Six Demon Bag
good fun.

i hear that no matter how painful your death is, your brain releases all your endorphines so your very very happy when you die and feel great. even though your dying. but honestly, theres no way for a living being to know what it feels like before you die. because no one can live to tell about it if your dead. make sense?

Justin P
Ask someone who died, they'll tell you

you do realize that you'd have to ask a dead person, don't you?

KJV study
every moment brings us closer

Who in god's name can answer that? Seriously...?

you will have to ask someone who has died and stayed dead. good luck

ummer f
Extreem pain, pain that you will never have felt before. Cos when your soul leaves your body, damn it will be painful.

Oh you said just before one expires.

I've seen old people shrivel up like dried fruit before they die.

the world will never know just like no one knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsy pop

I don't really think anybody alive can answer this question.If you are hospitalized they try to keep you as comfortable as possible so you can die as at peace as you can be.Of course,there are some cases where you have pain during death as when a traumatic event and people are trying to save you.I know only one person that "died" and came back and all she remembered was seeing a bright light but she didn't have any more pain from her experience

If you were good and prayed and tried not to hurt anyone, and have lots of good deeds your soul will leave the body very lightly, if you were bad and hurt people and hardly done any good and left loans to people that you owed money too, your soul will leave the body like knives cutting through and of course there is the punishment of the grave......

All i can say is beleive in God and pray and do Good... that is our purpose here....

Phil P
i was in a car accident. im a ghost! ooooooooooo....!!!!!

I cant say that I have ever experienced this, but I would have to say it would vary drastically since there are tons of different ways a person can die....I have heard though that many who explain near death experiences talk about acutally coming out of their body and seeing themselves in an unconscious state or whatever!!

John D
Just like right now.

Wait a little longer then I'll let you know.

i feel like dying now and still feels like playing computer games online.

well...I am like this too. I get worried often about death too.

I have seen my own grandmother (who just died a month ago) of lung cancer. She never smoked. I saw her last few days when she was dying...she was unconscious...as if half of her body wasn't there...but some where else...

she was really quiet...calm...(it was painful b/c she was dying of cancer) she had lots of morhpine so that she wouldn't feel so much pain...after awhile; her body felt really tired...she slept lots...like no energy at all...her mind was just else where...you would talk to her; she would just look at you (barely said a word)...when she did listened she would nod...it was difficult to watch her go through...

...your mind is no longer working active...in the last few days...

I just pray that she is peacefully & in a happy place with my grandfather =) watching over us

Winter Glory
Depends on what you're dying from

Usually the brain will flood you with dopamines.

I guess it depends on how you die. You can die peacefully in your sleep (and not know it) or you can be mauled to death by a pit bull.

I almost died after giving birth to my son. I had flashes of my life and the people I loved. It also felt like my body temperature was steady going down. I was freezing, very weak and very light headed. I was also vomiting eveywhere.
This was my expeience but I also agree that it depends on what you're dying from.

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