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The whole right side of my body is numb, tingley and feels like its asleep and my right eye is twitching?
My legs been bothering me the last few months, but i thought it was just achy from working out, and my arm has been bothering me the last month but i thought it was from my heavy purse but today it is horrible i cant even write and had a hard time driving home and now my eye is twitching what can it be? im a 25 year old female??????

you need to see a doctor for further test like a scan of your head. judging by your age, it could be multiple sclerosis. Any headaches?

That sounds almost like a stroke but you seem a bit young for that, I'd see a doctor though, it sounds like something is wrong.

Funny cuz your left eye should join in with the right side of your body if it was a nerve problem....minor stroke? Eye twitch could be an unrelated Potassium or fatigue problem in addition to a pinched nerve (that would cause the numbness). Get it checked out!! Good luck!

hop off the internet and call a doctor now, dummy

This sounds very strikingly similar to what happened to me a few months ago, I am only 23 and my leg, the right one, felt like it could fall asleep, and felt tingly, and sortof numb, and just really weird. well i went to the doctor, and i have an inflammed nerve in my lower back that was causing the strange sensations. he put me on an anti-inflammatory, and a steroid. its been 5 months, and no more problems. so, i recommend you go to your doctor.

go and see a doctor!!!! it could have something to do with your circulation. or you could have put something out of place in your lower back because that tends so cause pins and needles. but go and see a doctor it doesn't sound to good and put your mind at rest :)

Medical Mom
you could of had a stroke and not even of known it. And 25 is not too young! get it checked out ASAP.

Dr. Kelso
You are having a reverse heart attack! You need to stay away from doctors, and not seek medical attention. you should go about your life and hope it goes away. it is NOT a serious condition, and shouldn't be treated with great care.

Altair J
see a doctor some disease's have that a permanent system

Miranda W
I don't want to alarm you, but the first thing that came to my mind is a stroke. You need to get to a doctor, it may not be a stroke, but you need to get it checked out asap. 25 is not too young to have a stroke. I hope everything turns out ok, good luck.

Call 911. Your showing signs of a blockage in the circulatory system either a heart attack or stroke. Possibly former clot in leg has moved into heart. GET HELP NOW!

Grama Gee
You know it could be almost anything from a nervous condition to a brain tumor to a stroke. But the best thing for you to do is to make an appointment ASAP with your doctor and tell him all the symptoms that you have been experiencing. The best thing to do is to keep a journal of when you have these symptoms...I mean are they when you do some certain activity or is it when you wake up...The doctor is going to ask you all of these questions...Its good to keep track and be prepared when you see the doctor. I wouldn't tell you that it is any certain thing because I am not a trained medical professional and that's who you need to consult with........Hey make that appointment ASAP....OK? Good Luck to you...

efren d
Questions like this should be asked to a doctor...not here!!

What are you waiting for..go now!

I think you should seriously be making an appointment to see your doctor.


I would suggest you see a neurologist. He or she can determine whether or not you've had a stroke, or if you have another condition such as a pinched nerve or something more serious, like MS. Have I alarmed you enough to go to a good neurologist now? If so, make sure you go to one who is experienced in autoimmune diseases (like MS), as well as stroke and general neurology.

I speak from experience. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006, and my symptoms were numbness and tingling feelings in my arms and legs, as well as muscle spasms and cramps. It took a year and a half before my doctors arrived at the diagnosis. Don't let that happen to you.

The chances of it being MS are really minute. But if it is, you can send me an email and I can help you with resources. Mine is under control, and my life has actually never been better. In a strange way, I have the MS to thank for that. I slowed down, changed careers, and re-prioritized my life.

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it turns out, will you?

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