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Amy O
How do I get my ear unstopped??
I've had a cold for about a week and my left ear is stopped up and driving me crazy! Yawning doesn't work.

put a blow dryer on a low or medium setting and blow it into your ear.

stand in a hot shower and blow your nose real hard.

Q-tips can make it worse, shoving whatever is stopping it up down further in the ear canal. Try Hydrogen Peroxide. Let it sit and bubble for a while and then tip your head over. You can also try warm water. If none of this work then you most likely have something a lot stronger than water or ear wax stopping up your ear and you need to see a physician.

Also, pinching your nose and blowing hard can rupture your ear drum.

ok.. u close ur nose.. by pinching it, and blow it...

If you have water in your ear turn your head to the side and jump up and down.

If that doesn't help go to the doctor you could have wax build up or an ear infections. Having a cold can cause an ear infection.

You can get ear candles at GNC. It sounds weird but they really work!

gentle giant
You might have an ear infection. Go to the doctor to get it checked.

use swimmers ear!!

Q- tips

sweet oil can get drug store warm it while in bottle put warm water in a small bowl and warm the sweet oil put drops in ear

Hold nose and close mouth and blow; chewing gum; sinus medication; stuffing ear with cotton and sleep on it; it is probably connected to an ongoing sinus issue and won't go away until that is resolved.


They work GREAT!
I use them because I have really messed up ears.
When I get a cold and my ears plug up, I can't hear anything and it feels like pressure inside the ear.
Every time I use 2 to 3 Wax Removal Candles, it clears up right away.
Works for colds, earaches and wax buildup.

You need to use them correctly.
You won't regret it!

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