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What does it mean when you keep smelling the smell of burning toast?

Be sure this is what it really is who knows your electric wiring could be going bad somewhere.
Another thing to check is the pan on the bottom of the toaster to be sure its not the burnt crumbs causing the smell this could cause a fire. As for Emily Rose version it was not burnt toast she was smelling.

might be that u av burnt yr toast lol

You need to check your toaster. . .
Kidding, perhaps its something you have been thinking about. Sometimes, when you think of something long enough, you swear you can taste or smell it.

It's god's way of telling you that you are toast .. Seeya

Toaster's on fire!

Kebby L
I have heard that smelling burnt toast can mean you may have a seizure in the near moments. Also, I've heard pregnant friends of mine saying they smell burnt toast (I think they were just hungry)

it means your toaster has run amok and is doing it's own thing. QUICK, GET THE BUTTER AND JAM!!!

i think you should go and see your gp and put your mind to rest

shay m
itsprobably the smell of dried blood.have u had a nose bleed recentley. if not u might have a weak blood vessell in your nose or in your nasal passages .i used to get nosebleeds as a kid and i will always remember the smell. when the blood was drying up
burning toast describesit exactly.

It can also mean you are having an allergy or post nasal drip. More seriously it can mean some disease of the brain........don't get alarmed.

lily paige
Smelling things that aren't there can be a sign of schizophrenia

Hopefully it's not 3am when you're smelling it..........every see The Exorcism of Emily Rose??

It was discovered that it can be the beginning of an epileptic seizure. Or your a bad cook.

tom c
Constantly smelling the odour of burning toast means either of two things:

- You have got toast burning in your house constantly

-You have some burnt toast breadcrumbs stuck in your nostrills (happens with paint also) so untill it goes away, you ll always smell it!

If I smell it and I am not grilling it, then it has drifted from someones elses burnt toast.

Shaun the Sheep
You should go and see your doctor. Smelling this can mean that you may experience a stroke (CVA) in the near future. You need to have your blood pressure checked out.

Smelling things that aren't there can also be a sign of having epilepsy.

baby dust for me
maybe you have bread stuck in your toaster that was last used and everytime you use it u smell that last toast that was in there.

means your toaster's stuck

big dave
it means check your toaster

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