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 What is this?
I've seen small three flashes of light today, weird little things that kind of look like flashys. I saw one, then a lot of time passed like hours, then I saw another, then only about 30 minutes ...

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 If I press my closed eyelid with my finger, I see a faint blue dot in the darkness. What's that called?
Those blue dots are at the corner of my eyes.
Additional Details
That blue dot is among my earliest memories. If I was damaging my eyes, I think I would've at least needed glasses ...

 He wont let me???
i wear glasses and my dad wont let me get contacts. my glasses are getting annyoing and i want contacts. my dad says he doesnt want me getting contacts at this age and i'm 11! i have friends ...

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Are there some exercises that I can do to stop the rot?...

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The vision in my right eye is very slightly blurred, like it's not focussing quite right. It's only really noticeable when I'm looking at high-detail things, like when I'm on the ...

 What causes you to see black wavy lines and spots a lot?
Kinda reminds me of little worms crawling around
Additional Details
I don't drink!
Sometimes I do expierence flashes of light!...

 Does it hurt when you get your eyes get dialated?
like, i went to the eye doctor and he was all like: at your age (12) we usually start this and he said it was a drop that nummed your eye... it was to check something but idk what it was, and i threw ...

 Why are the whites of my eyes turning yellow?
a couple of years ago i suddenly noticed the whites of my eyes have turned really yellow... i really hate it :(
Does anyone else have this?
Does anyone know the cause of it?
I don'...

 Why does my vision get blurry?
Why does my vision get blurry sometimes whenever I try to read a book or when reading?
My eyes cant seem to focus, and my vision gets all blurry. It usually corrects itself when I move back, ...

 When should I consider wearing contact lenses?
My eyes sights are currently at -2.5. I want to get contact lenses. However, I don't know if I should be wearing them at this point.

What are you suggestions? Should I consider ...

 My contact lense is stuck in my eye?
i put my soft contact lense in my left eye this morning, and when i did i think it was inside out because it was uncomfortable but then i tried to get it out, and i couldnt find it. not for about 4 ...

 Contact lens???
What do I do when my contact lens gets blurr and why does it get blurr? I cleansed it using Baush & Lomb Tri Action Multi-Purpose solution and I did all the proper steps to disinfect it. I have ...

 How old old should my child be when she get her first pair of contacts?

 OMG WHY CANT i SEE??? !!!?
omg guys!!

i was fine about 20 min ago,, then all of a sudden, one of my eyes cant see properly!!

its like if i look at my face in the mirror i can see the right side of ...

 Can I wear contacts, I kind of have a lazy eye, its not really really lazy but its a little?

Why can't I see out my new glasses?
This is my 2nd doctor. I can't see clear. I see okay up close, and very blurry on objects far away. Is it me? Any advice?
Additional Details
My old script was

R +50 -1.25 003
L pl -0.75 176

and the NEW

Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD + 0.25 -1.25 180
OS pl -0.75 174

Tony S
Your doubting yourself and your probably saying that people might think your glasess are stupid

Marco P
Are you wearing them lol?

the prescription is not right, or you are simply not accustomed to the new view. give it a few days, you'll get used to it!

good luck!

kevin p
try cleaning them or get yourself new doctor

Get your eyes tested again and compare your old 'script to the new one and adjust as required.

may be your prescription is wrong. if it hasnt been very long 2-4 weeks go back to the 1st dr and ask for a recheck. try going as early in the morning as you can when you are well rested

Maybe they put the lenses in backwards. My sis wore glasses and one time they put the left rx into the right lense and the right rx into the left lense. Good luck.

Flying Dragon
A couple things to try as an "experiment" to see if the lenses are messed up: [It actually takes less time to do these tests than to read about it!]

1] Put on your glasses, close one eye, is the open eye seeing in focus, then do it with the other eye (this will tell you if one, or neither, lens is "OK".

2] Next, hold the glasses as if you were going to put them on (about the same distance from your eyes as if you were wearing them)but keep the ear things folded. Look through one lens at a time (with the correct eye) and rotate the glasses 180 degrees so they are now upside down (the center of rotation is the center of the lens you are looking through). Note if there is any point in the rotation where things become in focus.

This will tell you if the lenses are in the correct half of the frame but the cylindrical component of the perscription is in the wrong orientation in one or both lenses.

3] Now, hold the glasses as if you were going to put them on( like above) but fold the left side ear thing to get it out of the way. (It will cover a little of the lens but it doesn't matter for this test). Look through the LEFT lens with your RIGHT eye (start with the glasses right side up, then rotate until they are upside down; [180 degrees]) Again, the center of rotation is the center of the lens you are looking through. Note if there is any position were things are in focus or not. Do the reverse; looking with the left eye through the right lens. This should tell you if they have the left/right lenses reversed and if the cylinder component of the lenses are in the correct orientation or not.

It shouldn't take all this time to get used to new glasses! Every time I have gotten new glasses, I put them on and I could see fine immidiately! I think your glasses are messed up, go back to the first doctor and explain the problem; he should make it right for no charge!

they may not have been made properly so that when you are wearing them, the correct prescription lines up with your eyes

maybe you dont need glasses

lucky s,
Sweet heart it's matter of Doctor, go to Doctor and get better lenses.

stephanie p
Take them back to where you got them
Typos and mistakes happen all the time
Have a professional check them out against the original script the doctor gave you !

They gave you the wrong perscription it seems like, if anything they should have given you a stronger script, but it seems they gave you a weaker one. I'd go to a new doctor, or your old one and get it replaced. Thats the only thing I could think of, unless your eyes are still adjusting to the new glasses, but that usually clears up within a couple hours. Good luck Bud.

wrong prescription is my guess.

Go back and explain what is wrong and they should correct it free of charge as it is their fault.

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