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 Can anyone tell me what the yellow in my eye color is? I have a picture!?
Additional Details
ya i dont like it either!...

 Everything i see is a shade of green!!?
This is somthing really weird that i only experience when i'm tired. Everything i look at seems a weird shade of green, i'm alittle colour blind, what could be causing this?...

 My eyes get kind of blurry when i read for a long time, i dont have bad vision. they just get tired, help?
okay, so im going to be a senior and ive been reading up on some subjects im taking next year to lessen the work load ill have next year.

but ive discovered my eyes get blurry after i ...

 Well Im in 9th grade and everybody says I look like a pothead and its something about my eyes.How can I fix it
Well a few people say my eyes make me look like a pothead, and I was wondering what to do about? I've never smoked pot or stayed around somebody who was smoking it( or any other drug :P)...

 I have an eye twitch?
hi ive developed an eye twitch it seems from playing my playstation 3 for a long time time. Its been going on now for about 4 days, although its getting a bit better i wondering if anybody had some ...

 I don't like my eye color, what's a spell I can do to change the color?
Ok, so I want to change the color of my eyes. Does anyone know a good spell to do so I can change them?

 Is it true that cataract surgery complications only happen 1 in 1000 times?
What are the chances of seeing visual disturbances after cataract surgery?...

 Cataract surgery Vs lasik surgery?
i was wondering which is best opition if the person wears a thick bifocal glasses.

recommend a doctor in my area . is there any websites that explains the procedure. what is the average ...

 I have this weird red dot on my eye.. help!?
hiya im only 13 so im worried ;S heres the link to show a lil paint drawing i did of it,

Additional Details<...

 I have a red dot size of a tip of an eraser on a pencil. on my eye, it dosnt hurt and i do were contacts.?
should i go to the ...

 Does Lasik eye surgery hurt?
3 questions in one.

1) Does it hurt, or can you even feel anything.
2) I hear on the radio that LASIK is now done 100% laser. Is that true?
3) I have astigmatism. Can I still ...

 Contact Lenses Online? Whats the cheapest website to order my contacts online?

 What does my eye test results mean?
The optician told me that I am short sighted.

The Right sphere is -0.25 and the left sphere is -025

the right and left distance acuity are both 6/5

what does all ...

 I just got some new soft contacts, and I'm having a hard time getting them out.?
I make sure I have my hands dry and I put eye drops in my eyes, but nothing seems to be working. The contacts just won't pinch or come out!...

 What happens if i leave my contacts on?
for more than 8hours?
while i take a nap?
Additional Details
i wear soft contacts, what if my schedule is straight for 11hours, and don't have the time to remove them? what ...

 My Hard lense contacts bug me!?
i think i've already asked this but idont think it got posted
I have hard lense small contacts that last for ever.
Even if a peice of hair gets in my eye , my eye ...

 How can you get a 18 month old to keep his glasses on?
My cousin just got glasses due to lazy eye. He's 18 months old and a total bruiser. (as in he's all boy, gets into things and acts like a monkey.)
Anyway we all tried getting him to ...

 Cure for dry eyes?
Does anyone kmow if there is any treatment for dry eyes? I have been to eye hosp and got antibiotics and steriods for an infection. however i have been left with dry eyes and all hosp say is to use ...

 Okay, so i went to this eye center place and asked if i can have contacts... they said the examination is $130
are contacts that expensive? i mean i'll have to pay the 130 plus the actual lenses! :0!! do i have to?? arent there the johnson&johnson contacts that come is a box??? how do i get those? do ...

 Does staying in a computer for a long time can damage your eyes??

Could needing glasses cause dizziness???
Ive been feeling dizzy for about the last month, and my eyes have also been kind of tired feeling, or strained. Ive been to the doctors and they said my dizziness isnt serious or anything, they just think it could be vertigo, but that doesnt seem to be going away. Ive always had good vision, but recently i have noticed that things seem a little blurry. Please help me, i want to know whats wrong with me. Could i need glasses??

That sounds about right, I'd suggest seeing an eye doctor. You could also test your vision right now, cover up one eye and stand a certain distance from an object (perhaps a clock) and see if you can read the time with one eye covered then switch.

Deffinitely. Your eyes feel strained and your vision is blurry - those are two signs of needing glasses. Go to an eye doctor and find out. That's really all you can do.

Mr. monkey
this sounds a lot like my situation. I'm an air force cop, and we have to fire a rifle every year, well, ive always gotten 40 out of 40, but then i failed with a 17 of 40 because my eyes were tired. i too was feeling dizzy all the time and all i wanted to do was rest my eyes. i went to an eye doctor for the first time in my life and he said that even though i have great vision I'm still far sighted. the muscles in my eyes control the lens and fix the problem through the day, but now they are weakening. this means my lens won't stay the right "size" without strain. Get some glasses, even if its just for reading, it helps. promise.

It's possible.
You may need glasses just to get rid of headaches.

My oldest sister's numberthing is literally -.25 and she only wears them because she gets headaches sometimes from her eyesight...

Collin Y
yes you could seeing in blurry is always a sine of glasses

most definately

eye strain

Colby C
I've had glasses all of my life.
Ever since I was about 8 years old
But I have to get my prescription renewed every year.
and every year when i go to get my prescription renewed they give me a questionaire type of thing.
And they list a bunch of things that you can check off like headaches and lightheadedness.
And dizziness is definitely on the list.
So I'm guessing it could have to do with your eyesight.
You might want to go get your eyes checked.

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