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To quote FRECKLES (in Jokes & Riddles category):

"Surprised some can laugh when exposed to rape at 14 neonbabe

IF you try to come back with time go's on ..then ...

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 What way would you like to die?

Whats the quickest and painless way to end your own life?
I cant take this depression anymore :-(


A man goes to a shop, picks up a beautiful cup and says "my god this cup is so beautiful" and suddenly the cup starts talking to the man. The cup starts saying "O man, I am beautiful right now, but what was the state of my being before the pot-maker made me a beautiful pot?

Before I was sheer mud and the pot-maker pulled me out of the mud from the mother earth and I felt why that pot-maker is so cruel, he has separated me from mother earth. I felt a tremendous pain. And the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then he put me and churned me, when I was churned I felt so giddy, so painful, so stressful, I asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then he put me into a oven and heated me up, I felt completely burnt. There was tremendous pain and I asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" and the pot-maker said, "Just wait."

Then he poured hot paint on me and I felt the fume and the pain, I again asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" and the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then again he put me into an oven and heated it to make me more strong, I felt life is so painful hence pleaded the pot-maker and the pot-maker said, "Just wait." And after that the pot-maker took me to the mirror and said, "Now look at yourself". And surprisingly I found myself so beautiful.

When god gives us lot of trouble, it appears god is very cruel but we need patience and we have to wait. When bad things happen to good people, they become better and not bitter.

So all difficulties are part of a cosmic design to make us really beautiful. We need patience, we need understanding, we need the commitment to go through in a very calm and wise way. So all difficulties are not to tumble us but to humble us.

With this understanding, let us not be against difficulty. Understand difficulty is a part of a purifying process. A purifying process at present which we cannot understand and hence we need faith and we need trust.

Let us understand how to handle stress with this background. You can be affected by stress from two angles. There is an internal stress and there is an external stress. Nobody can avoid stress; one has to only manage stress. Managing stress can be internal and also external.

The internal stress is; your thoughts can create stress, your values can create stress, and your beliefs can create stress, meaning thereby your stress is coming from your mind more from the outer world. Many people suffer not from heart attack - they suffer from thought-attack.

For example, when somebody says you are an idiot, we get so hurt, we get so victimised. My boss has called me an idiot and I am feeling tremendous pain. Now where does this stress come from? If my boss has called me an idiot, I have to ask myself "am I an idiot"?

If I am an idiot nothing to be upset about; and if I am not an idiot, then also nothing to be upset about! It is the perception of the boss. But why do we suffer from that stress? I suffer not because my boss has called me an idiot but because of the thought-attack.

I may say the boss has called me an idiot; therefore I am suffering? It is true that the words are unpleasant. But what hurts is the interpretation of the unpleasant word. The thought in me interprets. That is pain and therefore it becomes pain. Much of our stress is our mind interpreting it as pain. So we suffer from thought-attack more than heart attack.

How can I know my mind?
An alert mind is not a problem; an unaware mind is. The mind projects the future to be fulfilling but misses the beauty of the present. If you are rich, you want to be richer; if you are strong, you want to be stronger; if you are beautiful, you want to be more beautiful. Such a mind does not make you live life but leave life.

Such a mind creates false prayers. You make a ritual out of prayer and pretend to pray. Such prayer becomes an empty gesture.

Why am I so greedy?
There is a visible world and there is an invisible world. There is a visible self and an invisible self. The visible world is a world of diversity and the invisible world is a world of oneness.

If we live on the periphery we will feel incomplete but completeness is one’s nature. This incompleteness wants us to be a complete person. But the only track it knows is greed, wanting more. The enlightened masters give us not a dogma but a device to reach this state of completeness.

We should stop fooling around with life. Just thinking to be happy is not enough; just thinking to be wise is not enough. It is a luxury to think but it is wisdom to live. Ask yourself: Are you concerned with reality or fantasy?

There are two ways to know reality. If you want to know objective reality, then science is the way out. If you want to know subjective reality, turn to spirituality.

Why does one worry in life ?
Worry has become a habit for many. An inner energy that is not creative goes around in circles of worry. A creative person is one who, when he encounters a problem, is focused on the solution and is not a victim to the problem. Convert the problem into a springboard for possibilities.

A doctor does not cure illness but allows the healing process within to surface by giving it the right condition. So, too, the true healer exists within you. But you have to create the right condition. By looking at the mountain you can’t climb the mountain, you should will yourself to climb the mountain. Optimise this will for you to be above worry.

What should one do to be successful in life?
Ultimately what you need is self-confidence, mental toughness, commitment to excel and the ability to use the power of imagination.

What do you mean by self-confidence?
There are three pillars of self-confidence: Feeling good, taking responsibility and developing skills. There are both healthy ways and unhealthy ways of feeling good. You should develop the discipline to feel good in a healthy way. The quality of one’s life is the quality of one’s consistent feeling. There are techniques that are taught how to hold and maintain consistent feelings of empowerment within you.

How does one acquire clarity?
Clarity is acquired not by knowledge but by knowing. It is not a belief system; it is intelligence operating in the domain of freedom. The true meaning of renunciation is not renouncing the world but renouncing bondage. When bondage is renounced there is freedom, the most important thing. In freedom lies intelligence. It is not just discipline but true freedom. Freedom is not something devoid of order; it is a flowering of order.

That's the easy way out, don't be an ***. You will make alot of people really sad, you probably don't even know how much you are loved by people close to you. Step back, and look at your problems; they are insignificant compared to what you can do with the rest of your life.

you think you are depressed then think of the folk you are leaving behid dont you think they are going to be ill if anything happens to you,we all feel like that sometimes but life goes on would they be want to go on living without you i dont think so do you.

That is one of the most selfish things to do EVER!! We've all had to deal with life and what it dishes our way. Do you have anyone who loves you? Think about the way they would feel if you died. Will your life really be over? What if the afterlife is worse than this one? What are you going to do then? Talk to someone, preferably a higher power. Hold on. You are here for a reason.

Probably sleeping pills, painless and you will just fall asleep. I've got to add that is really selfish of you, think about the pain you will cause the people who love you!

I read your other question and what you had to say about medication, to that I have this to say: if the depression is bad enough that suicide has entered your mind then you have crossed the threshold from regular run-of-the-mill garden-variety depression to MEDICAL CONDITION depression. If you were a diabetic, you would take insulin, wouldn't you? You need to treat the depression so you can get on with your life. And almost all of the medications out there are not addictive as you feared, ask people who've taken them, ask a doctor.

I personally don't have a problem with suicide, but if you're gonna do it you should at least give treating the depression with doctor's help a chance first, otherwise you haven't really given it a shot.

Then do something to turn your life around.

Depression can be handled - it is not in your head - but very real. Without proper treatment it does get worse.

But nothing is as final and total as death. You have to make an effort to get out and do something for yourself. You don't say how old you are -- if you are young and still have a mother or father around - talk to them, they can get you the professional help you are in need of.

If you are older, say in college - speak to the counselors or a well valued professor. They can guide you.

If even older, then consult with your friends - and get a recommendation for a good shrink. If none if available - seek out your clergyman, priest, rabbi, etc. or consult the yellow pages for a therapist near you.

It's a good life - and we get out of it a lot more than we put in it most of the time - start learning to enjoy it.

cornelius p
You have ,endid your old life ! and with out pain ! Now for the camershel --, go to the book store ,pick up a coppy of Ancient secrets to the fountain of youth , read it ! do it ! Wont cost a bundel, Is habbit formming ! Will put you on a road to a new life ! The old-one had a glitch ! Start a new one ! Your old car fell apart, you didn't stop driving ! you got a new car !

dont do it everyone wants to dont

I always thought getting drunk and sitting outside in below zero weather would be good. Death won't alleviate your suffering - yeah right.

Sadly death may not alleviate your concerns.

Twelve pack of beer along with favorite tunes on the radio in the front seat of a running car inside the garage! Perfect!

Püre Pöison
I'm thinking of the same thing now. Seriously.

I'm having a beer, sitting in front of the computer. My mind is racing a million miles a minute.

I don’t even have a solution for myself, but I hope that I can somehow give you some hope, even if it is but a flicker. Sadly, the only thing that keeps me going is the memory that – I know I cannot get past a certain point if I do attempt to take my life. The self-preservation instinct always kicks in – believe you me.

I hope you’ll be OK tonight or today. Go give yourself a break, do something you enjoy tonight, call in sick tomorrow and see a doctor to get pills or whatever works for you. Me? I’m not fine, but I’ll be alive.

Good luck. Sometimes hope is all we have left. You can write to me if you feel like it. Regards.

Are you on meds? Don't take your own life, hon. It ain't worth it. Trust me. It's not.

Feel free to message me if you want cause I wanna know your story.

maryann c
No NO and NO!!! I hope noone agreed here. first of all Nothing is ever that bad! and believe me im telling you this from a place whereI know what bad can be.There are no problems only solutions.Please seek out therapy.I did it when i was at the I cant take it anymore stage,fight girl cmon fight!! There is help out there for cheap too. After you get over this rough patch you will be better and stronger and wiser and you know what?You will be proud of yourself that you overcame it!!

live to old age is pianless and you will be glad your life was wonderful with memories and experiences

Stacy B
I've been where you are...all I wanted was to be HAPPY again and it didn't seem possible...but you have to WANT to be happy again...PLEASE go see a doctor or find someone to confide in...get meds to alleviate the pain...there is no shame in that...also PRAY, PRAY, PRAY...that is what brought me out of my depression more than anything...even if you think there is no hope and that no one cares...JESUS cares and loves you and only wants the best for you. I also had a close friend take her own life in high school and I have NEVER gotten over it...I think of her every day...it's been nearly 20 years now and she is forever in my thoughts...you have no idea how many people you will hurt and how selfish an act that is...it will not solve anything...PLEASE get help...you are precious and worthy and deserve to be HAPPY. :)

don't kill yourself... switch schools, find a new job, do whatever to start something new but don't do that. it isn't funny & you don't know what your doing to other people when you take your own life.

my friend did it last year. it kills me every day. please reconsider. see a therapist or anybody that can help you. PLEASE

Depression is certainly a black dog from hell, but it can be sensibly dealt with. Get some antidepressants from a medical doctor, eat only healthy foods (no sugar, it causes the blues), get out in the fresh air and take time to list things you are grateful for. This is from a person who has dealt with depression for years.

Life has its up and downs but when that becomes to much you need to go to doctor. They can help you with depression. Either by helping you cope or letting you talk our your problems. Killing yourself will not solve anything.

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