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 Broken Finger - what good is icing it?
I'm not positive tis broken yet, but I've broken 4 bones in my life, and I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'll probably get an x-ray tomorrow...just to make sure

It's ...

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 Have you ever broken a bone....and just ignored it????
hoped it would mend itself,without going to the hospital ????...

i think my hand might be broken but i dont want to say anything to my parents because i have a horse show that i dont want to miss! please help?
* its hard to move my pinky and ring finger

 How long does lower back pain last after a fall?
I had an accident at work and I still feel pain in my lower back and I cant sleep. do you know how long it takes to feel better. Its been more than 4 weeks and I still feel pain.

 I cant stop sneezing?
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 If you had to break a bone which one would it be?

 I heard that if you get 300 paper cuts you can go into shock, is that true?

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 My mother is in her 60s and is displaying signs of a bent back. How do I stop her bent back from aggravating?

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 Brain damage by falling down from a trampoline?
I just fell down from a trampoline because I jumped so high and couldn't get me straight.. I fell down with my head first.. When I got on the ground, I felt my head was so painful and dizzy.

 Can you get whiplash from dancing?
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 I've stepped on a wasp: What will make the swelling go down?
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 What are some home remedies to do if your ears are popping.?

 Is my nose broken, or what?
I was warming up for a softball game and the coach threw me a short pop up and i dove for it and i missed. It hit me, it bleeded for maybe about 10 minutes. It hurts at the top and when i put ...

 Professional advice about broken toe please?
I smacked my little toe on a shopping trolley yesterday and thought the pain would go away but it's not and I'm limping around. I'm not sure if it's bruised (the toe is slightly ...

How much does it cost to see a doctor without insurance?
i hurt the ball (arch) of my foot about 2 weeks ago now whenever i walk or try to run the corner of my bottom foot gets sharp pain it seems to get a little better when i dont run on it how much will it cost to get it checked out?

You should go and see a Dr.the front desk will get you to fill out forms, then tell them that you have no insurance and offer to do something for the Dr. or the office when you get better . Or ask them if they know of any care available for people that currently have no insurance. By all means even with insurance medical care is expensive. If possible look for work that has medical coverage

Joan Dark
Probably $100 or so (maybe $150) to see a sports doctor.

A chiropractor would cost less (maybe $50-75), but I'm not sure a chiropractor would be as helpful to you as a sports doc. (But I think a chiropractor would be somewhat helpful, so if $$ is tight for you, you might try chiro. instead of sports doc.)

Barkley Hound
$50-$75 for initial exam. If lab or x-rays required it can cost hunderds.

Dr. Education
It depends the average for the first visit is around $70 - 80 here in south La. the second visit comes down.

An alternative is, if y'all have them, the WALK-IN CLINICS. It's like an emergency room but not the high cost of one.

I don't know how much pride you have but the local parish/county health unit is free health care. Also, if y'all have them, CHARITY HOSPITALS. Be prepared you're gonna wait.

Call a local podiatrist and try to get a quote. You are probably looking at around $100 though.

Malia B
Usually $100 for initial visit to emergency room. In some urban areas there is also what they call "Charity Care"...where they will pay some of the expense. If it is serious pain, i would suggest to go in and get it checked out. I just got a job with Good benefits and Health Insurance....i've been without insurance for 10 years so i know the difficulties of not having it.

There are a lot of places that will offer assistance to those that have no insurance. Depending on where you live, big city, small town, you may have to travel a little. Just call and speak with someone at the office, and I am sure they would gladly try to assist you in finding a way to take care of the bill. There are 46 million people in this county with out insurance so many people have to deal with no being able to pay for healthcare. Just dont be affraid to ask, you can get help

A whole bunch of money. Doctors charge so much. I would just ask before hand so you will have some sort of an idea. It sounds like you will need an xray and you don't even want to know how much that will cost. Good luck")

That depends. Are you new to the doctor or an established patient? Will they need to do xrays? This visit could run you as much as $200 for a private practice MD. Best bet? Call your doc. They may charge less for an established patient or allow you to make payments.
Also, your location matters! You will pay more in a big city.

gina m
i'm not sure what area you are from, but i work in a podiatry office in central ohio and we have a discount rate for self pay patients of 30% off usual and customary charges[about $54 for office visit and $38 for xrays]. call an office close to you and ask them up front for self pay discounts. there is a webiste called howmuchdoc.com you can try also to see if there are any participating phycisians in your area. check out the source below for direct link good luck!

Depends where you live and just how much you value your health or your life.

No one will argue that the cost of medical care is prohibitive but what choice do we have?

Ask yourself this; how much do you spend on fancy designer sneakers and if you do (and I am only asking), then you should think of what's more important.

The costs you incur are totally dependent on the extent of your injury. To just 'see' a family doctor, the costs are generally $60-85, depending on what part of the country you live in. These fees go up depending on the 'acuity of your visit', that is, how intense the visit is, how much time it takes, etc. To see and emergency room doctor, the charges are much higher, upwards of $150-185.

Those are just the fees billed by the physician. Add in X-ray costs, the costs of any medications they give, orthopedic devices (splints, casts, crutches, cast boots, etc.) and the bills could be in the multiple hundreds.

Figure a minimum of a couple hundred to get this checked out. And unfortunately, if the situation is not simple, you could be refered to an orthopedic specialist, require therapy, and possible surgery. There is no way to tell from the information you've provided. IF this is the case, you're costs could easily exceed $10,000.

I know that doesn't sound good, but I am a living example. I went to my family doctor for knee pain, and when all was said and done, my total costs for repair (surgeries, PT, medications, etc.) were over $50,000. Fortunately for me, my insurance paid all but a couple hundred.

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