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 My 4 yr old just bumped his nose into my 11 yr olds head.immediately his nose started bleeding from both?
nostrils. There is a slight swelling and he is having a little trouble bleeding. do you know if I should take him to the emergency room. SHould he lay back on pillow what do you think I should do....

 Do toenails regrow back after they've been completely ripped off?
I know it's disgusting, but I do bite my toenails and pick at them, but today I noticed that I picked at it a little too much and the nail is practically falling off the toe. I want to rip it ...

my son woke up this morning with a really red and swollen face and he sees its really itchy. Now one of his eye is swollen and its swollen shut he can barely open it.
he says he THINKS he got ...

 I just pierced my nose about 2 hours ago with a safety pin how do i take care of it?
i pierced it then put my ring in it it was sterilized and then i poured some pubbing alchol on it,, so when do i clean it with rubbing alchol again?? and how many times a ...

 What is the best way to break your leg. And what do you do after you break it?
This may sound stupid, but please answer with in reason. Maybe something i could do at school:d Please help me:D...

 Finger Slammed in Door?
eeek,,its blue and it hurts real bad...i went to the doctor and got xrayed and they said just let it be...the blue is just blood that didnt reach oxygen yet right!?...

 Well im getting this really bad pain right on under my ribs on the left had side of my body?
this is near the hip but not the hip it is the fat between it im not over weight an iv had no other problems so can you plz help me an tell me wots wrong cuz it really hurts like someones puched me ...

 How do I entertain myself?
I'm going to be in a cast and crutches for 6 weeks because of ankle surgery, how can I entertain myself for the rest of the Holiday break, and on weekends, and when I have spare time?...

 Chest pains?
ok so i've had chest pains for a while now, but recently they've gotten really bad. today in an exam it felt like my ribs had caved in and i had to hold my breath for ages before i could ...

 DLA question?
my wife has sevier arthoritas.she applied for dla and got the lowest componant for living alowance. but her biggest problem
is walking she cant walk . so we appeald. wich the hearing was today ...

 Butt Pain?
Im 14 years old and ever since school got out i've had a butt pain. It hurts to sit down, so i just slouch down when i do sit. I sit at the computer a lot but lately i've been just doing ...

 I am a kid with nothing to eat and Ihave to cook for the first time. I NEED HELP!!!?
I have 2 kilos of potatoes lying around,an oven,some olive oil,and lots of chilly ketchup. Please give me instructions.
PS: I am really hungry so please post only serius answers
Additional ...

 Can you die from cutting off ur tongue?!?
i herd rumors about this...is it true?
Additional Details
I wuz just wondering.


 Help! please!?
my brother just hit an oil heater(it was not on) and that caused his right eyelid to split. the cut was quite deep, do you think it will heal? will this require stitches? he will be able to see ...

 Is this normal?
Two weeks ago I was running, tripped and fell onto my leg. My knee hurt for about a week afterwards, and then the pain left, but came back a few days later. Is this normal?...

 My ear is bleeding?

i got in-ear monitors for listening to music, and because of that i clean my ears on a regular basic (usually every other day). today, i cleaned my ears, and when i removed it i ...

 I swallowed my toungue ring a week and a day ago, what should I do?
I swallowed my toungue ring on monday of last week, its now tuesday. I was told by many people if I don't pass it out within three days to go get x-rays. Well, atleast thats actually what I'...

 Car accident.. two weeks ago.. still in pain (neck and back)?
I was in a car accident almost two weeks ago. My mom told me i would be sore.. i understand after an accident one will be in pain, that but i am still in pain.. her excuses is to give it time and i�...

 I have a problem and i think it serious. Please Help!?
Here the story. Last sunday i was riding my skateboard and i was going really fast and so i lost my grip on the board and i slip and fell hardly and scrape my knees and hand. Now this is my first ...

 I am a male crossdresser i need to get rid of spider veins inside of left leg only fom ankle to calf help me
i would like to get back to wearing nude stockings and pantihose please only thoughtful helpful responses from girls ...

britt brat
How long does it usually take to recover from whiplash?
my friend and i were rear-ended in a car accident last night and now i have whiplash. how long does it usually take to recover? my emergency room doctor never told me...he just told me how to take care of myself while at home.

just about week i had it before ! just keep warm towels on it for about 2 or 3 days then cold for the rest!

You better sue.. Here is what is going happen... A chiropractor or 10 will call you. Go see them, you will get massages and everything for FREE... Then get a lawyer, he will not charge you anything, he just wants a cut of what the insurance comp gives you. It's so easy and u'll get money.. Me and my best bud did it. Watch you will be getting calls and letters from lawyers and chiropractors very very soon. You don't pay a cent... It's good for u too to get treatment on your back and neck. My friend and I got 800 bucks each for seriously nothing.

about 48 hrs

S. M.
I had whiplash once. I don't think it lasted very long. I think I healed up in less than a week. I could take the brace off after a day or two though.

Sometimes never but I sure hope you will be ok and suffer no long lasting bad effects

about a week or so depending on how bad it was. Sometimes you can suffer permanent damage from it.

It depends on whether you are suing someone who has deep pockets and how good your attorney is. It could last a while.

Sorry to hear that .It usually takes about one wk. mostly..
I like the Dr.'s answer but i also believe in moist heating pads helps alot abd watch the way you sleep,could wake up stiffer, if you get really bad go get CAPISAN i have roll on and its great,much better than any of that muscle rub stuff. Feel Better

bren ♥♡♥
They don't do braces anymore. Turns out they were no help, and may have made it worse. I had whiplash a couple of years ago, and it lasted 3 months. I could not turn my head. My friend who had it suffered for one month, so I guess it depends. I did physical therapy, which helped some. Try a Google search. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

a week

Dr. Rob Rice
typical of the ER doctor. It could take 6-8 to "heal" but realize that if you have whiplash, you're next step is early arthritis. This is reversible only early on. To reverse this and treat it as to minimize your chances of having/developing arthritis, you should see your chiropractor. Without proper care, damage can be difficult to reverse or irreversible.

Best of luck.

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