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 What is this? I woke up this morning to a huge pain in my calf, it felt like the muscle was taring apart wut?
is it? A charlie horse? What?...

 If you die and you have a broken leg do they take the cast off?

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 Does Glass come out on its own?
I think the question says it ...

 What would happen if you have pink eye and then someone punches you in your pink eye and gave you a black eye?

 I've been having dizzy spells for about 6 months or longer...I had a serious fall.?
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 Can you please answer right away..?
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 Is it illegal to get a tatoo on your wrists?
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 I hit hand, now numb, how long to heal?
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 Can brain freezes be fatal?
im doing science fair please help ...

 Ear infection? (in the piercing)?
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 When you get hurt why is there a lump?
I banged my theigh on something yesturday and now i have a huge bruise and bump. I know why the bruise is there but what causes the big bump??...

 BACK TO SCHOOl problem!?
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 What should I do?
I was in a hummvee accident in iraq in Nov 2004. I had lower back pain since then. Now I've been told I lost some feeling in my left leg and my upper back is real tender so if you touch it hurts....

 What odd things can you do?
i can get both my legs over my head and bend my fingers and thumbs in any direction.

I can also sense tea being made from up to a mile away

what amazing abilities do ye all have?...

 Help! My ring is stuck...?
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My finger has swollen ...

 My daughter broke her wrist when she was 9 and the dr let the bone heal with a wrinkle in it, now she is 13 &?
the orthopedic dr said it would work itself out within 6 months to a year and her wrist is still crooked!! It is very noticeable also. What should i do, i know it's been 4 yrs but what would ...

 I fell from a truck that was about 6 feet off the ground, on my FACE. my lip & teeth were bleeding a lot(cont)
&+ my lip swelled up. now my teeth dont hurt anymore unless you touch them &+ my lip has a scab but it is not swollen &+ doesnt hurt at all. should i go to a doctor? could it be infected?...

 I woke up and both of my ears are on the same side of my head, should I see a doctor?

 Will i need an MRI??
Ok. whenever i go to cheerleading and work on my tumbling skills. my wrist starts to hurt really bad. and i stretch it really good before i tumble and i stretch it after and during but it still kills....

Can you still walk on a broken foot?
Has anyone else had a broken foot and continu to walk on it? I hate going to the dr. so I figure if it is really broken and I can still walk on it, why bother going? It only hurts real bad if I step on it the wrong wat, like bear too much weight on the outer portion of my foot. Also, I'm curious what your experience has been with a walking cast?
Additional Details
I knew everyone would say to go to the dr. I am just trying to talk myself out of it.

My cousin had a broken small thumb and she could still walk. After months the exray revealed this and thats when she found out about it. There wasnt much problem as the doc said that these bones (very small fractures of thumbs) mend automatically but need support other wise the bones might end up dislocated and mend wrong.

You MUST go to the doc. A stitch in time saves nine. Make this Ninty Nine..

It will take much longer for it to heal and there is a chance it won't heal properly.

I broke my ankle last spring. I was in a traditional cast for a couple of months and a 'boot' for a couple more. The cast was horrible, the boot was easy by comparison. My ankle is still stiff and occasionally aches. It would likely be much worse if I hadn't gone to a doctor.

Le Baron
Yes, providing the neccesary requirements to the foot have been applied, such as the plaster of paris and of course you'll need crutches to tmake sure that most of the weight is placed on the healthy foot. Do not overdo it, make sure that you do exactly as the doctor has instructed...do not try to be clever otherwise you could end up with the foot becoming worse instead of it healing properly. (Good Luck on the healing)

Baby girl
You get a really padded foot shoe/support to where while it heals. They are hard to walk in but you can walk. It forms up to your ankle and makes arching hard(heal to toe) motion. You can't really fix all those tiny bones with a cast. It will ache for a long time.

You need to immobilize your foot. Stay off of it and elevate it. Take some Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. Use some ice. The more you bear weight and walk on it, the more damage you do and the more you prolong the healing process.

I tore the tendon in my foot and had a possible fracture. If you can bear some weight on it then I would say that it probably isnt broken, or if it is broken it is only a small fracture. I think that you can get away with using a walking cast. You can get them at medical supply stores. They are a little pricey, but they work, and it wont hurt as bad to walk. But, you will have to wear it religiously, and also you might want to ice your foot. oh, by the way,It is probably muscular if you arent in severe pain.

Catherine N
Best advise would be to go to an emergency room and get an xray as soon as possible. You can do serious damage to your foot by walking on it if you have an injury. I have torn ligaments and had to wear a walking cast, it is not a big deal. You may have to use crutches for a short while to keep the weight off of it. Go get it checked out before a small problem gets ugly.

Good luck

you can, but you cause more problems for yourself than you need to--at least get crutches if you just refuse to go to Dr.-also, the longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to repair damage

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