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Lady Jazz
Can my leg be broken if I can still walk on it?
Last night I was running upstairs and I hit my leg. It still kind of hurts, but not too bad. It just seems to be aching and throbbing a little. The swelling seems to be going down too.

It is possible. I think my leg is broken and i still walk. I have had no pain. It is called a green stick break. It goes back into place. You need to see a doctor.

You probably sprained your ankle or a small bone in the leg. If you broke it you would never be able to walk from the pain untill you had a cast and your leg healed. The best thing to do if your leg hurts is to go to the doctor and get some x-rays only if still continues to hurt.

It's possible. You could have a VERY VERY tiny break. It's unlikely, but it could happen.

It could also be a bone bruise, which you can't see on the skin.

It could be just an aching bone. I had something similar in my forearm a few weeks ago. I fell on it doing a tumbling pass, and the bone itself was sore for a while. The pain eventually went away in about a week or two.

So, most likely, if you can walk, it's probably not a break.

It wouldn't be broken if you can still walk on it. But if it hurts when you walk, you might to have a doctor see it in case it's fractured.Either that or it's just growing pains.

it is possible you could have chipped or broke a small bone

Gypsy Girl
Yes, it is possible to walk on a broken leg if the break is stable enough, but I think the pain would deter you from doing so. If your concerned, then go to the ER for x-rays.

Whether it's broken or not, if you still feel pain, you should stay off of it so it wouldn't hurt to get a pair of crutches.

Ashley Tisdale Rocks!
ohhh nooo!! This happened to me before, so I asked my dad this question, and he's a doctor, and I really think that it's just strained. If it still hurts, then go to the doctor. But for now, it doesn't seem broken, if it was, then you wouldn't be able to tolerate it.

It is possible that you could still walk on it even if broken. A pitcher for the Colorado Rockies recently had a bone broken in his leg by a ball that was hit back at him. He didn't know it was broken. He stayed in the game and pitched 5 more innings.

holy d
you didnt break it..takes more than that..yes you can possibly still walk on it..seen it many times. i've seen older people with dislocated hips walking.

Randy K
Yes if it's just cracked, no if it was a complete break. It takes a lot of force to break a bone. If you just hit it going up the stairs you shouldn't have broke it. Now you can ice it for short periods, Motrin for pain, elevation when your sitting or laying down. If no better in a couple days, see a physician

Jimmy d. - Floridian~``
An Xray could show a hairline fracture. Keep the leg elevated and iced to reduce swelling. If pain continues see MD.

Can my leg be broken if I can still walk on it?


You may be able to walk on certain types of fractures, but it would be extremely painful. A clean break would be impossible to walk on.

Unlikely you fractured your leg.

No.If your leg is broken,you wouldn't be able to walk at all.

No,it will hurt you too much.

David P
It takes quite a bit to break a leg, I doubt it's broken.

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