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 Do you know how to get rid of Pink Eye?
Does anyone know of any non doctor perscribed remedies to get rid of PinkEye? I do not have insurance so I cant go to the doctor......

 Last year I stumbled into my sister's documents and found out that is HIV+. She has not told anyone this.
I haven't gathered enough courage to talk to her about this because i feel its her choice to disclose her status to my mother and the rest of the family. i also feel that my mom has a right to ...

 Can an abcessed tooth work its way out onto ur jawline to form a boil???
i think this has happened ..abcess is gone but now there is a big boil like bump on my ...

 I feel very sick...help me, please?
i cant hear anything, i cant breath through my nose what-so-ever, my throat hurts, i am very dizzy, i have a bad flemmy cough, i feel very hot..but i took my temperature and it said 36.2 (that isnt a ...

 Can you get sick (cold, flu) if a person preparing your food is sick?
to me common sense says 'yes' but I told someone who is ill not to cook and I think they're offended.......

 Winter flu vomiting virus??
how long does this virus last for???...

 What is MOST important to monitor if you suspect a friend or roommate has alcohol poisoning?
What is MOST important to monitor if you suspect a friend or roommate has alcohol poisoning?

Heart rate

Pupil dilation

Muscle tone


 Any Doctors on line? If I really look after myself and take care, and use medication.?
Can I go to a Malaria country from month 3 - 8 of my pregnancy? What is the chance of having a healthy baby. I have to go to Mozambique to be with my husband. It is our first child and I really ...

 I have the flu?
So I got tested yesterday, and it was positive for the flu. But my question is how come your body feels all achy and sore? I mean, its a disease in your respiratory system right? But my neck is stiff ...

 Why Are African Americans Affected By AIDS/HIV So Much?
One Of My Friends Is African American. His Son Just Got AIDS/HIV. Why Does This Happen To African Americans?
Additional Details
Please No Rasicts! My Friend's son has gotten HIV/AIDS...

 Is there any curable treatment for HIV/AIDS ?

 How do you deal with the chickenpox?
My son hasn't had them yet (he's six). Just wondering how long they last for and how you treat them? Do I have to stay away from everyone while he has them? T...

 On dog poo bins it warns that dog poo can blind children?
Does anyone know just how likely this is? How many children in the uk are blinded each year by coming into contact with dog faeces.
Additional Details
So i guess nobody knows then??...

 Can a person heal faster from a cold by transferring the cold to another person?

 Question relating lymph nodes?
i have like 6-7 lymph nodes .... Is there something wrong or is it natural?

and what is its cure?...

 Can you get crohn's diease from people?

 Why doesn't hand sanitizers work for stomach flu?

 I moved a long sticky tape intended to catch flies from over my boyfriends kitchen counter. What do you think?
Granted, it is not my home and I informed him I understand it is not where I live, but we do share a lot of food together and we drink and eat from the same counter and I think it is just totally ...

 Why is there no cure for the common cold virus?

 Is HIV and AIDS natural OR strategically made to reduce the world's population and to open a source of income
The world organisations,said to be working on the possibility of finding a cure for the epindemic, seem to be uncomfortable with other peoples acts that has proven to be a solution like traditional ...

How long does it take before i can pass a mouth swab test for marijuana.?
how long does it take before i could pass a mouth swab test for marijuana.how for back can it test for?

why where u taking it in the 1st place probz 3 - 6 months

edepends on how much you smoke it.
90 days to leave your system naturally

ysenia b
about 1 month

only 3 days with the swab test :)

At least three weeks.

30 days, hair samples can take up to a year

Left Bank Hook
If you're a daily user, up to a month to be fully clean. Just 3 days to pass the test if you're a "from time to time" kind of person. Some sites claim as little as 14 hours.

So, the truth is: it all depends on your body's ability to process it (which can vary), and how much is in your body!

So, play it safe. Hold out as long as you can. (Seriously, if THC isn't addictive, it shouldn't be THAT difficult, right?) There are also mouthwashes you can buy that are supposed to help.

THC is stored in fat cells so it all depends on that i have passed a test in a little as 1 12 weeks and have failed them in a timespan of over a month it just depends on how active you are and how fat you are

my best advice work your *** off like you have never worked b4 and burn off as much fat as possible

The Oral Fluid Drug Test detection time
Marijuana (THC) up to 14 hours

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