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Dont tell me "Oh uhhh yeah if u have a cut and he has a cut then yeah."

Just friken answer the question

Should someone be worried about HIV when making out?


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Marcus M
Can you get HIV/AIDS after smoking and drinking after someone who has it?
First off, I'm 17 years old, and I do like to have fun and go to parties. Although, I very much considering dropping that lifestyle. 3 days ago me and a friend were drinking Sparks (an alcoholic energy drink) and smoking marijuana, which my friend rolled. Needless to say, this went on for a while till we got hammered/stoned then my friend comes out and says 4 weeks ago he got in a fist fight with someone who definitely had aids and that guy pulled out a syringe and injected my friend while they were wrestling. (he even showed me the mark on his leg to to back up his story) Now he says he doesn't know if he has it, and what scares me is I know aids can be spread by bodily fluids (in rare cases even saliva.) And we shared a hell of a lot of beers/ joints that night. Please reserve any personal judgments against me or my behavior because to be quite frank, I'M DONE WITH THIS CRAP. THANK YOU.


I'm glad you're done with this crap. My personal judgement is that you're making the right decision; if you had continued with this lifestyle something would have happened, whether it was a disease, an accident resulting from bad judgement while stoned, or an arrest.

HIV is not spread through saliva unless the saliva contains blood. Yes, saliva can contain microscopic amounts of blood that you can't see. However, digestive Enzymes destroy HIV.

You shouldn't be concerned about HIV in this situation. However, saliva can transmit other nasty pathogens, such as Hepatitis B and meningitis, as well as a host of strep and staph bacteria and even viruses such as influenza and the "common cold." Some STDs can also be spread via saliva.

Don't drink or smoke "after" someone. And your friend should be screened for HIV.

First of all, PLEASE get educated on AIDS!
next to give you a peace of mind, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR and GET TESTED!!

Unless someone bled all over the cups or there were bodily secretions all over the cup, i doubt you have it.

there are clinics that can test you if you are frazzled!! to me it sounds like a bunch of hearsay but i would get tested if you think there is a possibility.


The scientiific research says you can't get HIV/AIDS from sharing spit (which is what you do when you share drinks and cigarettes). However, you can get other diseases (and germs). Plus, you can get very worried (which has happened to you). And worry (anxiety) can weaken the immune system response, which makes it more likely that you'll catch whatever is going around (even if it's not HIV). So, to be on the safe side, don't engage in such "sharing" behaviors, especially when the people you're sharing with are such huge risk-takers. I wouldn't take the chance, myself, because Hepatitis isn't fun either.

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