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 Has my antibiotics caused thrush?
For the past 5days i have been taking antibiotics my doctor gave me for my throught...(cold/tonsilitus)

have these caused my thrush which i got about 4days ago?


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Be millionare but sick with a desease with no cure?


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Help me please....

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 In the human body, does every bacterial infection start from a virus?
A doctor recently made a statement concerning my unwell child, this was to backup not giving an anti-biotic for treatment
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I have read the answers to my question and I ...

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My little boys two and he's had an awful sickness and diarrhoea bug since Friday night
I spoke to the emergency doctor tonight who, as I suspected told me not to take him to the dcotors ...

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foods to eat???
things to avoid???...

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Hi all,

I've been wondering something. Recently I had a bad cough that lasted about 4 weeks, and took me off my feet at one point for about 3 days with a fever and severe tiredness ...

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 If I work/volunteer at a AIDS patients facility and talk to them in the same room, what is the %being infected

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just wondering when its ...

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 We had lice 4 months ago -.tonight I discovered them again. Did I not get rid of them or did we recatch them?

 Can I go to school with pinworms?
I'm asking this to the medical world out there. I truly don't care about your personal opinion. I have pinworms, and I need to know if it's ok for me to go to school....

Can you fail a drug test from touching cocaine?

XBL Flame
no, it has to be IN ur blood...if u touch it with a cut, then maybe

no when some one touch you when there on it then can not go to you cause you have not taken the drug your self. Also so the only way they can tell if you have put it on your tounge and got the numbe's if you know what i mean. Also if you smoke it with w##d
the it can be in your blood and in your you know what. well good luck friend


no because it is not in your system

Ross R
well acid can be absorbed thru the skin but id say you wouldn't fail from just touching it...

The answer to your question is yes, Cocaine will come up in a blood test, a digital scanning drug tester.


Edward H
no acid can be absorbed. (that is why police officer wear gloves when touching CDS). it would be very impossible for it to show up unless the Cocaine was snorted or smoked.

Denaro Rules

it all depends on how long the exposure is. If you put ur hand down on whatever surface it is on and you immediately wipe it off, then it is highly unlikly for you to fail a drug test. but if you're bagging up a couple of oz. then most likely you will have prolonged exposure enough for it to absorb into your skin and cause you to fail a drug test.

YES!!! Do not listen to people saying no.

MY ex boyfriend was a coke dealer. He got caught with weed and was put on drops. He still chose to sell coke while on drops. He dropped dirty because he was touching the coke while bagging it up. It goes through your skin when you touch it.

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