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Why can't you just stop beta blockers?
i am 29 and i am taking beta blockers and water pills for an month due to my hp well i feel fine and everything looks fine i wanna stop the pills they make me tired someone tell me something please

The abrupt withdrawal of beta blockers may lead to rebound hypertension or overshoot hypertension where the patient's blood pressure is higher than before treatment. Angina can be exacerbated, myocardial infarction induced, and fatalities have occurred

you can first control you BP by nonpharmacologic choice then you can stop the drug but for that you first consult your doc.

you need to wean off w/ doctors approval. Beta blockers regulate your heartbeat - they slow it down. I am off beta blockers. I hated beta blockers because they made me tired, gain weight and my hair started falling out. water pills on the other hand I liked because they helped get rid of the extra water weight (I'm 49). There are other bp meds you can take besides beta blockers.

do not by any means just stop without first consulting the doctor that prescribed them to you

Well, because it would be the same as if you stopped being treated for a life-threatening infection. The consequences outweigh the risks!! So, you are placed on an antibiotic to fight the infection, several days pass, and you feel better. Then you think, hey, I'm feeling better so I don't need to take that medicine any longer. Well, when it comes to heart medicine, the same scenario applies.So,do NOT stop any medications unless your Doc approves. Make a follow-up appt. with the Doc that prescribed the medicine. Maybe, the dose can be decreased with monitoring of your condition. Let the Doc know about your symptoms: feeling tired etc.but, do NOT stop the medication(s) until the Doc tells you that you can. I hope that this helps

abrupt cessation of b-blockers may sometimes cause a "rebound" hypertensive response-- overshoot at re-regulation.
hypertension often causes no symptoms. hypertension has been termed a "silent killer".
the main reason to control bp is to avoid secondary adverse effects to heart, brain, kidney,eye, and vessels.

Mark M
You can stop beta blockers, with patience. The key is to slowly wean off of them and see how your BP does. If it bumps up, make sure you have a backup plan, either increasing BB dosage again or trying something different. If you don't already monitor your BP at home, I suggest you get a digital cuff from your local drugestore. Ask your pharmacist for a recommendation (you should be able to find a good one for about $50.)

I hope you are doing well with lifestyle changes (diet and exercise). Meds should be the last choice, but certainly preferable to untreated hypertension.

well betablockers slow the heart and cause you to "slow down" a bit by blocking the beta receptors on your SA node of your hearts pacemaker region. If you suddenly stopped beta blockers there is a mirad of problems that can insue most of them could make you not live too long. also water pills, or diuretics may be Potassium sparing or Calcium sparing or wasting if you stop these in combination you could incure an electrolyte imbalance cause severe dysrythmias "heart problems" that could actually lead to sudden death. Consult your doctor with you wishes to get off the meds and he/she will help you.

Michael H
The reason you feel fine is because you HAVE been taking them.

If one of them is having a side effect taht you don't like, contact your Doc, and discuss it with him/her, there are a lot of different medications out there and they should be able to amke some chanegs to keep everybody happy....:)

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