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Did you know htis

Look up Dr. Uffe R...

Can heart attack or stroke symptoms last more than 2 months (constantly coming and going away)?

no, they cannot

if you're having weakness/chest pain/loss of senstaion, any symptom of a heart attack or stroke, it's something else

go to your doctor, but it's not a heart attack or a stroke, as those will kill you or debilitate you in a matter of hours or days, not months

now you COULD theoretically have mini strokes over the course of a few months, but unlikely

just go see your doctor

Yes, you can have what they call trans eschemic attacks, which are mini strokes, over a peroid of months. With these you will notice numbness or tingling, and possibly weakness or lack of movement in a limb.

Get to the doctor right away, as TIA's are a predictor of a coming stroke or heart attack. And a lot can be done now days to prevent that disaster.

Good luck to you!

no they can't. the longer you wait, the worse it will get. heart attack and stroke are both ACUTE -- meaning sudden onset. the right time to go to a hospital would be immediately.


I had the same symptoms. It was dangerously high blood pressure. Go to the doctor

well it can, depending on the degree of seriousness and at the same time if ur on a medication or not. The best is still to consult a cardiologist.

I'm going to stray away from the rest of the posters here. All I can talk about is heart though. No experience with strokes.

If you mean can a person have early warning signs or symptoms of an impending heart attack over time, yes, absolutely.

I went for years trying to ignore/deny the symptoms. I would have an episode where I would think something was wrong. I would lay down and rest and the symptoms would subside. It may not happen again for a couple of months then bam, it would be there again. I went through this for well over 10 years. I thought I was too young to actually have a problem. Over time the episodes came much more frequently. Eventually if I went a week without it happening that was a good week. I still tried to ignore it. In the early stages of my episodes my symptoms consisted of chest heaviness and slight pain... nothing substantial though. Just enough to know there was something there that shouldn't be. To tell you how dumb I really was... heart attacks run in my family. ALOT. But, they had all been males and they were all the generation ahead of me. I was the first in my generation of our family and the first female to experience a heart attack and be diagnosed with heat disease. I wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack.. that changed I had to smarten up quick.

When we think of heart attack we think of the conventional, chest pain as a main symptom. I would have to say that there have been many people who have probably died of heart attacks who never had the chest pain that is associated with a heart attack so they ignored it. I know that is one reason I didn't take my little episodes as seriously as I should have. My chest pain was more a nuisance. Kind of like having heartburn. Lastly, what is the norm for men isn't neccesarilly what the norm is for women symptom wise. Men and women experience different symptoms. I'm told that is why so many women die of heart attacks. They don't believe what they are experiencing is a heart attack.

The symptoms I had when I had the actual attack were- nausea, a stabbing burning pain in my back between my shoulder blades, cramps in my right arm, I broke out in a sweat, I had trouble catching my breath and my heart hurt, literally hurt, not my chest, my heart. So I STILL denied that it was my heart as I laid on the gurney in the emergency room. I'd never heard a word about people having nausea, sweats and not having the conventional chest pains. Also, they told me that my heart couldn't "hurt", it was impossible.

Incidently, the tests they ran, blood, ekg, chest x-ray showed no heart damage immediately following the attack.. (Made it easier for me to deny it and get them to let me go home). The reason I mention this is the blood tests they do to check your enzymes telling them whether or not you had an actual heart attack may not automatically show he elevated levels. In my case it didn't. Same goes for the ekg. It wasn't until they did another ekg a couple of weeks later that it showed I had damage. Something about my "T" waves I think it was. AND... just so you know.. as my Cardioligist says.. your heart can hurt. It is a muscle like any other muscle in your body. So if anyone ever tells you that it is impossible, don't believe them, you may not be imagining it as they tell you. :)

If you believe you are having a problem then chances are you are. You can ignore it if you want, but I am here to tell you... it is a dangerous dangerous game you are playing.

Go to your Dr, ask them to refer you to a cardiologist and tell the cardiologist at the very least you want a heart catherization performed. I know people mention the first step is usually a stress test. I passed two of them with flying colors. I also had to find a second cardiologist who listened to me and finally performed the heart cath finding six blockages in my heart and had the surgery to repair them within a week.

I wish you well... take care...

I am sorry that this post is so long. I just felt it important to point out that having a heart attack or experiencing symptoms doesn't always follow a certain pattern.

Please see the webpages for more details on Heart attack and Stroke. Both diseases cause adverse impact on the health of the patient. If you have suffered heart attack, angiography should be conducted and remedial measures for the blockage of coronary arteries should be taken. If you have suffered stroke, MRI scan of the head should be taken. The main purpose of the medical treatment is to avoid a second attack.

Lee J
Ask your doctor

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