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~*DrEaM GiRL*~
What happens when you burn your finger? how do you treat it?
yasee. i was takeing out pizza from the oven and i forgot it was hot and burnt my finger.

plz help me!!!

You should always wash it down first with cold water, and then use a first aid spray, triple Antibiotic ointment, or Melalueca oil. I've used the Melalueca oil from my home business, and one burn that I had, was gone within 48 hours. Good luck. Have a Happy New Year, and stay away from the heat.

rub a little mustard on it....it will take the burning out immediately

Put it under cold running water.

That happend to me. My finger started hurting and burning so I put it in some water and that helped. Aloe is good too. Putting ice on it makes it feel much better and cooler as well. Hope your finger gets better!

Body sends water to make a blister. You can counter that by icing the burn FAST

Hold your finger under cold running water. DO NOT put ice on it. If it is really bad, and it is blistering up, put cool wet compresses on it until you can get to the clinic. If it is not that bad, you can put some burn cream on it, or aloe works good, too. Keep it clean and covered. If blisters do form, do not pop them. It can get infected a lot easier if you do.

run it under cold water 4 ages

Stick your hand in cold water now! Keep it there for about 5-10 minutes. DO NOT try the old wives tale of using butter to heal a burn! the butter will make your finger feel better for a short while, but it will also seal the heat in and the burn will be twice as bad.

Just put it under running cold water for a while

But if it is a bad burn, you should probably see a doctor

Put your finger under running cold to cool water for at least 10 minutes...

Run it under cold water and then put some ice on it.

Jaci M
blondie.. wat are you thinking.. you will get a blister .. and you should massage csliced unions ans lemon on it

get an aloe vera plant and squeeze the liquid onto the burn, it will quit buring, just keep applying it, I do something like that about every other week.

Run under cool water to take down the swelling.

Then, put honey on the burn, yes, honey. It is well documented that honey is the most potent anti-infection and anti-swelling burn ointment you can possibly get.

1. The very first step is to stop the heat. Do this by submerging the burned area in cold water as fast as you can. Getting cold water onto the area as fast as possible is the single most important factor in minimizing the burn damage.
2. Do not use ice. This can cause cold damage to the skin, which may make the burn worse.
3. The next step is to continue the cold water for at least 20 minutes. Submerging the burn is best, but if you cannot, then either run it under cold water or apply cold water-soaked washcloths repeatedly.
4. Do not put any butter, grease, or powder on the burn.
5. Pain relief. Take Tylenol or Advil, depending on your ability to take either of those medications. This will relieve pain and decrease the inflammation.
A. First degree burns. This is simply redness, with no blistering. This type of burn never leaves a scar if properly treated.
B. Second degree burns. This is redness with blistering of the skin and is usually the most painful type of burn. With proper treatment, this type of burn almost never leaves a scar. NEVER pop the blisters.

First degree burns.
For this type of burn, you do not need a prescription cream. You also do not need to use an antibiotic cream. Use Aloe Vera cream.
Second degree burns.
Treating this type of burn is more complex and if have multiple blisters then a doctor should access the burn. If you have one or two small burns, DO not pop blisters, instead apply aloe or antibiotic cream a few days after the burn and cover with bandage to protect the blister from being burst. You also gently clean the blister with warm water and Gentle soap. Blister may slough off, if so apply antibiotic cream and a clean, dry bandage. Otherwise the liquid from the blister(s) should reabsorb when skin is healed. If blister darkens, is painful or area around blister swell and noticeably changes color or leaks fluid. Contact a doctor right away, your burn may be infected.
Good Luck

Pebble F
put a cold pack on after the burning stops put aloe vera on so it won't blister hope this helps

Okay DO NOT i reapeat DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE ABOVE ME DO NOT PUT COLD WATER ON IT IT WILL CAUSE TISSUE DAMAGE NOO COLD WATER!!!!!!! however you should run it under some LUKE WARM water if not warmer please don't make it worse with hot water
Okay now determine what kind of burn it is if you are blistering go to the hospital they do better at treating it then you will if it's simply red and hurtin what you want to do is apply some Cocoa butter or aloe vera or burn ointment if you have some to the burned area. next you will want to cover it with cool cloths. your skin will peel later it's just part of healing. Your finger should be fine in aprox. 4 days
Hope you feel better!
p.s. sorry for yelling but the air heads above me would cause you a whole lot of stress if you listen to them

my experience which was on purpose and i wasn't thinking (stupid me lol) was when my dad got a new car and i pushed in the smoker's firey thing (u know those things people have in their cars to light up their cigarettes) well anyway and i pulled it out as soon as i could and it wasn't red or anything, so i thought of touching it to see if it was hot and i got a minor burn, lol. and i screamed and my sis ran to the house and get me lots of ice and i went thru so many icecubes like my finger was fire or something lol. so yeah i just used ice until it cooled down and then maybe some cream (ointment) or whatever. :)

treat it with aloe...it will hurt for a while

Soak it in sider..................

Jenalissa >:P
FIRST of all it hurts!
put some toothpaste

call the wahh-bulance.


Fred P
Any first degree burn (reddening of the skin) - put it under cool running water for 10-15 minutes. While you've removed the source of the heat, you also want to cool down the internal cooking - that's why you keep it under running water for that time period.

Same thing with second degree burns (blistering). It's not a good idea to use ice, as cool running water carries the heat away much better.

Don't use any ointment or butter - that seals in the heat.

Calif Deputy

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