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Should you open the white head on a ant bite?

I love the flipflops
yes, it will heal quicker

personally, I would. I would drain all that crap out of it, if there is a head to it. Wash it really good with soap and water, before and after. Then use some peroxide , and maybe even some Neosporin on it.

Sure, it's not going to hurt anything. Clean it up with Hydrogen Peroxide, after wards.

cutie pie!
white head??!! what kinda ant did you get bitten by? i would leave it alone thats always your best bet. instead put some antibiotical cream on a bandaid and then place that over the bite, this should draw the stuff out of it.

With any ant bite the venom of the ant has been introduced to the body once he bites you. If you can brush ants off before they bite then this is a good method of preventing the red bumps and the pustules from forming. According to the strength of your immune system this will determine your tolerence to the ant venom. Some people are very sensitive to the ant's venom and get a condition called," Anaphyaxis. Signs of this are dizziness, nausea, sweating, low blood pressure, headache, and shortness of breath. When a pustule is formed then infection is possible. If you break the pustule then make sure your hands are clean thoroughly with soap and water. Use Isoprophyl alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide and douse your hands with the alcohol. If you remove the white head with what ever method you use insure that you use an antiseptic at all cost to prevent infection. If you're a young person then do it with parental supervision. I've lived around fire ants for over fifteen years. I just remove the white head and squeeze on the bump to get the venom out. After that I then wash the area with soap and water. Rinse and clean with an antiseptic wipe. Then you apply a topical ointment until the bite heals. It may or may not leave a scar. I have no scars, but it's different on an individual basis. When opening any skin area cleanliness, antiseptic(sterilizes area) and topical ointment. I've been bitten hundreds of times. Just stay away from fire ant beds if you can. A solution of half and half bleach and water on the bite will reduce the itch some. Other things such as antihistamines, Corticosteroids, or Aloe Vera juice will reduce the itch and pain. Scratching the bites will set you up for infection for sure.

R Squared's answer is good--- except about the BLEACH THING! Just use plain soap and water, or Polysporin.


Yeah, its a quicker aternative.

r was right bleach will help as i have told many other people i am a nurse and i have used bleach on many other bites and rashes it will not hurt you and will shorten the Histamine reaction

Shining Ray of Light
Sure, when it pops, the infection can drain out and it won't itch anymore.

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