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marion d
Is it safe to put peroxide in your ear?
I have an earache

sure its safe...just dip a cottenball in the peroxide and then use it...don't pour the bottle in your ear that would be messy.

Yes and it will help your earache

Yes but try to warm it up just a little bit first it makes a cool sound when it fizzes in your ear.

Hydrogen peroxide can irritate the ear canal, so I wouldn't recommend it. You might want to see a doctor to make sure you don't have an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

jonas torregrec
it wont make you any worse
just make sure you let it all drain out

i did it two days ago as a matter of fact for an earache

Yes it is....

It will help Loosen hard wax and remove infectious discharge...

One should not leave it in very long, however...

2 minutes would be fine. You can repeat 3X daily.....

Well, I've used it to bubble out earwax

Yep, I do it all the time! Get a cotton ball, soak it in the paroxide, and let it drain into the ear while lying down. (Obviously, on your side with the cottonball ear facing up) :) - Hope your ear is better soon....DON'T PUT A Q-TIP IN IT FOR ANY REASON! :)

It softens up the earwax. Don't use a q tip though it only pushes the wax back down. Use a water bulb.

James M
Yes;I have been told to do this when my children were little.

Get Real
It works great for getting water out of your ear after a shower or swimming. Cleans the wax out too.

Peroxide is for topical use only all though I do rinse my mouth with it 3parts water to one part peroxide.Its not meant to be used internally.

It's safe. Be cold tho. Use a small ball of cotton, not a q-tip.
Not sure that will relieve an ear ache.
When I was a kid, had lots of those. My mother warmed up some oil and it helped. NOT HOT.

A half teaspoon of olive oil my do, warmed.

you don't use peroxide for an earache, you use it to clean out the wax, and a very weak solution of peroxide at that. But there are products you can buy that comes with directions, solution and a bulb thing you put the solution in.

What is your earache caused from? noise? did you stick something in there to clean your ear?

You can also have a nurse look at the ear and tell you what the problem is. Call your doctor's office and give them the details.
I wouldn't want you to hurt anything in there by doing it yourself.

the doc told my hubby to use it for built up ear wax!~~
try this for earache! I did find this in home remedy's
sooth an earache quickly, just use a hair dryer (on the low setting) and let the warm air soothe that ache "Just drip a few drops of peroxide into your ear. Then tip your head and let the peroxide drain out.

jyl l
yes it is. it's an excellent cleaner. it won't dry out your ears and cause swimmers ear like a lot of other things.

yes, all it does is clean it out, nothing will happen, but use q tips to get it all out after youve used it, or it will stay in your ear and leak out.

if you have an earache and spend alot of time in the water, or dont dry your ears out well after showering, you could have swimmers ear. an at home remedy for this is:
mix one tablespoon each of rubbing alchohal and white vineger. this rubbing alchohal dries out the ear and the white vineger kills the germs

if nothing helps, go to the doctor for antibiotics.


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