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 If a very small piece of glass is embedded in the tip of your finger how can it be taken out?
I was doing some gardening & embbeded some very very small glass is in the tip of my finger.I heard It would be an in-n-out surgery procedure.I can't even hold a glass of water because I can ...

 Why Do spiders Bite people?????? 10 poinys best answer?
I get spiders in my house and i cant even sleep on the couch any more because every time i fall asleep i wake up to a puffy swelled spider bite? i thought that if you dont mess wit spiders they dont ...

 What do you do for a jellyfish sting?

Additional Details
peeing on it DOES NOT ...

 If you pull out a tick.And do not get it all.How can you get the rest out?

 How to prevent nose bleeds?
I keep getting nose bleeds. I do not pick my nose or hit my nose on anything, it will just randomly start bleeding. I think it might be caused by dryness....

 I have an wart and?
i got a wart remover from walmart and it was the off brand kind, and you just take a dropper and drop on thing on there a day, it started to look like it had a hole in it after i did it for about 3 ...

 Does it???
hurt when you get into a fight? I've never been in one and i think I might... Does it hurt? It looks ...

 When a baby is in its mothers womb how does it breath? or does it breath?
I'm confused as to wheather or not a baby breaths while its in its mothers stomach. Howcome some babys can come out blue...with lack of oxygen?...

 Anyone suffer from panic attacks?

 My 11 year old son has been having headaches lately for the past 3weeks. should i worry?

Additional Details
he's about 5 feet and weights 145pounds....

 Is poverty a mental state?

 How long after gall bladder surgery should a woman wait to get pregnant?
I have been getting conflicting answers. People have told me that I would need to wait a year because organs shift. Others have said that it doesn't matter. Has anyone gotten pregnant right ...

 What causes the hiccups and how do i get rid of thm?

 SUNBURN!?? how can i get it to not hurt and to go away...??

 Quidk! Quick! I got this liquid on me i dont know what to do! help!?
"contact with this liquid may freeze tissue"
what is this??
its getting all red and swollen and slightly numb!...

 I got hit in the stomach, do i need mdeical attention?
So i was playing soccer today and i ran in front of the ball when the huge guy was kicking it. He hit it so hard it hit the top part of my stomach, under the breast area all the way to the top of my ...

 What can i put on the ulcer on the inside of my lip to make it go away?!?!?!?

 What do you do when you have wood stuck in your toenail?
no joke. just a few mins ago i banged my foot against a piece of wood. now a very tiny piece of thin wood is stuck in my toe and it hurts like hell!! what can i do?
Additional Details

 What will happen if they have a heavy meal before swimming ?

 What do we mean by risk reduction behaviors?

How long would a person live, after having a stroke?

Additional Details
my dad had an anurizum its pretty bad, he has high colestrol, diabeties, high blood pressure,and siezures, he is also taking blood thinner meds.

about 20 ahhhhhhhh

As long as the person is taken care of and there are no complications a long time

people can live 40 years or more after having one. It depends on lots of other health factors as well as how bad the stroke was that they suffered. Sometimes a stroke victim can suffer what is known as an evolving stroke which can be hundreds of mini strokes that mimic a large one.

I hope the person your worried about gets better soon. ~Dana

Strokes vary in amount of damage they do.Some people fully recover.Physical Therapy play a large role in rehabilitation.Good Luck to you Dad.When he comes home make sure he keeps his diabetes and blood pressure under control and keep him on a low sodium diet.

It all depends on how severe the stroke is. My husband was in a coma for three days after suffering a stroke he hed just turned 45 and had always been healthy. He died the morning of the 4th day. Some people live for years after suffering a stroke some maybe paralized on one side for a long time and others get better. There is no way to tell how long someone will live it's best to ask the doctor.

Depending on the stroke type and the severity a person can live years, even decades after wards. A transient stroke or TIA can pass so quickly some people never realized what happened. Even a totally debilitating stroke can leave a person alive for many years. Why don't you check out the site below for more information on strokes.

If your dad is under treatment, there is every reason to believe he will make a recovery. Keep in mind that even he may looses some memories and even motor functions, but he still your dad.

it all depends on many different thing, the health of the person the age and how bad the stroke was

all depends on the stroke and the person.

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