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Need to glue a tooth back in what kind of addheseiv do i use?


OMG please dont try and stick it with any kind of glue hun
Go to the dentist then you'll be properly attended to without the risk of disease,rotting teeth, etc xxxxxx Best of luck
Hope this helps xxxx

Do not use any kind of glue ,this plainly says on the tube do not put in mouth, as anyone should know you dont eat glue!You can use fixodent for temp use if it is a crown but if it is a denture tooth you have to go to a dentist .

Go to your dentist.

go see a freakin' dentist dude. Your glueing your teeth back in for christ sakes.

You should go to a dentist. If it is a tooth from a set of dentures, see a denturist.

Fixodent works for dentures, go to the dentist immediately.

use that stuff people use to hold there dentures. Like polydent, but you will have to use it daily.

Go to Walmart or Target and look in the tooth care aisle. Or ask someone who works there. Or just go to a dentist.

O why not use superglue or Elmer's, if you are stupid enough to do it yourself, try Gorilla Glue or get a caulking gun and load it up with construction cement and fill up your mouth with it, shove the tooth in and go for it. Lots of luck!!!!!

PS: You can use the PS glue that the dentists use, PS stands for Pain and Suffering, Dentists love it.

I will assume that you are talking about a denture tooth.......

You can use Super Glue ONE TIME ONLY to hold the tooth in place until it is convenient to take it for proper repair. You really must be careful to get the tooth EXACTLY in the proper position. Super Glue seems to hold up for 3 or 4 weeks in the mouth (a hostile environment, if you think about it), but then it finally dissolves. I say "ONE TIME ONLY," because it also seems to attack the plastic with repeated use. When this has been done, the mating surfaces of the fracture become rough and then it is not possible for the dentist or technician to line them up exactly right and the repair is more difficult and perhaps more expensive. If anyone uses Super Glue to repair a broken denture base and violates this "ONE TIME ONLY" rule, it might even make the denture impossible to repair, so DON'T DO IT!

Are you getting my point that you can use Super Glue ONE TIME ONLY before you have it fixed properly? Thank you.


Karrien Sim Peters
I actually think you can buy that stuff at any major drug store. It is only temp but i think it will work.

Go to a dentist.

super glue...

absolved lemon
none the dentist will do that for you, if you cant afford it look for one that take installments for payment

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