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I havent had my ROOT canal yet....what can happen???
I was supposed to get a root canal a couple months ago. It first started as an infection and the pain supsided from my tooth then it still hurt when i ate on it...the doctor said i would have to get a root canal for the pain to stop completley.

I hate the dentist that i go to so i still haven't scheduled to get a root canal done. They F'd up my tooth once and that's why i got the frickn infection and now i have to get a root canal.
The pain stopped, but now its started to come back everytime i eat somthing sweet, hot, cold on that side of my tooth. I always take tylenol.

Should i see the dentist ASAP should i be worried or concerned that i still havent gotten a root canal done? What can happen if I DON'T get a root canal?
Additional Details
the infection went away i took antibiotics...but my tooth still had pain so thats why they scheduled a root canal to b done....it hasnt hurt for a while till now its starting to hurt again.

Caleb D
Honestly all I think you should do is wait. All good thinks come in time.

you can die instantly if you ever eat anything sweet ever again

haha, just kidding, get a new dentist, the pain wont go away on its own

teethe gon fall out

Evan D
it can b unbarably painful. sory=(

You can get a SEVERE affection.
Please go.

Stephanie F
It is better to keep your natural teeth if at all possible. If a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth can drift out of line and can be overstressed. Keeping your natural teeth also helps you to avoid more expensive and extensive treatments, such as implants or bridges. If an infected or injured tooth that needs root canal treatment is ignored, not only can you lose the tooth, but also the infection can spread to other parts of your body.

Having endodontic treatment on a tooth does not mean that you'll need to have it pulled out in a few years. The reason for doing root canal treatment is often a large cavity. The tooth often is weakened, but if the tooth is covered with a crown after the root canal or, in some cases, restored with tooth-colored composite filling material, the tooth can last the rest of your life.

Signs and Symptoms
If you have an infection of the pulp, you may not feel any pain at first. But if left untreated, the infection will cause pain and swelling. In some cases, an abscess will form. Eventually, the tooth may need to be extracted. Some indications that a tooth may need a root canal are:

A tooth that hurts significantly when you bite down on it, touch it or push on it
Sensitivity to heat
Sensitivity to cold that lasts longer than a couple of seconds
Swelling near the affected tooth
A discolored tooth, with or without pain
A broken tooth

To determine whether your tooth needs root canal treatment, your dentist will place hot or cold substances against the tooth, feel surrounding tissues and gently tap on the tooth. He or she also will take X-rays.

If the condition of the pulp isn't clear from these tests, your dentist may use an electric pulp tester. This hand-held device sends a small electric current through the tooth and helps your dentist evaluate whether the pulp is alive. This test does not cause pain or a shock, but a tingling sensation that stops immediately when the tester is removed from the tooth.

Caution: An electric pulp tester should not be used if you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other electronic life-support device.

Length of Treatment
Root canal treatment can be done in one or more visits, depending on the situation. An infected tooth will need several appointments to make sure that the infection is eliminated. Some teeth may be more difficult to treat because of the position of the tooth, because they have many and curved root canals that are difficult to locate, or for other reasons. An uncomplicated root canal treatment often can be completed in one visit. Once the root canal treatment is finished, you will need to see your general dentist to have the tooth restored with a crown or filling.


something bad in my opinion could happen. My sister got a root canal and she said it wasn't painful or scary at all. Don't be worried, just tell your dentist. He knows what's best for you.

Eventually the pain will grow until you go. Very seldom the root canal will close completely (as a reaction) and this will make root canal more difficult.

leonard s
you will lose your tooth and have to get a bridge(real expensive) root canal are not bad after if you have the right dentist(Ihave had five of them over the years). if the infection speads you could die(the worst that can happen) get it fixed

If you don't get it, you will have pain. Ibuprofen is better for tooth pain. If it is a back tooth that you can do without, it's cheaper to have it pulled.
Go to a different Dentist!

PS All a root Canal does is deaden your nerve. If the tooth is bad, you will lose it anyway, eventually.

Don M
If you don't get the root canal, the infection can cause an abcess, which hurts worse. And it's possible (though not likely) that it could spread.

You should get it done. It's very similar to getting a filling put in, except it takes longer and they go deeper into the tooth, because they have to drill out the dead roots and put something there.

After the root canal, they will fill the tooth with medication and a cotton filler, then cover it over with a temporary filling. That filling will need to be drilled out, the medication and cotton removed, and replaced with a permanent filling once your tooth and gum have recovered from the root canal. At around that time, you'll probably also need to get a temporary crown to go over the tooth and get fitted for a permanent crown. When that comes in, they'll put it on and you should be good to go unless you still have gum damage.

The gum damage generally comes from the use of a "dental dam", which keeps your mouth open and keeps stuff from going where it's not supposed to. This is anchored temporarily to the gums, and pretty aggressively, thus the gum damage.

I strongly recommend seeing a "spa" dentist. For a small charge, they'll offer you nitrous oxide, which will calm you down. And usually they have a TV you can watch while they're doing the root canal.

If it's a good orthodontist, they'll tell you what they're doing at every step of the way, and what you'll feel, and so on.

Good luck... I had two done in December and they're unpleasant but not painful.

If your dentist suggested a root canal, it means the tooth is pretty close to being irreparable.. Doesn't really matter what you do with your oral hygiene at this point, the decay will get worse, if left untreated it could spread to the bone above your teeth, and possibly into your sinus cavity. I would seriously suggest getting something done about it ASAP.

Lyle G
It could get worse and cause gum disease. I hate them also, but I would rather keep what teeth I have left, so a root canal is the way to go. It hurts your wallet more than your mouth.

get it done, if u wait any longer the pain will get EXTREMELY bad, trust me.. my sister had it and couldnt talk or move her mouth.. butttt my suggestion, my sister got "laughing gas" when they fixed it for her... she said she didnt feel A THING... the first time she went they put her to sleep and she said she still felt it.. but she had 2 after- i know, badd lol- and she said she didnt feel anythign at all, and shes VERY sensitive to pain .. ive also read online about it and a lot of people recommend getting the gas because you dont feel anthing being done.. when its over u just take pain killers and go to sleep, when u wake up ull be good as new :)

If you need a root canal, that means that bacteria has decayed through the enamel on your teeth, and is decaying the veins and nerves inside the tooth. If you don't treat it the bacteria will continue to spread and it will become infected. Infections can lead to dry sockets, or even blood infections.
I would definitely not wait much longer, and holding out on treatment isn't going to do you any good. Its only going to get worse as time goes on. I would suggest swapping dentists, or going to an emergency dental clinic soon!
-Good Luck!

The infection will spread and it could cause serious health issues.

You should really find another dentist and have it taken care of. It may just be hurting a little now but the pain will get worse within time. Toothaches and gum disease don't just go away and stay away without proper treatment.

Try a local dentist search and see what comes up. Call around to different ones and ask questions about the dentist if you have to.
As far as the surgery or process goes, most dentist uses novacaine to keep you from feeling anything and will give you pain pills for afterwards.

Ask around if anyone has ever been to the dentists on you Insurance List. Sometimes word of mouth does wonders.

Sleepy Dad
If you don't get it fixed, It could get infected and then screw up nerves in your face (this happened to one of my parent's friends when I was a kid) and really mess you up.

If you don't like your Dentist, find another one and get the tooth fixed ASAP.

You probably need another round of antibiotic before the root canal.

If you can get a dentist who specializes in root canals, they can be completed in one visit and not be much more painful than filling a cavity.

At the least, change dentists. There is a lot of difference between dentists. Don't put up with a bad one.

I was terrified of getting a root canal because I'd heard they were painful... but mine really didn't hurt at all. The thing that bugged me the most actually was that he had my head down so that he could do the RC sitting down, and I got a little dizzy from sitting like that. But I thought it hurt less than getting a cavity filled.

Well you don't need to see them ASAP, but you should go REALLY soon. Like within a week.

Try going to a different dentist if you don't like them.

It's just going to get worse and you could possibably lose your tooth if you don't get it treated.

Trust me, I had 3 root canals and they aren't as bad as everyone says. You could have pain in your tooth for a day but it's not horrible.

So just get it done and you'll be happy you did! And Tylenol doesn't really help that much.

You don't really know what could happen if you don't get it treated. But it NEEDS to get treated.

If you are freaked out of dentists, just get Nitrogen ("Laughing Gas") I get it everytime I go there for any reason. It just relaxes your body and you can care less what they are doing. Sometimes I can't wait for the dentist just to be under it ;)

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