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I love techno
Can one tooth cause pain elsewhere?
If my tooth at the front is damaged, can the pain travel up the back of my jaw that would make me think that the back teeth were damaged? can one bad tooth make other "healthy" teeth feel sore?

yes,your teeth and gums are full of nerve endings and is a very sensitive area.U need to c a dentist

yes it can actually sometimes you cannot tell from where or which one

Yes, I believe so. The roots that are connecting that bad tooth connect ALL your teeth. I advise that you take care of that bad tooth and maybe visit a dentist before it cramps up your jawline and/or neck muscles. Good Luck!

Yes it can, I had the problem many years ago. It was only chance that the bad tooth was discovered. Nothing had shown up on X-Ray. The dentists was about to refer me to hospital for sinus problems. Hope you get sorted soon.

Yes! it can hurt like hell - trust me on that one - I know - expensive dentists bill proves it

Yes you can get referred pain.

There are many nerves in the face and the nerves in the teeth often affect the jaw and face.

Hope you are being treated by the dentist if not go asap - take Paracetamol for pain in the interim.

It may make your healthy teeth feel sore but is unlikely to make them unhealthy.

James M
for a full explanation ask your dentist but yes you can get radiated pain from one place to another

Lisa D
yes hun with out a doubt. thers nothing worse than teeth ache.ouch.ouch.ouch

Pain has a memory and will often go to sites of previous pain.Many times making proper diagnosis difficult.
Trying to focus on exactly where the pain is coming from can in many cases lessen the amount of pain that you feel

yup, before i had my molar pulled, the molar under it would hurt or the one on the opposite side. very weird.

Yes it can, it can be difficult sometimes to know where the pain is coming from.

Boudica Warrior Queen
Yes it can especially if the tooth infected and is full of poison as this can infect the gums espcially is an abcess has formed underneath the damaged tooth.

I hope you have been to either your dentist or doctor to ask for advice and that the your tooth is fixed very soon.

Big Bear
Yes it can. Since nerves in the mouth are interconnected to the roof of the mouth (palate), as well as the jaw and nerves to the skull, which can cause headaches, you can experience pain in several different places at once.

If it is a front tooth (incisor), most likely your sinuses will be affected.

the fact is pain radiates along the course of nerve.at first to the affected tooth site than gradually to other sites if remain untreated

Definately, toothache can appear as earache or can effects the eyes or nose. It can also cause neck pain and pain in the chest. It defiantley can cause healthy teeth to feel diseased. They call it referred pain. The nerveo f the diseased toot can be damaged so you feel the pain elsewhere.

Yes, I usually get this. I get pain in 3 different teeth then it settles down to the real tooth. My dentist says this is very common and it's known in the trade as "phantom toothache".

Yes it's called referred pain

yes, it can. It can make the whole side of your face and at times neck hurt.

Yes! Teeth can also give you backache.

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