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Rhonda M
What if I don't have chemotherapy?
I have been diagnosed with colon cancer, stage three with 4 of 17 lymph nodes involved. My re-section was on March 7, 2008. On March 20, my husband who had been battling non-hodgkins lymphoma of the bone marrow since July 2007 entered the hospital for pneumonia (2nd time). He had received Rituxan therapy & it destroyed his immune system & had never recovered. He passed away from septic shock on March 23, 2008. I am now faced with the ugly prospect of an agressive chemotherapy versus the quality of life. The survivor stats without chemo is 50% for five years or with chemo 70%. After seeing what he went through & having all our hopes & dreams shot I don't feel I am up to chemo. What experiences have others had in similar situations?
Additional Details
What I want everyone to understand is that basically the chemo killed my husband. He had nothing left of his immune system after that & no prospect of recovery. His quality of life for the last 8 months was dismal at best. He was afraid to leave the house & he made me quit my job because he was so afraid that I would bring germs home. In the end I believe he got the pneumonia from going to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

Chemo is worse than the cancer itself. The statistics are put out by pharmaceutical companies to get people to use it.
Have a look at dontolmaninternational.com and see for yourself that by not doing anything is far better than having chemo. Have you seen what that stuff if put on your skin does? Imagine what it does to your insides.
A complete change in lifestyle is the only way to treat cancer. Eating only whole foods, drinking plenty of fresh water and exercise is a much better option. This will build your immune system not destroy it.
Cancer is a business, a very profitable one for pharmaceutical companies. Do more research. There is so much info out now. Just google alternative cancer treatments. There are a lot of people in exactly the same situation as you that are trying to tell their story.
Look at the link below and read the article. You will be amazed.

I would take the chemo but also would look at herbs and cancer diet that fight cancer like Dr Johanna Budwig diet
you can find a link to it on my web page
I wish you the best of luck

Nah Z
It's your life, but remember, it's not just five year survival you're looking at... without chemotherapy, at some point, you have no chance. With chemotherapy, you do. 20% over five years doesn't seem like a big deal until you consider the fact that it means you'll have a one in five greater chance of seeing a few more birthdays.. big difference.

Chemotherapy can be made easier. There are drugs to support your immune system during chemo, and you can manage the other symptoms as they come. I personally had great success using Kytril to manage nausea, and I'd suggest it to anyone straight off.

At the end of the day, it's about how motivated you are to live longer, even if your diagnosis might not make remission truly likely. If you're ready to go on without chemotherapy.. you're ready. If you're not.. you're not. It's your life.


kris g
Get the chemo
every new day you survive..could be a day a cure is found
speak with your doctor and family..go to support groups when your taking the chemo..ie "Gildas Club"
don't give up

my father had cancer and went through chemo therapy. it saved his life. if he didnt undergo chemotherapy i wouldnt have him today and i need him. wouldnt you rather go through chemo therapy and have a chance at living a happy life or just give up your chances all together. i know it is hard to face alot of this pain because you have alot on your shoulders. but you need to fight and you need to fight hard. your life is worth living. your husband needs you. you loved ones and your friends need you. please undergo and endure the chemotherapy and no matter how hard it gets just remember god is with you and you are loved. good luck and god bless.

I agree with Kris get the chemo. But as Nah said it's your life. I'm guessing that you don't have children. If you do you should try to live for them (or if they are grown and have their own families do it for your grandchildren). It all depends on your attitude. Deciding against chemo is your choice but why not put a gun to your head right now then? I mean things are going to get really bad for you much much sooner without the chemo and do you really want to go thru that? With the chemo you have a chance to live (and forget what I think his name is Surfersl... said, health foods aren't the only way to rid yourself of cancer, how does he know does he have it? He didn't indicate he does to me). Also the guy, Alan, who wrote the book just before my reply is he going thru cancer as well? Though it is true the quality of life will be better (until you get sicker) but the quantity of life is so much smaller. Forget statistics I mean statistics say you have something like a 1 in 1000 chance to get hit by a bus what if you are that 1? If you were than that stats are meaningless. His stats are wrong for me I would definitely have been dead now if I had not gotten the treatment I did (see below story).
I'll tell you my story. I'm a male, diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 2.5 years ago (I was knocking on Heavens Door although I felt fine). I finally went to see the dr and got it diagnosed (knew about it for 6.5 years before that). They gave me chemo, radiation and reduced the lump from 7.5 inches to 4 so that they could yank it out. They yanked it out and I'm alive today. When I was diagnosed it had already spread to my bones and when they yanked out the tumor the 9 lymph nodes that they took out were all positive for cancer. Sure it was rough going but the point is today I'm alive, if I hadn't had the chemo I would be dead right now and there is no second thoughts after you're dead. That's forever you cannot say Oh well I don't like this give me the chemo instead! I'm for life so I say chemo me and let me see another sunrise. Sorry to hear about your husband but he gave it a good fight I'm sure.

Alan W
If you don't have chemotherapy you will have much better quality of life. Statistics clearly say the people who don't have chemo live 4 times longer that people who do. Go alternative, it's the only way. I have studied cancer for 20 years and written a book on the subject. Go to www.cancerhealed.com to learn a lot more including why you got it.

Find out what chemo drugs are being proposed in your treatment. Not all of them "destroy immune systems." My chemo regimen for breast cancer did suppress my white blood cell production, but there are drugs like Neupogen and neulasta that boost these counts significantly.

I am sorry your husband passed. Personally, I'd take the chemo for a 20% improvement in survival rates. Cancer that has hit the nodes is already in your body looking for a new home. Maybe it will find one, maybe not, but it has a much worse chance of succeeding with chemo attacking it.

Chemo is no picnic, but as for being worse than cancer, that's just a moronic statement.

I don't blame you in skipping the chemo. My doctor has told me that chemo will not increase my life span so I can't imagine that I would go for it unless it was to help in some way that I cannot fathom now. Go for the quality of life. I think that means a lot more.

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