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 Is leukemia curable?

 I'm 16 and i have a lump in my right breast. What can it be besides cancer?
i'm a 38c and ive been wearing a 36c bra for like months. i know your probably thinking why don't you go get some bras but i haven't found some time to go. where the lump is, is where ...

 I think I have oral cancer?
I have a relatively small white area quite close to my tastebud which I noticed today, and a small little indent in the side of my tongue, my Doctors and Oral Surgeons have said a couple months back ...

 Can a 13yr old boy get breast cancer?
im 13 and i have a lump in my left nipple .. .
im a boy too so im not really panicing ..
but just to be safe im asking..
MEN barely never get breast cancer , yet alone
a 13yr ...

 Best Place For Treatment Of Brain Tumors?
I just found out that a friend has a brain tumor, i would like to know if anyone knows the best place for ...

 How many times can you get surnburnt before you get cancer?
I have been surnburnt moderately twice on my shoulder and my back but only 1 time blisters??

Do you think I will get cancer now, I am 16.


 No smokoing/quit smoking?
i am doing a project based on no smoking and encouraging poeple to give up! i am going to make up a small campaign and am struggling to come up with a slogan could any 1 suggest anything ??


 IS CANCER IN TEENS USUAL OR NO? especially ones that have no family history of it.?

 What makes cancer incurable & only managable?

 I eat a lot of low cal package foods because I am trying to lose weight. Will they cause cancer?
The ingredients can be sometimes scary on those things, containg words that are about 20 letters long and unpronouncable. Do you think eating these "diet foods" will eventually lead to ...

 You think tanning beds are causing skin cancer?
my mother is telling me to stop going to the tanning bed b/c on the news everyone is ending up with cancer but i dont think it has to do with it. It may cause u to get cancer if u go everyday, but i ...

 What are considered heroic measures?
examples, palliative care, DNR
Additional Details
examples and ...

 Can chemotherapy cause learning disabilities?
My daughter went through 14 rounds of chemotherapy for bone cancer in 2005 and 2006. Now she is having trouble in school and the school system wants to check her for learning disabilities because she ...

 I have been diagnosed with lung cancer but not given any prognosis! why?
i also have copd, pulmonary fibrosis and mitral valve disease with no prognosis other than the fact that pulmonary fibrosis is a ...

 Even though i know cancer is never good, whats the best kind of cancer compared to others?

 Sometimes my breasts hurt, and I'm worried it is something serious...?
I woke up this morning, feeling a tenderness/soreness in my right breast. In addition, this isn't exactly the first time either. For now, I am just teenager (under 20, for sure) - but do I still ...

 If you have had cancer how long from the day you got the news until it was removed ?
my best friend has it and was told 4 mo ago and is still jumping around to doctors. she is in serious denial. its stage 2 breast cancer and i fear for her decision to wait....

 Is it too late to sue for the cause of cancer to a baby?
My little sister was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (a very rare cancer) when she was 14 weeks old. At birth you could tell something was wrong, her stomach was swollen (a symptom of the cancer), but ...

 One of your students has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. How would you handle this situation?
One of your students has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He will continue to attend school until he is too sick to leave his house. Your students know that he has been sick and are ...

 Is cancer genetic?
i have a really dear friend of mine that might lose her father because of stomach cancer, she told me members from both sides of her family had this...her grandparents, her aunts, her mother and ...

Is cancer painful to the touch? if you have skin cancer, does it hurt it you touch it?

Skin Cancer as a local disease is not painful.
However, some complications such as secondary infection may cause pain in regional lymph nodes (lymphadenitis)
Also some metastasizing types may result in pain in a distant site according to the the organs affected and the nature and extent of the tumor.

I don't know...WHY?!?!?

Hazel S
i believe that most skin cancers are pretty painless at least initially. However, if you have one that hasn't been treated and is progressing rapidly, then that may be a different story. I had basal cell cancer years ago and it looked like just an open scratch on my shoulder. It never hurt or anything, but I was terrified with grief wondering whether or not it was fatal. Go to this site for more information on skin cancer:

Ankhesan amun
Haven't had it and hopefully never will, but I have never heard anyone mention it being painful to the touch. I think it's usually discovered, not by pain reaction, but by the changes in pigmentation on the surface.

Interesting question though!

OK. What Gives? People answer the question honestly with what they know, and they even provide helpful links, and others give them a thumbs down?? How rude!!

Not usually, but depends on type and extent

My Mother had skin cancer - and it was very painful and tender to the touch.

Small basal cell skin cancers are painless. I'm sure if you let one get a couple cm. in size it would probably hurt if you bumped it.

Squamous cell skin cancers may or may not be painless. The ones that do happen to hurt feel like a sharply painful unhealed burn or sore.

I would imagine that melanoma in situ (localized) are painless.


Any skin cancer that goes untreated long enough will become painful at some point.

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