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 What is the worst form of Cancer a person can have?

 Lump on my wife's breast...I am so afraid. What can I do to help her?
She will see a doctor on Thursday to find out exactly what it is...I am so afraid, all we did was hold each other and cried when she told me.

If you experienced this, please help...

 How does genetics play a role in lung cancer?
I'm wondering how i can explain dna/genetics when talking about lung cancer. thanks!...

 How bad is it to have cancer? do still many people die from it?

 How come people only get lung cancer when they are old?
This has bin bugging me 4 some time......

 I have a small bead-like lump under my skin on my arm. can it be cancer? Im 24 yrs old.?
it moves just a little bit but its like its attached to something. it doesnt hurt or anything but its anoing to me. if you can help me with this i would appreicate it very much. ...

 My mom was just told she has stage 4 liver cancer, they did not say how long she has. any answers?

 My father has prostate cancer and must be operated we live in Iran and i don't have enough money for this
operation what shall i do can u help ...

 What illnesses is aloe Vera good for?
Does it help cancer ...

 What are the symptoms of childhood leukemia?

 Does laser give cancer?

 Are bloody noses a side effect from chemotherapy?

 Can mouth cancer be cured?
i don`t really know if it`s cancer but it sure looks and acts like it ... i found a picture of how it looks like except mine would be a little more on the left side in the pic .... i have it for ...

 Fianlly! A cure to Cancer??
Dr. Michel Obeid of Lebanon discovers major cancer drug

The medication that he discovered was able to destroy about 90 % of the cancerous cells after a couple of weeks of treatment and the ...

 What foods can you eat ro drinks you can drink to prevent cancers?
i lost a really good friend to cancer and i would never want it to happen to me. thanks!...

 Why can we not use a cancer vaccine?
I understand there is obviously good reasons but i wanted to know if anyone could tell me a reason behind it. With most vaccines a weaker strain of a virus is injected into you ie flu etc can we not ...

 How to give up smoking?
I have 18, i smoke at list 10 cigaretes per day (Molday-Friday), and 2-3 cigaretes(Saturd.-Sunday),i smoke more in school time ,i'm more stresed, how can i give up it?...

 If i think i might have cancer what are some possibly signs i should look for?
im only 18 and i used to weigh about 230 and about 1 1/2 years ago i started loosing weight.. at first i thought that i was just doing stuff right and gettin healthier.. i now weigh 160 and feel ...

 For the people who had/have cancer...?
Why do you think you had/have it? because of the wrong foods or drinks, no physical exercise, genetics or is it just because there are no rules?

And if you had an advice for other people ...

 Do you think i would get better treatment by going Private or NHS.?
I Have a health problem that is going to take 22 weeks before i can see a specialist, I can,t really afford it but am thinking of going private to see if i can better treatment. has anyone had better ...

Can you have radiation therapy more than once in life if cancer returns years later?
A friend had Hodgkins in the 80s and now has breast cancer. She was told at one time that she wouldn't be able to have radiation again... can she?


Yes, she can, It is the chemotherapy that would have to be changed.

Yes, she can.

pink flower
She should be able to.

A lot depends on the kind of radiation she had. Better to check with an expert than take any advice here. Some forms and strengths of radiation therapy cannot be repeated. Others can. She needs to gather her medical treatment records and seek professional advice.

As someone replied to this question - its best left for a professional to reply. There are cases where radiation is given to an extent that it is enough for what a person would be able to tolerate in his/her lifetime. It also depends on the dosage metted out. To give you an example - I was given a massive overdose of radiation and today the doctors hestitate to even get me take an x-ray!


Someone very close to me had cancer in the 80s and received radiation. But because of the amount of radiation, she was told she could never have it again. But when her cancer came back a few years ago, they planted radiation seeds to shrink the tumor. They did not want to use radiation, but there was no alternative. It didn't work. However, this was a brain tumor, not breast cancer.

sorry, but the truth is the radiation for the Hodgkin's probably caused the breast cancer now. This isn't real common but it does occur often enough.


Whether or not she can have more radiation depends on the tumor type and what her radiation oncologist has to say. I'd guess the answer is maybe.

Yes, but I would not. Radiation will just cause more pain and suffering, there are better alternatives. For more information on better cures visit the site below.

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