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 Allergy maybe?
ok my mom and i are both allergic to penicillin and so i had a hunch when they prescribed amoxicillin for my 2 year old daughter that something would happen. but shes been on it for like 10 days only ...

 Am I allergic to beer?
I drink liquors and other alocoholic drinks and they dont have any bad effects on me.

last night I tried beer for the first time and now My skin was itching like crazy. How to solve ...

 Is it the hotel soap??
I was at a hotel this past weekend and on Friday after swimming and taking a shower I itched really bad down there. The next day I went swimming again but this time in the shower I made sure i ...

 Allergic Reaction or Pink Eye?
My eye is swollen..pretty bad. Its really red inside and was wondering if its just an allergic reaction or is it pink eye?

i got bit on my eye lid from an insect(most likely an ant) and in ...

 How can I get rid of my cough?? QUICK?!!!!!?
beside meds....

 What are side effects of the flu shot?
Is Dizziness included?...

 Allergy relief?
does anyone know any good treatments for allergies? over the counter or natural?...

 Anyone with experience drinking lactose free milk?
Because I wanted to boost my Calcium, Vitamin D and B12 levels, I bought 1/2 gallon of fat free and lactose free fresh cows milk. Each night I drank 2 cups of warm milk and next day experience ...

 My eyes have swollen up, what can I do?
I think it's a reaction to my new mascara. I've taken the mascara off but around my eyes is a little swollen and hurts a bit. Is there anthing I can put on them to cool them down a bit?<...

 Is it possible for a allergy to get worse?
I have a Latex allergy. When I come into contact with Latex I break out in a blotchy red rash which goes after a few hours. BUT
yesterday I was on a bouncy castle at a fair and this guy had ...

 Can food be damaging?

 Does anybody know why my whole body began to itch?
After drinking a Mocca Frappuccino with Whip Cream from Starbucks my body began to itch all over the place. It is not a rash but it does itch especially the soles of my feet and the palms of my hand.<...

 I need to know what to do with "cloudy" ears I have had a cold?
for a little over a week and my ears are not hurting but are stuffy sounding like I have ear plugs in them I tried calling the dr. and no one is available. I have been taking over the counter sinus ...

 An apartment currently has 2 cats. If it is professionally cleaned will it be ok for me (allergic) to move in
The old tenant will be moving out and removing all the furniture and there is hardwood flooring throughout the apartment. I am really allergic to cats and do not want to sign a year lease if I will ...

 Puffy Eyelids!!!???
I have kinda swollen eyelids... it's really noticable... like when i open my eye the top bit feels tight and wen u look at it it makes my eye smaller cos the eyelid goes further onto my eye!!!......

 Mosquito bites?
how come my mosquito bites are as big as quarters? i barley itch them... then they get HUGE; am i allergic to them? i put benidryl on it but it doesn't help . i have about 25 of them spread ...

 Why when I spray perfumre asthma is attacking me or sometimes after a bath is attacking me also?

 My allergies have caused my left ear to be plugged, what do I do to unplug it?
Some days it will be plugged, some days it won't sometimes it won't be so bad, and other times it will be really bad. What do I do to unplug them?
Additional Details
I find ...

 Is there any doctor here i think i going crazy everytime i gi out side i start panicink?
please help i think i going grazy i scade to go ...

 Does dairy stimulate your appetite like it does me?
I was told by a dr to give up dairy because I have an allergy to it. I have found that when I go off it for a few days I actually don't eat that much and lose weight and the bloating. If I do ...

Sandra F
What is the best non drowsy over the counter allergy med??
I have lived in Florida for four years now. I never had allergies in my life until I moved here. But, every year they get worse. I am allergic to allegra, zyrtec, and anything extended release. This is horrible. I have three small children to take care of, but with this Hay Fever, it really is dragging me down. Any suggestions???

Try Loratadine tablets they are non-drowsy. or

celestamine Tabs (they have drowsy action)

go to http://www.medicinenet.com/medications/alpha_l.htm

it will tell you more

You are not left with much to use Benydril is probably all thats left. I was going to suggest Claritin dm but you mentioned extended Release. how bad are your reactions to Zyrtec. thats my cureall here in florida.

Abu Mus3ab
Personally i use Loratan

Jim J
Keep it straight.

♥Shortstuff ♥
I have had allergies ever since I came down with chickenpox while I was a jumior in high school. I have used prescription meds, but they didn't help. I discovered Sudafed (small red tablets) & Sudafed Sinus (pinkish tablets) & both work real well, & neither has ever made me drowsy. If you just have hay fever, then start out by using Sudafed tablets (red). You can get them otc & a good place to buy them is Dollar General, as far as price goes but you can buy either tablets, anywhere.

Claritin D is the best non-drowsy / over the counter drug for allergies. I used it for months, but then learned from my doctor that I could get a prescription of the generic form of the drug, called Loratadine, which cost me only $5 for 30 pills (much much cheaper than the Claritin D).

Good luck.

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