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Well, It's Sunday the 10th today,
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How do I make my sore throat better, or make it go away quickly?

lil didi the one and only player

I usually drink hot tea and put lemon and honey in it.Also, try gargling warm water with salt.Ricola cough drops work too.

put worm water leamon jucie and honey in a big glass and drink it it may not taste that great but it works.

How sore is it would be my first concern. Have you gotten a flashlight and looked at the back to see how bad the irritation is or if there is pus pockets which are white and well they look like pimples at the back of your throat. The salt gargle is good and so is sore throat spray and there are some products that are homeopathic like zicam products that work really well. If your weather has been flipflopping or your ashmatic or have allergies that could be a nasal drip going down the back of your throat and causing it to be sore however, the things I've been mentioning are O.K. to do with any of these things you may have as far as prescriptions for above mentioned long term problems. This could be bacterial problem and could be viral but either way these things will help relieve you some. Do keep in mind its a symptom and may be from underlying causes. If it does not go away after these things or remains the same get to the Dr. U could also make sure the air is not to hot or dry in your climate control. If you smoke-cut back at least. Hot baths Hot tea and Hot chicken Boulion can help also and generally makes your feelings better and Ibuprophen is good anti-inflamatory or if ashmatic go with acetimenophen. Lay off dairy. go with soft foods, less sugary. If we all say a prayer for you it could'nt hurt. I'll include you. Caffiene constricts blood vessels and no more than two cups a day of whatever you choose. other wise decaf.

loads of water!

Vitamin C tablets can help you faster. You can even take lemon juice instead or eat oranges. If talking is also a problem gargle with hot water and salt.

Try gargling your throat with warm salt water solutions several times a day. Don't fool around with a sore throat tho...you could have strep throat or other problem that requires a Dr.s care

a teaspoon of honey, repeat as needed.

Gargle with warm salt water

Gargling with salt water helps, but I can't stand it, so I use Gatorade. The salt content is still enough to help, and it doesn't taste like crap. You could also get one of those Chloroseptic throat sprays, they have a Topical Anesthetic in them that helps.

yes. salt water... try not to swallow it.

Sore throats are caused by bacteria. Most cases are caused or acompanied by mucus. The first thing you want to do is control your mucus. The musuc will keep the bacteria there and/or cause an infection (if you are not infected yet).

Her is how to make it better (withouth seeing a doctor):
You can take claratin D-12 (claratin D-24 can keep you awake) or Sudafed PE or something recomended like these to clear you up. Ginger tea will also help a lot. If you can go to the grocery store and buy a root of Ginger, cut off a piece of it (about the size of your thumb nail), skin it, and grate it into a cup and pore hot water on it and let it settle for 5 miuntes before drinking it. The Ginger tastes like ca-ca, but it is a really good anti-inflamitory - good for relieving sinus, as well as swelling in the body. Take vitamin C with Vitamin E. Vitamin C by itself is good but it works well with E because E helps to heal while C boosts the immunity. Be sure to drink lots of water. Benadril or niquil helps a lot and they works fast, like over night. And, eat lots of carbs because carbs are what give your blood cells energy.
For killing the bacteria: you can swallow 2 table spoons of vinegar, followed by 2 table spoons of honey. The vinegar is an acid that will burn (and might give you gass), but it will kill a lot of the bacteria in your throat. The honey kills bacteria also, but doesn't hurt. If you can find honey that is produced like in your state or close-by, it will help with your immunity to allergies.
You can do these things twice a day until your throat feels better. But while you are doing these things, make sure that you let your toothbrush soak in Hydrogen Peroxide for about 10 minutes after you brush; and go ahead and swish some in your mouth for a few minutes also (DO NOT SWALLOW Hydrogen Peroxide). The Hydrogen Peroxide kills bacteria. It is important to keep your toothbrush bacteria free, so that you will not re-infect yourself. After you feel better, like the day you feel better, get a new toothbrush because some bacteria might still be in it.
If your sore throat is caused by a virus, make sure you change your pillow case every 2 days also.

To make it go away quickly, go to the doctor, they will most likely give you anti-biotics and an anti-inflamitory. Anti-biotics take one day to start working, but about a week to get completely better. Anti-biotics work like this:
Bacteria invades your body and take over your white blood cells. The white blood cells are supposed to keep bacteria out, but sometimes your body doesn't and the bacteria can take them over. Then, the bacteria multiplies and spreads, taking over your lymph nodes (like tonsils) and they just reproduce on the newly produced white blood cells. At some point, your body might not be able to kill the bacteria quickly enough and you just get worse and worse. Anti-biotics kill the white blood cells; which is a good thing, since a lot of the white blood cells are infected. The body is continually producint white blood cells. So, when the bacteria is killed (along with the white blood cells), you are over the infection but your body needs to produce more blood cells. Therefore, you are susceptible to getting sick again, until your body makes more cells.

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