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 Is this sinus?
ok so here it goes..its been qiute sometime i had this but i just want to know weather it is really sinus or not. sometimes my nose give a green discharge, it just came flying out of my nose. its ...

 If I have green mucus does that mean I have a cold or infection?

 Does anyone have any suggestions for severe itching due to medication?
My doctor has placed me on Q-Var, it's an inhaler. I've been on it three times before, and all three times I stopped taking it because I have had a severe allergic reaction to it (throat ...

 I am a 16 year olf going to Italy, and I have coeliac disease? Should I still go???
I can still pull out, but I would like to go. I just think it may be difficult in Italy where a lot of food has wheat. I also have an allergy to fructose?? Anyone ever been and been O.K?? Thanks

 Does anyone have a cure for a stuffy nose? Please!?
Its the day before Christmas, and I have a family party to attend. Do you have a remedy that works really well to cure my stuffy nose! Please please please help me!...

 Child with bad allergies?
My daughter has really bad allergies and is on Singulair and Zyrtec all the time. She is only five years old. For several weeks, we have noticed that she was not hearing as well as she used to. We ...

 Can you devlope a food allergy to something you weren't previously allergic to?

 Does anyone have any natural remedies for dealing with seasonal allergies?
I always get hit hard when things start blooming - red and itchy eyes, fatigue, coughing, etc...The only over-the-counter that helps is Benadryl (but that puts me out of commission). I can't ...

 Anyone here suffering more then usual with allergies???
I am!...

 Trouble breathing. can you help ?
i spent the weekend over at my sister house this weekend. she happens to have 4 long haired cats and the first night i spent there they really worked up my allergies i was wheezing coughing runny ...

Can anyone tell me how to soothe my puffy red eyes. They get so itchy, then I rub them, then they get all red and swollen. It only happens to me during spring time and I deal with it every year. If ...

 Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis and interstitial lung disease.?
Female patient of 65 years old,suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and interstitial lung disease for the last one year. Kindly suggest the homeomeidcine and its ...

 My 6 year old son has eczema and has since birth. I recently took him to the doctor for coughing and runny?
nose, and she told me that he had wheezing in his lungs and that because he had eczema, that he would develop asthma and that a small percentage of children that have eczema develop ashtma later in ...

 When should I start using Nasonex for allergy prevention?
I read that you should start using it 2 to 4 weeks before the pollen season starts, but when does the pollen season start in the U.S.? I live in Indiana....

 The thought of dust mites living on me literally makes my skin crawl.. what's the best way to get rid of them?
short of removing all fabric from the house, including carpeting, upholstered furniture, bedding and perhaps lasering all the hair on my body.. are there any commercial detergents, or body washes ...

 Sinus headache over right eye with these symptoms....?
My right nasal cavity feels like someone poured pepper up my nose, no drainage, just a little stopped up. Pounding headache over and behind my right eye that goes down into the back of my neck. I ...

 I work in a small office where people have allergies to perfume and I like to wear perfume. What can I do?
HR has said that I need to not wear perfume because it offends those with allergies and even if I don't wear the perfume it will still be in my clothes and I can't afford to get them dry ...

 Are there any adverse reaction or side effect when ingesting multiple vitamins and mineral pills?
such as:
a multivitamin with multimineral
vitamin C
vitamin B complex
vitamin e
co-Q 10
fish oil
cranberry extract
glucosamine chondroitin (for ...

 Is it true that allergies have increased in recent years?

 What are the symptoms of a peanut butter allergy???

How can I humidify my bedroom if I dont have a humidifier/vaporizer?
Our bedroom is way to dry, and we dont have any type of humidifier. Also out heat is ceiling, so we cant place trays of water on the heater. Would it help if I put a bowl of water in front of a fan?? Any sugesstions are much appreciated!! Thx

Evaporation takes place according to the surface area. If you place water in a flat tray instead of bowl under the fan, more evaporation will take place and the room temperature will be lowered. But if you are asthmatic, it will have bad impact on your health.

Two additional ways to raise the humidity in a room are houseplants and aquariums. Get a largish philodendron and put a pebble tray underneath it. Water the plant and allow the pebble tray to fill with water. That water will evaporate and humidify your room.
An aquarium will also evaporate water, and provide entertainment with the fish. You can even combine fish and plants; get a male betta and put it in a clear glass Ginger-jar with a small peace lily plant floating on top. These were quite the fad several years ago. The instructions and glass vases are still available at WalMart and Michael's, and betta fish are very inexpensive. With a little care, the system can last for several years.

You can keep a pot of water simmering on the stove.
Also, simply placing water around your room, or wet towels draped over something nearby as you sleep will add moisture.
You can also buy saline nasal mist, such as Ayre, to help moisturize your nasal passages.

You can try letting the water from the batroom run, but that will be expensive. I would not place water infront of a fan because that can be dangerous. And that would not do anything humidify the room. You problably need to buy a humidifier. I do not think they are too expensive at wal-mart.

Heat the water if possible before putting it in front of a fan... hot water will evaporate into the air faster.

Best Wishes,


grandma always put a pot of water near the heater vent. If that won't work for you, you could put a pot of water on a hot plate, plug in an electric kettle full of water, etc. Beware of fire hazards - keep the electrical stuff away from flammables and don't make it so hot you boil out the water before you can check on it again.

<>The object of a humidifier is to put water into the air. They accomplish this with a water tank, a wicked filter and a fan, so yes, your idea of using a fan will work. I suggest a bowl of water with a piece of cloth hanging over the side into the water to work as a wick, placed in front of a low speed fan. Wash the cloth out, or replace it, often so it does not put bacteria into the air

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