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 Constant headaches and migraines?
I have been getting nice constant headaches since Jan. I had a 33 day migraine, that only vidocin would touch, just enough of the pain. I have been seing a neurologists since feb and tried many ...

 Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!?

 What are the signs of arthritis and is it preventable?
I had a serious wreck 10yrs ago and fractured my hip in several places and had to have major surgery. The doctor told me that I would be more suceptable to arthritis. I am now 32 and have been ...

 Why do I have to deal with pain?
This isn't much of a question, but I'm 14, and have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and even though I have been able to find some relief it's still so hard ...

 i want to get the top of my ear pierced but will it hurt?
With a needle im 14 thanks
Additional Details
alrede had my ears pierced 3 times and ...

 I have a cramp in my neck?
I have had this cramp in my neck for about 2 months and it only gets worse. I have changed my pillow but that didn't help. I thought it was only because of my job (receptionist) but I have it ...

 What can I take for this pain?
My wisdom tooth is growing in wrong. Ive aleady been to the dentist who is going to refer me to an oral surgeon, but that hasn't happened yet. Probably going to happen on Tuesday. In the mean ...

 tailbone hurts?
I'm in the army jrotc and while i was doing curl ups ( which is just like situps except you put your hands on your chest and not the back on your neck.) I had to do about 75 of them and now ...

 Lumbar radiculopathy...Can someone share their experience with me?
I have chronic lumbar radiculopathy, which i was told is a form of sciatica. If i don't take my back meds as scheduled i have pain and not a little discomfort. I do mean pain if i wait too long! ...

 muscle pain - not fibromyalgia?
i have consistant muscle tension and pain ( from the minute i wake up to the minute i go back to sleep). The pain jumps shifts sided (right to left) and is not localized (from head to toe).


 Psychosomatic Migranes?
I have had a terrible migrane/neck pain but I'm unsure of the cause. It has gone on for about a week now, and it starts in my shoulder/neck area and along the sides of my head. I have a few ...

 Stress or something else?
My neck and upper back have been hurting for about 5 days now. At first I figured I had slept on it wrong but that pain usually fades within a day or two. This pain is gradually getting worse, at ...

 help meee!?
i always crack my fingers, toes, back, neck, arms, wrists, and ankles...i cant stop it kinda hurts but i just have to do it. its sooo loud. it makes a big POP noise. will i get authritus?...

 i take good care of myself but today my tummy really hurts and its making really funny noises, and i did eat.?
am i like dieing or somthing lol, my tummy hurts soo bad!...

 cure for my muscle pain in thighs/legs?

 Does anyone know of a good pain management clinic in dallas?

 besides icing what can I do to reduce swelling?
hand almost broke inbetween car door and is swollen. any suuggestions?...

 What is the history of cutting the wrist?
What is the history behind the cutting of wrist? Like were did it come from? What group of people did it? Why?...

 my back hurts?
it doesnt happen everyday its bearable but its starting to get anoying.it doesnt happen 24/7 but it seems to come one day and then goes for a few days then comes back again,is there a cream or ...

 restless legs syndrome?
has anyone ever had it if so what did you doctor do and did they give you anything for it?...

My left side hurts what could it be?
I am having this sharp pain to the left of my belly button like inches from my hip. It is like where your appendix are but on the left side. The pain is really sharp and only comes at times. Like for 1 minute like 2 times a day.
Additional Details
If it helps i am a 16 year old gir

It can be lots of things but gas comes strongly better get it checked out

go to the docters you could have an internal infection

Seriously- it could just be gas.Try walking around , or rocking in a rocking chair when this pain occurs.See if this helps it go away.

it could be an ovarian cyst.. I had one burst once and it was very painful.. the pain radiated to my back and was extremely painful.. good luck hope this helps..

RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT)
Possibly epiploic appendagitis (not appendicitis). It happened to me. Look into it.

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