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 What are you a lover of?
it can be anything.............like god, animals, or ...

 Stomach Medication Question?
Is it ok to take Pepcid and Aciphex?...

 Why do we have eyebrows?
I can understand why we have eye-lashes and nose hair.....but what is the purpose of eyebrows?...

 Can we buy tamiflu online?
Is it reliable to buy on-line, just wondering....

 I constantly get headaches!?
Every day i get from 1 - 4 headaches and they're really painful. They just come from nowhere and hit me. One will come and a few hours later it'll go. Then another will start. Why is this? <...

 How can I overcome my phobia?
I am 18 and have the silliest phobias ever! I feel like a freak, I feel I need to get over them as I have a daughter and I don't want her picking up on them as she gets older.

1) Is ...

 how do i change my bad habits?
I am in college and I try to get good grades, but I don't focus on it as much as I should. I always go out and drink on the weekends, I drink a lot, party, and I usually don't feel good ...

 learning to love my body?
i hate myself. and i don't believe any compliment i get because i hate myself. ive expirimented with anorexia but i dont have the will power at all. and i think its kind of dumb i did that ...

 Explain Corn in the Feces?
So uh someone explain THAT one. You chew up the corn, swallow it, and it comes out. In ONE piece?

Lets see how many people say eww, even though this is a Health question....

 Is my brain very damaged from smoking weed?
I have smoked weed 10 times about 8 hits each time.
Will my brain be damaged as in I will get F's in school?
Will my IQ go down?

Just wondering, please answer. I will give 10...

 Why Can't I swallow pills?
I'm way old enough to swallow pills, but some are just too big for me, like i have probs trying to swallow aleve, tylenol etc!! i cant swallow an mnm (which is what my doc told me to practice on!...

 Help with a question about food hygeine?
Explain how germs may be transferred if raw foods is stored above cooked food in the fridge....

 I'm dehydrated...?
What can i do to help?

Like how much water, what food etc?
Additional Details
I am also having trouble urinating....

 Doctor/Nuticients/ Eye/hair/please guide?
I am 25 yrs girl. I would like to discuss about the remedy of hair and eye.
My eyes burns,pains and looks red .And feels as if sand in the eyes.I asked otc eye drops but it burns eyes a lot.And I...

 Why is that we heard are voice....?
different then other other people? Becuase I love my voice how I hear it but i hate like leaving a message on the phone and stuff. It isnt bad like a bad voice or anything i just dont like it. So I ...

 My ear hurts and its ringing?
I went to a concert last night. It was very loud and when I went to bed that night there was a rining in my ear and its still there. Its even louder when I press my ear. If youve ever heard that ...

 How to Stay up late??????
I want to stay up late tonight but don't know how.I can stay up until 1:30am without dosying off.How can I stay up later.And what is a filling snack that i wont have to keep getting up for a ...

 I need to help my boyfriend stop smoking weed now! help?
I told my boyfriend it's either the weed, or i'm out.
I mean, I love him so much, but I just can't deal with a pot head.

I really need him to stop!

I ...

 Why do I have to pee every 30 min.or hour?
Lately I have been peeing A LOT. I do have a kidney disease, and my mom suffers from bladder problems. I get up several times during the night as well. I am 17, what do you think this could be?

 Does Ritalin / Adderall affect teenagers height?
Growing taller matters to me much more than concentrating. If my height was stunted i would never forgive myself. Im 16 teen....

What do low granulocytes mean?
I know what high granulocytes mean, but what does it mean when they are abnormally low?
Additional Details
Just to follow up, I understand it can increase your chances for infection but what disease or condition (if any) is it called?

Sincere Riley
It is a condition that reduces the bodies resistance to many infections.

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